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10 Best Sports Bra in Malaysia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

A lot of us get inspired whenever we see those ‘that girl’ reels on social media. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing to watch a lifestyle like that—you know, waking up early, working out, eating healthy, keeping everything neat and tidy, and chasing productivity all day. And we totally get you—yes, we love those cute active wear! We can’t stop browsing online marketplaces for things like the best sports bra in Malaysia too!

But more than just its aesthetic vibe, you do need proper workout clothes, particularly a sports bra to keep your chest and highly sensitive bust protected and supported depending on the level of impact of a particular exercise. This helps prevent pain in your chest area and premature breast sagging during physical activity. But with so many options to choose from, which then is the best sports bra in Malaysia? In this article, we provide quality options for every budget and lifestyle.

This post was last updated on 04 January 2023.

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1. Lovito Summer Sports Shock Proof Bra

Best Sports Bra Malaysia Lovito Summer Shock Proof

It’s easy to add this Lovita Summer Sports Shock Proof Bra to cart because of its stylish design, not to mention, it’s available in a variety of nice colours including light blue, blue, pink, purple, and black. But it does more than just making your workouts extra aesthetic. This high-stretch, shock-proof yet comfortable sports bra provides remarkable compression for high impact activities like running.

Made with polyester, it is buttery soft, lightweight, breathable, and has outstanding moisture-wicking feature. Thus, you can wear this sports bra on any day no matter the level of humidity.

Why buy this:
  • Shockproof sports bra great for high impact activities
  • Lightweight, breathable, and remarkable at wicking moisture
  • Buttery soft, high stretch, and comfy
  • Comes with removable pads
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Good quality at an affordable price
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2. Decathlon Fitness Cardio Women Sports Bra

Best Sports Bra Malaysia Decathlon Fitness Cardio Women

While this sports bra was specially designed for low impact activities, its racerback structure provides great support for a wide range of motions involved in workouts like Pilates, strength training, and some forms of stretching. It comes with soft cups with no padding which makes it ideal for women with small bust size. But if you do wish to add one, this sports bra has special openings for removable padding that you can purchase separately.

We love that the Decathlon Fitness Cardio Women Sports Bra features a breathable, quick-drying fabric which will keep us comfortable and fresh during our workout session. Also, it’s a perfect staple in your workout wardrobe because it comes in neutral colours, making it easy to pair with any leggings or workout shorts.

Why buy this:
  • Outstanding quality for low impact workouts
  • Made with breathable, quick-drying fabric
  • Has special openings for removable pads
  • Comes in neutral colours
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3. Adidas Training Mesh Sports Bra

Best Sports Bra Malaysia Adidas Training Mesh

Looking really sporty, fitness buffs won’t second guess checking out this sports bra from Adidas. Designed to provide medium support, you can wear it whether in a fitness dance class or out in a forest to hike. Thank its pullover design with x-back straps, it strikes the sweet spot between the right amount of compression and unrestricted mobility. What’s more, it’s made with 70% recycled polyester which isn’t only skin-friendly but friendly to the environment as well. The sports bra already shows a lot of skin on the back, yet the remaining coverage was still constructed with mesh cut-outs which you’ll absolutely love for its comfortable breathability. And so, you wouldn’t feel too lazy to break a sweat no matter how hot the day is!

Why buy this:
  • Provides medium support
  • Remarkable compression but doesn’t restrict mobility
  • Designed with sustainability in mind
  • Wicks sweat effectively
  • Highly breathable
  • Exudes sporty appeal
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4. Reebok Yellow Wor Tri Back Bra

Best Sports Bras Malaysia Reebok Wor Tri Back

Just entered the unexplored world of fitness and don’t know where and how to start? Don’t lose the motivation early on. This strappy sports bra from Reebok with its cheerful sunshiny colour will surely inspire you to jumpstart your day. Put this on, head out, and complete your 10,000 steps for the day in style! It’s absolutely great that this sports bra is 91% polyester which will surely keep your sweat at bay as you carry on with your low impact exercises.

Why buy this:
  • Fast-drying and wicks moisture effectively
  • Strappy back design keeps you stay cool and stylish
  • Perfect for low impact activities
  • Comes in yellow colour which is flattering for most skin tones
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5. Puma X Adriana Lima Always Ready Sports Bra

Best Sports Bras Malaysia Puma X Adriana Lima Always Ready

Whether you’re into boxing, spin classes, or weight training, this Puma X Adriana Lima Always Ready Sports Bra will keep you in the zone with its medium impact compression and breathable mesh racerback structure. And oh, who wouldn’t want to put on that inviting vibrant red colour first thing in the morning? We absolutely love how attractive this sports bra is. And on top of that, it’s comfy on the skin!

Why buy this:
  • Made for medium impact training
  • Racerback design facilitates good compression without restricting mobility
  • Mesh back provides more ventilation
  • Keeps body dry and cool during workouts
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6. Forest Ladies Dri Fit Sports Bra

Best Sports Bras Malaysia Forest Ladies Dri Fit

Constructed with spandex, this super stretchy sports bra will gracefully move with your body during your Pilates or weightlifting session. You’ll enjoy unrestricted movement while keeping your bust intact and protected. What’s more, the Forest Ladies Dri Fit Sports Bra comes in various colours including dusty blue, DK grey, and maroon. So you have a few options if you wish to take a break from your usual black or grey sports bra. But if you prefer the neutrals, they’ve got black too.

Why buy this:
  • Great for workouts with a large range of motion
  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Available in various nice colours
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7. Felancy High Impact Sports Bra

Felancy High Impact

Love running? Morning, afternoon, or evening? Regardless of your timing, what matters is that you’re wearing the right sports bra like this Felancy High Impact Sports Bra. Its racerback design and high impact support will keep you unrestricted while protected as you speed off the racetrack. You’ll also feel confident with its stylish and edgy line patterns. That being said, this sports bra is a proof that function and style can look perfect together.

Why buy this:
  • Perfect for high impact sports and workouts
  • Comes with removable padding
  • Provides good compression while allowing unrestricted range of motion
  • Features a stylish, edgy design
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8. Angelmommy Sports Bra


Speaking of edgy, what is edgier than the sexy back design of this Angelmommy sports bra? But more than just for aesthetic function, this allows for better airflow, keeping you cool and dry during your workout session. On top of that, it’s made with nylon which is one of the most durable fabrics widely used in activewear. It is soft and nice on the skin and effectively wicks moisture. What’s more, this fabric is resistant against mould and mildew, which makes it super hygienic and skin friendly.

Why buy this:
  • Stretchy and durable fabric
  • Has great moisture-wicking feature
  • Perfect for any weather
  • Breathable and hygienic
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9. Energized Ultra U-Back Sports Bra

Energized Ultra U-Back

Need to stash a new addition to your low-impact sets? We’ve got a pick for you, and that’s the Energized Ultra U-Back Sports Bra. With its super stretchy and soft material, this sports bra will literally go with the flow with you as you perform your daily stretches. We’d also love to note the seamless knit construction which makes this sports bra extra durable and flattering. What’s more, it looks so aesthetic in three colours available: beige, maroon, and navy.

Why buy this:
  • Designed for low impact activities
  • Comes with removable padding
  • Features seamless knit construction
  • Stretchy and soft
  • Available in various colours
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10. Moving Peach Sports Bra

Moving Peach

Well, for my personal taste, finally, here’s a high-quality sports bra that’s available in pink! If you’re feeling extra sweet and feminine today, this is surely your go-to activewear. But though that colour is gentle, don’t underestimate how tough this can last on countless trainings in your fitness journey! We absolutely love its four-way stretch feature as well as its soft, comfy, breathable, and quick-drying fabric. Moreover, it has a mesh back that facilitates added ventilation, plus, a hook and eye closure to easily put it on and take it off. And oh, it’s not only available in pink. If you love neutrals, it comes in black and white, too!

Why buy this:
  • Comes with four-way stretch feature
  • Soft, comfy, breathable, and quick drying
  • Comes with removable pads
  • With hook and eye closure on the back to easily put it on and take it off
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We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Sports Bra in Malaysia has helped you to buy the best sports bra in Malaysia for your road to fitness workouts. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.