Top 15 Things to Do on your Kota Kinabalu Honeymoon

Have a peculiar honeymoon at the historical city of Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu. The city is known for its magical rainforests and overwhelming hospitality. It will also captivate you with its distinct and alluring culture and tradition. The magnificent diversity of the features of the city is beyond the expectations of its citizens and tourists. There are a lot of various things you can do in the city and it’ll definitely be worth of your time so cherish every moment and create delightful memories.  

Top 15 Things to Do on your Kota Kinabalu Honeymoon

1. Soar the highest mountain in Southeast Asia.

Photo via Climbing Mt Kinabalu

In every honeymoon, there must be a challenging adventure to complete your honeymoon. If you want a roller coaster ride of emotions that will set you in every phase of happiness, It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city that will fulfill your soul, heart, and mind. So take the risk and start a healthy lifestyle by climbing the mountain of hope and see the fantastic view of the city under the clouds.

2. Experience the massive luxury at the best-rated resorts

Photo via Booking

The main purpose of some tourists in visiting the Kota Kinabalu is the grandiose resorts that offer leisure and excellent service to the customers. Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru and the Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria are the great epitomes of the wonderful resorts in the city. These resorts attract thousands of tourists in a year. Their facilities are suited for all kinds of guests and the crew was very appraisable for their friendly and welcoming attitude towards the customers.

3. Adventurous Island Hopping at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Photo via The Adventures of AdventuRoj!

Create timeless memories while touring the different exotic islands in Kota Kinabalu. Island Hopping refers into visiting the group of islands that are connected to each other. These islands are Sapi Island, Gaya Island, Mamutik Island and Manukan Island. Jesselton Point is located at the center of the city and a 15-minute speed from there will take you to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park’s marvelous islands and you can see the unique qualities of each island. It is well-known for its serene and peaceful and most especially, the convenience it brings to the visitors.

4. Enjoy the whole day and night at a beach

Photo via La Jolla Mom

The city is famous for its outrageous and finest beaches. It is being recognized in both local and international countries. The Police Beach and the Tanjung Aru Beach are two of the most recommended beached for the tourists. The place can guarantee you an eyeful of majestic landscapes and sunsets. Watersports are also a definite excellent choice of activity in these beaches. Staying at these beaches will make the heat more enjoyable and terrific. Have a deep dive in these beaches and explore the splendid world of underwater.

5. End your day with a spectacular sunrise.

Photo via Thrillophilia

After the island hopping at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, you can enjoy the most awaited the sunset and have the most memorable moment in your honeymoon. Sometimes, it takes only a little sweet moments to complete your day with a smile on your face and a delighted a heart. You can have the view on a beautiful boat, cruising the islands with your loved one. There are a lot of fun things to do while waiting for the sunset, so it’ll absolutely be worth of your time.

6. Have a classic and refined experience at the most cosmopolitan place of the city

Photo via salighttravel

The main architecture of Kota Kinabalu Waterfront is designed for sophistication and world class services.  Their 1.2 km long Boardwalk is composed of several functional facilities that provide miscellaneous purposes for the visitors.  The reputation of this tourist attraction has been gained and well-maintained by its appraisals and hospitable customer service. A honeymoon full of excitement and enjoyment without limits are one of their pride.

7. Visit the historical Atkinson Clock Tower

Photo via Nomad is Beautiful

Go back in time by visiting the trademarks of the origin of Kota Kinabalu. The most notable historical place is the Atkinson Clock Tower. It is the oldest and one of the surviving buildings after the Allied Bombings during the British rule. It has been reconstructed over the years but it still has the nostalgic feeling of the history. Explore the undying and remarkable past of the city and have an educational and fun honeymoon.

8. Explore the countryside life at Kinabalu Park Canopy Walkway

Photo via My Several Worlds

Take a chance to tour the calm and peaceful countryside. Break away from the city and enjoy the tranquility that sets your mind, heart, body and soul at ease and comfort. You will not be stressed by the hassle and busy life in the city. You will be able to take your time and just chill and relax. The places from the province have its own charm and enchanting places that’ll entertain and amuse you. After a day of touring, you can have your rest at Poring Hot Springs.

9. An enticing fresh seafood cuisine

Photo via GoodLifeGoodTimes

A happy tummy is a must during a long and superb tour. Gayang Seafood Restaurant offers the freshest and most delicious seafood. The visitors can watch the display of the seafood and has the freedom to choose their desired dish. The restaurant has the best collection of chefs and they will surely serve all kinds of dishes that you want with their utmost talent and service.

10. Have a fantastic time partying at the popular pubs

Photo via Kota Kinabalu Sabah

For all the couples who loves to party, this is the perfect place to go to. It’ll be the coolest nightlife you’ll ever have. Enjoy the foods and drinks at the various bars and pubs that’ll live your heart out with its entertainment full of glamor and the beauty of the sky in the night.  Fill your honeymoon with good vibes only and enjoy your night away.

11. Have a romantic ride on the North Borneo Railway

Photo via North Borneo Sabah Adventure – blogger

Travel all around Kota Kinabalu with a ride on North Borneo Railway. The train is fully equipped with fine dining and great customer service. It can take you away from the noise of the city and spend your travel time with a satisfied feeling. The passengers can view the different sightseeings at the city while sitting back and just chilling out with their loved one. Once the train departs, you will feel the thrill and excitement along the way.

12. Shop at the sophisticated malls in the city

Photo via Kota Kinabalu Sabah

The stylish and classy malls represent the civil and modern life in Kota Kinabalu. Each shopping mall in town has everything you’ve been looking for and it is also suitable for all ranges of the budget that will be absolutely convenient. Shop with a fulfilling heart and buy all things you want for yourself and for your loved ones. The shopping malls will certainly treat you with an impeccable customer service and will leave you with a fancy and fabulous feeling.

13. Explore the natural and untamed Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Photo via e-borneo

Have a glimpse of the rare species and a botanical garden at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. For the nature lovers, this is the perfect destination to visit. It only takes 30 minutes from the city and it is also very affordable. For those couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon with their kids, this will be a perfect treat for them. It’ll be like a paradise from heaven that you’ve never seen before. They feature visual interaction with the animals and a magical view of the botanical garden.

14. Have fun at the upside down house, Rumah Terbalik

Photo via sabahtourism

It is a one of a kind tourist attraction. Everything inside the house is extraordinarily opposite to what we normally see. The ceiling will be floor and vice versa. You can have a taste of both amusement and artistic view of reversed world. There is also a nearby cafe and souvenir shops for the tourists. The most recent attraction within the location of the house is the 3D Wonders Museum that has 3d environments for educational purposes.

15. Explore the ethnic life in Sabah

Photo via Entree Kibbles – blogger

At the Mari Mari Cultural Village, you can see the 5 different ethnic tribes that have distinct culture and lifestyle. There is also a special event where the performers will present the magnificent indigenous life back then in Sabah. Each tribe has been dignified with its vintage history. Appreciate the diverse beliefs and perceptions of the tribes, be amazed of their traditions and have an exotic and engaging honeymoon that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Kota Kinabalu is a city full of wonder and fascination. With its distinct culture and tradition, they have the most interesting and empowering tourist attractions you’ll ever see. Each place represents their values, beliefs, lifestyle and all aspects of their daily life. The city is a symbolism of inspirational and enchanting way of life. Hope that TWV has helped you in finding the best places and activities for creating an unforgettable honeymoon.  

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