18 Things to do for a refreshing and wonderful honeymoon at Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, where the vicinity is in about the north-western corner of Pahang, located at western Malaysia, is the largest well-known resort and is the place where their tourist spots are among the most popular in the country. Despite the change of its landscape since last decade, their popular destinations remain for those people who want their mind be refreshed enough to feel the thrill of this place’s well-balanced and calm tropical climate. There are said popular places that may have a honeymoon so wonderful. By joining us and tour you well, we will make your days of trip very grateful and without shame with these 29 places and things where we go and do, respectively.

18 Things to do for a refreshing and wonderful honeymoon at Cameron Highlands

1. Have your fresh and mild start at BOH Tea Plantation and Center

BOH Tea Plantation and Tea Center 1-JE Tunnel
Photo via JE Tunnel
BOH Tea Plantation and Tea Center 2-JE Tunnel
Photo via JE Tunnel

Every couple deserves a breakfast meal before we do anything else. Just take a meal with their cakes, pastries and their genuine BOH tea. You may also enjoy the view beneath the windows side by side, and have a sight-seeing on a Tamil primary school then talk about the future with your kids, or reminisce every moment while doing the same on their hills of tea plantation.
You may read about the history and tour their own factory, where is the place of the production of their genuine tea. Must be aware at the time, they are closed on Mondays.

2. Create moments as sweet as honey at Ee Feng Gu Bee and Big Red Strawberry Farm

Photo via thepoortraveler
Photo via Around the border

You may stop over the Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm café  before you explore the nature of the colony of honeybees.  You will enjoy also the part of extracting of honey from the said insect, and the flower garden to make the natural life of the honeybees maintain. You may play run and follow here but be careful, bee stings from honey bees are harmful especially to your skin.

Why romantic color as red as strawberries? The Big Red Strawberry Farm itself makes you attracted by almost pure redness of not only the strawberries inside the farm but also on walls and steps before you enter there. Once you entered the farm, you may encounter the calmness of the place as calm as your comfort to each other, and again, as red as the color of love.

You may try a sip on a strawberry ice cream especially if you are there in sunny days, perfect weather for eating this food. Upon exit, both of you will talk to each other about the color of the place.

3. Feel the warmth of nature with thorns of the Cactus Valley

Cactus Valley 3 - WordPress
Photo via Endless Inspiration
Cactus Valley 1 - Mr Kumai
Photo via Mr Kumai

Be amazed by the enormous number of potted cacti inside the Cactus Valley with their different sizes, colors, and shapes, even these seem so hard to touch because of its group of thorns each plant. If you want to buy a souvenir involving cacti, this will be perfect for you; not only on their own catchy beauty but also you can buy them at an affordable price. Beware; do not hug a huge cactus especially the dome-type.

4. Experience to be the king and queen at Cameron Highlands Resort 

Photo via travelcocktail
Photo via Kuoni

You will enjoy the clearness of this resort; feel the very calm ambiance of the place especially the running water beside every veranda of every room. The features available are the boutique, reading room, fitness center, billiard stalls, spa village, etc. As long as you are here, you may live like a queen or king in just days as long as you want. The services here are done with their very best.

Cameron Highlands Resort
By The Golf Course, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 5 491 1100
[email protected]

5. A history to reminisce at The Smokehouse Hotel

Photo via Sujean’s life
Photo via Booking

As you see this hotel after you eat meals, you can see not only the closer view of the historical appearance but also you can have a mini-tour after you have checked-in here. Rooms and suites here are quite affordable. You may rest for a while on their terrace with facing a fireplace (that’s why smokehouse), make a glance or view on the flowers of mini-garden, or have a rest on the night after dinner after golfing also. This hotel is nearby golf course so it may serve as a temporary home to go outside to play golf. Have a trivia, this is the first inn ever built.

The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant By The Golf Course
P.O. Box 77, Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands,
Pahang darul Makmur, Malaysia 39007 
Tel# 605-491 1215     Fax # 605-491 1214 

6. Give your best shot with the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia. 

Rafflesia 2 - Ecocameron
Photo via Ecocameron
Photo via TripAdvisor
Photo via SailorsTales

Rafflesia flower is found somewhere in the forests here at Cameron Highlands. Therefore assistance with the four-wheeled drive (4WD) can help you in an adventure and hunt this largest flower in the world.

Don’t expect that this flower is fragrant. It attracts more flies and carrion feeders to help the flower bloom and then spread its seeds. See more details about rafflesia here.

After taking awesome shots with the world’s largest flower, you can visit Rose Center for more flower adventure. 

Expect that you are like on a fairytale, together with the different colors of the facilities and the view of the whole place. Also, too many couples will remember how a man gave even a single rose or a bouquet of roses to a woman he loves so much.

You may also see different species and colors of roses, a big shoe house, or even a mini-statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This garden might be a place for a proposal or sweet moments, for men, try to dance with wife together biting a stem of a rose on it.

You can also visit the lavender garden, expect not only the lavenders from other countries but also the flowers that may maintain the colorfulness of the garden. Colors for us seems like there’s a harmony in our minds as long as we appreciated it.

Some mail posts beside the fences guarding the lanes of flowers have their own themes, especially about the romantic or love. Couples do miss the moment when they were here, so as long as you’re here, enjoy your moment on this very romantic place especially for women, as generally, they are appreciating flowers the most.

7. Sway as the swarm of butterflies at the Butterfly Garden

Photo via maksinwee
Photo via the Little Koo

Sight colorful butterflies and other animals near your path and enjoy the nature of wildlife of these animals and insects. Several insects like flower mantis and Asian forest scorpions may be sought here. But beware of those animals can sting, do not come near them.

8. Have a romantic sunset moment while on the heights of Gunung Brinchang

Photo via Ler Travel Diary
Photo via Hotel Room Search

A little trivia, Gunung Brinchang is Cameron Highlands’ second highest mountain, above 2000 meters in height. Before you reached the peak of the mountain, you have to see the group of telecommunications towers above. Once you’ve reached the peak, there is a watchtower which is enabled for you to have sight-seeing on several places on Cameron Highlands from above.

Don’t miss the moment that sunset will appear on your sight. Capture the very best romantic moment beyond the sunset.

After your trekking, you can stay at the Strawberry Park Resort. The ambiance in this place is good, naturally-based facilities that are enough for couples to unwind and retreat after the breath-taking moment, as just like they lifted high on the new attractions. This place is popular enough for those people who did a journey to the Mossy Forest or did a trek to Gunung Brinchang, a place for easy retreat, as near as the vicinity of the two places indicated. You may set the greatest event of honeymoon here.

Strawberry Park Resort
Lot 195 & 196, Jalan Strawberry Park, Brinchang, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 5-491 1166
[email protected]

9. Let your love go with the flow like on through your veins at Lata Iskandar

Photo via їfë §@ñđßōx
Photo via dave’s travel corner

Let another relaxation come into your soul, here with the running water from above at Lata Iskandar. Most of the year, the waterfall’s running water is gentle so many tourists do stopover here to watch over the water’s movement through the land. This place may be the last destination before the departure so that some of the souvenirs are freshly bought especially the wild honey.

More handicrafts, other street foods, and some natural herbs such as “Tongkat Ali” can be found here. But, before you depart, make sure your tummy is full, there is a restaurant nearby.

10. Maintain naturalism and healthiness, with the herbs found at Tan’s Camellia Garden

Camellia Garden 1 - mcHiker
Photo via mcHiker
Photo via TripAdvisor

Someone in his family will introduce about the said plants and their health benefits especially from Ashitaba plant, having Vitamin B12 which is good for lowering cholesterol, even blood pressure, and blood sugar and it may also prevent cancer. You may also try a free taste of selected herbal plant even on raw.

11. Prepare to get overwhelmed with some strange creatures at MARDI Agro Park

Photo via Shamiera Osment
Photo via Bryn Pinzgauer

Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI) have a 42-hectare area that is open enough for public and is being held by government for some developments, especially for agriculture, was the first agricultural research station in Malaysia last 1925. They have different kinds of plants and flowers that never be seen on common lands such as apples, strange flowers such as Dutchman’s pipe, a large greenhouse for some sensitive plants, as a result of the research and development of the park. The small tea plantation area here, where there is a history that tea is first grown by British to attest the best cultivation for the said product since 1925 also, has been managed also by MARDI.

The famous clock tower also belongs to the management of MARDI, which is one of the most visited facilities in the park; you may take pictures here and create sweet moments here even before or after visiting several areas here. Even the park itself has a hotel, welcome for you to stay for a night.

12. Enjoy trekking adventure at Gunung Irau

Photo via The Life’s Journey
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

You must make sure you have your survival kits, enough stamina, and strength for long hours. You can expect to climb the peak of about 2.2 kilometers from above sea level. Unlike Gunung Brinchang, it doesn’t have towers; instead, the peak is just only a small area for campers, but you can view from the top on the hills and mountains beyond your place.

By trekking the Gunung Irau experience, there are clues like “Jungle Walk No. 14”, the first peak you can see (Baby Irau, the false peak), pitcher plants and orchids until you reached the yellow welcome signboard at the peak.

13. Be the soldiers, load up your appetite at Barracks Café Restaurant

Photo via iamhf

Your appetite must get ready for their heavy dishes, mostly when you are trekking to the mountain or to the jungle. The foods are best served for morning and afternoon meals with their fair affordable prices. The venue, you may describe this place and their concepts just like a military camp. You may see foods that are served as you order and expect that foods are very big enough to full your both tummies afterward.

You can also try the taking a lunch in Glory 78 Steamboat Snack Corner. The chill of the coldness of drinks and desserts, and warmth of the hotness of foods that are freshly cooked may be found here especially in times both of you are hungry. The foods are perfect for snacks and lunch, plus, the friendliness of the place which is the Wi-Fi zone, the favorite spot of every moment that will keep in touch for both families.

Get ready also for their specialty, the authentic highlands steamboat, which is good for two persons, meaning, and good for couples also. And, you may come back again here at night to sight the venue’s hidden beauty.

14. Have an extraordinary forest adventure at Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest 1 - (trekntrail.blogspot.com)
Photo via trekntrail
Mossy Forest 3 - (trekntrail.blogspot.com)
Photo via trekntrail

Mossy Forest, in its name, there are many trees that are covered with mosses, you will see it once you entered the dungeon-like forests. The forest in height has about 2000 meters high to have an adventure so you must have enough food and energy to have your great adventure. Watch out for the slippery ends of the forest so you both must need an assistance of the tour guides of this forest.

15. Have a golden wonderful tour at Sam Poh Temple

Photo via My Travel Genie
Photo via Home is where your Bag is

Obviously, it’s not about gold. It’s about the traditional ritual life of Buddhism being illustrated and maintained at Sam Poh Temple. At your first entrance, you were greeted by people from the smaller temple. Actually, there are two temples. You will see on both temples all the statues colored by gold, including the god of prosperity and warrior god statues. And last, you will see the Buddhist statue that covered by shiny gold due to polishing and regular cleaning.

16. Be prepared for the next trek, have more food from Brinchang Night Market

Photo via travelettes
Photo via erlinatan

Have shortages of food for next adventure? This night market is always here to prepare those goods/stocks you must have for survival while trekking on a mountain or a forest. You can buy any food, even ready to cook or to be cooked by you. You may also wonder how strawberries are one of the best-seller foods in this market. 

As we know already that Cameron Highlands is famous for their strawberry farms, there are stalls in the Kea Farm Market with their merchandise and souvenirs connected on “strawberries”. You may also take a break with their skewed meat before you go to your next destination.

17. Embrace vintage items at the Time Tunnel

Photo via Ohsem.la
Photo via The Blanket Fortress is a Metaphor!

Feel like on a time machine when on an exhibit here at Time Tunnel. This museum has a collection of some antique and vintage stuff as old as you or more decades before. Even the facilities and views, it looks like you are back on more decades, and you both mind to talk about what old brand of the stuff did you use or what old brand food did you eat. This place must be so-called “same old brand new place”.

18. Aim high together with your future at the Golf Course 


Photo via Photo via travelwireasia
Photo via outlineofphotography

You may experience the fresh air together with the green fields of the Cameron Highlands Golf Course. You can play even on 9-holes mode or 18-holes mode. Couples do their most memorable moment at the golf course, and there is a chance that they may see those couples who are in an event of a marriage proposal. About aiming high, you must try to swing a golf club and complete the game for a few swings until the ball will shot the hole.

How to get to Cameron Highlands to Singapore:
First, you must get a flight from Singapore to Ipoh Airport for as much as SGD 217.94 for two persons.

TigerAirDepart TigerAirReturn

Then a rent-a-car service may suit not only your privacy as a couple, but it can be easy for both of you to travel to those places you want to visit. You have three routes that will serve as your pathways. It’s either Simpang Pulai to CH Route A181, Tapah to Cameron Highlands Federal Road 59, and Cameron Highlands to Gua Musang Second East-West Highway 185.

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