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    Top 10 Dreamy London Hotels for Your Honeymoon

    Be it the iconic Coca-Cola London Eye, the majestic Westminster, or the world-renowned Big Ben, London has it all for the perfect honeymoon. There is one important decision to make however, that can make or break the dream honeymoon vacation – which are the most romantic and dreamy London hotels to suit this occasion of a lifetime? Everything has to be perfect, from the breathtaking view from the luxury suite, pampering spa packages for the couple, down to the vibe of the hotel. In this series, we specially curate 10 dreamy London Hotels for your honeymoon, handpicking those with at least 9.0/10 excellent review ratings from Enjoy! Top 10…

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    LG B8 OLED 4K TV: The Modern, Immersive Home Entertainment System

    Imagine lying back on your leather recliner sofa, popping down buttery popcorn and feasting your eyes on the latest Marvel blockbuster on your LG B8 OLED TV. Watching the vibrant 4K details of the superhero fight scene, and savouring the crisp, cinematic Dolby Atmos sound that seems to revolve all around you. This, simply is home entertainment at its finest. The latest LG B8 OLED 4K TV exudes class with its sleek and ultra-slim frame. Slimmer than our mobile smartphones, might we add. Complementing perfectly with our new home’s modern luxe theme and jam-packed with impressive features, the LG B8 series certainly live up to its hype. In this issue,…

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    5 Things You Must Know Before Painting Your Dream Home in Singapore

    Painting – such is its importance considering walls make up the bulk of one’s home. When executed well, painting brings life and adds depth to a new home. Whereas when the colours do not blend well, it can be a disaster and an eyesore. With our new home upcoming, DIY was a consideration to save cost. But after our previous painting stint, helping our mum paint her home for the previous Chinese New Year, we were just a little hesitant about DIY considering the amount of time we spent painting. Plus, it’s our first home after all, and we wanted it to look modern and luxe. We heard about Nippon…

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    Smart Designer Blinds and Curtains in Singapore by mc.2

    When it comes to decorating your dream home, several elements contribute a noticeable impact on the look and feel of your space – one of which is natural light. Often left as an afterthought, blinds and curtains do influence the final outcome of a room’s interior design, primarily by controlling the amount of natural light that shines in. Through the years, blinds and curtains have moved past providing mere functionality into becoming integral decor elements. Curtains come in a myriad of fabrics, density, patterns, trims, and colors. With the right combination of characteristics, curtains can add depth and drama to an otherwise plain-looking home. Blinds, on the other hand, are…

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    6 Reasons to Get Restful Sleep with a Simmons Mattress

    We all suffer from some form of sleep deprivation. Our hectic work and social lives have reduced our sleeping hours to sometimes a mere 4-5 hours when the recommended duration is 7-9 hours. According to a study by SingHealth Polyclinics, 4 in 10 people suffer from a lack of sleep on weekdays! In fact, Singaporeans sleep the least, even less compared to people in Japan and Hong Kong. Due to sleep deprivation, we often feel restless when we wake up, rather than recharged. We are guilty of relying on that morning coffee to jerk us into our daily routine. When searching for a new mattress for our new home, we…