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10 Best Care Packages in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Even if there are restrictions to physical interaction with people, it is important to ensure a connection with others to make life appear at least normal during this difficult time. Sending a care package is one way for your loved ones to feel connected to you even if you are self-isolated and cannot see one other in person. With an extensive selection of stores offering care packages, which then is the best in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Care Packages in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs. 

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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10 Best Care Packages in Singapore

1. Happy Bunch, for care packages fitted for every occasion

happy bunch care package singapore

Send love from wherever you are with a few clicks, and Happy Bunch will do the rest. Each of their flower arrangements and gift items is handpicked with your recipients in mind. Moreover, we enjoy that the packages are incredibly affordable, with free shipping and no minimum purchase.

If you want same-day delivery of flowers or gift boxes, Happy Bunch will also gladly assist you. They provide same-day and regular delivery, but you can trust their surprise to arrive within the following few hours if you’re in a hurry. You can also choose a ready-made gift box or create your own with their carefully chosen collection of treats, wellness goods, and even productivity tools. All in all, Happy Bunch caters to all of your special events, from birthdays and holidays to housewarmings and date nights!

Store Highlights:
  • Caters to all special events
  • Wide range of lovingly curated gifts and items
  • Free same-day delivery with no minimum spend
Check out Happy Bunch SG >

2. Care Pack Singapore, for bulk care boxes

care pack care package singapore

Care Pack Singapore is pleased to help its customers in giving fully customised gift boxes that include office essentials, immunity and protection goods, feel-good and wellness items, and much more. And we like that you can order care packages for as many as 50 persons in one transaction!

The Work From Anywhere Pack II is one of their popular pre-made package, where the box includes a folding double-sided desktop mat, a foldable laptop stand, a foldable mobile holder, a magic treasure box with 3-in-1 data cables, a 470ml ArtiArt non-slip suction mug, and a SANWA ergonomics jelly silica gel wrist rest pad. So, if you have family members or friends who are currently under a WFH setup, you may send them these excellent working necessities.

Store Highlights:
  • Best for bulk orders
  • Offers personalised care packs
  • With unique care packs for different needs
Order care boxes at Care Pack Singapore >

3. Boxgreen, for the healthy snackers

boxgreen care package singapore

Look no farther than Boxgreen if you know someone who enjoys snacking and is seeking great choices to fuel their day without feeling guilty. Boxgreen’s snack gift boxes are affordable, with prices starting at $29.90. The best part is that you can personalise your message and pick your own assortment of 12 healthy snacks. Protein boost nut mix, pretzel bites, and seeds are some of the munchies included.

Store Highlights:
  • All-natural snacks
  • Portion-controlled snacks for healthy eating habits
Send a gift box from Boxgreen >

4. Hook Coffee, for the caffeine-dependent

hook coffee care packages singapore

If you’re thinking of a treat for a coffee-dependent friend, Hook Coffee has colourful, cheerful bundle packs. Whether they’re a cold brew aficionado or a drip coffee fan, these cups of caffeine will wake them up like a shot to the heart. Their coffee care packages may contain coffee brewers and other necessities, so your family or friends can also look forward to broadening their coffee-making horizons.

Store Highlights:
  • Fun and colourful coffee packs
  • Wide range of coffee types and flavor
Send a coffee care package via Hook Coffee >

5. PĂ©tale, for the tea connoisseurs

petale tea care packages singapore

Known for beauty & health benefits, PĂ©tale is a great gourmet gift for your tea-loving friend. The shop sells handcrafted tea balls made of organic Maofeng green tea and dried flowers like jasmine, osmanthus, gomphrena, marigold, rose, lavender, and lily. And for as little as $15, you can get the Mini Butterfly Kisses gift pack which contains three individually wrapped tea balls!

Store Highlights:
  • Award-winning tea gifting brand
  • Offers 30 varieties of hand-sewn, flowering teas
  • Uses natural & organic ingredients (EU certified teas)
Shop for tea gift packages at PĂ©tale >
Check out Petale Lazada >

6. Hello Chocolate, for the chocoholics

hello chocolate care packages singapore

Hello Chocolate is here to save the day for the cocoa fanatic in your life. You’ll discover the finest bean-to-bar chocolate from across the world, as well as ethical and sustainable chocolate gifts here. Even better, they provide same-day chocolate delivery in Singapore as well as fast worldwide delivery!  Overall, Hello Chocolate is the best option for making your sweet-toothed loved ones enjoy their homestay wherever they are.

Store Highlights:
  • Features a 100% reusable hand-made linen furoshiki gift packaging
  • Worldwide shipping
Order a chocolate gift box from Hello Chocolate >

7. Handmade Heroes, for the beauty lovers

handmade heroes

Sending the best self-care package shows how much you care about your loved one. The Singaporean brand Handmade Heroes offers fantastic care boxes for your body, face, and lips that are cruelty-, paraben-, and alcohol-free, as well as natural and vegan. You’ll even discover gifts for mamas and babies here! If you’re still unsure, you may choose their best seller care package, which includes the shop’s all-time favourites and top sellers in one bundle.

Store Highlights:
  • All-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products
  • No fillers, no nasty chemicals, and no animal by-products
Check out Handmade Heroes >

8. Bitters & Love, for the social drinkers

 bitters & love

Unless they offered meals, bars were shut during the lockdown period. So, we might just have discovered the perfect fit for folks who like to drink or party on occasion. Bitters & Love is known for its creative artisan cocktails and bar snacks. Their DIY cocktail kits are pre-made and ready to mix and drink! From a simple Negroni to a Rose Lemonade Spritz, these drinks feature step-by-step recipes and are all available in two servings.

Store Highlights:
  • Unique cocktail recipes
  • Has a signature “cocktail sustainability initiative program” to reduce packaging waste
Order a cocktail care package from Bitters & Love >

9. The Rare Honey Company, for the kitchen geeks

the rare honey company

The Rare Honey Company offers a perfect way to send a box to someone who enjoys stacking items on kitchen shelves. Their Chef’s Pack includes a Wildflower honey with raw honeycomb piece, a bottle of Winter Black Truffle Oil, a jar of creamed Karri, and a wood honey twirler. This care box will undoubtedly be handy for your loved one’s future recipes!

Store Highlights:
  • Their honey is 100% pure, raw and unprocessed straight from the beehive to the jar
  • Free shipping to Singapore for over $55
Check out The Rare Honey Company >

10. Maison 21G, for those who appreciate scents

maison 21g

Working from home might be more stressful than working in an office, so using aromatic items to alleviate emotional distress can be therapeutic. Maison 21G’s gift packages include a variety of fresh home fragrances and dual scented candle combinations to help people relax. Even better, their Eau de parfum contains the most perfume concentrate in the market. So, you can effectively infuse your relatives’ or friends’ homes with the luxury ambiance they deserve!

Store Highlights:
  • High-quality perfume concentrate
  • Features vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Uses high level of oils beneficial to body and soul
Shop for care package at Maison 21G >


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Care Packages in Singapore has helped you to buy the best care package in Singapore for your gifting needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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