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11 Best Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

If you are a busy working parent in Singapore, there are several options when it comes to childcare. You can opt to place your child in an infant care centre or preschool where they have programmes to entertain and engage your child. But not every child is comfortable with going, and if transport arrangements are an issue, an alternative would be to hire a babysitter or nanny. It is a helpful solution for ad-hoc situations, especially if you are planning for a couple time each week.

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Babysitting agencies are expected to vet and train their babysitting staff to ensure they are trained and equipped with the right skills, though you should expect to pay an agency fee or commission. Open platforms are great to find freelancing babysitters for last-minute situations, but the downside is that you are dependent on the reviews available. In this article, we did research to find the best babysitter in Singapore that you can reach out to for help. 

This article was last updated on 23 February 2023.

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Best Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore

1. MEIDE Babysitting ($98 Flat fee)

MEIDE Babysitting - Best Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore
MEIDE Babysitting – Best Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore

One-stop quick babysitting service for all parents and parents-to-be

With MEIDE Babysitting, you no longer need to fumble around with a whole list of different babysitters, worrying about which one is better and more suitable. With only a one-time fixed fee of $98, everything else – from sieving through babysitter profiles, going through interviews, and handling payments and contracts – will be done quickly and efficiently by MEIDE. Parents and parents-to-be can also enquire and get advice from their experienced coordinators, free-of-charge.

Adjustable to your needs

MEIDE’s sitter pool is really diverse so it can cater to different parents’ requirements and preferences. So, whether you are looking for a female or male babysitter, someone a bit older, or an overnight nanny, you can easily find someone to trust at MEIDE Babysitting. You may even find a confinement nanny or a stay-in helper there! 

On top of the usual babysitting duties like diaper changing and feeding, sitters at MEIDE can also help with your household by cooking, washing, and grocery shopping. And if ever your house is not available in the meantime, you may opt to safely drop off your child at the babysitter’s location and then pick him or her up later. 

Skilled and professional

What’s also great is that these services are offered without the hefty price since MEIDE has collaborated with many other agencies and companies, allowing for special and discounted rates to be given to the parents. This also ensures that the sitters you are getting are verified and professionally trained and vetted for your entire family’s safety. In fact, most sitters at MEIDE are first-aid and CPR certified.

Check out MEIDE Babysitting >
MEIDE Babysitting
+65 8595 8579
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2. NannySOS (from $25/hour)

NannySOS babysitter singapore
Best Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore – NannySOS

NannySOS has been helping mums since 2011 and you can entrust them with all your childcare needs. Also featured in our best confinement nanny article, NannySOS also provides babysitters and nannies to help take care of your child for after your confinement period. They have daytime nanny services (from $800/month) for 10 to 12 hours, Monday to Friday, and you can choose to either have the babysitting done at your home or the babysitter’s house. Alternatively, you can opt for their part-time babysitter for $25/hour a minimum of 3 hours per trip.

Their babysitting job scope includes looking after your baby, ensuring safety and hygiene at all times. Preparation of milk formula and meals will be done by the nanny and they can be advised to follow a daily timetable as per parents’ instructions – same for sleeping time too. Their nannies and babysitters are also expected to engage your child, keeping them occupied with activities and toys. Do note that household and domestic chores are not included, as babysitters are expected to dedicate their time to taking care of your child.

Check out NannySOS >
Address: 2 Venture Drive, #07-27, Singapore 608526
Tel: +65 68172479
Contact form

3. A-Team Amahs & Cleaners (from $17-19/hour)

A-Team Amahs & Cleaners
A-Team Amahs & Cleaners

Team Amahs & Cleaners is a maid and nanny agency that aims to help busy families cope with household chores and childcare. They state that their babysitters are carefully screened to ensure that they have the relevant childcare experience and the right attitude to babysit your child. You can opt for part-time babysitting or full-time babysitting depending on your schedule.

For part-time babysitting, weekday charges are from $17/hour, and weekends are from $19/hour, with a minimum of 4 hours per session. You are required to pay a one-time agency fee from $288. Full-time babysitting at the client’s house starts from $1,800/month. The final rate depends on the working days, hours, and scope of duties requested. The agency fee is 40-50% of the babysitter’s salary.

Team Amahs & Cleaners also provides experienced confinement nannies (from $3,300/month) who can not only help you cope with the new demanding schedule a newborn brings, but also help to restore your health after a tough 40-week pregnancy.

Check out A-Team Amahs & Cleaners >
Address: 38 Genting Ln, Singapore 349553
Tel: +65 6100 6132 (Mon – Sat 9am to 6pm)
Contact form

4. Nanny Pro (from $25-40/hour)

Nanny Pro
Best Babysitter and Nanny Services Singapore – Nanny Pro

Nanny Pro prides themselves on providing trusted and experienced childcare to families. Their social mission is to train women from lower-income groups, to equip them with skills that will turn them into nurturing caregivers. Their carers are all interviewed in-person, with references checked to ensure they have the right childcare experience before assigning them to families. Prioritising the safety of your child and family, Nanny Pro also screens their carers to ensure that they are medically fit and immunised with common vaccinations.

Nanny Pro trains their carers in Certified Infant & Child 1st-Aid CPR certification. They are also given a detailed onboarding for various infant-based scenarios. Check out their 5-step care process here.

Their full-time nanny rates start from $2,500. Ad-hoc babysitting rates start at $25-40/hour (minimum 4 hours booking slot at the client’s home), and an additional 20% is expected for urgent requests. Preferential rates are applicable for repeated sessions. Check out their babysitting pricelist here. Nanny Pro also can provide a travel nanny for on-the-go childcare assistance. If you need a maid, you can also get live-in domestic helpers from them.

Check out Nanny Pro >
Address: Blk 46 Holland Drive, #02-371/372 Singapore 270046
Tel: +65 6100 6642
Contact form

5. (from $15/hour)

Babysitters Singapore has been around since 1998, providing babysitters and nannies to families who need childcare help. Their focus is on helping parents identify and match with reliable and experienced babysitters. While most of their babysitters have been with them for many years, providing reliable services, new hires are interviewed extensively and undergo a background check to ensure that their qualifications fit the agency’s strict criteria.

When matching the right caregiver to the family’s childcare needs, they consider factors such as the age of the child, language preference, religion, dietary requirements, and location, among others. This screening process is to ensure that the babysitter or nanny can deliver the best service needed. Read their customer testimonials here.

Their full-time babysitter rates start from $1,800/month (maximum of 10 hours/day from Monday to Friday). Part-time babysitting rates start from $15-$18/hour, and ad-hoc requests are $25/hour. You can also opt for the babysitting to be at the sitter’s house. Overnight childcare options are also available.

Check out Babysitters Singapore >
Tel: 9487-5408
Contact form

6. BBnanny (from $2,000/month)

BBnanny babysitter singapore
Best Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore – BBnanny

BBNanny provides babysitting and nanny services. They have a network of babysitters that they have reviewed through a face-to-face interview to check their qualifications and experience. BBNanny promises to match your needs and location. You can request to have the babysitting service at the sitter’s home or at yours. Read their customer testimonials here.

Their babysitting cost starts from S$2,000 – $3,000 per month (5 days a week, Mon-Fri 8 am to 6 pm). For ad-hoc babysitting services, a minimum of 4 hours for each session is required.

Check out BBNanny >
Address: 151 Chin Swee Road, Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
Tel: +65 9747 2405
Contact form

7. Babysits

best babysitter singapore

Similar to Helpling, a search-based platform for finding house cleaning services within your area, Babysits works the same, only that, it is a portal dedicated to babysitters. At, you can look for ad-hoc, last-minute, full-time or part-time babysitters. You can also read reviews about potential candidates as well as their detailed profiles to determine their suitability for your childcare needs. Through the platform, you can also screen and interview them. Once hired, you can schedule an appointment to meet and get to know the babysitter in person.

Check out Babysits >

8. Find a Nanny

Find a Nanny

Like Babysits, Find a Nanny is a portal where you can post a job and get applicants. Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc, full-time or part-time babysitters, you can easily find one on the site. Besides the option to create a job post, the portal allows you to contact potential candidates too. Drop a message, screen the applicants and hire the best match for your childcare requirements.

Check out Find a Nanny >

9. Baby Carers

Babysitter and Nanny Services in Singapore – Baby Carers

Baby Carers is a job posting platform where you can find qualified freelance babysitters or nannies. Communicating with potential candidates is safe and convenient with the portal’s improved messaging system and anti-spam features. On top of that, processing payments through the site is easy and secure.

Check out Baby Carers >

10. TSM Maid and Confinement Agency

TSM Maid and Confinement Agency

The TSM Maid and Confinement Agency guarantees high-quality services at reasonable prices. All of their nannies are well-educated and have 5 to 7 years of experience. They have the requisite qualifications, a great attitude, and a high level of hygiene to care for your infant. Not to mention, this nanny agency is legally approved by MOM, and their employees have work permits for their assignments, so you can rest assured that your young one is in good hands. Moreover, this agency provides foreign domestic workers from Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

Check out TSM Maid and Confinement Agency >
Address: 623 Aljunied Road, #02-01A Industrial Aljunied Complex Singapore 389835
Tel: +65 63371793
Contact form

11. NannyStreet

Nanny Services by NannyStreet

NannyStreet combines the best of both worlds, offering both confinement nanny agency services and engaging freelancing nanny features. Their part-time and long-term nanny services will assist you in transitioning to motherhood by providing reliable and trustworthy babysitters who understand the challenges of caring for a newborn. If you’re concerned about relaying any of your specific requests, NannyStreet acts as a mediator so that you may express your needs clearly and effectively. Aside from that, their nanny deposit is one of the lowest on the market. Instead of setting a fixed price, NannyStreet allows clients to freely negotiate with the babysitter to get the best value! 

Check out NannyStreet >
Address: #09-02 Tampines Junction, 300 Tampines Avenue 5, Singapore, 529653
Tel: +65 6996 0802 (Phone Call Only), +65 9392 3100 (Message Only)

I hope that our article on the best babysitter and nanny in Singapore has helped you to find help with your childcare needs! If you’ve found this to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you! Also, check out other related reads below.

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