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12 Best Preschools, Nursery, & Kindergarten in Singapore (2022)

Parents always want the best for their children, and that includes finding the right preschool that satisfies their tot’s needs. With so many options for preschools, nurseries, and kindergartens out there, it’s difficult to know the right pick. This year, we’ve put together the best preschools, nursery, and kindergarten in Singapore so your family would know where to start.

This article was last updated on 29 June 2022.

Table of contents 

  • Best Preschools, Nursery, and Kindergarten in Singapore (Summary)
    1. Learning through the Magic of Stories: Star Learners Child Care
    2. Unique, music-infused curriculum built in multi-disciplinary lands: Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care
    3. Most accessible: My First Skool
    4. Unique learning approach: MindChamps 
    5. Weekend classes: Brainy Child Montessori
    6. UK-based curriculum: Rain Trees Kindergarten
    7. Great programme inclusions: Tots & Teddies
    8. Intangible learning: The Little House Montessori
    9. With Mandarin programme: Little Paddington
    10. Reggio Emilia-inspired: Between Two Trees
    11. Children with special needs: Kindle Garden
    12. Science-based curriculum: MerlionKids

12 Best Preschools, Nursery, & Kindergarten in Singapore

1. Star Learners Child Care 

Star Learners - Best Preschools, Nursery, & Kindergarten in Singapore

Source: Star Learners Child Care

Learning through the Magic of Stories 

Star Learners’ unique literature-based curriculum immerses every child in rich and exciting worlds, and opens up a world of opportunities for them to tackle concepts in multiple learning areas.

Through its integration with a robust activity-based approach, children learn a multitude of essential skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.

Under the ECDA partner operator (POP) scheme, Star Learners is the largest appointed partner and is committed to accessibility, affordability and quality. It also prides itself on developing a generation of young children with strength of Character, Confidence and Creativity.

Curriculum Highlights
  • Distinct and proprietary Starbeam™ Framework is designed to develop Happy learners, Empathic thinkers, Respectful, confident communicators and Open collaborators
  • Stories in its Literature-based curriculum are thoughtfully curated from children’s literature around the globe – opening a world of perspectives that inspire
  • Harnessing the power of stories, children tackle multiple concepts and skills presented via story elements (e.g. characters’ points of view, conflicts presented)
  • Together with an activity-based approach, children engage in active learning, where they play with purpose
AddressMultiple locations island-wide
Tel+65 6250 0173
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Contact Form
Check out Star Learners  > 
Star Learners LogoStar Learners | +65 6250 0173
Instagram | Facebook

2. Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care

Kinderland Preschool - Best Preschools, Nursery, & Kindergarten in Singapore (2022)

Unique, music-infused curriculum built in multi-disciplinary lands

Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care opens an amazing world of learning opportunities for your little ones, and not just in academics, but in every aspect of their lives. Their key to success lies in their unique, music-infused curriculum built around the six developmental domains of a child based on learning areas identified by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Research has shown that instrumental musical training helps to promote children’s brain development, so it is no surprise that Kinderland’s unique music-infused curriculum has been empowering young minds for more than 40 years now. To fully benefit from the Kinderland programme, Dr Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, recommends parents to enroll their child as young as 2 months old. 

Kinderland’s time-tested music-infused curriculum is manifested through the K.I.N.D.E.R multidisciplinary lands. It is comprised of Kineticland (holistic wellness programmes to build motor skills and cardio wellness), Intelliland (hones language and literacy skills), Natureland (helps to spur inquisitive minds through exploration of nature), Digiland (for understanding numeracy and building logical thinking), EQland (focused on refining social and emotional skills), and cReativeland (encourages creative expression). Having the chance to learn all these useful skills ensures that your children will be competent and empathetic future-ready citizens with a growth mindset. Read more about this unique curriculum here.

Purposefully designed spaces for effective learning

Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care has 15 branches located all over Singapore. Our centres are equipped with facilities to conduct music lessons, IT room, infant care bay (in our 12 centres providing infant care service), and indoor or outdoor play areas to optimise your child’s developmental growth and learning. The learning centres also have their own Tasty Kitchens, where a menu planned by a certified in-house nutritionist is prepared and served to ensure that all students get the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Beyond classroom learning, Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang is also the first and only preschool in Singapore with a marching band and stage ensemble that perform on important occasions and events like the Early Childhood Conference 2019 and Octoburst 2019 – A Children’s Festival by Esplanade. 

Register here to speak with Kinderland’s centre principal and learn more about their programmes and fee structure.

Curriculum highlights:
  • Research-based instrumental music training that boosts children’s brain development, especially the part of the brain that controls visual-spatial skills, vital for learning maths and science, while sharpening memory and improving verbal intelligence and literacy
  • The music programme for infants and toddlers introduces songs, music and rhymes at an early age, providing an auditory stimulus to foster language development and enhance memory. The KinderBabes and KinderTots music programme provides children with foundational skills for instrumental learning in the upper levels. 
  • Learn how to read and write through a multi-sensory IT programme from the US
  • KinderFit Cardio-Fitness Programme – fun physical activities + lessons on proper eating habits and lifestyle
  • Nurtures every child to become curious, caring, capable, creative, confident, and communicative global citizens who are socially responsible, mindful, and have a growth mindset
  • Focuses on all six developmental domains of a child based on learning areas identified by the Singapore Ministry of Education
Check out Kinderland Preschool and Infant Care >
Kinderland Preschool and Infant Care | 68818818
Instagram | Facebook

3. My First Skool

my little skool preschools singapore
Source: My First Skool Facebook

My First Skool is one of the most accessible preschools and childcare centers in Singapore. It has more than 100 locations in Singapore alone, so if you’re looking for a preschool close to your workplace, then you might want to enroll your kiddo here.

For the preschool (4 to 6 years old), My First Skool has its curriculum called Skool-Ready. In this curriculum, students are encouraged to explore their topics of interest and investigate further to find answers. On top of that, this preschool has carefully engineered classrooms based on safety, age-appropriateness, comfort, aesthetics, and even privacy. With that, parents can work or rest easy knowing their little ones are safe and comfortable at school.

Furthermore, financial assistance is also available for low-income parents. For a complete table of fees and subsidies, you may visit the Admission tab on their website.

Check out My First Skool > 
Address: Multiple locations islandwide
Tel: + 6509 7887
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Contact Form

4. MindChamps (from $1,765)

mindchamps preschools singapore
Source: MindChamps Facebook

MindChamps Preschool provides quality education for children aged 18 months to 6 years old. They use the 3-Mind Approach to keep children curious and open-minded in this constantly changing world, so it’s great for parents looking for a different learning approach for their kids. In the unique 3-Mind Approach (Champion, Learning, and Creative), their educators undergo up to 200 hours of mandatory training to ensure your child’s mind is nurtured by highly qualified and engaging teachers.

Their rates start from $1,765 up to $1,965. You may refer to their complete table of fees and subsidies here.

Check out MindChamps > 
Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #04-100 Marina Square Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6828 2688
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Contact Form

5. Brainy Child Montessori (from $800/month)

brainy child preschools singapore
Source: Brainy Child Montessori

Located on Orchard Road, Brainy Child Montessori is an international preschool with specialized programmes for children aged 18 months to 7 years old. Its preschool classes cover practical lessons, art and cultural lessons, language awareness, and math activities. Additionally, Brainy Child Montessori also has other programmes like brain training, language classes, and even holiday classes. They also provide full-day and half-day programs in the week and weekend classes for those who missed a class during weekdays. These weekend classes usually consist of phonics, math, and language programmes.

For parents who want to give their child a firm head start, you can enroll in their Mum and Tot programme where your kiddo can go to class with you. In this program, the toddler is accompanied by one adult. Parents can also learn through these sessions, especially on the activities you can do with your children at home.

Their rates start from $800 to $1,300/month. Teacher to child ratio is 1:9.

Check out Brainy Child Montessori > 
Address: 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza #05-38 to 43, Singapore 238841 (Beside Centrepoint OG)
Tel: (+65) 6733 7669
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Contact Form

6. Rain Trees International Kindergarten (from $1,875/month)

rain trees preschools singapore
Source: Rain Trees International Kindergarten

Established in 1999, Rain Trees International Kindergarten is an independent international preschool best for UK-based curriculum. Its students are mostly from international communities in Singapore, but it is open for every child within the age range of 18 months to 6 years old. This school adopted a British-based curriculum to meet the needs of the ex-pat community in Asia.

Rain Trees International Kindergarten focuses on learning through hands-on activities, exploration, and recreation. Other learning areas include personal and social development, communication, language and literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and a lot more. Since this school emphasizes creating a learning environment that stimulates social interaction, then your kids will split their time in learning inside the classroom and playing outdoors!

Their rates start at $7,500/term, approximately $1,875/month.

Check out Rain Trees International Kindergarten > 
Address: 60 Kheam Hock Rd, Singapore 298824
Tel: +65 6474 6181
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact Form

7. Tots & Teddies (from $2,375/month)

tots and teddies preschools singapore
Source: Tots & Teddies

Tots & Teddies is an award-winning preschool that uses a specialized teaching approach. It offers a bilingual inquiry-based curriculum for children within the age range of 3 months to 7 years old.

What’s great about this preschool is the subsidized programmes. Low-income parents may apply for subsidies so their kids can fully enjoy all programme inclusions for a lower rate. These inclusions are excursions and field trips, bi-weekly bus trips to outdoor play areas, a premium food menu by professional chefs, a full suite of Oxford Reader books, and more.

Their rates start from $2,375/month (after basic subsidy) up to $2,500/month (before subsidy).

Check out Tots & Teddies > 
Address: 62 Cecil Street, #04-00 TPI Building, Singapore 049710
Tel: +65 6816 0001
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Contact Form

8. The Little House Montessori (from $3,150/term)

the little house preschools singapore
Source: The Little House Montessori

The Little House Montessori first opened its doors in 1994 for kids ranging from 2-6 years of age. For parents who want to focus on intangibles for their child’s head start, this preschool is the right pick. They aim to prepare children with life experiences, so they are equipped with fun life skill activities like weekly science experiments, a garden for outdoor play, and cooking sessions.  With these, students can develop leadership, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and team playing abilities.

What’s good about The Little House Montessori is they don’t write report cards for your child. Instead, they make observations and write them down to discuss your kiddo’s strengths and improvements during teacher-parent conferences.

Their rates start from $3,150/term (10 weeks) up to $3,950/term (10 weeks).

Check out The Little House Montessori > 
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #06-08 Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 6816 0001
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact Form

9. Little Paddington Preschool (from $1,200/month)

little paddington preschools singapore
Source: Little Paddington Preschool

At Little Paddington Preschool, children learn through various projects and hands-on experiences. So if your kid loves messing with things, then you might want to consider enrolling them here. Little Paddington guarantees a balanced focus on social and emotional development by teaching through activities that encourage curiosity and creativity. Plus, they are also well-known for spacious playgrounds, water play areas, and gardening, so kids will surely have fun while discovering!

Little Paddington offers full-day and half-day programmes for preschoolers from 18 months to 6 years. There is also a Mandarin programme for children who want to become bilingual as early as preschool. In this program, they will learn how to speak, read, write, and converse in Mandarin.

Their rates for preschool start at $1,200/month.

Check out Little Paddington Preschool > 
East Coast – 26A Jalan Ulu Siglap Road (457184)
Bukit Timah – 236 Turf Club Road (287985)
Tanglin Road – 314 Tanglin Road, 01 -17 Phoenix Park (247977)
Kovan – 236 Turf Club Road (287985)
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Contact Form

10. Between Two Trees (from $1,369.60/month)

between two trees
Source: Between Two Trees

Started in 2009, Between Two Trees (B2T) is a charming small preschool with Reggio Emilia-inspired learning spaces. As a result, their classrooms tend to look different than average preschools with large common spaces and lots of curiosity-sparking materials to assist with kids’ learning. There are also opportunities for outdoor play with their playground and trampoline.

B2T’s preschool programme offers half-day and full-day schedules for ages groups pre-nursery to kindergarten 2. Its emergent curriculum includes literacy in English and Mandarin, mathematics, visual arts, and science. So if you’re looking for a small, homely, and uncommon place for your little one, B2T is the right choice.

Their rates start from $1,369.60/month to $1,979.50/month. Parents may also apply for a subsidy.

Check out Between Two Trees > 
Holland Road – 7 Ming Teck Park S 277375 (At the corner of Holland Road and Sixth Avenue, opposite Jelita Shopping Centre)
Clarke Quay – 11 Keng Cheow Street #01-01 Riverside Piazza S 059608
Tel: +65 6733 9768; +65 6533 2490
Contact Form

11. Kindle Garden (from $1,048/month)

kindle garden
Source: Kindle Garden

Through Kindle Garden’s non-discriminatory curriculum, kids are expected to become more confident and socially competent. This is the first preschool to accept children with special needs and include them in regular classes to encourage and support individual learning. With this kind of inclusive education, your little one will surely develop more connections with others.

For Kindergarteners Program (4-6 years old), Kindle Garden uses the project approach by providing new concepts and contents for small groups to allow in-depth discussions and direct instructions. On top of that, they also practice daily team games to encourage sportsmanship and friendship.

Their rates start at $1,048/month. For a complete table of fees with basic subsidy, visit the Admissions tab on their website.

Check out Kindle Garden > 
Address: 20 Lengkok Bahru, #02-05 159053, Singapore
Tel: +65 6511 7660
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact Form

12. MerlionKids International Preschool

Source: MerlionKids

MerlionKids is a Singapore-based premier preschool known for using the Cognitive Neuroscience curriculum.  It is based on the idea that your child learns through experiences and environment during the early period of brain development. Thus, we recommend enrolling your kiddo here if you want them to become fond of science subjects. MerlionKids is among the few preschools in Singapore that includes a whole range of scientific experiments and activities in their curriculum.

In addition, their programmes also feed on the development of other skills like empathy, confidence, critical thinking, creativity, literacy, and numeracy abilities. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive preschool to provide everything your child needs, MerlionKids is the cream of the crop.

Check out MerlionKids > 
Address: 38 Poh Huat Crescent, Singapore 546871
Tel: +65 6288 1838
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Contact Form


We sincerely hope that our recommendations on the 12 Best Preschool, Nursery, and Kindergarten in Singapore have helped your find the best preschool for your tot. Please share this with your family and friends if you’ve found it useful. Do look forward to more preschool guides that we will be releasing soon!

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