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10 Best Online Stores to Buy a Pajama Terno in the Philippines

With the quarantine period seeming like forever, our stylish outfits have been hibernating in our wardrobes with no opportunities to wear them out. As most of us work from home for probably more years ahead, who can blame you if you spend most of your days in either a pambahay or a pajama terno? Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up at home! Take your sleepwear to a whole new level with our list of the 10 Best Online Stores to Buy a Pajama Terno in the Philippines where you can cop comfy jammies from.

This article was last updated on 16 January 2022.

Table of contents 

  • Best Online Stores to Buy a Pajama Terno in the Philippines
    1. ENWEN
    2. Eleavy
    3. Paj Sleepwear
    4. Zumi Luxe Sleepwear
    5. Wear Margaox
    6. Dainty Doll Shoppe
    7. Cad.mnl
    8. Silk St. by E&A
    9. Private Storey
    10. Little Maeden

10 Best Online Stores to Buy a Pajama Terno in the Philippines


ENWEN pajama terno philippines
Image Source: ENWEN Shopee

With 90s fashion making a comeback, baggy clothing is once again the trend. If you’re looking for adorable big-sized pajama terno, ENWEN fits that aesthetic. ENWEN International is a clothing store for comfortable and fashionable sleepwear. Baggy polo pajama terno, huge size round neck dress sleepwear, silk chiffon terno, and raffles nightwear are available here in charming designs and colors for all ages.

3-in-1 short and pajama set

We all know how wacky a tropical climate can be, so you may want to wear light and loose clothing even at night. Wearing a pajama may still be too much, especially in the summer, but ENWEN’s 3-in-1 baggy shorts and pajama set made of cotton spandex can keep you comfy. This combo is very practical because you can always have a pair on hand regardless of whether the night is too hot or cold. You can choose from fun designs like animals and fruits, since you can never be too old for cartoon prints!

Check out ENWEN Shopee >
Shop ENWEN Lazada >
enwenENWEN International
+639 4587 03249
Facebook | Shopee | Lazada

2. Eleavy

Eleavy pajama terno philippines
Image Source: Eleavy Shopee

Eleavy is yet another clothes retailer on Shopee. You can find adorable and affordable pajama ternos here for as little as P149! Like ENWEN, you can also find baggy ternos in different designs and sizes. Browse through Eleavy’s sleepwear collection here.

What we like: Casual Sleeveless Sleepwear Terno. There’s barely anything comfier and more breathable than a sando and shorts set. With their new casual and sexy collection, Eleavy makes a shift from their usual outdoor dresses and tops into more pambahay-friendly pieces. Their sleeveless sets are only P168 and come in aesthetically pleasing colors such as light blue, navy blue, black, pink, gray, purple, red, and yellow.

Shop for pajama terno at Eleavy Shopee >
EleavyEleavy Official Store
You may contact Eleavy Official Store via Shopee Chat 

3. Paj Sleepwear

Paj Sleepwear pajama terno philippines
Image Source: Paj Sleepwear Facebook

Paj Sleepwear is another shop we’re adding to our list to get a silk pajama terno. We like this store because the pajama ternos are available for both men and women, so you can get matchy with your friends, siblings, or even your significant other! They pride themselves on sleepwear made by Filipino sewers, so if you’re looking for locally made products, this Instagram shop is for you. Their silk set bundles are also available in different colors, so don’t be shy to send them a message for inquiries!

Check out Paj Sleepwear >
Paj SleepwearPaj Sleepwear
Facebook | Instagram

4. Zumi Luxe Sleepwear

Zumi Luxe Sleepwear pajama terno philippines
Image Source: Zumi Luxe Sleepwear Facebook

If you love Korean-style cotton short sleeve shirts paired with shorts, you might be able to find a design from Zumi Luxe Sleepwear that suits your style! Zumi Sleepwear is a homegrown brand and their sleepwear is proudly Philippine-made. Plus, their pajama and shorts terno range from the most vivid combination of colors up to the most basic checkered patterns. So whether you’re feeling adventurous or modest, Zumi has the loungewear to fit your mood.

Shop for pajama terno at Zumi >
Zumi Luxe SleepwearZumi Luxe Sleepwear
0917 581 5377
Facebook | Instagram 

5. Wear Margaox

Wear Margaox pajama ternos philippines
Image Source: Wear Margaox Facebook

In the mood for a Disney-inspired pajama party? Then you should check Wear Margaox out! This Instagram-based online store sells clothes for women like dresses, swimsuits, tops, and sleepwear. Their pajama ternos come with different classic colors and adorable designs, but we highly suggest trying out the ones with prints like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pooh, and Snoopy to satisfy your kids-at-heart slumber party. Send them a private message to know more about their prices.

Check out Wear Margaox >
Wear MargaoxWear Margaox
Facebook | Instagram 

6. Dainty Doll Shoppe

Dainty Doll Shoppe pajama ternos philippines
Image Source: Dainty Doll Facebook

Dainty Doll Shoppe is a one-stop online shop for everything nightwear. Since they are a direct supplier for other small local online businesses, they have all sorts and styles of sleepwear like pajama terno, shorts, dresses, long sleeves, and sandos—all available in either cotton or silk. You can check their Facebook page for a complete list of available items and hit them up for orders and inquiries.

Shop for pajama terno at Dainty Doll Shoppe >
Dainty Doll ShoppeDainty Doll Shoppe
+961 1 910 751
Facebook | Instagram 

7. Cad.mnl

Cad.mnl pajama ternos philippines
Image Source: ClassyAllDay.Mnl Facebook

If plain or plaid pajamas are too dull for you, look into Cad.mnl. Their vast selection of patterned pajama terno may be precisely what you’re looking for when it comes to loungewear. Moreover, Cad.mnl defines sleepwear by making pajama sets with uncommon and vivid designs (prices upon request), such as flowers, animals, fruit, and even popular cartoon characters. They also come in either long pants or shorts if you prefer one over the other.

What we like: Bedroom slippers. Nothing beats a pajama terno paired with a pair of soft bedroom slippers! Aside from looking adorable, several studies show that people are more productive when they are relaxed, so wearing a nice pair of warm, fuzzy slippers throughout your WFH night shifts may be useful. So if you’re looking for comfortable bedroom slippers to pair with your comfy pajamas, Cad.mnl is the best local online store to check out.

Check out Cad.mnl >
0953 447 2594
Facebook | Instagram 

8. Silk St. by E&A

Silk St by E&A
Image Source: Silk St. by E&A Facebook

If you’re the type of couple who likes to look adorable in matching pajamas, Silk St. by E&A has a pair for you. They have timeless, cozy, and beautiful robes, souvenir items, and silk pajama terno that you can wear to match with your jowa—whether you live under the same roof or have a charming PJ date through video call. These jammies are available in red, blue, pink, and green, and you can have them embroidered with your quirky nicknames for each other for a more personal touch. Matchy jammie with boyfie? Sana all!

Shop for customized silk pajamas at Silk St. >
Silk St. by E&ASilk St. by E&A
0995 016 4139
Facebook | Instagram

9. Private Storey

Private Storey
Image Source: Private Storey Facebook

If you want to upgrade your sleepwear game, Private Storey’s exquisite pajama sets are a perfect way to start. They come in a variety of outfits, including shorts sets, long trousers, dresses, robes, sleeveless sets, and crop top outfits—all of which look good enough for the gram! And if you want to match your jammies with your beddings and accessories, they have silk pillowcases available as well as eye masks, scrunchies, and face masks.

Check out Private Storey >
Private StoreyPrivate Storey
0921 495 1686
Facebook | Instagram

10. Little Maeden

Little Maeden
Image Source: Little Maeden Facebook

Wearing gorgeous nightgowns and sleepwear isn’t just for the elderly; kids may join in on the fun as well! Little Maeden ensures that each of your youngsters has their own pair of silk pajamas. Since 2015, it has been an established fashion company that delivers classic and stylish sleepwear and loungewear sets produced from premium fabrics. Furthermore, the brand views the ideal lifestyle through daily fashion, supporting diverse collections—both classics and trends—that can be worn from day to night! 

Their pajamas for kids and adults come in blue, pink, black, and white, so you can easily hold a family matchy-matchy movie night.

Shop for pajamas at Little Maeden >
Little MaedenLittle Maeden
0915 768 3722


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Online Stores to Buy a Pajama Terno has helped you to buy the best sleepwear set for you and your family. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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