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10 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore to Buy or Rent Good Bicycles

Cycling is a wonderful exercise, for the mind, body and environment! It’s also versatile as you can have a laidback weekend, cycling around the park with your family, overcome tough terrains on a mountain bike, or simply enjoy pleasant sunny mornings cycling to work, school or a grocery run. Because it’s sustainable, healthy and fun, a lot of people have been encouraged to go biking. If you are looking to rent a bicycle or buy a bicycle, whether for your weekend adventures or daily commute, here are the best bicycle shops in Singapore to find good quality bicycles. If you prefer to get a cycling workout at home, you can also check out these Best Electric Bikes in Singapore.

Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore

1. Hup Leong Co, for premium bicycles

bicycle shop singapore Hup Leong Co
Source: Hup Leong Co

In the store’s 52 years of existence, Hup Leong has been retailing a wide variety of reputable bicycle brands such as Colango, Merida, and Cannondale, to name a few. They have an extensive catalogue of different bike types—from road bike to mountain bike, you can find one that fits your preference and lifestyle.

And if you’re a newbie in the bike world who’s quite confused what’s the difference between a BMX and a Cyclocross, you’ll learn a lot from their staff who also specialise in bike consultations, bike fitting, bike checks, servicing and maintenance. They can help you choose the right bike that best suits your situation.  You can check out their blog for tips and advice for everything bike related too.

If you’re looking for biker’s apparel and other accessories though, you need to look elsewhere as they only sell helmets at the moment. It’s also great that they offer free delivery for orders above $450. Thus, you can conveniently place your order right on their online store, and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Rated 4.6 from 110 Google Reviews, Hup Leong Co holds a good reputation in providing a range of premium bicycles, and reliable bike services.

Check out Hup Leong Co > 
Address: 51 Chin Swee Rd, #01-107, 160051
Tel.: +65 6532 3700
Contact form

2. Hello Bicycle! Shop, for gorgeous bikes

bicycle shop singapore Hello Bicycle
Source: Hello Bicycle

Conveniently located in Bugis, Hello Bicycle retails some really gorgeous bikes from well-known bicycle brands like Linus, Lekker, Shulz, and TokyoBike. If you want a pretty looking bicycle that not only rides well but looks great in every Instagram shot from every angle, this is the bicycle shop to go to. Their upmarket bicycles do come at a price tag though. But if you don’t mind the price, and you can’t wait to have one to use as props for a stunning photoshoot, go ahead and peruse their store. To start, check out the vintage Jordaan Women 7s Classic Black ($1,290), and see how excited you can get to test out this sweet ride.

Other than retailing high-end Instagram-worthy bikes, Hello Bicycle can also be your go-to place for bike accessories, from bicycle baskets to lights and locks. Complete your bike apparel, too. From helmets to gloves, they have a collection to choose from.

Aside from high-end bicycles for adults, they also sell junior bikes. They come in beautiful designs and cool colours which would make a lovely gift for your kids or nieces and nephews. Other than retailing remarkable bicycle brands, they also offer servicing and bike rental services for you to test out their bicycles and explore the nearby river and historic sites around Bugis.

Hello Bicycle is rated 4.0 out of 122 Google reviews and has been featured on Best in Singapore, Moneysmart, and The Smart Local.

Check out Hello Bicycle > 
Address: 135 Middle Rd, #01-01 Bylands Building,
Singapore 188975
Tel.: 6333-0054
Email add:

3. Mighty Velo, for lightweight, foldable bikes

bicycle shop Mighty Velo
Source: Mighty Velo

If you are looking to get on public transport with your bike, head over to Mighty Velo, where they specialise in lightweight foldable bikes and tricycles. They have been around for 15 years and are actually the ones who pioneered the foldable bike movement in Singapore.

Do not be fooled by their lightweight bikes for they offer great comfort, performance and a sturdy body for different terrains. Check out their Birdy Performance Foldable Bike that has full suspension, making bumpy roads feel like airport runways.

For those of you who don’t want to be lugging around a heavy bike (especially ladies), check out the Carry Me ($999). It is the world’s lightest foldable bike weighing at just 8.4 kilograms but can impressively hold a rider weight of up to 100kg. You can fold it up easily within 15 seconds, making it super convenient and hassle-free.

Featured on The Smart Local, Mighty Velo has 4.5 rating from 100 Google reviews. If it sounds like your next buddy on the road, go ahead and choose a foldable bike from their online store. You can order straight from there. And if your budget is quite short for a full cash payment, they also offer three-month instalment plans.

Check out Mighty Velo > 
Address: 30 Tai Seng Street BreadTalk IHQ #02-14 Singapore, Singapore 534013
Email add:

4. Rodalink, for a wide range of bicycles

bicycle shop Rodalink
Source: Rodalink

Whether you are a bicycle enthusiast or a beginner rider, head down to Rodalink. They started in 1997 as the first and biggest bicycle retailer in Indonesia. Years later, they’re now one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Asia. They have since expanded to Singapore with three locations at East Coast, One Commonwealth and Jurong East, plus an online store for the ultimate shopping convenience. Featuring a wide range of bicycle models of different pricing and uses, starting from $259 and can go up to $9,000, there will definitely be something for everyone here.

Aside from a wide range of bicycle brands and types, you can also shop quality bike parts and accessories at Rodalink. From maintenance kits to biker’s apparel, they have the products to make your ride safer, more comfortable and in fashion.

Because of the shop’s positive reputation, they’ve been one of the favourite bike retailers in Singapore, earning mentions in several online publications including SassyMama, Timeout, Best in Singapore and SHAPE Magazine.

Check out Rodalink > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Tel.: See phone numbers here
Contact form

5. Treknology 3, for Trek Bikes

best bicycle shop Treknology
Source: Treknology 3

Treknology 3 retails Trek Bikes which is a famous and premium mountain bike brand, and you will be able to find over 400 bicycle options for you in their massive 10,000 square feet warehouse at Bukit Merah showcasing over 400 models. Whether it’s road bikes, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, triathlon bikes and any type of bicycle accessories you can think of—even child seats, they are likely to have it here.

You can even build your own custom bike at their showroom. And if their outlet at Bukit Merah isn’t accessible to your location, you can check out their two other showrooms at East Coast and Cuscaden, or better yet, shop conveniently on their online store here. Purchase orders above $500, and you’ll be eligible for their free delivery offering.

Featured on Timeout, Sassymama, Best in Singapore and Moneysmart, Treknology is your best pick if you’re looking for genuine Trek Bikes.

Check out Treknology 3 > 
Address: 14 Jalan Kilang Barat, Singapore 159356
Tel.: +65 6273 8616
Email add:

6. Decathlon, for cheap bicycles

where to buy cheap bicycle Decathlon
Source: Decathlon Singapore

Decathlon is like the supermarket for all things sports related. And you’ll be glad to know you can buy bicycles here for the entire family for that weekend park ride without breaking the bank.

Earned a notable mention on Timeout, Decathlon sells cycling bikes, city bikes, and foldable bikes, along with all the accessories you might need like bike locks and LED lights. They also have kids bikes starting at $140, along with bike helmets and knee pads.

The quality here is decent, and the price point is reasonable. For example, this compact, practical and nice-looking TLT 100 20IN folding bike is only $200, and this comfortable and stylish ELOPS 100 Low Frame City Bike is also affordably priced at $220.

If you are looking for a regular bike for a weekend ride around the park with your kids, or just to get from your home to the train station, this could be your option.

Check out Decathlon > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Tel.: 3110 0100
Email add:

7. BYX Pte Ltd, for bicycle servicing

bicycle shop singapore BYX
Source: BYX

Pronounced “bike”, BYX was founded by a group of cycling enthusiasts who aim to pursue one purpose in mind—to promote an active lifestyle through cycling. To encourage others to join the advocacy, they started offering bike rentals, and their business has grown since. Their team is very skilled and passionate about bicycles, which makes them the go-to experts when it comes to bike maintenance and washing.

Are you feeling sluggish lately, but you want to turn things around, and make weekends more adventurous and energetic? Why not rent a mountain bike from them and go somewhere off-road? Sounds awesome, right?

Their cool idea is a constant hit, earning them a spot on a feature in Best in Singapore and Lifestyle Asia. Also, they’ve garnered an average rating of 4.6 out of 111 Google reviews.

Check out BYX Pte Ltd > 
Address: 403 River Valley Rd, 248301
Tel.: 6235 5221
Contact form

8. Bikemart SG, for premium second-hand bicycles

Source: Bike Mart SG

If you are one thrifty smart consumer, Bikemart SG offers premium second-hand bicycles, so you don’t have to make a splurge on a hefty priced brand new one. “But I’m afraid, I’ll have to ride an old-looking one”, you might wonder. But hold on for a while. They don’t only sell used bicycles; they also refurbish them so that they look as good as new. However, if you still prefer brand new bikes over pre-loved options, they do sell these too.

Rated 4.6 from 50 Google reviews and 4.8 on Facebook, they’re a trusted name for both used and new high-quality bikes.

Check out Bikemart SG > 
Address: 140 Sims Ave, Singapore 387462
Tel.: +65 8806 1843
Email add:

9. Cannasia, for Cannondale bicyles

Source: Cannasia

A Cannondale distributor, Cannasia is the shop to go for bike enthusiasts who have always trusted the well-known name in the bicycle industry. Located in Singapore, they’re also the brand’s official service centre in Southeast Asia. So, if you own a Cannondale bike, you don’t have to worry about finding the suitable components and accessories for its maintenance or repair.

Their extensive line of bicycles ranges from mountain bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, women’s bikes and more. You can certainly find something that fits your purpose and lifestyle. In addition to bicycles and bike parts and accessories, you can also find quality apparel here to keep your ride safe, pleasant and comfortable.

Check out Cannasia > 
Address: 83 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458211
Tel.: +65 6441 4772
Contact form

10. Coast Cycles, for sleek city bikes

Source: Coast Cycles

Intrigued by those unique and sleek city bikes that resemble the look of a motorbike cruising the streets of Singapore? You’ve probably seen a Coast Cycles bike. Try hard but you might not find this edgy city bikes elsewhere, as it is an original concept by Coast Cycles itself. And that’s their standout feature—they have an in-house design team who brainstorm, innovate and create the brand’s own line of bicycles.

Their line-up consists of the Buzzraw series, ranging from Buzzraw X, Buzzraw Pro and Buzzraw Classic. Leaning towards the minimalist and edgy vibe, the bikes are in the ebony and ivory palette—definitely a head-turner when taken on the road.

Check out Coast Cycles > 
Address: 54 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456176
Tel.: +65 6681 6681
Contact form

I hope that our guide on the Best Bicycle Shops Singapore has helped you to find out where to buy your bicycle. If you’ve found this useful, please share this with your family and friends.

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