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11 Best Stores for Baby Rompers & Baby Clothes in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

Seeing your little angel in adorable outfits is indeed very satisfying. However, picking a baby romper with fun and cute designs without compromising comfort, safety, and functionality can be tricky. One of the things that you always have to check is the fabric as it has to be skin-friendly not to cause any irritation. You also have to watch out for small parts that may be choking hazards, as well as long ties that may cause strangulation. Now, to make your shopping process less stressful, we have rounded up the 11 best stores to shop for cute and comfortable baby rompers and baby clothes in Singapore. You can easily browse their huge collections from the comforts of your home! Before you go on the list below, you may also check our list of online baby stores here for your baby’s daily essentials.

This article was last updated on 9 January 2023.

Best Stores for Baby Clothes in Singapore

1. Love, Bonito

baby clothes - love bonito

If you have seen our list of  Best Maternity Wear, you may have remembered we mentioned that Love, Bonito has been adored by many people for their fashionable pieces. Now, little ones can also enjoy dressing up with their lovely baby clothes! They have cute and trendy yet comfortable tops, baby rompers, dresses, skirts, and shorts perfect for children aged 3 and up. They even have a special collection to help you go matchy-matchy with your little one!

Apart from being fashionable, their collections are also thoughtfully made with breathable fabrics for utmost comfort. The practical design that includes features such as elastic waistbands, adjustable strap ties, and additional snaps at the sides, provides a literal room for growth. With this, your little one can sport her favourite outfits for a longer time, even if she grows up too fast!

Although Love, Bonito developed especially for the female market, unisex items are also available hence you can surely find awesome clothes for your baby boy as well. Browse their collections via the link below!

Shop Love, Bonito >

2. The Elly Store

baby clothes - The Elly Store

Founded in 2010, The Elly Store has since lived by its promise to create beautiful children and baby clothes in Singapore. If you think they are only about beautiful appearance, wait until you see how comfortable and practical they are! Elly has an extensive line that covers cute and colourful onesies, sleepsuits and baby rompers, or stylish baby dresses, socks, and even shoes. Finding the perfect pair to match your little one’s OOTD is now easier.

In addition to supporting your fashion needs, Elly also provides a wide selection of baby gifts, nursery art prints, and toys. And guess what? They have the classic ones that can remind us of our own childhood! Yup, they have Jellycat toys, including that signature sweet Jellycat bunny. You can even order a personalised bunny with your baby’s name on it! Give it as a gift to your young one, and he will surely develop a sentimental attachment to it.

Shop The Elly Store >

3. Bluealmond

Bluealmond - Best Stores for Baby Rompers & Baby Clothes in Singapore

Quality baby clothes with modern, minimalistic designs 

If you are an expecting parent, you may have found it hard to find baby clothes in Singapore that combine both exceptional quality with stylish, modern designs. Having been on this futile search as well, a couple recently launched Bluealmond, a promising clothing store for little ones, while also looking forward to the birth of their first child. With the goal to make parenthood seamless and delightful, Bluealmond ensures that every piece of clothing they carry is of the highest quality. That said, they only work with quality brands that share their belief in product quality, design philosophy and environment protection.

At Bluealmond, clothes that are minimalist in design are the focal point. You won’t be seeing any stereotypical prints on their baby clothes catalogue! Their clothes may be simple for some, but Bluealmond believes that the minimalistic designs allow the little ones to best express themselves. We are pretty sure that parents would love to mix and match those minimalist clothes for the most perfect ensemble.

Sustainable fashion

On top of the stylish designs, what we ultimately love about Bluealmond is that they use sustainably sourced materials on all their clothing. They specifically use organic cotton, which is not only environmentally friendly but also strong and durable. Even after multiple washes, the clothes do not lose their charm, so it’s great to invest in them for everyday use. You don’t even have to worry about them looking shabby or falling apart! Basically, you will be purchasing clothes that are equally beneficial for you, your child, and the future.

After filling your baby’s wardrobe with clothes from Bluealmond, the only thing you need to worry about is your baby growing up and bursting out of their clothes. Thankfully, Bluealmond also offers clothes for children aged 2 to 6 years old. Check out these lovely overalls and dresses for instance.

Check out Bluealmond > 
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4. Gingersnaps

baby clothes - Gingersnaps

Gingersnaps is home to a collection of fashion-forward, European-inspired clothing for teens and pre-teens apparel, maternity wear, and of course, children’s clothing. Their fun, colourful designs for infants and toddlers (be sure to check out their baby rompers) will surely make your little one #OOTD-ready for your creative snapshots any time of the day.

You can visit their store branches at United Square, The Paragon, and Raffles City Shopping Centre for the stylish baby clothes that you are looking for. If you do not have much time to go out and shop around, worry no more as you can easily browse their collection on their official store in Lazada. Click the link below and get your first order delivered right in front of your door.

Shop Gingersnaps >

5. Château de sable

baby clothes Château de sable

Château de Sable is a French word that means a sandcastle. And what do sandcastles remind us? Most probably, our young, carefree selves frolicking on the beach. If you find yourself agreeing, then the collection from this brand that aims to represent the vitality and innocence of childhood will surely fit your personality and style preferences.

Their rich collection includes daily garments, swimwear, and accessories for both baby girls and boys. What we love the most about Château de Sable is they do not only come up with designs that evoke joy, they also make sure that the fabrics used are meticulously chosen for children’s sensitive skin. If you cannot decide which to pick, we recommend checking out their Bundles of Joy. They are carefully curated to make the perfect baby set for you!

Shop Château de sable >

6. Mothercare

Mothercare baby clothe

For over 50 years, Mothercare has been providing high-quality and safe baby supplies. When it comes to fashion, they are able to keep both grown-up kids and newborn babies comfortable with their well-made bodysuits, dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, underwear, and swimwear.

After getting the apparel that you were looking for, you no longer need to browse other sites for other baby essentials as Mothercare also offers equipment for nursing, feeding, bathing, and even travelling. If you are looking for quality, affordable baby clothes in Singapore, you can definitely check out Mothercare during your parenting journey.

Shop Mothercare >

7. Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society baby clothe

Founded in 2012 by Singaporean couple Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong who are parents themselves, Le Petit Society understands what you need and what you want for your babies. They are committed to creating baby clothes that are made with comfortable fabrics that little ones can enjoy wearing on a daily basis.

In addition to keeping your little ones away from discomfort while they are actively playing around or just having a cosy nap, the apparel from Le Petit Society is also fancy enough to wear to parties! We absolutely love their baby romper collection! You may also check out their personalised gifts here so you will not come empty-handed.

Shop Le Petit Society >


baby clothes - UNIQLO

If you are looking for fashionable, decently affordable baby clothes in Singapore, UNIQLO is a good brand to check out. This well-known brand has been dressing all ages with their thoughtful designs that are not only stylish but also smart, safe, comfortable, and practical.

They understand that babies need more care hence their collection comes with extra features. For example, the Airism was made with mesh construction to keep the babies cool and comfortable as they tend to sweat more than adults. They also have clothes where the seams on the neck and underarms are flat to avoid unwanted skin irritation.

Most importantly, the durability of the fabric used has been tested for its durability hence it will not shrink nor lose its shape. Whether your baby is a newborn, a toddler, or a grown-up kid, we are sure that you can find the right clothing worth your money!


9. Cotton On

Cotton On

A reputable clothing brand with expansions across 19 counties, Cotton On is one of the favourite places to go when it comes to great finds for baby clothes, baby romper and accessories. The colourful choices and whimsical designs make us want to grab all those adorable onesies, tops, leggings, and more!

Cotton On also has a huge collection for both Men and Women Apparel hence you can easily keep your whole family fashionable! Do note that you can enjoy free delivery for orders worth $50+. Click the link below to see their items on sale!

 Shop Cotton On >

10. FOX Kids & Baby

FOX Kids & Baby

If you are one of the parents who prefer simple and affordable baby clothes in Singapore, FOX Kids & Baby has a lot to offer for you. From outdoor-ready boys clothes like active-wear shorts and shirts to adorable girl clothes like pretty dresses and comfy tops, this store can surely support the fashionable needs of newborn babies until they reach 13 years old.

To make your shopping experience more enjoyable, FOX does not only offer free shipping for orders worth $60+ but they also have amazing rewards and perks for their members like discount vouchers and priority access for exclusive collections!

Shop FOX Kids & Baby >

11. H&M


A list of recommended stores for fashionable goods is not complete without H&M. It is one of the most celebrated global brands for continuously providing high-quality clothes. For baby rompers and baby clothes, their collections can be summarised in three meaningful words: cuddly, comfy, and practical, which are also the major factors that you need to consider upon purchasing babywear.

To match the attractiveness of your little one, H&M also added the element of cuteness through playful colours, patterns, designs, and even sweet and fun statements. Some prints on their current offerings include “snuggle this muggle”, “daddy’s favourite”, and “I love my family”. Adorable, isn’t it? If you think the same, you may proceed to click the link below to find more designs and options!

Shop H&M >


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I hope that our guide on the 11 Best Stores to Shop for Baby Clothes in Singapore has helped you to find gorgeous, adorable baby rompers and baby clothes in Singapore for your little ones. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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