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10 Best Shops for Stunning Kimonos in Malaysia | Best of Lifestyle 2021

Known as the traditional dress of Japan, fashion designers have now transformed kimonos into a breakthrough style for both men and women. With some modern twist, the kimono is a comfortable cloth to wear that suits every occasion, from casual to formal dress code. Some combine them with the intricate pattern of batik, while another turns them into an elegant plain top that you can wear at the office. With many shops available, which then is the best shop for kimono in Malaysia? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Shops for Kimono in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your personality and lifestyle!

This article was last updated on 23 October 2021

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10 Best Shops for Stunning Kimonos in Malaysia

1. The Batik Boutique

The Batik Boutique

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily leave our heritage behind. Founded in 2009 as a family business, the Batik Boutique incorporates the beautiful art of batik into modern fashion, redefining trends on fashion identity. The award-winning social enterprise also comes with the dream to disrupt the cycle of poverty in the Malaysian fashion industry while maintaining the cultural heritage of the region and has worked with over 200 local artisans in the process. 

Their collections range from daily to casual wear, and their kimonos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing you can find. One of our favourites is the Shibori Kimono, which is a piece of luxury outer with soft Mangosteen colour. Whether you wear it for meeting with friends, strolling the city or a vacation, you’ll definitely look gorgeous while still being simple. All their products are made of natural silk that are super comfortable and eco-friendly low-impact dyes that is responsible for nature. 

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2. Zalora


One of Asia’s leading fashion brands, Zalora has always been a go-to fashion shop for every occasion. With a team consisting of international and local fashion designers, they pride themselves on creating timeless fashion that stands the test of both time and trends. This brings them to their success in spreading their wings to all corners of Asia, and their top service has brought them an almost perfect 4.9-star rating on Shopee alone. 

You’ll always find your favourite kimono in Zalora, from the one you’d like to wear daily to the one to keep you stylish at the office. We especially love their Zalora Basics-Printed Kimono that always work on every occasion thanks to its smart-casual design. Or, you can opt for the Zalora-Kimono Sleeve Dress made from TENCEL™ for a more formal look. Zalora collections are always comfortable to wear and feel soft on the skin, yet they come at a price affordable to everyone. 

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3. MS. Read

MS. Read

Founded in 1997 by Helen Read, MS. Read comes with the mission to fulfil the fashion needs of curvy women from size 12 to 24. Their fashion is confident, passionate, and real, driven to make the wearer feel good about the clothes she wears. Because when you feel good, you look good. This inspiration has brought them a mass of followers, with their store scoring an almost perfect 4.9-star rating on Shopee alone. 

The MS. Read kimonos range from outer like Kimono Robe to complete your daily outfit to a Kimono Maxi Dress for a semi-informal look. Want something more traditional for a special occasion? Their MS. READ Embroidered Kimono will make you look amazing. Their price range is considered affordable, especially with super comfortable material that feels cool even on the warmest day in Malaysia. 

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4. Trendyol


Feeling comfortable at home is essential for the health of your mind. And you can start by getting the right homewear. One of Turkey’s largest fashion brands, Trendyol has a collection of homewear kimonos that will make you find your comfort. Their Print Nightwear Kimono for instance, is a comfy one to wear for both sleeping and relaxing time. But if you’re feeling naughty, the Mixed Pattern Beach Kaftan gives you the sexy look to seduce your partner. With Trendyol, your home will be an even more comfortable place to live and rest your mind. 

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5. Max Fashion

Max Fashion

One of Shopee’s top fashion brands, Max Fashion has over 100k followers on Shopee alone. The brand is known for its unique, quirky kimono designs, perfect for those who want to look different. Their Floral Print Kimono Shrug is one of our top picks, boasting a floral print and vibrant colour that lets you stand out on a casual occasion. They’ve got various colours to choose from, so you can always find the one that matches your personality and style. But if you want to look different in the office, its Batik Printed Kimono is worth looking at. 

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6. MR Only

MR Only

A rising fashion brand, MR Only vows to let every man shows their unique personality through the charm of clothing. Dreaming of wearing Japanese traditional kimonos? Their collections might be enough to realize your dream, with the incorporation of Japanese kimono design on their styles. One of their top-selling is the Japanese Dressing Kimono Yakuza, which just like its name, gives you the chance to wear Yakuza-style clothes. Besides that, we also recommend considering its Summer Thin Kimono Cardigan for those who want to look more elegant, while still getting the Yakuza vibes through its Yakuza tattoo prints at the back of the clothes. 

Our most favourite? It’s definitely the Comfy Summer Kimono Yukata, a comfortable kimono to wear on a relaxing day at home. 

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7. MKY Clothing

MKY Clothing Kimonos Malaysia

Floral is never out of style on a hot summer day. It gives you the feeling of a fresh and comfortable look in any style, giving you the chance to keep the days bright. In case you want one, the MKY clothing is where to go. Their floral kimono collections range from a long kimono dress to kimono blouse to give the positive look on any sunny day. Whether you want to wear them at home, enjoy a cup of tea at the cafes, or visit some friends, their kimonos can never go wrong. 

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8. TiQa.Co

TiQa.Co Kimonos Malaysia

If you’re feeling creative, artsy is the style for you. It gives you the sense of making your own statement, creating something unconventional from mainstream fashion. In case on want one, TiQa.Co is our top recommendation for artsy kimonos. You can start by looking at the Kimono Tangerine series, which is rich in materials and details with a combination of traditional with modern and minimal twist. For a special Malaysian occasion, the Kimono Polka gives you the look of authentically traditional fashion without feeling old. 

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9. Isetan

Isetan Kimonos Malaysia

If you’re looking for something formal to wear a meeting with a client or going to the office, the kimono collections from Isetan can never go south. This Japanese fashion brand combines the traditional design of the kimono with a touch of Malaysian baju kurung, giving you that elegant, assertive look with a traditional twist. Our favourite is the Cultivation Kimono Kurung Set Navy that has soft batik patterns to give you a more authentic sense. 

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10. Love Bonito

Love Bonito Kimonos Malaysia

Started as a humble side project in 2005, Love Bonito has transformed itself into one of the leading Asian fashion brands. Their modern chic style is especially loved by youngsters, made with thoughtful design that flatters the look of every woman while providing the comfort of high-quality fashion. From a smart casual kimono jumpsuit to a tuscany kimono made for relaxing in a breeze, Love Bonito always has something for everyone. 

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Where to find a shop for kimono in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a kimono in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for fashion and lifestyle products. It is also a great place to compare the price of kimonos in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Shops for Stunning Kimonos in Malaysia will help you to buy the best kimono in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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