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10 Best Outdoor CCTVs to Buy in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

With all of the latest technology accessible to homeowners, now is an excellent time to upgrade your home security system. You’ll be doing your household a lot of good by purchasing a few home outdoor CCTVs. However, outdoor CCTVs in Singapore sound fancy and expensive, so you can never be sure of what to pick. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together the Best Outdoor CCTVs to Buy in Singapore and choose the ideal outdoor CCTVs available in Singapore for your home that fits into your budget.

This article was last updated on 5 January 2023.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Outdoor CCTVs to Buy in Singapore
    1. IMILAB A1 Home CCTV
    2. Wistino HD 1080P NVR Kit Plug and Play
    3. YI 1080p Dome Camera
    4. PROLiNK® SmartCam Lite (PIC3005WN)
    5.  Aztech WIPC309HD Full HD Wireless IP Camera
    6. 360 Smart Wireless IP Camera
    7. EVKVO 5MP Security Camera
    8. BESDER 1080P PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera
    9. Hamrol 8MP 4K ONVIF IP Camera
    10. VIGI C340 VIGI 4MP Outdoor Full-Color Camera

Best Outdoor CCTVs to Buy in Singapore


IMILAB A1 Home CCTV Best Outdoor CCTVs Singapore
IMILAB A1 Home CCTV – Best Outdoor CCTVs in Singapore

High-resolution video with two-way audio

If you are looking for high-quality outdoor CCTV that will not break the bank, then IMILAB A1 Home CCTV will be the right fit for you. Fitted with a 3 MP camera and WDR wide dynamic technology, it restores images with clarity and better observable details. It also has full-colour night vision as well as motion detection and tracking. Moreover, its built-in microphone and speaker support two-way remote dialogue. This way, you can better identify who comes to your home even if you are outside. Additionally, the integrated H.265 video encoding technology allows it to save and transfer videos with less memory consumption while retaining its quality.

All-around coverage and security

Together with impressive audio and video capturing, the AIMILAB A1 also has 360° coverage, supports pan and tilt, and silent rotation. Moreover, you can connect this security system with the Mi Home App to watch over your home anytime and anywhere. This app not only provides you with real-time feed but also lets you watch stored footage whenever you need.

Record more hours if needed

Additionally, you can get the IMILAB A1 as a single camera or as a package with a 3-pin power adaptor and a Sandisk MicroSD Card. This way you have the option of watching your CCTV footage locally or having it stored on a mounted Micro SD memory card for later viewing. While the packages for this CCTV can include 32 GB and 128 GB memory cards, it can be used with cards that have up to 246 GB of memory. Furthermore, this outdoor CCTV comes with a 3-year local warranty that you can use to repair or replace the CCTV when necessary.

Why buy this:
  • Produces high-quality images for better-detailed observations
  • Made with a built-in speaker and microphone
  • Allows for 360° coverage for better observations
  • Can come as a set with a 3-pin adaptor and memory card
  • Comes with a 3-year local warranty
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2. Wistino HD 1080P NVR Kit Plug and Play

Wistino HD 1080P NVR Kit Plug and Play Best Outdoor CCTVs Singapore
Wistino HD 1080P – Outdoor CCTV Singapore

Best value for money

Offering HD video quality all day, this wireless CCTV from Wistino is very easy to install! You just have to mount the camera and plug the adapters in then you’re good to go. This camera is in colour mode during the day and automatically goes on black-and-white with the night mode so you’ll be sure not to miss anything outside your doors. To make it better, this outdoor security camera includes customizable motion sensors to choose the parts of your home that you want to get alerts for. Its downloadable app will alert you whenever there’s movement so you can immediately check the feed.

What we like the most about this security camera is you won’t need to use wi-fi. Just plug and play, and then you’ll be able to track everything on the app that is totally subscription-free! To conclude, this CCTV is honestly a steal because aside from these cost-effective features, the entire set already includes 4 pieces of 1080P HD IP cameras for as low as $200.

Why buy this:
  • No internet/wi-fi connection needed
  • Automatic night mode feature
  • Includes customizable motion sensors
  • Comes with a free app
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3. YI 1080p Dome Camera

YI 1080p Dome Camera Best Outdoor CCTVs Singapore
YI 1080p Dome Camera – Best Outdoor CCTVs Singapore

Extensive video coverage

This dome camera from YI offers an extensive range that covers most corners of your home. It provides a 360˚ horizontal and 115˚ vertical bidirectional rotational range, meaning it can go back and forth. Plus, the HD quality features 2 million pixels in the camera that allow you to zoom in on the tiniest details. With the motion sensors algorithm installed in the cams, it will definitely catch even the lightest step. So if you really want a security camera to capture the tiniest detail of your home whenever you’re not around, this YI Dome Camera is the perfect pick.

If you also have kids or babies in the house, YI Dome Camera would be a great choice. Its baby crying detection feature allows the device to send alerts to the YI application, so you can access the videos in real-time and immediately attend to your children’s needs.

Why buy this:
  • Wide bidirectional rotational range
  • Motion sensors and baby crying detection included
  • Offers a mobile app for better use
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4. PROLiNK® SmartCam Lite (PIC3005WN)

PROLiNK® SmartCam Lite (PIC3005WN)
PROLiNK® SmartCam Lite – Singapore Outdoor CCTV

The PROLiNK® SmartCam Lite (PIC3005WN) is a Full HD 1080p Smart Wi-Fi IP Camera with night vision and motion detection. The gadget’s 110-degree wide-angle lens and extra night vision feature (clear visibility of up to 10 meters) allow users to capture sharp and clear moving objects both day and night–definitely the ideal surveillance device!

The security camera is associated with the PROLiNK mEzee mobile app which can be downloaded on Android and iOS, giving users access to crystal clear photos whenever and wherever they choose. Moreover, the cameras send alerts to the app each time a movement is detected. And we totally love that it includes a built-in microphone and 1W speaker for two-way communication. It’s like getting both a security camera and audio surveillance in one device!

Why buy this:
  • Pan/tilt feature
  • Wide panoramic view
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
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5. Aztech WIPC309HD Full HD Wireless IP Camera

Aztech WIPC309HD Full HD Wireless IP Camera Best Outdoor CCTVs Singapore
Aztech WIPC309HD – Best Outdoor CCTV in Singapore

The Aztech WIPC309HD Wireless Camera offers full HD videos in real-time with 12 infrared LEDs to improve the night vision quality. It can be accessed remotely on your devices and is easy to install indoors and outdoors, depending on where you need it the most. With motion sensors and alarm notifications, you will know what’s going on everywhere in your home. Plus, it also has 2-way audio support so you can talk to your visitors! So if you’re looking for a budget and hassle-free security camera, Aztech WIPC309HD is the best one for you!

Why buy this:
  • Night vision with infrared LED technology
  • Offers remote accessibility
  • Sensitive motion sensors
  • With 2-way audio support
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6. 360 Smart Wireless IP Camera

360 Smart Wireless IP Camera
360 Smart Wireless IP Camera – Outdoor CCTVs Singapore

If you hate drilling on your walls, this 360 Smart Wireless IP Cam has a magnetic base that allows it to firmly attach to any metal surface. With this, you’ll be able to install a security camera without poking a hole in your wall. And it comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the perfect fit for your preferred CCTV location. With an HD 1080p resolution and vivid night vision of up to 7 meters, you can enjoy full-time surveillance.

On top of that, it can be connected to smartphones and computers using wi-fi for real-time viewing. And since it has a crying and motion detector, you’ll be able to immediately attend to emergencies once these cameras give you notifications in actual time. But if you’re worried these features might give you false alarms, rest assured that its face recognition software can prevent you from panicking since the device will recognize your family members through your back doors.

Why buy this:
  • Features face recognition software
  • Crying and motion detector
  • Adjustable base to adjust 360 degrees freely
  • Auto on/off timer mode
  • Two-way voice communication
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7. EVKVO 5MP Security Camera

EVKVO 5MP Security Camera
EVKVO 5MP Security Camera – Best Outdoor CCTV Singapore

Great quality with less energy consumption

With the EVKVO 5MP Security Camera, you can easily monitor your home’s surroundings and keep your family safe. Made with 5 MP resolution, this camera can capture and record images clearly for better security. It is also equipped with no-light night vision as well as a motion detection alarm in case any unexpected guests come into view. The human form recognition AI in this outdoor CCTV also makes sure that the motion detection alarm gives an alert only when it detects a human shape. Moreover, you can access the CCTV feed and alerts through your computer or phone. Because of these features, you will always have an idea and keep track of what happens around your home. 

In addition to sharp and crisp images, this outdoor CCTV can also pick up and record sounds clearly and with great quality. This is great for capturing important sounds for monitoring as well as evidence. Another feature that we like about the EVKVO security camera is its solar charging capability. This not only decreases your energy consumption but also helps the battery on your CCTV to last longer. 

Why buy this:
  • Made with 5 MP high-definition video capture
  • Equipped with night vision and motion detection
  • Uses human form recognition AI for better security
  • Detects and records sounds with great quality
  • Has solar charging capability for better energy usage
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8. BESDER 1080P PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera

BESDER 1080P PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera
BESDER 1080P PTZ Dome Camera – Singapore Outdoor CCTV

Best for night vision capabilities

If you’re searching for the best security camera for night vision, the BESDER 1080P PTZ Speed Dome IP66 Outdoor Camera is the way to go. It has a full-HD resolution of 1080P and can show footage from up to 40 meters away. It also has three kinds of night vision: IR night vision, Real night vision, and Smart night vision.

Moreover, this camera also provides sound and motion notifications that are sent directly to your email. Its 2-way audio communicator can be used not only to communicate with your loved ones at home but can also be used as an outside telecom or buzzer to screen guests.

Why buy this:
  • Great outdoor and nighttime features
  • Clear video resolution
  • Audio recording and motion detection
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9. Hamrol 8MP 4K ONVIF IP Camera

Hamrol 8MP 4K ONVIF IP Camera
Hamrol 8MP 4K ONVIF IP Camera – Best Outdoor CCTVs in Singapore

High-definition audio and video capture

When you install the Hamrol 8MP 4K ONVIF IP Camera, you can watch over your home with enough clarity to better observe every detail. Equipped with an 8 MP image sensor and up to 15 fps frame rate, allow for smoother and better focusing on what this outdoor CCTV views. This CCTV also has night vision and motion detection to give you better security whether day or night. Additionally, it has a built-in microphone, 2D/3D noise reduction, and digital wide dynamic. You can also access this security system while away from your home using your smartphone. 

To help save on memory space and reduce bandwidth usage, this CCTV is also made with the newest H.265 compression technology. This way, you can record and keep track of what happens in the surroundings of your home for more hours. Furthermore, its metal housing and IP6 waterproof rating allow it to endure harsh weather conditions and other environmental factors. 

Why buy this:
  • Made with high-definition video recording capability
  • Great for whole-day and all-around security
  • Consumes less bandwidth and memory
  • Highly durable with an IP6 waterproof rating
Check price on Shopee >

10. VIGI C340 VIGI 4MP Outdoor Full-Color Camera

VIGI C340 VIGI 4MP Outdoor Full-Color Camera
VIGI C340 VIGI – Outdoor CCTV Singapore

Full-colour video capturing at all hours

Are you looking for an outdoor CCTV that can keep track of what happens around your home in full detail? The VIGI C340 VIGI 4MP Outdoor Full-Color Camera can get this done as well as record in vivid colours. Its 4 MP camera captures sufficient details while its 24H Full-Colour system provides colours to the recorded images even at night. These systems also work in tandem with a large aperture lens, a highly sensitive sensor, and built-in supplemental lights. It also has motion detectors that not only send alerts to your phone but also warn against potential intruders using lights and sounds. Together with motion detection, you will also receive alerts whenever someone is trying to obstruct or tamper with the camera. Moreover, this outdoor CCTV lets you set customised activity zones and boundaries for more focused monitoring.

Why buy this:
  • Records videos in colour and high resolutions
  • Equipped with motion detectors and warns against intruders
  • Allows users to set specific areas for close monitoring
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >


We hope that our guide on the Best Outdoor CCTVs to Buy in Singapore will help you to find the best security devices for your home. Do also read our other home and renovation guides! Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more guides that we will be releasing soon!


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