• Best Bird Feeds in Singapore
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    8 Best Bird Feeds in Singapore | Best of Pets 2023

    Many of us would usually keep a dog or a cat for a pet, but avian species like parrots and lovebirds are equally delightful. Not only are their colourful feathers visually striking, but their beautiful, sweet chirping is also a nice music to play in the background. It’s amazing how the sound of the chirping birds provides calmness even in the midst of a bustling, honking urban jungle like Singapore. However, like any other pet, birds need special care and attention. First, knowing the right bird feeds to give them is very important for their health and well-being. Experts say that seeds are not the only ones you should give…

  • Best Ice Cream Maker Philippines
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    7 Best Ice Cream Maker in the Philippines | Best of Home 2022

    We’re in the ‘ber’ months (September, October, November, and December) now, and some of you might think, it’s not the best season for ice cream. In the Philippines, these are the typhoon months. Even so, you can’t expect a sweater weather kind of day every day in this period. It can still get scorching hot in many places around the country. Blame the year-round humidity for that. But thank it later—you always have a reason for an ice cream party. Imagine a velvety smooth, deliciously cold and exquisite ice cream—a perfect dessert to indulge with on a hot day. If you wish to make more personalized ice cream recipes, an…

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    8 Best Men’s Boots in the Philippines | Best of Lifestyle 2023

    Men’s boots come in a variety of style and material. But even though they’ve got unique names for each style, they have one thing in common. Whether for casual or formal wear, boots add a touch of grit and sophistication, making your outfit of the day effortlessly stylish. That’s why every gentleman deserves a pair of tough, timeless boots as part of his fashion staple. And this article takes you to the right places where you can buy the best men’s boots in the Philippines for every style and budget. Without further ado, let’s hop into that, shall we? This article was last updated on 6 January 2023. Table of…

  • Best Tea Brands Philippines
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    8 Best Tea Brands in the Philippines | Best of Food 2023

    Unlike its neighboring countries Taiwan, Japan, and China, tea is not so popular in the Philippines. Perhaps, Filipinos love iced tea, but rarely would you see someone foregoing coffee or hot chocolate for hot tea in the morning. Typically, Filipinos consume hot tea for its perceived natural health benefits. Teas are rich in antioxidants which help combat the possibility of developing chronic health issues like cancer, stroke, and other cardiovascular illnesses. And that’s exactly the reason why we should stock up on teas, especially the less processed variants. These include white tea and green tea. But which are the best tea brands in the Philippines? Let’s ‘spill the tea’ on…

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    10 Best Photo Studios in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2022

    It is true that destination shoots offer more inspiration and opportunities for creativity, but a photo studio can also provide perks. As an example, the photographer has greater control over the lighting, and in terms of convenience, shooting in a studio is more comfortable for everyone due to the lack of sudden downpours or scorching heat. You can also change outfits in most studios, which even have showers! So who says the possibilities for creativity are scarce? To help you better find the perfect photo studio, here is our list of 10 Best Photo Studios in Singapore (2022 Edition) that will make your photoshoot feel special and memorable. This article…

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    8 Best Salicylic Acid Cleanser in Australia | Best of Beauty 2023

    If you have an acne-prone skin, you can probably relate to the common struggle and fear of waking up with a new angry red zit right on the day of a special event! Seriously, of all the days a breakout can appear, why does it always have to be on an important day? Well, that’s something we can’t control, especially during busy stressful times or when undergoing hormonal changes. But we can at least opt for skincare products that contain ingredients that fight off acne. One of these is a good salicylic acid cleanser. Salicylic acid cleansers work by sloughing off dead skin cells that clog your pores and keep…

  • Best Tea brands Australia
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    10 Best Tea Brands in Australia | Best of Food 2023

    Whether you’re craving for a hearty avo cheese toast for your weekday breakfast or reliving the best of your childhood with a slice of spongy, decadent Lamington cake on a weekend afternoon, pairing any of these with a cup of tea is always a good idea. But more than just being a comforting morning beverage or a non-negotiable component in an afternoon tea party, teas are popularly known as a healthy beverage. The variants that possess the most antioxidants are the less processed ones. These include white tea and green tea. Even so, black and oolong teas still possess numerous health benefits though they have a lower concentration of polyphenols.…

  • Best Makeup Brushes Malaysia
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    10 Best Makeup Brushes in Malaysia | Best of Beauty 2023

    Makeup brushes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. But what you need to keep in mind when shopping for your beauty arsenal is the quality. Though they may be pricey upfront, brushes of great quality are a more economical option in the long run. They feel soft on your skin, and they brush gently and smoothly against it. Also, they blend makeup flawlessly. Another important thing: the bristles don’t fall off easily. Therefore, you won’t need to replace them frequently.  The second factor you’ll need to consider is for what purpose you intend to use it. Is it for the concealer, powder foundation, liquid foundation, or blush-on?…

  • Best Tencel Bedsheets Malaysia
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    10 Best Tencel Bedsheets in Malaysia | Best of Home 2023

    The year-round humid Malaysian weather is no stranger to us. That’s why shopping for sleep essentials such as bedsheets is no trivial matter too. Homeowners carefully choose products made from materials that feel soft, cool, and comfortable on the skin no matter how high the temperature. If you’re wondering what some of the best options are, you’ll never go wrong with Tencel bedsheets. While these sheets don’t come cheap, the benefits are hard to miss. Tencel bedsheets are durable, breathable, lightweight, feels so soft and comfy on the skin, and bear moisture-wicking properties. In addition, they’re kind to the environment. But with so many options available in the market, which…

  • Best Acoustic Guitars Malaysia
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    10 Best Acoustic Guitars in Malaysia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

    How many times have you watched Sungha Jung and thought, “How could I be like this guy?” Well, fellow acoustic music lovers, hard work, creativity, and constant practice are the keys. And one thing that matters a lot is the acoustic guitar you choose to play. Know that not all acoustic guitars are the same, and there’s no one-size-fits-all here. You need to figure out your ideal playing style, the more specific kind of music you wish to master, whether you’re going to play before a large audience or just in a small group jam session, and even your personal taste and aesthetic. So, with the many available great options…

  • Best Shops for Maternity Wear Malaysia
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    10 Best Shops for Maternity Wear in Malaysia | Best of Mom 2023

    With a growing belly and overall weight gain, the clothes you used to wear pre-pregnancy just won’t cut it. Aside from that, like any other pregnant woman, you’re probably experiencing some discomforts which you can ease by wearing the right clothes. You need a collection of maternity wear that ticks off everything in the checklist: comfort, perfect fit, appropriateness to the occasion (because some mums still have an eventful schedule!), and of course, your personal aesthetic. In this article, we’ll point you to the right direction—the best shops for maternity wear in Malaysia where you can find everything you need, from loungewear to maternity office wear. Table of contents Best…

  • best sports bra malaysia
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    10 Best Sports Bra in Malaysia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

    A lot of us get inspired whenever we see those ‘that girl’ reels on social media. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing to watch a lifestyle like that—you know, waking up early, working out, eating healthy, keeping everything neat and tidy, and chasing productivity all day. And we totally get you—yes, we love those cute active wear! We can’t stop browsing online marketplaces for things like the best sports bra in Malaysia too! But more than just its aesthetic vibe, you do need proper workout clothes, particularly a sports bra to keep your chest and highly sensitive bust protected and supported depending on the level of impact of a particular exercise.…

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    11 Most Recommended Aircon Installation Services in Singapore

    Proper temperature is not only crucial for a comfortable home, it is also crucial for a safer and healthier indoor environment. Rising temperatures and excess humidity can cause dehydration, heatstroke and other heat-induced health conditions. You’ll also notice how hot weather can immediately decrease your productivity by taking away your focus and energy, making you sluggish throughout the day. It can also disrupt your good night’s sleep. That’s why in the vibrant and warm island of Singapore, air-conditioning units whether at home or in the office are a must-have. If you’re moving in to a new home or office, this article can be your go-to reference for the most recommended…

  • Best Saxophones Singapore
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    10 Best Beginner-friendly Saxophones in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

    Saxophones were originally intended for orchestras and military bands. Years later though, musicians have broadened their perspective and became more adventurous. This led the way for the instrument to creep into a wide range of musical genres, with jazz being the most popular. These days, in fact, we usually associate the saxophone’s elegant, romantic sound to a relaxing café music or a sophisticated five-star resto ambience on a beautiful date night. If you’re deeply interested in music and are thinking of exploring a new instrument, you may be up to the challenge of learning how to play a saxophone. It’s a huge bonus if you’re romantic at heart. Your personality…

  • Best Broadband Plans Australia
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    10 Best Broadband Plans in Australia | Best of Tech 2023

    With vaccination rates going up and Covid cases going down, life seems to go back to normal, or should we say, ‘new normal’. Schools reopen. Workers report to their physical offices once again. During the pandemic, we were forced to stay at home, and a lot of our activities relied heavily on a fast internet connection. But even if we are already entering a new phase, one thing isn’t going to change for sure: households still need a fast and reliable internet connection. Well, it goes without saying everything’s done on the worldwide web now, and it remains the most convenient option around, even if people and businesses can meet…

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    10 Best Diaper Bags in Australia | Best of Baby 2023

    You know you’re travelling with a baby when it seems like you’ve almost packed the entire house. Even if it’s just a simple stroll at the park or you’re taking baby on a routine check-up, it’s hard to believe how the list of things to bring don’t ever seem to end. That being said, every thoughtful, meticulous mum understands the need for scrutinising every diaper bag before making a purchase. Of course, we need to make sure it’s roomy, equipped with several compartments where you can quickly find baby’s essentials, and made with sturdy materials and craftmanship to carry all that weight for years. With the many choices available in…