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10 Best Car Cameras in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Are you looking for the right car camera to buy? Whether it is for your own peace of mind, to lower your insurance premiums, or a gift for a niece who has just learned to drive, a car camera can be a great asset to have. Not only can it capture footage as you drive, but some of them also feature 4K displays, night visions, remote live view, and even a Cloud-based backup. With an extensive variety of car cameras available on the market, which then is the best car camera in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Car Cameras in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

This article was last updated on 10 January 2023.

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10 Best Car Cameras in Singapore

1. BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam Car Camera Singapore

4K and cloud storage

One of the best car cameras in Singapore is this BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam. With a 4K display resolution, you can easily make out license plates even from further away. Even better, it uses the best compression technology without sacrificing the recording time of that UHD footage. Meanwhile, its cloud connectivity means that you will be able to access the recorded footage from any device.

Motion detector

This BlackVue Dashcam also comes with a motion detector that can detect any speed change, impact and movements when you are driving and parking. It also has a sleek design and multifunction button controls. Plus, the free BlackVue App for Android and IOS lets you view footage and manage settings easily.

Why buy this:
  • 4K capture
  • Best compression technology
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Motion detector
  • BlackVue App

2. Marbella KR8S

Marbella KR8S car camera singapore

Built-in Supercapacitor

The Marbella KR8S is another excellent option to consider, as it comes with a unique supercapacitor built into the camera. This advanced technology functions as a battery and can save the last recorded footage before you turn the car off. It also has a low power consumption, which means you can easily get 48 hours of recordings from the camera. Plus, its 140-degree wide-angle lenses will give you a wider view of the road and no blind spots, making it even safer for you to drive.

Why buy this:
  • Built-in supercapacitor
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery up to 48 hours of recording
  • 140-degree wide-angle lenses

3. EKLEVA 12″ 2K Car Camera

EKLEVA 12inch 2K Car Camera Singapore

2K video quality

Let’s be real, while a 4K footage from your car camera might sound fancy and appealing, it is probably not that necessary. In most cases, opting for a 2K video quality could save you tons of money while still providing you with crisp recordings. In that case, the EKLEVA 12-inch 2K Car Camera could be the better choice.

Better night vision on the rear camera

Moreover, its rear camera uses an F2.0 6 lens so you will get enhanced night vision, while the dual-lens sprint capacity means you can record from both front and rear cameras at once. Meanwhile, the rearview camera can automatically adjust its position to be horizontal when driving and angled when reversing. You will have no more blind spots and weird distortions!

Why buy this:
  • 2K video quality
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Dual lens sprint
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • Cover all blind spot

4. EKLEVA 10 Car Video Recorder

EKLEVA 10 Car Video Recorder

Android 8.1 system

The EKLEVA 10 is equipped with an Android 8.1 smart system and Quad-Core CPU, which allows the functions to operate more smoothly and quickly. Its 4G SIM & Wi-Fi options mean that you can access the network anytime too. Not only that, but its 10-inch touch screen interface is also ideal for watching movies, browsing the web, and displaying detailed maps. Meanwhile, the Super Night Vision technology that uses the best F 2.0 6 lenses will give you clear videos even during the darkest nights.

Why buy this:
  • Android 8.1 smart system
  • 4G SIM and Wi-Fi
  • 10-inch touch screen display
  • Super night vision

5. Apeman C770 Dash Cam

Apeman C770 DASH CAM

Affordable 4K dashcam

Have you ever dreamed about having a 4K dash cam for the clearest images and recordings, but do not want to spend riches on a car camera? Good news, because the Apeman C770 could be your perfect solution. Its 3-inch touch screen makes navigation a breeze, while the 4K UHD in single-lens mode and Full HD in dual-lens mode ensures that you always have crisp images. It even comes with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS for easy sharing of your footages and location.

Updated G-Sensor with Emergency Record

Also, this car camera has an updated G-Sensor that can automatically Emergency Record, lock and save important videos. This C770 also features extra functions like time-lapse, snapshot, and parking monitoring.

Why buy this:
  • More affordable 4K dashcam
  • 4K UHD and Full HD recordings
  • Built-in wi-fi and GPS
  • Powerful G-Sensor
  • Varied functions

6. Xiaomi 70mai 1S

Xiaomi 70mai 1S

Good value smart dashcam

The Xiaomi 70mai 1S is an excellent contender on this list, as it is an affordable option that is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. The App connection also lets you access the recordings and settings from your mobile devices. It features an advanced G-Sensor for impeccable motion detection, as well as a time-lapse function. The Advanced Driver Assistance System complete with a GPS Module can be helpful for any driver too. Plus, its Real-Time Alert feature can warn you whenever you veer off a lane.

Why buy this:
  • Affordable WiFi connectivity
  • Advanced G-Sensor
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Real-Time Alert

7. Anker Roav Dual Dash Cam

Anker Roav Dual Dash Cam Duo

Front and interior lenses

One unique thing about the Anker Roav Dual Dash Cam is that it is fitted not only with external cameras but an interior one too. While the 155° front camera can capture the road ahead, its 110° interior camera can record footage from the inside of your car, all in Full HD. Its F 1.8 lenses and NightHawk Vision technology means you can get enhanced night vision too. Meanwhile, the built-in GPS can conveniently record your favourite routes, current location, and speed history.

24/7 parking monitor

This Anker dashcam has a parking mode to monitor your car 24/7, which features a gravity sensor to trigger recording. Moreover, the Emergency Recording can automatically record 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after a crash. This will be locked to prevent overwriting, so you will always have the full story at hand.

Why buy this:
  • Front and interior camera
  • NightHawk Vision technology
  • 24/7 Parking Mode
  • Emergency Recording

8. YI Nightscape Dash Camera

YI Nightscape Dash Car Camera Singapore

Advanced Driver Assistance System

If you are not the best driver, or simply want an added sense of security when driving, this YI Nightscape model is one of the best car cameras in Singapore for you. With your own AI-based Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), it can detect and alert you against potential dangers like lane departure, front collision and even a fatigued driver. It’s Sony STARVIS technology can give you excellent night vision in 1080p, thanks to its 6 lenses to focus light and wide 140°angle.

100% battery-free design

This car camera has a 100% battery-free design, perfect for enduring extreme conditions like high summer and the coldest winter nights. Meanwhile, the built-in wi-fi and camera app makes it simple to set up, share and back-up and record footage.

Why buy this:
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Sony STARVIS night vision
  • 100& battery-free
  • Built-in wi-fi

9. Marbella VR4 Full HD

Marbella VR4 Full HD

General Plus SoC processor

The Marbella VR4 Full HD is another impeccable car camera to consider buying. Its 32GB microSD support provides enough capacity to record 8 hours of footage without overwriting old files. Features like Auto-Start, Loop and G-Sensor can automatically protect footage during any sudden impacts. It also uses a General Plus SoC processor, a high-performance and efficient core chipset to give you the most enhanced images while still being power efficient.

Why buy this:
  • General plus SoC processor
  • 32GB microSD support
  • Auto-Start and Loop Recording

10. 7-Star DVR Dashcam

7-Star DVR Dashcam Car Camera Singapore

Budget pick

Lastly, you might also want to consider getting the 7-star DVR Dashcam, which is probably the best budget pick. It offers the latest car camera technology and fun features without costing too much. With a 4-inch touch panel display and 24-hour parking monitor, you can easily navigate the footages and have constant peace of mind. The Full HD resolution is available for night vision too, while the 2-channel cameras can record front and rear at the same time. Meanwhile, the G-Sensor and motion detection can ensure that you have footage before and after a sudden collision, as well as during parking.

Why buy this:
  • Best budget pick
  • Dual lens with a touchscreen interface
  • Full HD resolution
  • G-Sensor and motion detection


Which brand of car camera is the best in Singapore?

BlackVue is definitely the best brand of car camera in Singapore. While their car camera offers high-quality footage that can see even the smallest detail, the cloud storage helps so much to keep the footage safe.

Where to buy car camera in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy a car camera in Singapore in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee, Lazada, Amazon Singapore, and Qoo10 are my go-to for kitchen and home appliances. It is also a great place to compare the price of car cameras in Singapore. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Car Cameras in Singapore will help you to buy the best car camera in Singapore for your home. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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