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11 Best Non Stick Pans in Malaysia | Best of Home 2023

Non-stick pans make cooking more convenient. Not only you can clean the pan easier, but it also allows you to cook healthier foods with less oil. Some pans even have a heat-proof handle and heat indicator that shows the ideal temperature to start cooking. With an extensive variety of nonstick pans available in the market, which then is the best non-stick pan in Malaysia? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 11 Best Non Stick Pans in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your budget and lifestyle.

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This article was last updated on 19 March 2023

Table of Contents

Best Non Stick Pans in Malaysia

1. Ella Cookware

Ella Cookware Best Non Stick Pans Malaysia
Ella Cookware – Best Non Stick Pans in Malaysia

Versatile cookware set for hassle-free cooking

Bring Ella Cookware to your kitchen, and good food will be brought to your table. This cookware set comes complete with a Casserole Pot, Essential Pan, Sauce Pan, and Fry Pan, making it perfect for cooking for your family at home. Every piece is versatile, always bringing something new to the table on top of all your favourite dishes. You can also use them on any type of stovetop and even inside an oven. And all these without breaking the bank! With its versatility and affordability, Ella Cookware is, without a doubt, the perfect addition to any kitchen and one of the best cookware sets in Malaysia. Not to mention really beautiful too!Ā 

Allows for healthy cookingĀ 

Ella Cookware is coated with German-made GREBLONĀ® non-stick, natural ceramic coating. This way, you will need only little to no oil and butter in cooking all your favourites. Moreover, it is easier to clean your pots and pans right after cooking. This also means that the cookware is not made with synthetic materials, making them free of potentially harmful substances like PFOA, Teflon, and a whole lot more.Ā  The ceramic coating releases up to 60% less CO2 when produced compared to traditional non-stick coatings, making it more eco-friendly. At the same time, ensures that toxic materials will not leach into your food, so you will have peace of mind every time you cook.Ā 

In more ways than one, we must say that Ella Cookware truly puts the joy in cooking! Share the joy further by cooking for your loved ones, be it as simple ramen at midnight or a pan-seared steak on a special night. Whatever dish you have in mind, Ella Cookware can surely help you bring it to life.Ā 

Why buy this:Ā 
  • Naturally non-stick 4-piece cookware set
  • Eco-friendly and made with non-toxic materialsĀ 
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Available in Ivory White, Salmon, and Prussian BlueĀ 

Promo code:Ā 

Use the code WEDDINGVOW10 on Ella Cookwareā€™s website for RM10 off their cookware set
(valid until 23 Oct 2023)
Check prices on Ella Cookware and Shopee >

2. STONELINE Frying Pan

non stick frying pan
STONELINE Frying Pan – Best Non Stick Pan Malaysia

For cooking without oil

The problem with most non-stick pans is the non-durable coating that fades after some time of usage. But thatā€™s not the case with this STONELINEĀ® Pan. Featuring the signature STONELINEĀ® coating, its stone-particle coating is not only made to last a lifetime and resistant to scratch but also allows you to cook with little to no oil.


Suitable not only for frying, this non-stick pan also can be used to steam, slow cook, or sear any delicious Asian cuisine you have been dreaming of. Suitable for electric, gas, ceramic, and induction stove, this pan is the only oven-proof in this list of non-stick pans in Malaysia. And better yet, it comes with a glass lid, too!

Why buy this:
  • Most durable coating
  • Can cook without oil
  • Oven-proof
  • Glass lid
Check prices onĀ Shopee andĀ Lazada >

3. Tefal Cookware Natura Deep Frypan

best non-stick pan Malaysia
Tefal Cookware Natura Deep Frypan | Best Non-stick Pan Malaysia

Best non-induction pan

Comes from a brand rewarded by the Independent as one of the best pan brands in 2021, the Tefal Cookware Natura Deep Frypan allows you to cook any food in healthier ways. Featuring 3 advanced technologies, this pan has Thermo-SignalĀ® to indicate the ideal starting cooking temperature, Minerallia coating that is non-stick and super durable, and a diffusion base that distribute the heat evenly throughout the pan. This means you can cook with just the right amount of oil while at the same time, getting foods with the perfect texture and taste. And they are easier to clean, too.

Ergonomic handle that is cool to touch

Comes with an ergonomic handle that is cool to touch, and this pan is made for deep frying. In addition, it is compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic stove.

Why buy this:
  • Thermo signal ideal cooking temperature
  • Durable non-stick coating
  • Diffusion base for even heat distribution
  • Ergonomic handle, cool to touch
  • Compatible for gas, electric, and ceramic stove
Check prices on Shopee andĀ Lazada >

4. STONELINE Classic Fish And Steak Pan

fish and steak pan
STONELINE Classic Fish And Steak Pan | Best Nonstick Pan Malaysia

For larger meat and fish steak

With the STONELINEĀ® Classic XXL Fish And Steak Pan, cooking bigger fish or meat for steak has never been easier. Comes in an oval shape, the pan is can fit several pieces of meat at once or for frying a whole big fish that wonā€™t fit conventional pans. On top of its non-stick coating, the specially designed heat conduction lines are made to distribute the heat to all part of the meat. Suitable for induction cooking, this pan is also oven-proof up to 180C.

Why buy this:
  • For larger fish and meat steak
  • Oval shape
  • Durable
  • Suitable for induction and oven-proof up to 180C
Check prices on Shopee andĀ Lazada >

5. Carote Non Stick Pan Malaysia

best non stick pan Malaysia
Carote Non Stick Pan Malaysia | Best Non Stick Pan in Malaysia

For deep fry

Comes with a sleek, light oak handle, this pan from Carote is the favourite for those wanting a modern-design kitchen. Made with Maifan Stone ILAG non-stick coating from Swiss that has 5 layers, it is stickless, easy to clean, and very durable. Another thing we like about this Carote pan is its extra-large capacity so you can cook a larger portion of food at once. Moreover, it has a glass lid too! However, this frying pan is not suitable for the oven. If you fall in love with Carote frying pans, here is the complete cookware set.

Why buy this:
  • High-quality non-stick coating for cooking with less oil
  • Extra large
  • Glass lid
Check prices on Shopee andĀ Lazada >

6. Tefal So Chef Wokpan

So Chef wok
Tefal So Chef Wokpan | Best Non-Stick Pan in Malaysia

Titanium non-stick coatingĀ 

A wok pan is used popularly for cooking a lot of Asian cuisines, and if you want one, the Tefal So Chef Wokpan is your best bet. What we like about this pan is its smart Thermo-signalĀ® technology that turns red when the pan reaches the ideal temperature for searing, allowing you to cook with better precision. Better yet, its non-stick coating is made of titanium known for its extra durability. No more fading coating just after a few weeks of usage! In addition, this pan comes with 2 years warranty.

Why buy this:
  • Titanium non-stick coating
  • Thermo-signalĀ® technology
  • 2 years warranty
Check prices on Shopee andĀ Lazada >

7. Carote Essential Grill Pan

Carote essential grill
Carote Essential Grill Pan | Best Nonstick Pan in Malaysia

For grilling

One of the best non-stick pans in Malaysia, the Carote Essential Grill Pan is a less expensive alternative for a grill pan than the previous one from Stoneline. Comes in a large 28cm diameter, this non-stick pan has an innovative line for better heat distribution when grilling. Furthermore, its non-stick coating is also top-notch – imported from Swiss and has a 5-layer that guarantees extra durability. Additionally, it is PFOA-free and safe for your health.

Why buy this:
  • The more affordable grilling pan
  • PFOA Free
Check price on Shopee >

8. Happy Call Non Stick Double Sided Pan

non stick pan Malaysia
Happy Call Non Stick Double Sided Pan | Best Non Stick Pans in Malaysia

Double-sided pan

Hereā€™s one of our favourites, the pan from Happy Call which offers easier cooking than other conventional pans. It comes in a double-sided pan which allows faster heating for all sides without flipping needed and at the same time, guarantees no oil splattering. You basically can use it to cook anything from frying, grilling, searing, and many more, but with a faster cooking time.

Why buy this:
  • Faster heating on all sides
  • without flipping
  • No-oil splattering
Check price on Lazada >Ā 

9. Cooker King Non Stick Saucepan

Cooker King saucepan
Cooker King Non Stick Saucepan | Best Nonstick Pans in Malaysia


Suitable for all stoves, the Cooker King is a great solution for those looking for a non-stick saucepan. It has a decent 1.8L volume, not too small or too large, but can cook a wide variety of cooks in a decent portion. With the American Whitford non-stick coating, it is not only stickless but also very easy to clean just with mild detergent. Moreover, it also comes with a lid for better heat insulation.

Why buy this:
  • 1.8L volume
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
Check price on Shopee >

10. JEETEE Non-Stick Pan Malaysia

non-stick pan Malaysia
JEETEE Non-Stick Pan Malaysia | Best Non Stick Pan Malaysia

Crepe pan

You can use a frying pan to make an omelette or pancake, but once you try the Jeetee Crepe Pan, thereā€™s no going back. Its 5 layers of non-stick coating made from marble stone also make it durable and very easy to clean. Furthermore, youā€™ll get faster heating and better heat distribution thanks to its 3.5mm thick bottom. In addition, this crepe pan is suitable for all types of stoves.

Why buy this:
  • Marble stone non-stick coating
  • 5-layer coating
  • Specially designed for crepe
Check price on Lazada>Ā 

11. Ecowin Maifan Stone Non-Stick Frying Pan

Ecowin Maifan Stone Non-Stick Frying Pan
Ecowin Maifan Stone Non-Stick Frying Pan – Best Non Stick Pan Malaysia

Multi-layered pan with an ergonomic handle

Make cooking your favourite dishes even more enjoyable with the help of the Ecowin Maifan Stone Non-Stick Frying Pan. This marble stone-coated pan is made with 5 layers of protection which include a high temperature-resistant exterior and a non stick Maifan stone layer. Additionally, it is fitted with a wood imitation handle that not only has anti-skid and anti-scald qualities but also comfortable to hold. Moreover, this non stick pan has a tempered glass cover which allows you to observe your food and control the cooking process. Because of this, you can easily and comfortably cook any ingredient from vegetables to meats. Furthermore, its construction makes the pan suitable for all stoves from gas range to ceramic stoves.

Why buy this:
  • Has 5 layers for non stick and durable properties
  • Made with an ergonomic wood imitation handle
  • Comes with a tempered glass cover
  • Suitable for most stoves
Check prices onĀ ShopeeĀ andĀ LazadaĀ >


Which is the best brand for non stick pans in Malaysia?

Although being on the pricier side, the Stoneline is one of the best brands of non stick pans in Malaysia due to its quality and durability.

Where to buy a non stick pan in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a non-stick pan in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for cooking ware products. It is also a great place to compare the price of nonstick pans in Malaysia.


We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Non Stick Pans in Malaysia will help you to buy the best nonstick pan in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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