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Best Bedsheets for All Seasons: Choose the Perfect Set (2023 Recommendations List)

Our bedroom is our safe space and sanctuary after a long, tiring day. We want it cozy and comfortable to make our sleep and rest time even more relaxing. And the key to a gratifying haven lies in the simple yet essential element of bedsheets. In this article, we will dive into the world of bedsheets, exploring the different types, materials, and tips to help you choose the perfect bedsheets for you. Whether you’re looking for a touch of luxury or the perfect blend of style and comfort, our guide will unravel the secrets to making your bed the focal point of relaxation and rejuvenation. Read on to elevate your bedroom aesthetics and your quality of sleep with these bedsheets.

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Best Bedsheets in Singapore

1. MAKKO TENCEL™ Modal Bedsheet

MAKKO TENCEL Modal Bedsheet

Luxuriously soft bedsheets with sustainable origin

MAKKO’s TENCEL™ Modal Bedsheet offers a truly remarkable softness that leaves us in awe. Right from the very first touch, you will be immersed in a world of plush, enduring comfort that is way softer than your usual cotton bedsheets. Yet, it is not solely the exceptional softness that distinguishes these sheets; it is also the meticulous craftsmanship behind them.  Each one is thoughtfully fashioned from sustainably sourced beech wood fibres, guaranteeing both exceptional durability and a luxuriously soft texture that promises the ultimate sleeping experience. After all, TENCEL™ Modal fibres are known for their remarkable biodegradability and compostability across a wide range of conditions, which can harmoniously return to nature at the end of their useful life, leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

Long-lasting softness and ultra-cooling for ultimate comfort 

In addition to the sustainable luxury they offer, we truly love MAKKO’s  TENCEL™ Modal Bedsheets for their enduring softness, a quality that persists even after countless trips through the washing machine. What’s even more remarkable about these MAKKO bedsheets is their hypoallergenic and organic nature, making them the perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin.

Residing in Singapore’s hot and humid climate becomes significantly more comfortable with MAKKO’s TENCEL™ Modal bedsheets. Thanks to the efficient moisture absorption and highly breathable features of TENCEL™ Modal fibres, these sheets ensure you enjoy a consistently fresh and comfortable night’s sleep, regardless of whether you are in an air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned room. The sheets’ ultra-cooling properties efficiently regulate your body temperature, while the luxuriously gentle and silky-smooth finish of these sheets adds an exquisite touch to your comfort, making every night’s sleep feel like a dream against your skin.

Perfect choice for your bedroom

Whether you choose to luxuriate in the fitted sheet sets, thoughtfully offered in Single, Super Single, Queen, or King sizes, or prefer to elevate your bedroom with the addition of a Quilt Cover for a touch of sophistication, MAKKO ensures that your investment is in sustainable, top-tier bedding. Their bedsheets are available in 5 colours – Allure Grey, Mystique Silver, Glamorize Gold, Roseate Pink, and Poseidon Blue. But what’s really enticing is the innovative dual-sided tone design quilt cover, which gives you the flexibility to mix and match with two different bedsheet colours, adding an extra layer of creativity to your bedroom decor.

Why we love this TENCEL™ Modal Bedsheet from MAKKO:
  • 100% TENCEL™ Modal Fibres
  • Incredible cooling sensation
  • Unmatched softness and silky smooth to the touch
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified 
  • Hypoallergenic: suitable for those with sensitive skin
  • Luxury and affordability in one exquisite package
Buy now at MAKKO, Shopee, or Lazada >

MAKKO Microfiber Bedsheet

MAKKO Microfiber Bedsheet

Strikes the perfect balance between comfort and price

MAKKO invites you to experience the perfect start to each day, firmly believing that a restful night’s sleep paves the way for wonderful mornings. Their mission revolves around seamlessly merging affordability with uncompromising comfort, ensuring that premium bed essentials remain within reach for all valued customers. This commitment is the driving force behind the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating MAKKO’s Microfibre Bedsheets, offering a deluxe level of comfort – all while maintaining a budget-friendly price point. 

Crafted with 100% Microfiber Fabric, these bedsheets from MAKKO are characterised by their lightweight and durable composition, impressive wrinkle resistance, hassle-free maintenance, and the capacity to retain their vibrant colours even after prolonged use. Tightly woven fabric with repellent qualities also prevents dust and allergens from settling, providing you with the pinnacle of comfort and a peaceful night’s sleep. As an added benefit, the sheets remain soft and dry throughout the night, guaranteeing you a consistent and comfortable rest, night after night.

Be spoilt with a range of bedsheet designs

Above all, what we ultimately love about MAKKO’s bedsheets is the extensive array of over 50 unique designs, allowing you the creative freedom to effortlessly complement your bedroom’s aesthetic and infuse your cherished space with a personalized touch of style. Whether your taste leans towards modern and sophisticated or cute and floral, MAKKO provides an array of choices that cater to both kids and adults alike. 

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the bedsheet and quilt cover are available as separate items to give you the flexibility to mix and match the different size combinations of your choice. For most of MAKKO’s designs, the quilt cover and pillowcase come with dual-sided patterns, adding an extra layer of versatility to your bedroom aesthetic. 

Why we love this Microfiber Bedsheet from MAKKO:
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Soft and extremely comfortable to touch
  • Extensive design collection to choose from
  • Durable and highly wrinkle-resistant
Buy now at MAKKO, Shopee, or Lazada >

2. Oak & Sand 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet Set

Oak & Sand Giza Egyptian

Designed for Singapore’s weather

Nothing beats hopping on your bed covered with a soft and crisp 100% finest Giza Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet Set after a long and tiring day. Dreamy, isn’t it? Well, dream no more because Oak & Sand perfectly developed a bedsheet set that would provide you with the ultimate quality rest that you have been longing for. Given Singapore’s humid and hot climate, this bedsheet set is specially crafted to be cooling and ultra-breathable, making it suitable for both fan-circulated and air-conditioned rooms. It is also designed to be a snug fit for Singapore’s mattresses, more so compared to other brands.

Perfect for fussy sleepers

And since the bedsheet set is made from the finest Egyptian cotton, it is perfect for sleepers who find pill balls from their sheets annoying. It is really easy to maintain, too, so it is ideal for busy individuals like us who just want to lie down after a long, long day. Just a few glides from here to there, and your bed is ready! Aside from its crisp and silky smooth texture, it is also effortlessly easy to wash and gentle on the skin.

Moreover, Oak & Sand’s 100% Giza Egyptian cotton bedsheet set is available in various sizes. You can choose from single, super single, queen, or king to find one that would fit securely to your bed’s dimensions. The set includes 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillowcases, and a preference you want with or without a duvet.

What we love about this Giza Egyptian cotton sheet:
  • Ultra-breathable and natural body temperature regulating
  • Pill-resistant fabric
  • Luxuriously smooth and silky

Use coupon code OASXTWV10 to get 10% off storewide

Shop Oak & Sand >

Other recommended Oak & Sand bedsheets:

Oak & Sand Tencel x Naia Bedsheet Collection

Oak and Sand Naia Collection
Oak & Sand™ Tencel x Naia Bedsheet Collection – Best Bedsheets Singapore

The newest generation of Tencel™ sheets

We all deserve a good night’s sleep, and one of the best ways to have that is through Oak & Sand’s latest Tencel x  Naia Bedsheet Collection. Made from the lovely marriage (and in the most perfect ratio!) of Tencel™ fibres from Lenzing, Austria and Naia™ fibres from Eastman, USA –  this bedsheet collection promises you luxurious softness and smoothness like no other. It’s also a complete upgrade from Oak&Sand’s previous generations of Tencel™ sheets, in terms of smoothness, durability, and design. And the bonus is that these bedsheets are made of only sustainable materials!

Cooling and highly breathable

Perspire too much while sleeping? No worries! This bedsheet collection features cellulosic fibres from pine (USA) and eucalyptus (Europe) trees that efficiently help to control moisture, keeping us dry and comfy during the night.

Furthermore, the sheets are optimized at 300 TC per square inch using only premium single-ply yarns, providing us with the most breathable sheets possible without being too thin. They are also highly resistant to wrinkling, which makes them the perfect sheets for busy households.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial

We also love how Oak & Sand prioritise the environment, apart from providing the best service to its customers. True enough, their newest sheets are 100% made from earth-friendly Tencel™ and  Naia™ fibres. This simply means that the sheets are sustainably made and extremely gentle on the skin. Whether you have sensitive skin or normal skin, you’re guaranteed to have an unbothered sleep!

Additionally, these sheets are available in muted modern colours – highly suitable for modern homes. Choose from Scandinavian Muted Green, Daylight Periwinkle Grey, Bahamas Soft Pink, Champagne Sand, and Jeju Ash Grey, and instantly boost the aesthetics of your room.

Basically, Oak and Sand is best for people who are moving into new places as they provide everything you’ll need, (Pillows, duvets, towels, and mattresses). You will also get to earn reward points which you can use to easily claim more items.

What we love about this collection:
  • Newest gen of Tencel
  • Increased resilience to wrinkling
  • Hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex® Certified fibres

Use coupon code OASXTWV10 to get 10% off storewide

Shop Oak & Sand >

Oak & Sand 100% Tencel Bedsheet Set

Tencel bed sheet
Best Bedsheets in Singapore – Oak & Sand 100% Tencel

Luxuriously soft & smooth Tencel

Featuring next-level comfort with the newest OAS x Tencel™ sheets, Oak & Sand™ promises a good night’s sleep with luxuriously soft and smooth bedsheets which are hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex Certified. Fabric breathability is enhanced as well, with the fibrils of cellulosic fibers well-structured to efficiently regulate moisture movements, making it suitable for all sleepers, including those who tend to perspire during the night.

Oak & Sand™ utilises sateen weave techniques to produce the smoothest sheets. They use premium single-ply yarns at the optimal true thread count of 300 per square inch. This thread count also allows for good airflow which contributes to its breathability.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

What’s also great about Oak & Sand™’s bedsheets is that the materials are farmed from sustainable eucalyptus forests that do not require large amounts of water. The bed sheets are created with a closed-loop process as well, helping keep our resources on earth sustainable.

Moreover, the bedsheets are easy to wash and anti-wrinkle.

Beautiful packaging

Personally, we found their beautiful packaging an added bonus. Even the outer covering of the parcel looked premium, which makes it perfect for gifts!

The Oak & Sand™ 100% Tencel™ Bedsheet Set comes with a 30-day return policy and is available in 5 colours – Cloudy White, Forest Sage Green, Deep Sea Navy, Whetstone Grey, and Lilac Pink. Each set contains 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet cover, and 2 pillowcases. If you prefer cotton, check out their luxury hotel cotton bed sheets.

Impeccable service

Oak & Sand goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. What’s great about their return and exchange service is that if any shopper isn’t satisfied with their products, they send a door-to-door courier to your house to collect the items for return. Additionally, they allow shoppers to do so even after the return dates have passed, as long as it is reasonable. If still usable, these returned items are then donated to charity. With this, you can shop with Oak & Sand with peace of mind.

What we love about this sheet:
  • Feathery soft & silky smooth
  • Highly breathable with a cooling sensation
  • Moisture-wicking and non-clingy to skin

Use coupon code OASXTWV10 to get 10% off storewide

Shop Oak & Sand >

3. Heveya Linen Sheets

Heveya Linen Sheets

Beautifully textured linen bedsheets with temperature-regulating qualities

What we absolutely love about the Heveya® Linen Sheets is its gorgeous textured look, which fits in seamlessly in the modern bedrooms of today. Adding some textural delight to your bed simply elevates the design aspect, something that we feel modern homeowners look out for.

Made of 100% pure European flax, the Heveya® Linen Sheets feature natural temperature-regulating qualities which are excellent in wicking away moisture to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. This is especially useful in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, as these incredible sheets make your bed feel like the cool side of your pillow.

Alleviate the risk of allergy triggers

Heveya® Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial which makes it a great choice for those with highly sensitive skin. These hypoallergenic sheets provide a tight barrier against dust mites that thrive on common mattresses and ordinary bedding materials. Moreover, it softens with every wash and becomes more comfortable as time goes on, making it much more worth it than most conventional bedsheets which deteriorate in quality upon washing.

100% natural and eco-friendly

Best of all, these linen sheets are not only good for you with their distinct, luxurious texture but also for the earth as linen is a very environmentally-friendly fabric. What’s great about flax is that it grows naturally with far less water as compared to that required of cotton, while every part of the plant is used, leaving no waste. Moreover, flax is a renewable resource and is minimally processed. As one of the strongest natural plant fibres in the world, flax is immensely durable, allowing you to enjoy your cosy sheets for a long time to come.

We also highly recommend you to check out Heveya®’s great reviews – a stellar 4.9/5 out of more than 500 reviews, making it one of the top trusted bedding companies in Singapore.

What we love about Heveya linen bedsheets:
  • 100% natural and eco-friendly
  • Breathable and temperature regulating
  • Hypoallergenic, good for sensitive skin

Use coupon code TWV10 to get 10% off all Bambook or linen fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, or bundle sets.

Special Wedding Bundle for mattress, bed frame, and bedding accessories in matching size. Mention The Wedding Vow Newly Weds to their sleep consultants to redeem (only applicable in-store)

Shop Heveya >

4. Epitex Nature Collection

Epitex - Best Bed sheet

Made for your own personal sanctuary 

In a world that never seems to slow down, we all deserve a moment of serenity, and that is where the Epitex Nature Collection comes in. Crafted with a whole lot of love and thoughtfulness, this bedsheet collection is a symphony of earthy tones and peaceful muted hues that echo the calm beauty of nature. It is not just your regular bedding; it is a serene sanctuary right in your bedroom, where you can kick back, reconnect with the wonders of the natural world, and rediscover your inner child, all while snuggled up in the cosy cocoon of your bed. After all, Epitex has long been on a mission to weave blissful dreams and deliver happy sleeps, combining dreams with reality, and luxury with nature. 

Sustainable and naturally breathable

Made from 100% bamboo fibre, the Epitex Nature Collection is a testament to both luxury and sustainability. Bamboo’s natural properties and ultra-smooth texture elevate your sleeping experience to new heights. Not only is it hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, but it also boasts natural odour-neutralising capabilities. Hence, your sheets are always fresh and hygienic. Moreover, even after numerous washes, these sheets maintain their ultra-soft and comfortable touch, standing as a testament to enduring quality and unrivalled comfort.

We all love bedsheets that can keep us comfortable regardless of the weather so luckily, the Epitex Nature Collection boasts natural breathability, advanced thermo-regulation, and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring you stay cool and dry throughout your sleep. The effective heat dispersion offered by its thermo-regulating features helps maintain an ideal sleeping temperature, creating a healthier sleeping environment and promoting unparalleled relaxation. Plus, it comes in a range of subtle colours that effortlessly complement any bedroom style.

Why we love bedsheets from Epitex:
  • Made from high-quality and sustainable fabric
  • Suitable for those with sensitive skin
  • With temperature-regulating and cooling properties
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes in a variety of nature hues to encourage calmness in the bedroom 
Shop Epitex >

5. Heavenluxe 100% Austrian Tencel Sheet Bundle Set

Heavenluxe Austrian Tencel
Photography: Heavenluxe – Best Bedsheet Singapore

Buttery soft and silky smooth 100% Austrian Tencel

Softer than 1,700 thread counts Egyptian Cotton, smoother than silk. Established in 2018, Heavenluxe was launched to make premium 100% Austrian Tencel sheets affordable to everyone. Providing luxurious, silky soft comfort, these bed sheets promise to provide sound sleep and relieve stress. Our first impression when unboxing it was that the Heavenluxe bedsheets felt so incredibly buttery soft and smooth, really! We immediately washed it on a gentle cycle that day and changed our bedsheets the next day.

Cooling and ultra-breathable

Ever since I personally experienced Austrian Tencel (trust me, it feels absolutely comfy and premium), it’s getting pretty hard to go back to our older Egyptian cotton and bamboo bed sheets when it’s time to wash our sheets. What’s also great about the Heavenluxe Austrian Tencel sheets is that it provides a cooling touch and is very breathable. These moisture-wicking sheets keep your body cool which helps you fall asleep quicker instead of tossing and turning due to the trapped heat.

Perfect for sensitive skin

The Heavenluxe Austrian Tencel sheets are 100% organic, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. The sheets also carry OEKO-TEX certification, certifying them to be free of substances that are harmful to humans. Check out reviews at the bottom of their page here.

The sheets also come with a 30 days return policy and are available in 7 colours – White, Grey, Sapphire, Pink, Stone, Navy, and Sage. Each bundle set is packaged beautifully (great for gifts!) and contains 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet cover, and 2 pillow cases. There is also a free gift for every bundle set purchased!

What we love about this Tencel bedsheet:
  • 100% Austrian Tencel
  • Cooling and great breathability
  • 100% organic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly

Use coupon code WEDDINGVOW50 to get $50 off bundle sets and sheet sets

Shop Heavenluxe >

6. We are Cozzy Tencel Fitted Sheet Set

We Are Cozzy
Photography: We Are Cozzy – Best Bed Sheets Singapore

Specially made for hot sleepers 

Made with Austrian TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric, the We are Cozzy TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set is the most perfect sleeping companion for hot sleepers. The fabric absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton, thus supporting the body’s natural thermal regulation mechanism. We are Cozzy sheets that are as cooling and cosy as they can be!  Also, the sheets come with just the right amount of thread count – not too high so they will feel airy and comfy but not too low either that they are not able to withstand multiple washes. With a thread count of 300, they are the right balance of breathability, durability, and softness.

In addition to being cooling, the TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric also makes the We are Cozzy sheets naturally resistant to bacteria, odour, and dust mite growth.

Gentle for the planet

At this time, another thing that we should look for in buying home essentials is how they are to the planet. Thankfully, the We are Cozzy sheets have a low ecological impact and are 100% biodegradable, so they can be fully reverted back to nature if needed. Furthermore, the sheets are certified safe for everyday use by OEKO-Tex.

Wide array of colours to choose from

If you also love to mix and match colours, you are in luck! The We are Cozzy sheets come in a range of colours to suit your preferences. From pastel hues (the Sakura Pink and Mint Green colours are so pretty!) to neutral shades (Sand and Grey)  to darker colours (Navy) – you can have everything you want with We are Cozzy. The sheets come in Single, Super Single, Queen, and King sizes.

What we love about this fitted bedsheet:
  • Refreshingly cooling and comfortable
  • 300gsm thread count
  • Fits mattress up to 40cm deep
Shop We Are Cozzy >

7. Bedtribe Iced Bamboo Sheets Set

Bedtribe Iced Bamboo
Photography: Bedtribe – Best Bedsheets Singapore

Incredibly soft bamboo sheets and high value for money

Bedtribe’s Iced Bamboo Sheets are designed to give you a comfortable and rewarding sleep after a long and tiring day. These bamboo sheets are incredibly soft. Thus, they are gentle to the skin which is equivalent to a 1000-thread count cotton sheet. Having these Iced Bamboo Sheets for your bedding is akin to experiencing the five-star hotel sleep experience without breaking the bank.

What we love about these bamboo sheets is their breathability and cooling qualities which are necessary for having a good night’s sleep. This is perfect for hot sleepers as it prevents heat from being trapped underneath the fabric. Considering these qualities and their affordability, these bedsheets score highly on our value-for-money criterion.

Durable and low maintenance

Thanks to its 100% naturally elongated bamboo fibers, Bedtribe’s bamboo sheets are less likely to tear compared to traditional cotton that uses interweaved short fibers, making these bamboo sheets extremely durable. The bamboo sheets feature a rich 250 thread count, and a silky smooth weave.

Moreover, these bamboo sheets are machine-washable and do not lose their quality even after repeated washing.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Bedtribe’s bamboo sheets are made of premium bamboo and they use up to 20 times less water compared to the labour intensive cotton counterpart. These sheets do not shed microfibers that often pollute the environment.

What we love about Bedtribe:
  • Incredibly soft, breathable, and cooling
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • High durability and low maintenance

Use coupon code TWV10 to get 10% off storewide

Shop Bedtribe >

8. HyggeB OriBamboo

Photography: HyggeB – Best Bedsheets Singapore

Unique organic OriBamboo for a good night’s sleep 

We have long been avid fans of Hyggeb’s luxuriously comfortable Bamboo Lyocell sheets, so we were looking forward to trying out their latest innovation – the OriBamboo™ sheets. OriBamboo™ is HyggeB’s Second Generation of Bamboo Fabric, so the bamboo lyocell sheets that we originally loved are improved for the better. Sheets from the Hyggeb OriBamboo™ Signature Set are carefully designed to achieve maximum comfort, and as a couple of hot sleepers in Singapore, what’s especially great is how breathable the organic bamboo fibres were. The sheets provide us with the optimum temperature for a good sleep night after night; it keeps us cool during hot nights and helps us get cosy on colder nights. Also, it gives us peace of mind that our sheets are kind to the environment as well. 

To ensure our comfort, the OriBamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified. This means that even if you have sensitive skin, you can be confident that you will not experience any itching that would cause you to toss and turn in your sleep. 

Ultra-fine 60-40 yarn thread

To say that the sheets from the Hyggeb OriBamboo™ Signature Set are soft is simply an understatement. With ultra-fine 60–40 yearn thread, the sheets are insanely soft and perfect for cuddling. In fact, these sheets are much better than 1000 Thread Count cotton! The yarns are single-ply, which means that your sheets are less prone to wrinkling and piling if cared for properly. That being said, your OriBamboo™ sheets are set to last you for a long time. 

Available in elegant colours 

If you are also concerned about your bedroom aesthetics, then you will love how the Hyggeb OriBamboo™ Signature Set is available in such sophisticated colours in addition to having a lustrous sheen. You can get your OriBamboo™ sheets in either Blush, Sea Breeze, Olive, Sand, or Moon colours. We particularly like the Sand colour because not only does it exudes elegance; but its nature-like hue also promotes a sense of stability and calmness, leading to a more restful sleep.

What we love about OriBamboo: 
  • 100% Organic OriBamboo
  • Cuddly soft and silky smooth
  • Machine-washable and long-lasting

Use coupon code THEWEDDINGVOW to get 15% off

Shop HyggeB >

HyggeB Bamboo Lyocell Signature Bundle

HyggeB Signature Bundle
HyggeB Bamboo Lyocell Signature Bundle – Best Bedsheet Singapore

Sustainably produced, silky smooth, and feathery soft

Looking for an upgrade to your bedsheets? Be sure to check out the HyggeB Bamboo Lyocell Signature Bundle, with its luxurious fabric made from 100% organic bamboo lyocell, providing you with silky smooth and feathery soft texture for a good night’s sleep.

In addition, HyggeB’s sheet set is extremely breathable and thermal-regulating, which is great for those who usually feel hot when they sleep. It is also hypoallergenicas well, perfect for allergy sufferers.

Commitment to quality

What we admire about HyggeB is its strong commitment to top-notch quality and sustainability. They meticulously share every single detail about their bamboo lyocell sheets, so that you know all the components of a quality bedsheet, including its manufacturing process.

Main features include long bamboo fibersfor stronger and finer yarns, single-ply yarnwhich makes their sheets ultra-smooth and durable, ultra-fine 60 and 40 yarn count threads, optimal thread count, and a sateen weavefor a snuggly feeling.

HyggeB features a 30-day return policy and is available in 5 colours – Olive Green, Marshmallow White, Moroccan Mint, Bohemian Grey, and Starry Blue. Do note to take proper care of your HyggeB bedsheets by using a machine cold wash separate from other laundries with a mild liquid detergent and lining it dry.

What we love about this Bamboo Lyocell Bundle:
  • Silky smooth sateen weave
  • Feathery soft 40-count yarn – ideal for snuggling
  • Thermo-regulating, perfect for hot sleepers

Use coupon code THEWEDDINGVOW to get 15% off

Shop HyggeB >

FAQ: Best Bedsheet in Singapore

Where to buy a bedsheet in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy a bedsheet in Singapore in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to for bedding products. It is also a great place to compare the price of bedsheets in Singapore.

What factors should I consider when buying bed sheets in Singapore?

1. Material

Though cotton is one of the most popular and affordable bed sheet materials, there are plenty of options to consider, depending on what type of sleeper you are. For cotton, Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton available in bed sheets and is usually made with an extra-long staple. American Pima cotton, a long staple, is still high quality, soft, and known for its durability and strength.

Tencel is made from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree and is environmental-friendly while being naturally anti-microbial. I highly recommend Tencel having experienced the luxurious material for a great sleep!

Silk, a luxurious bedding material, is cool and sensuous for a lavish sleeping experience. Silk is also hypoallergenic, which is great for allergy sufferers. The only downside is you’re probably going to pay quite a fair bit for silk sheets, and silk is extremely delicate, so wash them extremely carefully!

Bamboo is an eco-friendly option and is pretty soft and durable. Moreover, it sleeps quite cool with high breathability due to its light weave.

Linen. What’s great about linen sheets is that they have a distinct, luxurious texture. Linen is one of the more environmentally friendly options due to its long lifespan and its construction from flax seeds, which are considered a renewable resource. It is very breathable and excellent for people with sensitive skin.

For more comprehensive coverage of the various materials for bed sheets, check out The Sleep Judge for more information.

2. Thread count

People generally assume that a higher thread count is always better. In fact, the material is actually more important, though thread count does make some difference when comparing bedsheets of the same material. You just want to make sure that there is a high enough thread count to create a proper weave for durability, so a thread count above 250 or higher should be good enough, while 500 and higher will generally be really soft and most long-lasting.

3. Staple length

Generally, the longer the staple, the higher the quality of the cotton, and these bedsheets will generally be softer and more durable. Egyptian cotton is usually made with extra-long staples with incredible softness and durability. Pima features a long staple, while American Upland features a short staple.

4. Weave

There are several types of weaves for bed sheets in Singapore. Sateen creates a lush, silky feel and is probably the most durable out of the common weaves. Though it tends to be heavier and works better for people who prefer a slightly warmer sleeping environment.

Percale is a light weave usually used in higher quality cotton, perfect for those who prefer a cool sleeping environment.

Flannel is constructed with a plain or twill weave and is decently soft to the touch.

Jersey knit, either made of cotton or a cotton/synthetic blend, is knitted instead of woven. This is preferable for those who get cold at night and prefer something warm.

How should I wash my luxurious bed sheets?

Now that you own an expensive, luxurious set of bed sheets, it is extremely important that you take good care of them during the wash. Otherwise, they may degrade considerably in quality. Trust us, you don’t want that to happen as we experienced that ourselves. Follow these steps closely to preserve the top-notch quality of those ridiculously comfortable sheets:

1. Wash with cold water

Wash your bed sheet with cold water. Higher temperatures can weaken fabric fibers over time. You should only use lukewarm water if you are doing heavy-duty washing. For example, soiled bedsheets or getting rid of allergens.

2. Use delicate detergents to extend the lifespan of textile

Not all detergents are the same and do not use bleach and softeners. Yes, that’s right, no softeners! Sounds counterintuitive, but these chemicals actually damage fabric fibers and wash out colours. Some of the usual commercial brands also contain small amounts of bleach, so do check the ingredients within. Delicate and biodegradable detergents are recommended to extend the lifespan of the textile.

3. Wash your bedsheet inside out

Washing your bedsheet inside out helps to reduce abrasive movements, which contributes to wear and tear. If you have a laundry bag, even better, use it! Do wash them separately from another laundry as well.

4. Set gentler and shorter cycles for your washing machine

Do not simply use any preset on your washing machine. Instead, choose the gentlest and shortest cycle to ensure that your bedsheets are kept at the highest quality. On my washing machine, I select cold water, 400rpm, and just 1 rinse for a gentler and shorter cycle.

5. Hang dry if possible

For best results, hang dry and keep out of sunlight. UV rays can cause colours to fade in textiles. If you have no choice but to use a dryer, do remove your fabrics right after the dryer is done. Leaving it in causes your fabrics to bake in the heat. As a result, they lose moisture in their fibers and become brittle and wrinkly.


Your bedsheets are more than just fabric; they’re the gateway to a peaceful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. By considering the material, thread count, and personal preferences, you can now transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style. From the soft embrace of cotton to the luxurious allure of tencel, we hope that this article helped you make informed choices for your bedroom oasis.