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    8 Designer Furniture from Finn Avenue for Posh Interior Design Themes in Singapore

    “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle’s wise words aptly summarise the purpose of interior design, in which its intrinsic value lies not in a particular furniture’s beauty, price, or rarity, but how each furniture comes together to create a masterpiece. Add Finn Avenue’s designer furniture pieces to the equation, and you get a luxurious masterpiece of a dream home. Boasting signature looks such as Upper East Side, Modern Chic, French Vintage and more, Finn Avenue carries an extensive variety of designer furniture for varying interior themes. With its tagline “Luxury for a Steal”, rest assured that you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket…

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    6 Home Renovation Websites for Inspiration & Free Quotes

    Preparing to renovate your home? These home renovation sites make it easy for you to find the interior design firm that will make your dream home come to life. Buying a home and renovating your home is symbolic of your adulting and independence! This big milestone, however, can be quite daunting, especially for first-time homeowners. For my home journey, I remember turning to several home renovation websites for inspiration and help. Here are some of the go-to home renovation websites in Singapore. Read our other home guides here: Your Guide to Buying a New Home Your Guide to Home Renovation in Singapore Average Cost of Home Renovation in Singapore +…

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    5 Furniture Stores in Singapore for Popular Home Reno Styles

    In this issue, based on the home renovation style you’ve picked, we show you our favourite stores to head to! Whilst there are a lot of things to prepare for your new home, shopping for your furniture is one of the most fun things to do. In this issue, we take to our favorite furniture stores based on the renovation style you’ve picked out for your new home. It’s time to move aside, IKEA! Read our other home guides here: Your Complete Guide to Buying a New Home Your Complete Guide to Home Renovation in Singapore The Average Cost of Home Renovation in Singapore + Saving Tips 5 Furniture Shops…

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    Your Dream Wedding in the Heart of the City at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

    Imagine the perfect day, walking up a sweeping black marble staircase in your dazzling gown, with applause erupting as you enter the lavish ballroom. All eyes fixated on you, with magic and romance filling the air as you make your way to the groom. Such grandiose fairy tale weddings come true in few upscale places – Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel being one of them. Published as our recommended wedding venue for a classic wedding hotel on the Top Wedding Venues in Malaysia to Suit Your Wedding Theme, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel provides the best of both worlds – impeccable service, magnificent decor, and mouth-watering cuisine. In this series, let us…

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    The Average Cost of Home Renovation in Singapore + Saving Tips

    Getting the keys to your first home? To help you budget, we share the average cost of home renovations in Singapore and the breakdown of each category – from carpentry, plumbing to furniture. Your home is likely to be the most expensive thing you purchase in this lifetime. Having your own home is a huge milestone in your life, and one of the most exciting things you can experience as a couple. It comes as no surprise that many couples want their house to look as good as possible. On average, couples spend $50,000 – $60,000 to renovate their new BTO home. To help you better budget for your home…

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    Encapsulate Your Wedding Day in Stunning Cinematic Videography with IrisWave

    In this issue, we share the remarkable success of IrisWave – capturing over 1,000 weddings and events is no mean feat. Featured in our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers, let us show you why brides and grooms simply enjoy working with them as we delve into the very core of their artistry. After months of planning and preparation for your wedding day, this is finally it. It’s your big day – the next chapter of your life together with your lifelong partner, and you would want to capture every single moment of this beautiful day. Rewatching these cherished memories every anniversary cuddled with your loved one – sounds perfect. IrisWave, a multi-award…

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    6 Rug Ideas to Transform your Home into a Stylish Abode

    Rugs are generally understated in the home decor stages; some might even say that they are optional. Yet, a beautiful piece of rug has the ability to transform and complete any room aesthetically. Recently voted the Best Carpet and Rug Store in Singapore in Expat Living’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2019, The Cinnamon Room produces unique contemporary rugs of the highest quality. Founded by Visha Nelson, much emphasis is placed on both style factor and ease of maintenance of the rugs. In this issue, we explore The Cinnamon Room’s fully customizable hide rugs, on how the varying rug designs complement different interior design themes, to the benefits of owning a rug…

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    HipVan: Your One-Stop Online Furniture Shop in Singapore

    Home furniture shopping can be taxing, from online furniture shopping through different sites to choosing the right materials, styles, and colours at the retail fronts. Especially so if you are looking to achieve a coherent look. We did our fair share of window furniture shopping, both online and at the stores all over Singapore. Boy was it tiring! That was until we checked out HipVan and got most of our furniture pieces from them. What we loved about HipVan were 4 things: A one-stop shop with an extensive range– HipVan retails a wide range from furniture, mattresses, homeware, to lighting Exquisite designs at fair prices– Designs are stylish, many of…

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    Your Complete Guide to Home Renovation in Singapore + Saving Tips

    Congratulations on your new home, that’s another milestone unlocked! As much as owning a new home is exciting, we understand that the home renovation process can be daunting, especially for first timers. In this guide, we will share the essential steps of home renovation and everything you need to know about making your dream home a reality. From finding your interior style to budgeting, furnishing, extra little tips from our own personal experiences and more, we got you covered. 10 Steps to Complete a Successful Home Renovation Feel free to click on any of the following steps to jump to the ones you need help on. Step 1: Choosing an…

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    Beautify Your Home with Art Paintings from LivingwithArt Singapore

    A painting is more than the sum of its parts,”.. the cow by itself is just a cow, and the meadow by itself is just grass and flowers, and the sun peeking through the trees is just a beam of light, but put them all together and you’ve got magic. ― Wendelin Van Draanen What comes to your mind when you hear the word art? For some, art can be a form of liberty, an unearthing of personal truths. Others view art as a medium where stories are caged; it waits for someone’s gaze to be freed. Having recently renovated our new home, we view art as an expression of…

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    The New Boracay! 20 Things to Do on Your Boracay Honeymoon

    [Updated: 8 April 2019] With Boracay reopening late 2018 following a huge cleanup, plus an opportunity to participate in the annual Boracay Open beach ultimate frisbee tournament (a thoroughly enjoyable one for ultimate lovers might we add), we just had to head down to the world-famous island for our 4th visit. Our first three visits to Boracay were simply amazing – not only does summer never end here, it’s beautiful and laden with breathtaking experiences. Do note that you are now required to present hotel reservations from Department of Tourism-accredited hotels. You can find the list here. Voted one of the best islands in the world at Conde Nast Traveler’s 2018 Readers’…

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    6 Lighting Inspirations and Tips for Your Dream Home in Singapore

    Lighting is one of the most essential elements when designing your home. Without proper lighting, the ambience of your home will be affected, and as beautiful your interiors may be, they will look dull and uninviting. When done right, lighting can help pull all the elements together, transforming your home into a seamless combination of style and functionality. The placement of lighting, types of lights, and light temperature are key ingredients to a well-designed home. We were glad to employ the help of L&H Lighting & Electrical, a one-stop lighting specialist with a wide variety of lighting products in Singapore. Lily from L&H Lighting was especially valuable in our interior…

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    [India Honeymoon Guide] The Golden Triangle Part II – 13 Romantic Things to Do in Agra

    “In this series, we take you to explore India’s most famous and possibly most romantic tourist route – The Golden Triangle. Comprising of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, these 3 most-visited cities in North India together will fascinate you like no other place on earth.” Agra – Well-known as the home of Taj Mahal, a landmark of eternal love built in 1632. But aside from the remarkable love story encapsulated in this mausoleum, the city has more than meets the eye. We enjoyed historical forts, sprawling palaces, age-old tombs surrounded by lush gardens, and busy markets selling vibrant local wares. Every corner of Agra exudes romance and tender affection! It is a…

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    [India Honeymoon Guide] The Golden Triangle Part III -10 Things to Do in Jaipur

    “In this series, we take you to explore India’s most famous and possibly most romantic tourist route – The Golden Triangle. Comprising of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, these 3 most-visited cities in North India together will fascinate you like no other place on earth.” Jaipur was deemed as the Pink City when all of its walls and structures were painted with the color pink as it denotes hospitality, and it aimed to welcome Prince Albert in such tone when he visited India over a century ago. The objective that once impressed the prince now dazzles everyone who visits it. Explore the forts and unfold the secrets behind its walls while…

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    9 Noteworthy Furniture Stores in Singapore for Your Dream Home Furnishings

    Just received your keys and excited to start furnishing your dream home? So were we! Scouring the web and visiting countless furniture stores in Singapore, we discovered several gems which we thought could help with your #homegoals. Without further ado, let us share with you 9 Noteworthy Furniture Stores in Singapore for Your Dream Home Furnishings to bring that dream home of yours to life. 9 Noteworthy Furniture Stores in Singapore for Your Dream Home Furnishings 1. HipVan, for designer furniture at fair prices HipVan is an e-commerce website that sells stylish designer furniture, homeware, and lighting products at honest, fair prices. They carry over 3,000 mindfully designed items –…