Kristy Dickerson is a keynote speaker on productivity, co-founder, and CEO of STARTplanner, a wedding planner and mom of three boys. She offers tips on business, balance, organization, photography and health to inspire, direct and lead others to success and happiness.

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    Bridal Nutrition: 6 Ways to Stay Fit and Energized in the Weeks Before the Wedding

    The weeks leading up to your wedding day are undoubtedly full of stress, emotions, and last minute decisions. It is hard to handle everything that is needed on top of keeping up with your diet and exercise regimen, let alone set aside time to relax. It is easy to let yourself slip and grab processed food on the go and lose sleep in anticipation of the big day. To help you out, here are six ways to make sure you stay fit and energized in the weeks before your wedding so you are able to slip into your wedding dress and enjoy the day. 1. Meditate Take a few minutes…