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Our 5 Favourite Wedding Floral Trends

Over the past few years, weddings have become looser and much more experimental. From classic looks to quirky motifs, brides and grooms are showing more creativity and personality on this special occasion. Along with this comes a diverse array of flower selection for bouquets and ornamentation. While hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and peonies remain timeless picks, we’ve also seen some unconventional choices, like wildflowers and even succulents in bouquets.

Of course, flowers are not just for weddings. In fact, the flower industry is blooming and expanding, so much that a handful of shops offer free flower delivery in Singapore to supply you with fresh cut flowers any time of the year with just a click of a button. So to start off the year, here are a few of our favourite floral trends.

1. Cascade Bouquets

Cascade Bouquets | Floral Trends

Cascading bouquets add a touch of sophistication to the bride as she walks down the aisle. No less than the late Princess Diana carried this trailing type of flower arrangement during her wedding with Prince Charles in the ‘80s. It’s the perfect eye-popping accessory to a relatively simple and understated wedding gown. Recent incarnations of the cascade bouquet have taken a more whimsical quality to it as garden and beach weddings adopt this free-flowing arrangement for a more laid-back ceremony.

2. Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns | Floral Trends

The flower crown has been a ubiquitous accessory for the past few years because of its festival fashion. So naturally, it made its way to weddings themes. It even merited its own Snapchat filter which further boosted its popularity. Instead of the traditional veil, some brides opted to wear a flower crown to compliment a bohemian-themed wedding.

3. Delicate Floral Accessories

Deliicate Floral Accessories | Floral Trends

Aside from flower crowns, a recent trend in weddings include delicate flower accessories such as floral necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets. While flowers used to be chunky and unwieldy, often limited to bouquets, corsages, and centrepieces, they have lately evolved into more subtle statement pieces using refined and dainty blossoms.

4. Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flowers | Floral Trends

Another popular floral trend this year is the floral chandelier. Hanging flowers create a magical atmosphere to the venue as the airborne foliage creates a lush and luxurious feel to the occasion. Filling up the spaces above the tables during the reception or surrounding the space along the aisle lends a sense of intimacy and warmth, reflecting the spirit of this momentous occasion.

5. Bold Colours

Bold Colours | Floral Trends

Another bohemian trend that influenced the floral trend for weddings is the fusion of colourful blooms into the flower arrangements. Traditionally, the preferred flower and colour selection are subdued pastel shades or monochromatic. But recent trends have featured mixtures of bold and bright hues, from yellows and oranges to purple and deep red all in a single bundle. This vivid combination of colours surely reflects the new and exciting floral trends that would emerge this year.

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