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11 Best Father’s Day Gifts in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Whether it is Father’s Day or not, our dads deserve to feel how much we love and appreciate them. Although, how we do it can vary because not all dads have the same hobbies and preferences. Some of us give them vacations or gifts that fit their interests. However, finding a gift that they will both love and use can be a bit overwhelming at times. With Father’s Day coming up and having an extensive variety of gifts in the market, which then is the best Father’s Day gift in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 11 Best Father’s Day Gifts in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on both your budget and your father’s lifestyle needs.

This article was last updated on 7 January 2023.

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Best Father’s Day Gifts in Singapore (Summary)

  • Father’s day gift for fitness enthusiast dads:
    3. Burning calories made more fun and efficient: OTO Row Bike RB-1000
  • Perfect Gift for Artistic Dads:
    10. Excellent specs with vivid colour display: Artist 12 2nd Gen
    11. Give dad the ability to draw anywhere inspiration strikes: XP-Pen Deco mini7

Best Father’s Day Gifts in Singapore

Gifts this father’s day for working dads:   

During our lives, we can sometimes observe our dads being engrossed in various personal projects from time to time. Whether they do this project in the garage or any other part of the house, their work areas contain a lot of equipment that they need to get the job done. This is why it would be a great idea to give their workstations an upgrade this Father’s Day!

1. EverDesk+ Max

EverDesk+ Max best fathers day gifts singapore
Source: EverDesk+

A proper desk for any workstation

Help your dad achieve their ideal workstation with the exquisitely crafted EverDesk+ Max. This desk has been specifically designed to be stable while holding heavy equipment and while being used as a workspace. Made with T-shaped columns for its legs, it distributes force evenly across the desk and prevents distractions from wobbling at any height setting. The extended height range also makes it easy for dads to work regardless of whether he is standing or sitting. Due to its slightly smaller frame, the edges of the desk seamlessly fit tight spaces as well as room corners. 

Together with its stable design, it is also equipped with dual motors that operate quietly as it adjusts the height of the desk. To prevent damage, it also features sensors that detect obstacles while moving up and down. Furthermore, the desk has a built-in Health Coach Controller that reminds your dad to switch between sitting and standing at regular intervals. This controller can also hold 3 custom height presets for easier adjustment. 

When ordering this desk, you can choose the colour of the frame and tabletop, its size, and whether it will have wheels or not. Additionally, it comes with freebies such as mouse pads and extended warranty periods. 

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2. Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series best fathers day gifts singapore
Source: Secretlab

Designed for exceptional support and comfort

Whether dad needs a gaming chair or a comfy place to sit while working, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series brings all of that and more to their workspace. This latest gaming chair from Secretlab combines the best features of previous models to maximise comfort and functionality. It uses a patent-pending cold-cure foam that distributes weight which makes it a great place to sit for extended periods. Furthermore, the sculpted pebble seat base has an ergonomic design that guides users to a more comfortable seating position.

The soft cushions of the TITAN Evo 2022 are supported by a durable frame with an improved base for stability. It has also been given a 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support system that supports the entire back for less pressure for long sitting periods. To give your dad even more comfort while sitting, the chair comes with a Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow! This pillow snaps onto the backrest and stays there using embedded magnets. It is also infused with a cooling gel to enhance thermoregulation while providing ample ergonomic support. 

In addition to having great features, the chair can be ordered based on your preferred size, leather or fabric upholstery, and design. You can also add on armrest top cushions as well as leather chair wipes and cleaners.

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Father’s day gift for fitness enthusiast dads:

To keep being in top shape, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Having a good workout routine, whether through playing sports or using the gym, can help in keeping our bodies strong as we grow older. If your dad is the active and sporty type, then you should definitely give them something to add to the home gym or workout area. 

3. OTO Row Bike RB-1000

OTO Row Bike RB-1000 best fathers day gifts singapore
Source: OTO

Burning calories made more fun and efficient

If your dad is looking for more equipment for the home gym, then the OTO Row Bike RB-1000 will definitely be a welcome addition to their workout station. Previously featured in our best exercise bikes article, the RB-1000 boasts spectacular rowing, cycling, and synchronised rowing-cycling functions. With 8 intensity settings for cycling and 12 intensities for rowing, this machine can be used depending on the intensity best suited to the age and fitness of the user. Additionally, the unique handle and adjustable seating allow for comfortable positioning while working out. Furthermore, your dad will also enjoy using the smart monitor that can help them set a workout goal for every session. Also, it may look bulky when in use but this stationary bike can be folded up for storage or wheeled anywhere using the castor wheels near its base. 

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Gift them a Tailored Fit this father’s day:

During Father’s Day, one of the activities we can do while out with dad is to shop with them and get what they need. Among the essentials to look out for are clothes that match the aesthetics that they are going for. Whether they want casual clothes for everyday wear or more formal attire, they will surely appreciate your opinions on their fit. For dads that love to always be in style, then you should definitely bond with them by checking out the various clothing stores on the island.

4. Suitsupply

Suitsupply best fathers day gifts singapore
Source: Suitsupply

Have your dad rock the suave look they deserve

This Father’s Day, dress up your dad in threads that will match their style with the help of Suitsupply. Filled with different types of men’s clothes, you and your dad can choose from a variety of suit jackets, shirts, jeans, and shoes to fill his wardrobe. Whether you are looking for set clothes combinations or a more personalised style, you will definitely find the right clothes for dad in their catalogue. If going to Suitsupply’s store is currently not an option, then you can try out the “Look Builder” on their website to have an idea of what their wares look like when worn. Additionally, their website has plenty of style guides which can help narrow down what specific clothing your dad is planning to get.

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Options to gift for Foodie Dads this Fathers’ Day:

Following the saying: “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, why not treat your dad to a hearty meal at a restaurant or make a delicious meal at home? In addition to tantalising dishes, you can also try to gift your dad with kitchenware that can be an avenue for them to try something new. 

5. CB352 Ninja Power Blender Mega 5-in-1 system

CB352 Ninja Power Blender Mega 5-in-1 system best fathers day gifts singapore
Source: Ninja Kitchen

A reinvented blender for all-around food preparation

Let your dad experience blenders line never before with the CB352 Ninja Power Blender Mega 5-in-1 System. While having the appearance of a high-end blender, it packs a powerful 1200-Watt Smart Torque Motor that can power through thick ingredients. With the Power Nutri Jug, your dad can make the perfect juices and smoothies as well as sauces that go perfectly with meals. Aside from drinks and sauces, this machine can also chop, mix, and puree the ingredients to make food preparation an easier task. Because of its powerful motor, it can even handle mixing pastry and bread dough. In addition to food preparation, dads can also use it to grind coffee beans and spices when needed.

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6. Hurom H300E Self-Feeding Juicer 

Hurom H300E Self-Feeding Juicer
Source: Hurom


Solve all of your dad’s healthy juice-making needs

For dads that love making fruit or vegetable juices, the Hurom H300E Self-Feeding Juicer will surely be a gift that they will love. With a 2-litre mega hopper capacity, it can be filled with enough fruits and vegetables to make all the juice your dad needs. The hopper is connected to an inlet that is 3 times larger than regular juicers to accommodate non-trimmed ingredients. Combined with the 60 to 70 rpm motor, it can help anyone make delicious juice with minimal to no preparation of the ingredients!   

In addition to a large ingredient capacity and a powerful motor, the Hurom H300E is equipped with a smart system that can help your dad in juice preparation. Using a built-in timer, it automatically stops after 5 minutes and your dad can restart it to maximise juice production. If you or your dad wants to add more ingredients while already juicing, then open up the hopper and add what you need. When done in under 60 seconds, the juicer automatically resumes operation. Furthermore, its auto-detection motor can reverse the rotation of the motor to efficiently juice the ingredients.  

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7. Ninja Foodi AG301 Multifunctional Indoor Airgrill

Ninja Foodi AG301 Multifunctional Indoor Airgrill best fathers day gifts singapore
Source: Ninja Kitchen

Let your dad grill to his heart’s content

During family gatherings or backyard parties, our dads can be seen grilling various meats for everyone to enjoy. If your dad loves grilling, then give him both an indoor grill and air fryer in the Ninja Foodi AG301 Multifunctional Indoor Airgrill. Combining the versatility of the air fryer with flavours from grilling, you can be sure that your dad will have a fun time using this device. Furthermore, you can be sure that this grill is safe to use indoors because of its temp-sensing grill plate and cool air zone. These features significantly decrease the amount of smoke when grilling meat and other food. To use this device, your dad can choose the desired time and temperature for cooking on the intuitive control panel. In addition to being an air fryer and indoor grill, the Foodi AG301 can also be used for oven baking, roasting, and dehydrating food. 

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Gift your Dad a Massage Chair this Father’s Day:

Whether on Father’s Day or not, our dads deserve to relax and be pampered from time to time. We can help our dads do this by gifting them a spa day or maybe giving them massage chairs or similar items so they can unwind while at home. Massage chairs are a great gift when it comes to dads that want to unwind after a long day at work.

8. OTO Capsule CP-01 Massage Chair

OTO Capsule CP-01 Massage Chair
Source: OTO

A relaxing body massage that dad can enjoy at home

When you bring home the OTO Capsule CP-01 Massage Chair as a present to your dad, you can be sure that it will their new favourite chair. With a new and stylish look, this chair has been fitted with therapeutic measures to help users relieve their fatigued bodies. Using a 3D Smart Chip, it can adjust the massage movement of the silicone wheels to better fit the contours of the body. Combined with the extended reach of the silicone protrusions, each massage will definitely be felt throughout the body. For its massage options, it can be set to kneading, tweaking, pulsating, shiatsu, and pounding. Your dad can also treat his legs and feet with the extendable foot massage unit with heated pads.

While it has smart systems for automatic adjustments, your dad can manually set the width, fit, and pressure of the chair to his preferences. The chair can also be reclined for even more comfortable positions. Furthermore, the wheels on its base make it easy to manoeuver and move around the house. Once he is comfortable, all that is left is to choose his preferred massage through the chair’s remote control.

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9. OTO Rockie RK-11

OTO Rockie RK-11
Source: OTO

A sleek massage chair with a rocking function

Give your dad a new definition of relaxing when he uses the OTO Rockie RK-11 massage chair. This massage chair model is specially designed to relieve stress on various parts of the body as well as improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Equipped with 3D Massage Rollers, users can freely adjust the intensity of their massage as well as the type of massage they want. The leg rest of the chair can also be flipped to enjoy the rolling and deep kneading massage for the calves. In addition to the relaxing massage options, the RK-11 has a “Cradle-Swing” option that can give your dad an even more relaxing experience and help them sleep. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth speakers can let your dad listen to his favourite playlist as he gets a massage.

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Perfect Gift for Artistic Dads:

Is your dad the creative type that loves to express himself through art? Then gifting them art supplies or equipment will surely be appreciated. Whether he likes to paint or make digital art, he will have plenty of options to make beautiful works through our gift suggestions!

10. Artist 12 2nd Gen

Artist 12 2nd Gen
Source: XP-Pen

Excellent specs with vivid colour display

With the Artist 12 2nd drawing tablet, your dad will definitely have even more fun while making artwork. Designed to meet professional performance standards, this tablet has an extremely sensitive screen with a paper-like texture. The combination of high contrast display and 127% sRGB colour gamut makes colours and details pop and easy for your dad to work with. Furthermore, the Artist line of drawing tablets features user-defined shortcut keys that can simplify functions and streamline the work done. 

In addition to the vivid display and shortcut keys, the Artist 12 comes with an upgraded stylus that can make sketching and other tasks a breeze. Implanted with the X3 chip, it remains stable and precise when drawing while also providing a traditional pen and paper feeling. Also, both the tablet and stylus have an extremely lightweight build which makes them highly portable. When not being used for drawing, your dad can connect the tablet to projectors for watching movies or to his phone to play games on a bigger screen.  

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11. XP-Pen Deco mini7

XP-Pen Deco mini7
Source: X-Pen

Give dad the ability to draw anywhere inspiration strikes

Made with portability and function in mind, the XP-Pen Deco mini7 is an ideal gift for dads who like to draw while out and about. Its narrow frame lets your dad store it in his bag or suitcase and will be ready to use whenever he needs to. Also, the stylus that it comes with has up to 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels that can help him make natural-looking lines and exquisite strokes. Additionally, the tablet has customisable shortcut keys that can help in accessing apps or specific functions without having to continuously tap on the screen. 

Within its small frame, the Deco mini7 also boasts impressive compatibility options with Chrome OS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also seamlessly connects to other devices through wireless or USB connections. Furthermore, it works well with major software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Clip Studio, to name a few. 

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We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Father’s Day Gifts in Singapore has helped you to find the best Father’s Day gift in Singapore for your practical gifting needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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