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The Wedding Vow is a free digital publication that brings you the best content on weddings & honeymoon travel. We are two full-time travel bloggers, content producers & marketers. To travel, inspire and love is our motto. Read on as we share everything we know with you. 

Matt and Joce Wedding

Hi, we’re Matthew and Jocelyn, MJ for short. We are a happily married couple (or at least most of the time haha :P), and this is our little home on the internet. We created this space in 2015, and have since been sharing our passions, experiences, and life with you. We hope to help and inspire you through the biggest milestones of your life. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey – let’s get started! 

How did The Wedding Vow come about? 

Joce: TWV was born because I was (almost) going crazy planning our wedding. Ladies will know that we’re the ones doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to weddings :P. There was so much to do, yet so little time. Having that perfectionist mindset, I did very often get carried away by the details. After the wedding, I realised if I was laser-focused, the entire event could be planned in 30 days. That lead me to write a complete wedding guidebook for you here.”

At that time, there were not many reviews online that helped me to know who to pick. So after our wedding, we shared our experiences with all our talented vendors here. We also do have a list of partners we always recommend to our readers and friends.

What do you guys write about now that you’re married?

Joce: I love weddings, so I still spend a lot of time writing about them. I enjoy discovering new wedding venues and sharing them with you. I want to help couples, so our team actively curates ‘Top 10 Wedding Vendors in Singapore”. We have since expanded to Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia to help couples who want destination weddings. We are not perfect, and so we can’t say everyone agrees with us. But what we can say is our listicles are crafted with much heart and passion. We also have a set of internal shortlisting criteria that we use to maintain quality in them.

Matt: There is so much we want to share with you. One of my biggest passions is traveling and filming. We have a couple mission to step foot together in every country the world has. Since we got together (in 2010), we have covered over 30/193 countries together! One of our goals last year was to bring travel content to you, to inspire you to do the same. To journey around the world together – starting with your honeymoon

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Joce: It is through travel that we’ve learned so much more about each other. In 2017, we started a honeymoon travel column sharing the Top Honeymoon Destinations in the World’ and ‘Travel guides that show you the top things to do in each city. We also shortlisted top honeymoon hotels for you to stay at, and reviewed every place we’ve stayed at. We hope our content inspires you to get off your chairs, explore the world together and live your lives to the fullest.

Matt: My greatest joy is capturing the beautiful destinations we see and bring them back to you. It fills me with satisfaction knowing I’ve inspired someone to head there too. That led me to pursue travel film-making this year (2018). I’m now taking a “self-taught degree” and all our works are shared on our new Youtube channel here. Go subscribe! I do my best for a video every Friday.

In 2017, we spent 3 weeks touring 7 of Thailand’s best destinations. You can see the Best of Thailand in the video below.

What is life like being full-time travel bloggers/content creators?

Matt: We brainstorm. We write. We pack. We hit the road. We vlog. We film. We edit. We publish. We do it again. And again. And again. Each time, hoping to do it better (with your feedback). 

Watch our “A Honeymoon in Greece” 3-episode series below!

What else? 

Matt: We both love playing Ultimate Frisbee (that’s how we met!) and traveling to meet players who love the sport as much as we do.  I hope to share more of those adventures in my upcoming videos. Watch our Bangkok Hat Vlog here. It’s one of the best Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournaments in SouthEast Asia! This year, we have plans to head to some of the major tournaments in the world, like Windmill in Amsterdam. 

Joce: Ever since we started doing TWV full-time, I have grown a huge interest in lifestyle design – breaking free from the 9 to 5. That’s something I hope to be able to share with you guys soon, whether in this space or another. 

On this site – I’m aiming to start a column about home and interior design soon, for many couples have been requesting those. And hopefully one day, a marriage column too – to share the setbacks that we have as a couple and how we overcome them. During our marriage preparation course, our pastor told us that most couples spend more time on planning for the wedding than their marriage! A relationship takes time and effort to cultivate, and so we hope to share what we’ve learned (and continue to learn) with you. 

Why should you stick around? 

Joce: Will it help if we told you we give away freebies very regularly? Haha I’m kidding. :P

But wait… actually we really do! We appreciate the support our readers give us. It’s what keeps us doing what we do- knowing that people from around the world read and value our content as much as we do. To give back to our readers, we run annual giveaways like our Valentine’s Day Giveaway in 2017 and 2018. We are also running a massive giveaway with over $8,000 of prizes for #AmazingThailand (ends 22 March). Stay tuned for more content, more giveaways, and more adventure!

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  • Aprilene Madriaga

    Adventure, love, fame power. Whichever we chase, these were all intertwined by life-existence. We decide on how we spend it or waste it. I hope i could chase those with someone beside me, like you both do. ;)

  • cyril recto

    what a lovelyand inspiring couple. 😊😊
    hope to be like the both of you someday with the person i loved.
    godbless to both of u.

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