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7 Best Ankle Guards in Malaysia | Best of Fitness 2023

Ankle guards are popular among athletes, especially those who do a lot of running and footwork. Examples are basketball players, football players, and marathon runners. They wear one or a pair of these to give their feet the needed support and protection for strenuous activities that may cause injuries and sprains. However, athletes are not the only ones who use ankle guards. Those who are recovering from foot or lower leg injury could wear it too for better and faster recuperation as well as added comfort. Whatever is your case, you might find this list of some of the best ankle guards available in Malaysia useful. Check it out now!

This article was last published on 19 January 2023

Table of contents

  • Best Ankle Guards in Malaysia
  1. Aircast A60 Ankle Support
  2. Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace
  3. Darco Sport Ankle Brace
  4. AirCast AirSelect Series Short Walker Boot
  5. LPM Ankle Guard 757
  6. Uppercut Sports 1 Pair Ankle Support Brace Guard
  7. LPM Elastic Ankle Guard 604

Best Ankle Guards in Malaysia

1. Aircast A60 Ankle Support, for football ankle support

Aircast A60 Ankle Support ankle guard

The Aircast A60 has a slim design that’s ideal and perfectly fits shoes for football. It provides a mild level of support which is suitable for preventing ankle injuries during training or sports matches. The single strap used for securing the guard makes fastening quick, easy, and hassle-free. Made from Breath-O-Prene fabric, it has a cooling effect and breathability which keeps the feet comfortable and dry.

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2. Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace , for both men and women

Aircast Airsport Ankle Support Brace ankle guards

Suitable for both men and women, this unisex ankle guard is intended for those who are recovering from moderate sprains or those who are looking to prevent its occurrence. Equipped with additional compression and stabilisation, it is best worn when one is engaging in an active physical sports.

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3. Darco Sport Ankle Brace , for ligament damage

Darco Sport Ankle Brace ankle guards

The Darco Sport Ankle Brace is an ankle joint orthosis that is ideal for providing ankle support for those who are suffering from ligament damage. Designed to have a snug and perfect fit, it provides comfortable support and protection as well as prevention of chronic instability.

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4. AirCast AirSelect Series Short Walker Boot, for fractured ankles

Aircast Airselect Series Short Walker Boot ankle guard

Not just a typical ankle guard, the Aircast AirSelect Series Short Walker Boot is specially designed to provide support for fractured ankles. It has a durable, semi-rigid shell that provides support and protection to the affected limb—this is truly valuable for those who wish to continue their daily activities with better mobility while speeding up the recuperation period.

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5. LPM Ankle Guard 757, for therapeutic warmth

LPM Ankle Guard 757

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or someone who simply loves to jog at breaking dawn, those days when you experience ankle pain and strain are inevitable. Give those feet and toes a relieving comfort by wearing this LPM Ankle Guard 757 which is designed to provide therapeutic warmth for faster recuperation. It is designed with open toe and heel so mobility is not restricted, and you can simply go on with your activities.

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6. Uppercut Sports 1 Pair Ankle Support Brace Guard, versatile ankle guard for various physical activities

Uppercut Sports 1 Pair Ankle Support Brace Guard

Uppercut Sports Ankle Support’s thin, light, breathable and cooling material is ideal for any shoe type and physical activity. Whether you wish to use it for additional support for basketball or football, workout at the gym, jogging or dancing, this ankle support is truly versatile and is effective in preventing ankle injuries.

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7. LPM Elastic Ankle Guard 604 , for daily use for persons with weak ankles

LPM Elastic Ankle Guard

Designed to support weak ankles, this thick breathable ankle guard is suitable for daily use, especially for aged individuals who suffer from arthritis. The durable stitch on this ankle guard makes it ideal for prolonged use as it ensures the robustness and longevity of the product. On top of that, the LPM Ankle Guard 604 has been medically approved which assures us its safety and dependability.

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I hope that this article has helped you to find the most suitable ankle guard for your feet’s condition. Please also share this with your family and friends who might be recovering from an ankle injury or wishes to prevent it.

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