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8 Best Office Chair in Australia | Best of Home 2023

Remote work has been a thing for over a year already and we’re still up for it! The need for an ergonomic workspace is more important than ever. So go ahead and ditch that dining chair. It’s time to work wiser and better. With an extensive variety of office chairs in the market, which then is the best in Australia? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 8 Best Office Chairs in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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This article was last updated on 17 January 2023.

Table of contents

  1. Best overall: Ergotune Supreme
  2. Most modern: Secretlab NeueChair™
  3. Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair
  4. IKEA LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair
  5. Steelcase Leap
  6. Recess Ergo Pro Chair
  7. Noblechairs Hero Black Edition
  8. KERDOM Ergonomic Office Chair

8 Best Office Chairs in Australia

1. ErgoTune SupremeErgotune V3 office chair

Extremely versatile, ergonomic chair and reasonably-priced

Featuring the latest model of 2020, the ErgoTune Supreme is specially designed to provide maximum comfort from head to toe. There are simply too many great features which allow the chair to adapt perfectly to your body’s natural posture, shape and activity. While I will try to cover them comprehensively, I highly recommend you to check out their full description and animation of the features here (click on the features button) to do the chair justice.

11 points of adjustments for proper support

My previous chair was a basic one with the usual adjustments. Hence I was blown away by the versatility and “flexibility” of the ErgoTune Supreme. Featuring 11 points of adjustments, you can basically adjust almost every part of the chair from the armrest, headrest to reclining at any angle and even shifting the seat forward or backwards.

Adjustability is crucial as the ErgoTune Supreme’s seat depth adjustment and backrest height adjustment allows you to ensure that the lumbar support is at the right height, contouring into your spine’s natural curve properly.

It has various impressive patented components such as the Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support (ATLAS™) which simultaneously shifts with your body to conform to your lumbar spine’s natural curve automatically, providing the ultimate back support.

Prevent neck strains with TriTune™ Headrest

Furthermore, you can say goodbye to neck aches with the TriTune™ 3D Support Headrest, in which you can extend it front and back, up and down, and even rotate it for optimal comfort. What’s great about the Headrest is that it braces the entire height of your neck and lower half of your head, preventing neck strains, tension headaches, and muscle guarding.

Want more features? The GyroBrace™ 5D Armrest even provides fully extendable and rotatable armrest for full arm and wrist support, allowing you to support your forearm for different scenarios such as reading or using your phone.

Moreover, its TrueTilt™ Precision Recline Controls allow you to precisely calibrate your recline angles and tension, in which you can lock and unlock the seat recline on the fly, allowing you to switch immediately between sitting up straight when replying emails to fully reclining when getting a dose of Among Us fun with your friends.

Impressive breathability

Via its DuraWeave™ Hybrid Mesh Upholstery, the ErgoTune Supreme provides great breathability and “airiness”, one of my favourite features in a hot and humid Singapore as my bottom no longer feels hot and stuffy while working!

What we love about the ErgoTune Supreme is not only its versatile features but also its reasonable price point. Compared to many other brands, this chair scores high on our value-for-money criterion. The ErgoTune Supreme comes in two colours – Charcoal Black and Coral Red, and comes with a 12-year warranty.

 Why buy this:
  • Ergonomic chair which conforms to all body shapes
  • Extremely versatile – features 11 points of adjustments
  • Impressive breathability with DuraWeave™ Hybrid Mesh Upholstery
  • Very value-for-money
  • 12-year warranty

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2. Most modern: Secretlab NeueChair™

secretlab neuechair office chair australia
Source: Secretlab

Trifecta of the modern office chair – fully ergonomic, comfortable, and intuitive to use

The Secretlab NeueChair may look like your typical office chair but we suggest not to be quick in your judgement. With extreme attention to detail, they perfected the trifecta of the modern chair.  With the NeueMesh™, you can enjoy breathable mesh that is optimized to keep you comfortable all day long.

You can enjoy long hours of work through its ergonomic setting where you slide the seat backwards and push the backrest forward for the focus mode. It’s now time to save goodbye to fumbling and constantly adjusting your seat because this seat’s control shift adjustments got you. One flick and you’re good to go!

Sturdy, silently getting the job done without noise

We appreciate how you no longer need to worry about this chair’s lifespan. Its body is made of ADC12 aluminium alloy that supports the structure. Also, this chair has PU-coated armrests so your elbows can sit comfortably to whatever you’re doing. Last but never least, this chair has 65mm PU casters that are impressively silent because of its noise-reduction wheel cap, perfect for any surface.

Why buy this:
  • Ultra-breathable and sturdy mesh and PU-coated armrests
  • Focus mode to keep your conditioned best for productivity
  • Noise-reduction wheel cap and ADC12 aluminium alloy structure
Check price on Secretlab >

3. Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair

desky pro office chair australia

More and more of us are working from home for hours at a time, which means lower productivity and, worst-case scenario, osteopathy. So, you can achieve peak performance with Desky’s Pro+ Ergonomic Chair, not only because it looks great, but also because it provides the support you need. A number of features of this office chair are appealing to us, including the height-adjustable arms, back, and headrest. Also, we liked the fabric, which provides extra cushioning, and the mesh back, which allows air to circulate and keeps you cool. What’s more, the Pro Synchro-tilt device synchronises the angle of the seat and backrest, providing perfect support as you move from upright to reclining.

Among the other fantastic features are the waterfall base seat for reducing stress behind the legs, the tension control for locking the chair in three alternate positions, and the caster wheels for easy repositioning.

Why buy this:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Breathable mesh fabric; perfect for hot days
  • Adjustable backrest and armrests
Check price on Desky >

4. IKEA LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair

ikea langfjall office chair australia

What we loved about the IKEA LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair is undoubtedly the style. This chair is very Instagrammable, so if you want to create an aesthetic home workspace setup, this is the chair for you. Furthermore, we adored the colours available for this chair: beige, blue, dark grey, and light brown-pink, all of which are delicate shades and pleasing to the eye.

Of course, the chair is fashionable, but it is also safe and comfortable. Because the tilt tension mechanism is easily adjustable with an Allen key to suit your weight and movements, you can lean back with perfect balance. In addition, the adjustable height of the chair, as well as the generous cold-foam seat, enable you to easily find a comfortable seating posture. Best of all, the safety castors are equipped with pressure-sensitive brakes that keep the chair in place when you stand up and release automatically when you sit down.

Why buy this:
  • Instagram-worthy design and colour
  • Affordable but good quality
  • Built to outlast years of ups and downs
Check price on IKEA >

5. Steelcase Leap

steelcase leap office chair australia

The Steelcase Leap Chair’s best aspect is its proven technology. You can fine-tune precisely to your preferred position thanks to its advanced technology and extraordinary comfort. Furthermore, the armrests can be adjusted in four directions so that you can find the position that is most comfortable for you. In addition to the armrests, the back of the chair is also adjustable. With Leap’s LiveBack® back technology, you can adjust the exact amount of recline for your desired postural change.

Why buy this:
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • Contoured backrest feature
  • Premium seat comfort for all-day support
  • Full ergonomic support and control
Check price on Steelcase >

6. Recess Ergo Pro Chair

recess ergo pro office chair australia

Want an ultra-supportive, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing office chair that won’t break the bank? You’ll love the Recess Ergo Pro Chair! You’re sure to perform at your best for hours with the Ergo Pro’s breathable mesh, discreet lumbar and neck support, and every adjustment you could ever need. With eight simple and easy-to-use ergonomic adjustments, we believe this is your next ultimate ergonomic home office chair without the designer purse price tag.

Why buy this:
  • Affordable but good quality
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic adjustments
  • Features an adjustable neckrest
  • Available in nice colours that pop in any space
Check price on Recess >

7. Noblechairs Hero Black Edition

noblechairs hero black edition office chair australia

The Noblechairs Hero Black Edition works well as both an office chair and a gaming chair. Noblechairs created an ergonomic gaming chair with unmatched comfort even after prolonged periods of gaming and working using input from eSports professionals. Its upholstery is part of the next generation of breathable materials. What’s more, this innovative hybrid material combines the best qualities of vinyl and polyurethane in an ingenious blend from Germany. As a result, the surface is ultra-soft and extremely durable!

Why buy this:
  • Suitable for gaming and working
  • Consists of porous, deformation-resistant cold-cut foam
  • Armrests and backrests can be adjusted to your precise requirements
  • Designed for both hard and soft flooring
Check price on Noblechairs >

8. KERDOM Ergonomic Office Chair

kerdom office chair australia

The KERDOM Ergonomic Office Chair is as simple as it gets in terms of features. This is why we think this chair will effortlessly satisfy your needs and fulfill its intended function of offering you support. You can work comfortably and in a relaxed position for lengthy periods of time thanks to its human-oriented ergonomic design. And in order to provide you with the most comfortable posture, it also has a high-density, breathable mesh back with lumbar support and a thick cushion. All things considered, we think this is a fantastic choice if you’re just starting out with your ergonomic workspace.

Why buy this:
  • Breathable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple but functional
Check price on Amazon >


We hope that our guide on the 8 Best Office Chairs in Australia has helped you to buy the best office chair in Australia for your workspace. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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