7 Best Baby Gift Boxes in Singapore
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8 Best Baby Gift Boxes in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

A precious newborn is truly one of the best blessings life can ever bestow and it’s just fitting that we celebrate such a bundle of incomparable joy with another bundle, the one which comes in the form of a gift box. Our family and friends welcoming these wonderful babies only deserve to be given the best present. Thus, we truly understand the ultimate dilemma in finding and choosing the gift that would perfectly suit their infant. With an extensive variety of baby gift boxes in the market, which then is the best present for newborns in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 7 Best Baby Gift Boxes in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 10 January 2023.

Table of Contents

  1.   Sophie la girafe Rattle Newborn Set
  2.   Sophie la girafe Deluxe Birth Gift Set
  3.   Lovingly Signed Sweet Dreams Gift Set
  4.   Raph and Remy Newborn Essentials Collection Gift Set
  5.   Kaiby Box Mini Unique Baby Toy Gift Box
  6.   Busy Mat Premium Series: BUSY ABC
  7.   The Little Bernie Baby Classic Gift Set (Boba Series)
  8.   Mushie & FRIGG Newborn Baby Boy Gift Set (Faith)

8 Best Baby Gift Boxes in Singapore

1.Sophie la girafe Rattle Newborn Set

Sophie la girafe Rattle Newborn Set Baby Gift Boxes

A timeless safari animal that turned into the cutest teether ever existed

Long been trusted and sought after, Sophie la girafe had most certainly been in every baby’s first set of toys in France for the past six decades. Back in 1961 Monsieur Rampeau first conceptualized and created Sophie la girafe. The said classic teether was moulded from the sap of Hevea tree through rotational moulding of rubber, with Monsieur firmly believing that the animal’s shape seemed to perfectly fit the baby’s tiny hands and mouth. From the day Sophie was born, she had been meticulously handmade for each baby. Sophie ensured that each of these teethers came from the safest materials of 100% natural rubber and food-grade paints.

In addition, the thing that never fails to amaze us with each teether we purchase from Sophie will always be their 14 intricate manual processes of rubber moulding. Therefore, we can only imagine the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each one of the phenomenal toys. It now even comes along with additional two-ball rattle, both stimulating and developing your baby’s senses.

As the newborn enjoys the shape, light colours, fun squeak sound and bumpy sides designed just for the baby, his mummy gets her version of Sophie la girafe as well. Simultaneously, the Sophie la girafe rattle set comes with the same 100% natural rubber Sophie keychain. Pretty sure the baby’s mom will just want to hug you the moment she sees this awesome baby package.

Why buy this:
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Perfect weight and shape for the baby to grasp and play for hours
  • Help develop baby’s primitive senses as Sophie stimulates them through sound and well thought out shape
  • Sophie la girafe’s head shape also perfectly aids sore in a teething baby
  • Created with love from 14 manual operations
  • Can be given to all neonates up to late infants

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2. Sophie la girafe Deluxe Birth Gift Set

Sophie la girafe Deluxe Birth Gift Set Baby Gift Boxes

Finest teether and toy that aid in the optimum development of baby’s senses

Sophie la girafe remains the best teether for our little ones, favoured by millions of parents worldwide. Now, your baby gets to experience their deluxe version just from opening a single gift box. This staple teether which helps stimulate baby’s senses branched to more toys that will certainly help their development until they become toddlers. Also, this deluxe birth gift set excites most parents more than ever as it now comes with an early learning book and a rattle handle, all conveniently sealed in a gift box.

Consequently, your baby will meet Sophie la girafe once again in their early learning book as he simultaneously counts elements appearing on each page (“1 rainbow”. “2 cherries”, “3 clouds” and so on). Both the teether and learning book augment the baby’s 5 senses including his fine motor skills, hearing, touch and sight. Not to mention his taste as well, as the teether comes with two flexible parts for him to chew while relieving the soreness from all the teething.

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3. Lovingly Signed Sweet Dreams Gift Set

Lovingly Signed Sweet Dreams Gift Set Baby Gift Boxes

Meticulously embroidered for each newborn 

The majority of their loyal customers gave Lovingly Signed baby gift boxes a 5 out of 5 rating.  One pleased client even exclaimed that she felt very impressed by the amount of dedication and professionalism their team pours into their products. In conclusion, they truly do know how to cater to each of mums’ or gift givers’ requests.

Lovingly Signed believed that each baby should be celebrated hence, they unceasingly continue providing embroidered baby gifts to these newborns. In addition, we can’t help but fall in love with each package that we order, whether it’s for a baby shower, Christening or first birthday as they make it feel like a unique and unforgettable experience each time.

Moreover, this Sweet Dreams Gift Set with the word “Loved” embroidered on the Jellycat jumper screams both unparalleled comfort and luxury with 100% cotton towel hooded with ears and Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny. Finally, as we were already completely sold with everything about Lovingly Signed, we also found ourselves even more delighted as these lovely packages can be delivered for free.

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4. Raph and Remy Newborn Essentials Collection Gift Set

Raph and Remy Newborn Essentials Collection Gift Set Baby Gift Boxes

Luxurious and comfortable baby needs without compromising the environment (plus, you get to give back to their partner charity with every purchase)

Founded by an amazing mom herself, Tiffany Okumu named her brand after two of his precious sons and became a household name in making baby gift boxes since then. They offer chic and stylish baby products that aim for the highest comfort and luxury. Furthermore, the brand Raph and Remy prioritizes creating unique and quality baby needs without compromising the environment by making their products highly sustainable. Lastly, this Newborn Essentials Collection Gift set  (which includes swaddle, onesies socks and BubbleGummy™ Teether) is our personal favourite since we can fully customize the products inside with our chosen colour and design.

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5. Kaiby- Mini Unique Baby Toy Gift Box

Kaiby- Mini Unique Baby Toy Gift Box

Each well-thought-out toy wrapped in their gift sets can also be used as  valuable tool for learning

With the highest sales and number of 5 over 5 overall ratings in Shopee SG, Kaiby lives up to its goal of offering the loveliest baby and toddler toy gift boxes that ease the parents’ work in their baby’s learning development. In relation, one overly satisfied customer wrote that the toys curated inside the box were very thoughtful for they came in black and white considering that the baby’s sight is yet to develop. She claimed that these mystery boxes were really nice. Moreover, Kaiby  promises fast and free delivery transactions with each box.

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6.Busy Mat Premium Series: BUSY ABC

Busy Mat Premium Series BUSY ABC Baby Gift Boxes

Enhancing our little ones’ creativity and imagination while improving our bond with them

Busy Mat made sure each infant holistically starts to learn the alphabet and numbers in the most enjoyable and engaging way. Having said that, their Premium Series: BUSY ABC assures each parent that their little ones get to play and learn at the same time. Hence, they’ll surely rejoice once you gave their babies these creatively carved wooden alphabets and number blocks.

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7. The Little Bernie Baby Classic Gift Set (Boba Series)

The Little Bernie Baby Classic Gift Set (Boba Series) Baby Gift Boxes

These baby essentials only promise two things, Healthy Babies and Happy Parents!

The Little Bernie takes the quality and customization of each birthday and baby bundle box seriously. Furthermore, this Classic Gift Set allows you to choose the colour and design of your choice with every Boba Silicone Bib and Teething Clip Set packed inside their creative gift box. In addition to that, you also get to send the family of the newborn a congratulatory card that comes with every Classic Gift Set from The Little Bernie.

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8. Mushie & FRIGG Newborn Baby Boy Gift Set (Faith)

Mushie & FRIGG Newborn Baby Boy Gift Set (Faith)

Elegant baby supplies without the extravagant price tag

Mushie is well-known for its Scandinavian-inspired baby bibs and organic muslin swaddles, while FRIGG is a renowned source for high-quality Danish design pacifiers. Both brands are dedicated to very stylish baby items, so we’re happy to inform you that you can now send your heartfelt blessings and well wishes with both! The Mushie & FRIGG Gift Box is the perfect gift for your loved ones as it not only comes in gorgeous packaging but also contains lovely baby supplies. It consists of a swaddle, a pacifier case, a teether, milestone cards, and two pacifiers. The best thing about this baby gift box is that, though the items are exquisite and of top quality, you won’t have to go over your budget because it is fairly priced!

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We hope that our guide on the 8 Best Baby Gift Boxes in Singapore has helped you to buy the best Baby Gift Box in Singapore for your beloved little ones. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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