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10 Best Bathroom Accessories Shops in Singapore | Best of Home 2020

Each of us probably has our own favourite room or space in our house. For some, it can be the bedroom as it allows us to rest and sleep well after a long, tiring day. Though there are some of us who prefer the bathroom, too. Getting in the shower in the morning helps us get our momentum for the day ahead. At night, it is also the perfect place to rejuvenate as you do your skincare routine. Thus, it is just right to create a space that will allow us to utilize our bathroom’s functionality (or even its aesthetic!).  If you are looking to buy bathroom accessories in Singapore but have no idea which to buy, you have come to the right place.

Whatever your concept or budget, you can definitely transform your bathroom into a modern stylish retreat. As you browse through these best bathroom accessories shops in Singapore, you will get tons of ideas whether you are doing a major remodelling or slight renovation.

10 Best Bathroom Accessories in Singapore for Stylish Bathrooms (2020)

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1. Grohe


GROHE is known as a leading global brand specializing in creating comprehensive bathroom solutions as well as topnotch kitchen fittings. Because of the company’s excellent line of products, it has received over 300 design and innovation awards. GROHE also landed a spot on some of the top rankings as one of Germany’s most sustainable large brands and the first one in its industry to win the CSR prize of the German government.

With all these recognitions, there is no doubt as to why this brand is the best place to shop for bathroom accessories. The good news is, they are also available in Singapore! Whether you are shopping for faucets, showerheads or bathtubs, you will surely find topnotch products that are not only excellent in quality but aesthetically appealing as well.

Shop Grohe >

2. Hansgrohe



Since 1901, the German brand Hansgrohe known for its award-winning and high-quality bathroom and kitchen products has been embracing their professed love for the beauty of water. This motivated them to create an extensive range of innovative products that will let anyone experience a whole new level of joy and relaxation as you come in contact with water.

One of the products you will love to have in your bathroom is their range of Rainfinity showers. Though minimalist, these showers exude sophistication. Installing one would surely make a huge difference in your bathroom, giving it a hotel-like luxurious vibe.

Shop Hansgrohe >

3. Toto


TOTO, a Japanese brand founded by Kazuchika Okura in 1917, is the largest manufacturer of toilet products and bathroom accessories in the world. Because of the company’s excellent range of products, it has become one of the favourite brands for bathroom accessories not just in private homes but in commercial establishments as well.

They are also known for their number one worldwide bestseller, the TOTO washlet. This electric toilet seat provides a great sanitary solution for every household, which compels homeowners to ditch toilet paper forever.

Another notable product from TOTO is its range of ergonomically designed bathtubs. As you recline in the tub, the natural S-curve of your spine is maintained. Thus, it promotes proper posture, contributing to an overall sense of tranquility and well-being while enjoying a soothing bath.

Shop Toto >

4. Kohler


If you wish to create a luxurious bathroom complete with stylish amenities, Kohler is your one-stop bathroom accessories shop. Just take a look at their awesome DTV that promises to provide a unique multi-sensory shower experience. It is a digital shower experience that you can customize to fit your needs and lifestyle in the most granular level—from spray intensity, temperature, steam level to music and more! And you can do that in just a few swipes and taps on an innovative interface.

While Kohler boasts a range of luxurious bathroom products, they do not compromise sustainability. In fact, it is one of the best features of their products. From water-saving toilets to water-saving showering products and water-saving faucets, homeowners will surely find Kohler products an economical investment in the long run.

Shop Kohler >

bathroom gallery

Bathroom Gallery is a 15,000 square feet showroom owned by Wan Tai & Co Pte Ltd. The display consists of a wide range of bathroom accessories and products from the world’s most popular brands in the industry which includes Kohler, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Duravit and more.

And so, a tour around Bathroom Gallery doesn’t only give you a glimpse of the best bathroom accessories you will love to have in your home but tons of ideas for furnishing and embellishing your toilet and bath as based on the best interior design that catches your heart too.

Shop Bathroom Gallery >

6. Bathworld


Long workdays make us want to have an unlimited pampering in the best spas in town, but that is not possible all the time. What if you can actually create a spa-like retreat in your home? You can transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa escape with the ideal fixtures and bathroom accessories which you can shop straight from Bathworld.

Bathworld is an exclusive distributor of award-winning European and American brands including Steinberg, Hansa, Oxo, Azzurra, and Artesian Spas.

Shop Bathworld >

7. Sim Siang Choon

sim siang choon

Sim Siang Choon is one of the top retailers of bathroom, kitchen and home improvement products in the country. Housing 42 topnotch brands, you will surely find your ideal bathroom accessories. They also have special hydrotherapy products such as steam rooms and outdoor spas.

Also, if you find it a bit of a challenge to find the right contractor to install the item you have shopped, no worries. They can take care of the installation, too!

Shop Sim Siang Choon>

8. Bathroom Warehouse

bathroom warehouse

This shop that has expansions across four locations in Singapore features a wide assortment of bathroom accessories brands. The Bathroom Warehouse has also been regarded as a one-stop-shop for homeowners who are taking care of multiple renovations around their home, or if they are currently constructing their home from scratch. Top brands they are distributing include Grohe and Duravit.

Shop Bathroom Warehouse >

9. Hoe Kee

hoe kee

Considered as one of the biggest suppliers of bathroom accessories and kitchen products in the country, Hoe Kee is a retailer of some of the world’s top brands. Here, you will find a wide range of products that will surely suit your budget and bathroom concept. With several showrooms spanning across various cities in Singapore, you can easily drive to the one that’s nearest your home location.

Shop Hoe Kee >

10. W. Atelier

w atelier

Atelier is a huge source of elegant and luxurious home furnishings and accessories. Of course, their wide range of products includes modern and stylish bathroom accessories and fittings that will definitely transform your toilet and bath into a sophisticated and relaxing space. And if your top choice to make that happen is to shop for TOTO products, this place is the way to go.

W. Atelier >




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