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    15 Enchanting Experiences for Your Bagan Honeymoon in Myanmar

    Twilight. Darkness all around. As you breathe in the fresh morning air, you eagerly watch as the slit of light in the horizon expands throughout the sky, revealing emerald green plains and beautiful glittering pagodas as far as your eyes can take you. This is the ancient town of Bagan in Myanmar, one of Southeast Asia’s gems. This wondrous region boasts thousands of temples and pagodas steeped in Myanmar’s rich history. Take time to explore off the beaten path after visiting the main attractions, and who knows, you may be rewarded with your own one-of-a-kind Instagram shot. Can’t wait to get started? Get ready to try these 15 Enchanting Experiences for…

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    7 Reasons to Include the Enchanting Inle Lake in Your Myanmar Trip

    Still relatively unknown, Inle Lake is a treasure located in the western Shan State of Myanmar. Most tourists pass up this gem when rushing to the more popular Bagan area, little do they know what they are missing out on! If you’re on the lookout for serenity and authentic interactions with the Myanmar people, Inle Lake is the place to be. One can simply spend hours just watch the locals go about their day along the vast, tranquil lake. Well, at least that’s what we did! I vividly recall snapping away while the birds were landing on buffalos, while the local farmers went about their day tending to the floating…