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8 Best Baby Thermometers to Buy in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

One of the must-haves in every household’s first aid kit is a thermometer. It is important to get a safe and effective thermometer, as you will want to make sure you accurately measure and monitor your baby’s temperature closely when you are feeling under the weather. Especially during the Covid pandemic, it pays to be more careful. We have shortlisted the best thermometers to buy in Singapore, check them out below!

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This article was last updated on 05 January 2023.

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1. Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT 6520

This non-invasive thermometer is featured in Babylist as one of the best baby thermometers you can get. The thermometer makes use of Age Precision technology which shows you how dangerous the temperature is according to the age of your baby. It is also more accurate with its pre-warmed tip unlike other thermometers with cold tips that can affect the result.

The Braun ThermoScan thermometer offers a front panel display with a night light that allows you to use it at night, and offers a colour-coded display for easy use. It also saves the last nine temperatures you took for reference. To make it more hygienic for your baby, it features disposable lens filters. You can also purchase the Braun NTF3000 ThermoScan Digital Forehead Thermometer and Braun BNT400 No touch + Touch Thermometer with Age Precision.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It offers age precision technology
  • It is highly accurate with its pre-warmed tip
  • It is easy to use and saves previous data
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2. Brother Max 3 in 1 Digital Thermometer

This three-in-one digital temperature can make readings from your baby’s forehead, ear and room. It makes use of precise infrared technology and does not require a probe cover. You only have to wipe the thermometer after using it.

It also features a forehead scan mode that can read temperatures under one second. It is free from BPA and mercury, and can be used for babies from 0 months. Another multi-purpose thermometer is the Momax 2 in 1 Forehead/Ear Infrared 1-Health Pro Thermometer HL2 – ISO CERTIFIED.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It can make readings from the ear, room and forehead
  • It makes use of precise infrared technology
  • It can make readings under one second
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3. Lollababy Infrared In-Ear Thermometer

Ideal for newborns, the probe has a size of about 5.99mm, it is gentle and quick when you take temperature measurements. It is also very easy to use with the LCD and LED backlight. It can measure your baby’s temperature under one second.

It is highly hygienic and comes with 21 probe cover. It is also very easy to store and comes with a built-in probe cover fixer. The Lollababy thermometer is portable and lightweight, and it runs on battery.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It has a small probe for newborns
  • It is very quick and can make readings under a second
  • It is highly hygienic
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4. Lollababy Forehead Thermometer (New Collection)

The Lollababy forehead thermometer is a non-touch model, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene with your baby. It can read your baby’s temperature under two seconds and offers two modes, the forehead and the surface mode.

It also offers a fever indication mode which lets you know if your baby’s temperature is dangerous or not. The temperature is easy to read and has a LED blue backlight with an LCD screen. It is portable and works with batteries. You can select between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and it saves up to 25 previous temperatures.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It is a non-touch model
  • It features a fever indication mode
  • It is quick and can read temperatures under two seconds
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5. Omron Digital Thermometer MC-246

This digital thermometer can measure temperature from the mouth, underarm and rectal. You don’t have to worry about mercury hazards and broken glass when you use it. It also allows you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Once the temperature reading is complete, the thermometer beeps. It also stores the last reading you made so you can refer to the previous temperature.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It can measure temperature from three places
  • It offers two measurement modes
  • It stores the previous temperature
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6. Pigeon Digital Thermometer

The Pigeon digital thermometer features safe and flexible tips which makes it ideal for your little one, especially newborns. It offers precise and accurate temperature readings up to two decimal points.

It also comes with a beeper that announces when the reading is done, and fever alarm that lets you know if the temperature that your baby has is harmful. It also has a memory that saves previous temperatures for better reference.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It features flexible tips
  • It comes with a fever alarm
  • It has an inbuilt memory
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7. KeenHealth Oral and Rectal Digital Thermometer

This two in one digital thermometer from KeenHealth can read temperatures from the oral and rectal mode. It gives you reading with two decimals so that you can have accurate readings. The tip is also flexible for comfortable readings.

The KeenHealth thermometer will alarm you if the temperature signifies a fever. This allows you to know the action to take after taking the temperature. The tip is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant and water.

Why buy this thermometer:
  • It is very accurate in temperature readings
  • It features a fever alarm
  • The thermometer is waterproof and easy to clean
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8. Skip Hop Moby Floating Thermometer

This is the final thermometer on this list from Skip Hop is used for measuring the water temperature during bath time. It helps in ensuring that the bath water is not too hot or cold for your baby. It can be easily suctioned to tiled surface for safe-keeping.

It features a color-changing LED which shows you how hot or cold the water is. It can also be suctioned to the wall or bathtub, and the tip can act as a hanger for your baby’s washcloth. You can also place it in the bathtub to float.

Why buy this baby thermometer:
  • It can be easily suctioned for easy storage
  • It can double as a washcloth hanger
  • It features a color-changing LED
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