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10 Best SUV Cars in Malaysia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

SUVs are highly popular for good reasons. They typically have better protection and safety, better driving comfort, a capable suspension system, and the best of all, all-terrain capabilities. With its increasing popularity, each automaker manufacturer now has at least one SUV model, and every year they come with new technologies and features to improve your driving comfort. Besides that, SUV is also now more spacious than ever for a family car and offers optimal fuel efficiency that allows you to save more money on gasoline. With an extensive variety of SUV cars available in the market, which then is the best SUV Car in Malaysia? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 10 Best SUV Cars in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your budget and lifestyle. For the ultimate auto and lifestyle guides, also check out our best car mat and car charger recommendations!

This article was last updated on 04 January 2023.

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10 Best SUV Cars in Malaysia

1. Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport SUV Cars Malaysia

Best luxury SUV

From all of its siblings, the Range Rover Sport is the most versatile SUV from Land Rover, offering a perfect balance of style and performance. It’s not necessarily the largest or the lightest of its kind as well, but the abilities and talents of Range Rover Sport is just unbeatable. That includes offering outstanding performance in all terrains whether it’s mud, dirt roads, or even snow, excellent handling dynamism, up to the first-rate cabin that gives the true feeling of luxury both on the wheel or the passenger seats. 

A sportier design that’s more fun to drive!

Like its name, the Range Rover Sport comes in a sportier design, with a more powerful, muscular stance that is combined with a contemporary feel. The interior design isn’t losing either, with features like Ambient Interior Lighting, Auto Sunblind, and a top-notch Interactive Driver Display that allows you to change the on-screen display from driving information, entertainment and safety data. When you’re driving, you’re also pampered with the Head-up Display on the windscreen so you can just focus on the road. 

And oh, the performance is simply one of the best you can find from a family SUV. Its 6-cylinder base already offers plenty of power, although you’ll have various choices of engines available. The best, however, is the latest 5.0 LR-V8 Supercharged Petrol engine for a performance of reaching 100kph in just 4.5 seconds. Besides that, the car also safely wade in depths of up to 850mm, with the optional Wade Sensing Feature that informs you of the water level around the vehicle, which will be useful in dark conditions. 

Unfortunately, with such a hefty price, Range Rover Sport isn’t a car for everyone. But if you have all the budget and want the most luxurious SUV that also gives you the feeling of an adventure and sporty car, the Range Rover Sport is worth every penny. Lastly, it’s available in HSE Silver, HSE Dynamic Black, and SVR Carbon Edition, and provides a versatile 7-seat option. 

Why buy this:
  • Balance of fashion and performance
  • All-terrain SUV
  • Outstanding power
  • High-tech interior features
  • Spacious 7-seat versatility
Check price on Landrover > 

2. Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV Cars Malaysia

Second best luxury SUV

Named as the best SUV in Malaysia by the Asian Tatler, Mercedes-Benz GLS is the true rival of Range Rover Sport. While Range Rover Sport boasts better off-road capabilities, GLS is far more superior when it comes to riding comfort. That mainly comes from its innovative Airmatic Air Suspension system that offers a fully-active suspension to keep the car at the same level regardless of the road condition and on-board load, so everyone enjoys maximum stability wherever the ride goes.  

Not to mention it still has plenty of safety and driver assistance features to take the strain out of driving in every situation from off-road, traffic jams, to parking assistance with a 360° parking camera. Also, it boasts 600 horsepower from its six-cylinder engine that only a few three-row SUVs can offer. 

In terms of interior design, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is also more ample and spacious for up to 7 persons, with a panoramic roof that gives pleasant ambience and a set of other high-tech features for the ultimate entertainment including a high-end surround sound technology. Plus, you’ve got a Mercedes Me Connect app to control the car just from the tip of your smartphone. 

Why buy this:
  • More comfortable to drive
  • Smart suspension system
  • High-tech interior features
  • Plenty of power for a three-row SUV
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3. Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Superior driving assistance system

Among plenty of SUVs, the 2021 Audi Q7 remains worthy of consideration. Comes with more handsome bodylines and better lightness than its predecessor, Audi Q7 also delivers top-notch performance for its class, with the Audi quattro® all-wheel-drive system along with an optional turbocharged TFSI® V6 engine. 

Safety is also worthy of mention, with a plethora of driver assistance technologies and anti-collision features to help you in almost every situation on the road. One of our favourites is the Cruise Control Plus, which keeps the car more stable when going at high speed. Furthermore, the Pre-Sense Front and Pedestrian Detection also provide maximum safety on the road, while the 4-angle 360° camera gives you maximum manoeuvrability. 

Despite looking more compact, the Audi Q7 is more spacious than ever. We love the ample space between the seat, even if you’ve got a full 7 passengers within. And best of all, hear your favourite music like never before with the Bang and Olufsen® 3D Advanced Sound System with 23 speakers for a cinematic audio experience. 

Why buy this
  • Handsome exterior
  • Impressive 335 horsepower for its class
  • Class-leading driving assistance system
  • Compact SUV with spacious interior
Check price on Audi> 

4. Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

Best mid-range SUV

With the experience on the model since 1994, Toyota has brought the RAV4 to a whole new level in 2021. It offers a solid balance of performance, safety, and convenience, and is now a favourite choice among Malaysian drivers. One of its main strengths, the Toyota Safety Sense boasts plenty of safety features such as Hill-start Assist Control, Tyre Pressure Warning System, Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and more. Its shock reduction is also top-notch, thanks to the improved Trailing Wishbone Rear Suspension. 

Despite featuring automatic transmission, the RAV4 offers extremely efficient fuel economy, with just up to 35mpg when driving on the highway, or a mere 28mpg in the city. Meanwhile, the car’s interior features a 7-inch touchscreen display, with built-in connectivity to Apple and Android devices, and a set of wireless chargers and USB charging ports. Lastly, it also has a VTS system that share’s your vehicle’s real-time location through a mobile app. 

Why buy this:
  • Value for money
  • Balance of performance, safety, and convenience
  • Efficient fuel economy
Check price on Toyota > 

5. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V SUV Cars Malaysia

A mid-range SUV with plenty of upmarket features

Honda CR-V has been around for a long in the market, but it’s still a popular mid-range SUV to this day, especially with Honda already add more upmarket features to keep the model appalling. Some of these features are the smart key that allows you to start the engine and air conditioner before you enter the car, a kick-sensor backdoor, and additional LED Fog Lights that boost your visibility in low-light conditions. Furthermore, there are 8 advanced driver-assistive technologies from Honda that provides better safety and ease of driving in a range of condition. 

Known for its bold and dynamic exterior, the 2021 CR-V now comes with dual-tone alloy wheels that make it more handsome. Inside, you’ve got seats covered with leather upholstery that establishes an elegant ambience, while the new technologies such as navigating and calling with voice commands give you more freedom without diverting your driving attention. 

In terms of performance, the Honda CR-V is also class-leading. Not only you’ve got a 4WD driving performance that is capable in all terrains, but its new 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged Engine also guarantees fuel efficiency without compromising power. According to a test, it easily achieves a mileage of 6.8L/100 rate. Besides that, many users also claimed how good its acceleration and stability are. 

Why buy this:
  • 4WD capability
  • Good for all types of terrain
  • Handsome allow wheels design
  • Plenty of upmarket features 
Check price on Honda> 

6. Proton X70

Proton X70 SUV Cars Malaysia

Exceptionally good SUV from Geely-Proton merger

The baby of a Geely-Proton merger, Proton X70, has been a hit since its first release, and it’s for good reasons. Not only the model has a more spacious interior, it also add some high-end features that make your car trip more enjoyable. The list starts from voice command to let you navigate the media control easily while driving, smartphone connectivity to remotely control and monitor your car, 6 USB ports, and an immersive 9 surround-sound speaker system that includes a power amplifier and subwoofer. And best of all, it features a built-in air purifier system to ensure you always breathe clean, fresh air free of smoke, dust, bacteria, and other pollutants.  

Besides that, the car also has other technologies worth mentioning such as foot-sensor backdoor, auto rain sensor wipers, 360° camera sensor, and LCD meter display for showing crisp and clear information. But even when you take these features, the Proton X70 still pride itself on a beautiful interior. Each seat is covered with elegant Nappa Leather and there’s a panoramic sunroof that gives you the feel of a premium car.

The Proton X70 is a family SUV, so you don’t expect it to be a sporty drive. But with the new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the gear shifting is smooth and you can easily reach 100km/h in just 9.5 seconds. It’s also easier to drive, with a set of driving assistances and a stiffer suspension, and it’s tuned for better fuel efficiency and durability.

On top of all these features, however, what makes the Proton X70 is an appalling SUV is that it’s much more affordable than its rivals like Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail. 

Why buy this:
  • Super spacious, great for family SUV
  • Plenty of smart features
  • Built-in air purifying system
  • 9 surround-sound speaker system
  • More affordable for its quality
Check price on Proton> 

7. Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

A modern SUV with all-terrain capabilities

Another favourite midsize SUV for Malaysian families is the Nissan X-Trail. Leaving behind the traditional SUV design, the 2021 Nissan X-Trail is now more modern with a luxurious cabin, but that also comes together with improved performance both off-road and on-road. Another upgrade is the hybrid diesel engine, which not only gives you a smoother driving experience but also outclasses its rivals in terms of fuel efficiency. 

In line with technological advancement, more cars are improving their safety features, and Nissan is no exception. Featuring the package of Nissan Intelligent Mobility System, they ensure a safer driving experience with safety features like lane departure warning, blind-spot monitor, 360° bird’s-eye for more manoeuvrability during parking, and many more. Plus, Nissan also added up to 6 airbags from only 2 in the previous series. 

Why buy this:
  • Quiet and comfortable to drive
  • Both off-road and on-road capabilities
  • A more modern design with luxurious cabin
  • Hybrid engine
Check price on Nissan> 

8. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Subaru’s most refined SUV

Another Japanese car that can’t be skipped is the Subaru Outback. Regarded as the most refined SUV from Subaru with its new modern, polished exterior, the Subaru Outback 2021 offers the ultimate luxury for a family SUV. But Subaru Outback is more than just about the style. Featuring Subaru’s advanced all-wheel-drive system combines with an onboard X-mode system, Subaru Outback offers outstanding capabilities on any terrain, whether it’s off-road, rain, or even snow. 

Not to mention they also added MacPherson Strut at the front and a double-wishbone suspension system at the rear, and combines with the excellent Subaru EyeSight safety system, Subaru Outback is more stable and safe than ever. In terms of power, it boasts 175PS horsepower and 198km/h top speed, with an acceleration of 96km/h in only 6.1 seconds. All these without sacrificing fuel economy because it outstandingly records a rate of only 7.7L/100km. 

Performance aside, Subaru Outback also offers a plethora of technologies to make your car trip more convenient. That includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, full leather upholstery seating, a powered tailgate with PIN code access, and an immersive Harman/Kardon audio system. With Subaru Outback, luxury knows no boundaries. 

Why buy this:
  • Subaru all-wheel-drive system
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Excellent double-wishbone suspension
  • Harman/Kardon audio system
Check price on>

9. Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

For upmarket features without breaking the bank

Combining a performance, driving comfort, and luxurious cabin, Mazda CX-5 is a great all-rounder SUV with upmarket features without breaking the bank. Its performance is top-notch for its class, with a new 2.5L turbo engine combined with Mazda’s Skyactiv system to deliver powerful performance and driving smoothness at once. The SUV is available in both 2WD and 4WD, so have the option to go for a more sporty one. 

Another notable strength of the Mazda CX-5 is its upgraded safety with SRS airbags, all-around safety features and Mazda’s i-ACTIVSENSE to assist the driver to avoid potential hazards and minimize damage as a result of an unavoidable impact. And more importantly, it comes together with a comfortable, spacious cabin that is perfect for family use. In addition, buying Mazda CX-5 also gives you up to 5 years of free services!

Why buy this:
  • Medium-sized SUV with a spacious cabin
  • Upgraded safety system
  • 5 years of free service
  • Available in 2WD and 4WD choices
Check price on Mazda> 

10. Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V

Ideal for a large family

Looking for a car that easily suits a large family? Honda BR-V is the answer. Specially made as an ultimate family SUV, Honda BR-V is the most spacious 3rd-row seat in its class, boasting up to 223L of boot space with all 7 seats up, and it’s still expandable to 539L with 3rd-row seats down for extra luggage. Even all the seats are full with 7 adults, there’s always room for more and space to easily fit everyone’s travel belongings. To make the family trip enjoyable, Honda also added rear air conditioning vents to keep the rear passenger cool and up to 11 cup holders around the car. 

Prioritizing space and comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. Powered by the 1.5L i-VTEC engine, the Mazda BR-V is still class-leading with up to 120PS maximum engine power. Combining that with CVT Transmission and Earth Dreams Technology, the driver will enjoy a smooth, effortless driving experience, even if it’s uphill with a full load. Plus, there’s an ECO Indicator that let you know when you’re driving at optimal fuel efficiency. 

Why buy this:
  • Super spacious cabin
  • Features to make every passenger comfortable
  • Efficient fuel economy
  • ECO indicator
  • Convenient for a long trip
Check price on Honda> 

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Where to buy an SUV car in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy an SUV car in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for lifestyle products. It is also a great place to compare the price of SUV cars in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best SUV Cars in Malaysia will help you to buy the best SUV car in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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