Ally is a food stylist and runs her own blog focusing on wellness recipes and travel guides. A major soup addict. She adores fresh ingredients. Especially those that both feed and nurture the body. Travelling around the world to explore the diversity and beauty of food from varied cultures inspires her to create sustainable recipes back home. Ally hopes to share with people that through our food choices, we are empowered to strive toward optimal, emotional optimal health.

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    Amatara Wellness Resort – A Peaceful, Restorative & Holistic Retreat for Wellness Seekers

    Sense your life’s balance and embrace the connection between your mind, body and soul, that’s Ryan and my philosophy. Living in a bustling, vibrant city can sometimes be so overwhelming and stressful that we forget to hit the pause button to check in with ourselves. The repercussions of neglecting to be present affect our sleep, diet, mood and fitness. In favour of spontaneity, we decided to take a time out. We blocked out a weekend, each packed a carry-on luggage, flew 817 miles to Phuket and checked into Amatara Wellness Resort for a pre-honeymoon retreat. This retreat proved the right place to be amidst our worrisome wedding planning, and perhaps…