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  • 10 best soundbars in the Philippines
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    10 Best Soundbars in the Philippines for Cinematic Audio | Best of Home 2020

    As the latest smart TVs in the Philippines get slimmer, there is less room for a great built-in speaker that offers a powerful surround sound experience. In order to enjoy an immersive sound experience, it usually involves a big budget and multiple speakers for a surround sound effect. Thankfully for soundbars, they are specially designed to produce the same effect yet simultaneously saving more space compared to conventional speakers. With an extensive list of brands and varying models of soundbars, which then is the best soundbar in the Philippines? In this Best of Home series, we have curated the 10 Best Soundbars in the Philippines, recommending quality options for your…

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    9 Best Diaper Cake Shops in Singapore | Best of Baby 2020

    A diaper cake is very similar to a baby hamper, as it is filled with gifts perfect for a newborn they are usually made up of baby diapers, and baby essentials such as rompers, toys, bibs, socks, and blankets, designed to make it look like a cake. Aside from being a great gift, diapers cakes are also popular on baby showers with its impressive designs! You can find incredible designs for diaper cakes, and to help you choose we’ve rounded up the best diaper cakes shops in Singapore so you can easily order them online! Table of Contents Star Wars Baby Diaper Cake Hummings Baby Diaper Cake Baby Diapers Cake…

  • nursing pillow singapore
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    7 Best Nursing Pillows in Singapore | Best of Baby 2020

    It is no secret that breastfeeding is one of the most challenging tasks at the beginning of the parenting journey. While trying to maintain a good position, moms are being prone to back and neck pain. To have more comfortable feeding sessions, consider investing in a good nursing pillow as they are specifically designed not only to provide support for the baby, but also reduce the need for moms to slouch or bend worryingly. Moreover, the majority of the nursing pillows can be used for multiple purposes starting as a pregnancy pillow, tummy time after breastfeeding, and it can be very helpful to dads who are trying to help to feed…

  • aircon servicing singapore guide
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    The Ultimate Aircon Servicing Singapore Guide & Best Aircon Service Providers (2020)

    With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, cooling down seems almost impossible without an aircon. After buying an aircon, if you do not want it to spoil after a few years, it is important to do aircon servicing. Regular cleaning and aircon servicing can not only extend the lifespan of your air-conditioner from a decade to 15 years or more, but it also ensures that the air you are breathing in is clean. It is also frustrating to have your aircon blowing hot air, or worse, leaking! In this issue, we introduce The Ultimate Aircon Servicing Singapore Guide, where we share how to service your aircon properly, how much aircon servicing…

  • best soundbars singapore
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    15 Best Soundbars in Singapore Sorted by Budget | Best of Home 2020

    With televisions getting slimmer, the less space there is for built-in speakers and audio quality is inevitably reduced. If you are a movie enthusiast and want that “surround sound” experience but do not have space for a home theatre system, the good news is that you can easily pick up a soundbar in Singapore. Compared to a full home theatre system, soundbars are compact, slim and saves you the hassle and clutter of attaching many cables. It is the perfect audio upgrade for HDB flats and condominiums. But with so many models and a wide price range, how do you know which soundbars to pick? In this series, we introduce…

  • best coffee machines singapore
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    11 Best Coffee Machines in Singapore for Professionally Brewed Coffee (2020)

    Sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee is a delightful way to start each morning. But instead of spending $6 every day on a cup of Starbucks, why not invest in a good coffee machine? A $6 cup of coffee every day amounts to over $2,000 in a year! Having your own coffee machine not only saves you money in the long run, but it also allows you to brew the coffee that you like. You can also be flexible and try different types of coffee beans. But with an extensive variety of coffee machines of different brands and prices, which then is the best coffee machine in Singapore?…

  • best Vacuum Cleaners Singapore buying guide
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    15 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore for a Dust-Free Home | Best of Home 2020

    I remember the first vacuum cleaner I used. It was my mum’s Rainbow vacuum cleaner. While I must say it was really effective, lugging it around was quite a painful task. Furthermore, it was corded and heavy and noisy and made cleaning generally, a big chore. Fast forward to today and there are so many types of vacuum cleaners in Singapore – wireless, bagless, handheld and the life-changing robot vacuum cleaners. There’s even the nifty ultra-lightweight Shark vacuum which redefines cleaning (be sure not to miss out on the exclusive promo code below)! With the wave of Dyson vacuums cleaners and its lookalikes, we have more options than ever. So…

  • 10 Best Food Processors in the Philippines
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    10 Best Food Processors in the Philippines for Speedy Cooking | Best of Home 2020

    The food processor is one of the most versatile and must-have cooking appliances in the kitchen. You can use it to chop or grind ingredients quickly, shred vegetables, make your own peanut butter, and cook your favourite recipes in record time. Some of the best food processors even feature interchangeable blades and high-speed motor power that can process your foods in a short amount of time. With various food processors in the market with different features and capabilities, which then is the best food processor in the Philippines? In this Best of Home series, we have curated the 10 Best Food Processors in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on…

  • breast milk storage bag
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    10 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags in Singapore | Best of Baby 2020

    Saving breastmilk can be very tricky as there are various factors that you need to consider, like the temperature and the duration. While directly transferring the milk from the breast pump to the baby bottle works fine, using a breastmilk storage bag offers more advantages. It is not only easier to store as it can be flattened to save space, but it can also come in handy for family outings as they are small, light, and easy to label right on the bag itself. Some storage bags like Tommee Tippee can also receive the milk straight from the pump! Check out other great options on our curated best breast milk storage…

  • 10 best fruit juicers in the Philippines
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    10 Best Fruit Juicers in the Philippines for Nutritious Drinks | Best of Home 2020

    Health is wealth. If you are looking to add more nutrients to your diet or simply enjoy slurping down fresh fruit juice, a fruit juicer will work wonders for you. Compared to a blender, a juicer separates the fibre from fruits, retaining most of the nutrients in the juice which makes it even healthier. Having a juicer is a great investment as it helps provide you with a daily dose of nutrition and give you a natural energy boost for further productivity. With an extensive variety of fruit juicers, orange juicers, and lemon juicers in the market, which then is the best fruit juicer in the Philippines? In this Best…

  • 10 Best Smart TVs in the Philippines
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    11 Best Smart TVs in the Philippines 2020 | Best of Home 2020

    Watching movies or Netflix at home is a favourite pastime for many of us, which is why having a good smart television is a worthy investment. The best smart televisions feature great picture quality and rich audio, and have the capability to bring the cinema experience to your living room. With rapid technology developments in the past years, TVs today come with various smart features and functions. You can even have a TV that has direct access to apps like Netflix and YouTube, or TVs that can be controlled via voice recognition. If you are looking for the best smart TV in the Philippines, we have got you covered! In…

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    9 Best Baby Hampers to Buy in Singapore | Best of Baby 2020

    Giving or receiving a baby hamper is always exciting for both parties involved! When receiving a baby hamper, you never know what it holds until you unwrap it. It can be given as gifts during baby showers, or you can buy one for you and your baby. To help you choose what baby hamper you should get, we compiled our favorite baby hampers from Noel Gifts, which offer a wide range of designs and gifts. Table Of Contents [] Organic Chic – Baby Mio Organic Stripes Clothes Set (SNB50A) [] Baby Basics – Little Moments (SNB5) [] Baby Basics – Bundle Of Joy (SNB3) [] Baby Basics – Bedtime Stories…

  • face serums in singapore
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    13 Best Face Serums in Singapore | Best of Beauty 2020

    Stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle (among many others) could all take a toll on our skin as we age. Maintaining a skincare regimen can help tremendously in making sure that these skin problems and nuisances are well taken care of. A face serum is just one of the vital products to include in your routine. Face serums are made of smaller molecules to effectively penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and keep it hydrated. It is typically applied after facial cleansers, and as your skin absorbs these skin-repair-boosting ingredients, it gradually undergoes rejuvenation. Are you excited to stash it in your skincare kit? We have rounded up the…

  • play mat singapore
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    10 Best Baby Play Mats in Singapore | Best of Baby 2020

    A baby play mat, bouncers, or swings, are the safe comfortable spots that you can trust when you cannot hold your baby due to urgent activities that you need to attend to. However, bouncers and swings offer limited space hence play mats that offer a wide range of colors, visuals, textures, and sizes can definitely come in more handy! Play mats also offer numerous benefits not only for cognitive, visual, and gross motor development but also for strengthening their neck and shoulder muscles, preventing getting a flat head, and even encouraging independence and self-awareness. To help you find the right one for your baby, we have rounded up the best…

  • 10 Best Coffee Machines and Coffee Makers in the Philippines
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    10 Best Coffee Machines & Coffee Makers in the Philippines | Best of Home 2020

    Nothing is better than starting a day with a cup of coffee and its aromatic smell. Not only does it perk you up, but it also boosts your brain’s ability to focus and think too. If you are into coffee, why not experience making your very own professionally-brewed coffee with a coffee maker? Besides that, having a coffee machine or maker can also save you money in the long run as you no longer need to buy coffee from restaurants and cafes. With an extensive variety of coffee machines available in the market, which then is the best coffee machine in the Philippines? In this Best of Home series, we…

  • 10 Best Refrigerators in the Philippines (1)
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    10 Best Refrigerators in the Philippines for Fresh Food | Best of Home 2020

    A refrigerator, or a fridge, is a must-have for any kitchen. Having a good refrigerator helps keep your foods fresh for a longer period, and some even feature a nifty ice and cold water dispenser for convenience. Furthermore, the latest models are designed to be sleek and stylish, complementing the beautiful interiors of modern homes. With plenty of choices in the market, each comes with different features, budget, and size, and it can be overwhelming to filter the best refrigerator in the Philippines. In this Best of Home series, we introduce 10 Best Refrigerators in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations that suit your kitchen interiors and budget needs. This article…