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14 Best Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

If you think of shopping in Singapore, you’re probably thinking about Orchard Road, the most famous shopping street. Orchard Road is perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Singapore. Orchard Road, being the country’s main entertainment centre, has a lot to offer visitors. You can get practically anything you need at these huge malls, from great cosmetic items to fashion must-haves to books to keep you engaged. From its humble beginnings, as a little road flanked, as well as commerce and restaurants, the area has gone a long way. Orchard Road is home to some of the top cuisine destinations in the city. With an extensive variety of Orchard Road restaurants in the market, which then are the best Orchard Road restaurants in Singapore? In our Best of Food series, we introduce the 14 Best Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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  • Best Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore (Summary)
  1. Korean Brunch & Desserts Cafe: Walking on Sunshine
  2. Fun collection of rock and roll memorabilia: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
  3. Go-to Japanese casual restaurant: Monster Curry (ION)
  4. All-day brunch and breakfast cafe: Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery
  5. Well-deserved Italian dining experience: Basilico
  6. One of the oldest restaurants in Singapore: Lawry’s The Prime Rib
  7. Known for its uniquely Singaporean buffet: StraitsKitchen
  8. Offering only the freshest seafood every day: TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central)
  9. A+American-style food and cocktail: Manhattan
  10. Pocket-friendly pints of ice cold beer: KPO Café Bar
  11. One of Singapore’s top Chinese restaurants: Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant
  12. Best steak restaurant: Bedrock Bar & Grill
  13. Good lunch complete with soup and a beverage: 49 Seats
  14. Buffet for international and continental cuisine: The Line
    Other Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore

Best Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore

1. Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Walking on Sunshine

Korean Brunch & Desserts Cafe 

If the name looks familiar, they have a sister shop called You are My Sunshine.  Both stores are Korean duo-concept restaurants featuring a café and salon under one roof, as well as the same famous lush greeneries and plants. Salad, Brunch, Mains, Sides, Sweets, Coffee, Tea, and Shakes are among the menu categories, with pricing that are greater than other cafes. Classic Bulgogi Salad, Crispy Korean Fried Chicken with Yangnyeom Sauce, Hake & Chips with Kimchi Tartare, Popcorn Chicken with Yangnyeom, and Kroffle, a combination between croissant and waffle, are among the Korean items on the menu.

Website: https://walkingonsunshine.sg/pages/wos-cafe
Address: ​​181 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 9021 3170
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2. Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

Fun collection of rock and roll memorabilia

Many people all across the world are familiar with the Hard Rock Café. These popular themed restaurants are known for their laid-back ambience, a vast collection of rock and roll memorabilia, and, of course, American food. One of Bob Dylan’s 12-string acoustic guitars and a white sequin jacket is worn on stage by James Brown are among the items on display, along with pictures, guitars, and clothing previously held by the world’s most famous rock performers. Along with hickory-smoked barbecue dishes including Pulled Pork sandwiches, Ribs, and Half-Chicken, the menu includes chicken wings, nachos, potato skins, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. On the other hand, The Hard Rock Café’s dessert menu, which includes Mud Pie, Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, and various shakes and floats, is obviously popular with families.

Website: https://www.hardrockcafe.com/location/singapore
Address: ​​50 Cuscaden Road, Hpl House #02-01 Singapore, Singapore 249724
Tel: +65 6235 5232
Facebook | Instagram

3. Monster Curry (ION)

Monster Curry (ION) orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Monster Curry (ION)

Go-to Japanese casual restaurant

Monster Curry, founded in 2012, is one of Singapore’s few casual Japanese restaurant franchises that specialises on Japanese curry. Since then, Monster Curry has made a name for itself in Singapore’s food and beverage industry, becoming the go-to Japanese casual restaurant for many curry fans. Its house-made “demi-glace” Japanese curry sauce is produced with 14 different spices and vegetables and takes two days to prepare, alternating between boiling and resting to provide a distinct flavour that is famous among Singaporeans. Monster Curry also takes a unique approach to curry by delivering different levels of heat to accommodate different spice tolerances.

Website: https://www.monstercurry.com.sg/
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-52 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6509 4555
Facebook | Instagram

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4. Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery

Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery

All-day brunch and breakfast cafe

Wild Honey provides two contemporary and pleasant cafés in the Orchard Road neighbourhood for morning and mid-day meals and is known for its wide range of breakfast and brunch dishes with global influences. Healthy options like the Raw Coconut Bircher with quinoa, almonds, apples, mango, and blueberry, classic egg dishes like the Full English Breakfast with Cumberland sausage and baked beans, and decadent indulgences like the Brittany with Panettone French toast with baby bananas, salted caramel mascarpone, and toffee hazelnuts are all on the menu. Although it is more expensive than other cafés in Singapore, the more distinctive flavours, such as the Spanish, are well worth the money.

Website: https://www.wildhoney.com.sg/mandarin-gallery
Address: 333A Orchard Rd, #03 – 01 / 02, Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6235 3900
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5. Basilico

Basilico orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Basilico

Well-deserved Italian dining experience

Basilico has received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, which is a well-deserved achievement. Basilico aspires to provide you with the freshest and most genuine Italian dining experience possible, with both a la carte and buffet dining options. Fill your tummy with as much spaghetti, cold cuts, meats, and gelato as possible. However, don’t miss out on the rotisserie, espresso bar, and walk-in wine cellar. The bread and cheese selection is amazing. With a white marble floor and an open kitchen where hot food is served, the restaurant features a modern interior design. Thus, you could even get a good look at the pool.

Website: https://regentsingapore.com.sg/dining/basilico/
Address: ​​1 Cuscaden Rd, Level 2 Regent Singapore, Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715
Tel: +65 6725 3232
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6. Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Lawry's The Prime Rib orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Lawry’s The Prime Rib

One of the oldest restaurants in Singapore

Lawry’s, an American restaurant, has been a meat eater’s paradise for the past 20 years or more. Its trademark dish, prime rib, is aged for up to 28 days and is oh-so-tender and flavourful. This steakhouse will make your list because of its delicious food, old-world elegance, big chandelier, and exceptional tableside service. Thus, Lawry’s Prime Rib is one of Singapore’s oldest restaurants, and its customers have always been loyal. Lawry’s has restaurants in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Hong Kong, Taipei, Osaka, Akasaka, Ebisu, and Seoul.

Website: https://www.lawrys.com.sg/
Address: ​​333A Orchard Rd, #04 – 01 / 31, Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6836 3333
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7. StraitsKitchen


StraitsKitchen orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: StraitsKitchen

Known for its uniquely Singaporean buffet

The next restaurant on our list, the Straits Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, is significantly more expensive than the previous, with average spending per pax more than twice. However, you will be rewarded with a spectacular dining experience in a tastefully decorated setting, as well as a delectable meal prepared with top-quality ingredients. StraitsKitchen is one of the most popular buffet restaurants for two reasons. It is known for its distinctly Singaporean buffet. This is where you take out-of-town visitors to sample the best of their local hawker cuisine in a sophisticated and friendly atmosphere. In addition, it is also a display and chance to try all of the popular local cuisines in one sitting. It also has a Halal-certified kitchen.

Website: https://www.singapore.grand.hyattrestaurants.com/straitskitchen.html
Address: ​​10 Scotts Rd, Grand Hyatt, Singapore 228211
Tel: +65 6732 1234
Facebook | Instagram

8. TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central)

TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central) orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central)

Offering only the freshest seafood every day

When you enter into TungLok, you will immediately notice all of the unmistakable indications that you’re in a Chinese restaurant. In Singapore, there are lots of seafood restaurants, but it’s far more difficult to locate one that regularly provides quality fish at reasonable pricing. Tung Lok Seafood, on the other hand, specialises in the best Singapore-style seafood produced to the Tung Lok brand’s quality and standards. Every day, they serve only the freshest fish. And so, TungLok Seafood’s menu is designed to appeal to the most demanding Singaporean palates. The menu features a variety of seafood dishes that combine the bounty’s freshness with distinct traditional tastes.

Website: http://www.tunglokseafood.com/
Address: ​​181 Orchard Rd, #11 – 05, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6834 4888
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9. Manhattan

Manhattan orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: Manhattan

A+ American-style food and cocktail

Next on the list is the magnificent bar of Regent Singapore gives a taste of 19th-century New York. Visit the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse, a working area with over 100 American oak barrels of international whiskey for tasting. Wild cherry bark and Schisandra berries are two exotic ingredients found in Manhattan. If you know your way around a bar, you’ll know that Manhattan is home to some of the top bars in the world. On the surface, Manhattan appears to be a luxury bar that transports you away from Singapore, but at its heart, it’s a place where individuals who like an A+ cocktail can meet and feel at ease.

Website: https://regentsingapore.com.sg/dining/manhattan/
Address: ​​1 Cuscaden Rd, Level 2 Regent Singapore, Singapore 249715
Tel: +65 6725 3377
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10. KPO Café Bar

KPO Café Bar orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: KPO Café Bar

Pocket-friendly pints of ice cold beer

The KPO Cafe Bar, on the other hand, is not named after the post office. It gets its name from the intersection of Killiney, Penang, and Orchard Road. The pub is quite conveniently located in the middle of town and is a favourite hangout location for the office crowd at dusk (next to Orchard Central). Moreover, it offers not just cheap beers and pub fare, but also certain Singaporean specialties and Western classics. Do you want to eat some local cuisine and drink some cheap pints of ice-cold beer? Local favourites like Hokkien mee and nasi lemak are served alongside Carlsberg and Kronenbourg draught beers.

Website: https://kpo.com.sg/
Address: ​​1 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239518
Tel: +65 8339 5368
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11. Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant
Source: Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant

One of Singapore’s top Chinese restaurants

On the other hand, Golden Palace Restaurant, one of the Crystal Jade empire’s finest locations, has long been a local favourite, and its steady audience is a witness to its excellent culinary quality. Crystal Jade Palace meets all of the requirements for a high-end Chinese restaurant. Aside from its fantastic setting, it offers pleasant, fast service and excellent Cantonese food, which is why reservations are required. Thus, the dim sum choices here are excellent. Freshly made and well-executed staples such as chee Cheong fun (rice flour rolls) are available. The true gems, however, may be discovered on the a la carte menu.

Website: https://www.crystaljade.com/
Address: ​​290 Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6734 6866
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12. Bedrock Bar & Grill

Bedrock Bar & Grill
Source: Bedrock Bar & Grill

Best steak restaurant

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites’ Bedrock Bar & Grill is a contemporary New York-style steakhouse. The restaurant has a dark, sensual, and sophisticated ambience, thus, making it an excellent choice for a professional luncheon or a romantic evening with your date. The menu is short and sweet. There are three types of beef: 300g Dry Aged Ribeye, 220g Tenderloin, and 400g USDA Prime Black Angus Ribeye from the United States, and three types of beef from Australia: 400g Ribeye, 350g Bone in Striploin, and 500g Porterhouse from Australia. Get the huge Tomahawk Steak for the table share if you’re dining with a large company.

Website: https://www.bedrock.com.sg/
Address: ​​96 Somerset Road #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Tel: +65 6238 0054
Facebook | Instagram

13. 49 Seats

49 seats orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: 49 seats

Good lunch complete with soup and a beverage 

Gone are the days when you could have a delectable western supper without breaking your budget. Thankfully, 49 Seats at Orchard Central exists, and so, it has made it a point to maintain its fusion gourmet cuisine relatively reasonable and accessible despite growing costs in this competitive sector. Orchard Road still has affordable and decent restaurants. One such restaurant is 49 Seats at The Centrepoint. It is where you can have a decent lunch for about $20, complete with soup and a beverage. 49 Seats is a neighbourhood diner noted for its low-cost fusion meals including Tom Yam Seafood Pasta and Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken.

Website: http://49seats.com/
Address: Orchard Central #08-08, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6225 4332
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14. The Line

The Line orchard road restaurants singapore
Source: The Line

Buffet for international and continental cuisine

One of the greatest buffets in town is at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore’s The Line. Everyone enjoys a good buffet, and so, at The Line, you may lose yourself in the wonderful world of international and continental cuisine. You can eat a little bit of everything and be totally satisfied before you even get to the end. Despite the few seafood options, the Line’s all-you-can-eat buffet has outstanding scallop sashimi that is buttery and delicious. Fresh oysters are assured and slurped right in front of your eyes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, hence, The Line offers a maritime Harvest-themed buffet with more seafood options than on other days, so be sure to check it out.

Website: http://www.golden-circle.com/thetable/restaurants-bars/shangri-la-hotel-singapore/the-line/
Address: ​​22 Orange Grove Road, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Lower Lobby, Tower Wing
Tel: +65 6213 4275
Facebook | Instagram

Other Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore:

Above these places, we hope that our guide on the 14 Best Orchard Road Restaurants in Singapore will help you to choose where to dine out and spend your meals. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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