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8 Best Stores for Tote Bag in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Tote bags are becoming popular travel essentials nowadays. These tote bags are so versatile – you can put on basically anything in them. Sometimes, your favourite kind of tote bag can carry your office essentials. On other occasions, it may be full of your grocery items. Most of the time, tote bags are perfect to complete a low-key outdoor outfit. With many tote bags available today, it is vital to spot the right one that will last for a long time. With an extensive variety of tote bags in the market, which then is the best tote bag in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 8 Best Stores for Tote Bag in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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8 Best for Tote Bag in Singapore

1. Polo Hill

Polo Hill canvas tote bag singapore
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When looking for stylish tote bags, Polo Hill is one brand you can count on. Polo Hill is the home of fashionable shoes and bags dedicated for both men and women. If you want a classic tote bag that you can use for any type of occasion, Polo Hill has the perfect one for you. Among its famous tote bags, Polo Hill has their Monogram Shoulder Tote Bag and the Matte Textured Shoulder Tote Bag.

As the name implies, the Monogram Shoulder Tote Bag is a classic faux leather tote bag with the brand’s iconic logo printed on the outside. Moreover, this tote bag has an inner fabric lining that contains a side zip pocket and another side slip pocket. Furthermore, this product has a structured base and an adjustable and detachable long strap.

Analogous to the Monogram Shoulder Tote Bag, Polo Hill’s Matte Textured Shoulder Tote Bag is also a stylish tote bag perfect for office or casual wearing. This tote bag has zip pockets on both front and back exterior that is perfect for easy storage. Not to mention its side pockets too! Indeed, this tote bag has a lot of compartments to fit your valuables. Most important, both Polo Hill tote bags come with a small bag with removable straps. You can use it as an extra shoulder bag, or an organiser kit to store inside your tote bag.

Why buy from Polo Hill:
  • Plenty of tote bags to choose from
  • Comes with another small bag as a bundle
  • With many compartments to store your essentials
Shop Polo Hill >

2. Zoe Arissa

Zoe Arissa canvas tote bag singapore
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When we think of canvas tote bags, we usually think of plain, off-white or cream-coloured canvas tote bags. With Zoe Arissa, canvas tote bags does not have to be plain and boring to look at. In fact, Zoe Arissa has a wide collection of tote bags made from canvas material that are perfect for a fashionable look. This Konnie Canvas Sling Bag is the perfect example of it.

Zoe Arissa’s Konnie bag is made from canvas material with a PVC leather lining. It comes with one adjustable long strap and one short strap with it. Hence, this bag can function as a preppy handbag or a shoulder bag depending on your preference. Besides its sturdy exterior, this bag has one large compartment that can store your everyday essentials. Also, its flap is secured with magnets. If you are looking for a simple canvas tote bag that is perfect either for day or night look, this is the one for you.

Why buy from Zoe Arissa:
  • Stylish-looking canvas tote bags
  • Plenty of styles to choose from
  • Perfect for everyday wearing
Shop Zoe Arissa >

3. WHO.A.U

WHO.A.U canvas tote bag singapore
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WHO.A.U is a South Korean brand created by clothing company, E.Land Group. The brand’s popularity in providing trendy clothing and accessories has spread over the country and has expanded globally. Now, WHO.A.U is one of the go-to brands of younger generations seeking a comfortable and casual style. If you are looking for a minimalist yet a summer-vibe canvas tote bag, WHO.A.U has their Steve Two Pocket Canvas Tote Bag.

The WHO.A.U’s Steve Two Pocket Canvas Tote Bag is the perfect canvas tote bag of choice to store your valuables. Besides its large main compartment, it has multiple side pockets in the exterior. In addition to that, its interior also has a zipper pocket to keep your phone or small items. Since this canvas tote bag comes with a short handle and detachable long strap, you can wear it as a handbag or a shoulder bag. If you are looking for a multi-purpose canvas tote bag, consider buying this WHO.A.U’s Steve Two Pocket Canvas Tote Bag.

Why buy from WHO.A.U:
  • Popular casual clothing and accessories brand
  • Has multiple canvas tote bags to choose from
  • Minimalist yet stylish look
  • With multiple compartments
Shop WHO.A.U >

4. Mayonette

Mayonette canvas tote bag singapore
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Another brand that offers canvas tote bags in Singapore is Mayonette. Mayonette has a wide selection of bags and accessories fit for a fashionable lifestyle. Even for their canvas tote bags, Mayonette ensures to use elegant designs and quality materials. For instance, they have this Anya Tote Bag that is perfect for women who are always on-the-go.

The Anya Tote Bag is perfect for those who are looking for a simple tote bag that can carry their daily essentials. For instance, you can bring this tote bag on a stroll in the park or when packing your groceries. Moreover, you can also use this tote bag to store your supplies when going to the school or the office, or when visiting your favourite coffee shop. The Anya Tote Bag has many colours to choose from, and has a clip button for closure.

Why buy from Mayonette:
  • Fashionable and trendy bags to choose from
  • Available colours for Anya Tote Bag: Black, Blue, Cream, Mint, Pink
  • Affordable and easy to carry
Shop Mayonette >

5. Covernat

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Another South Korean lifestyle brand that is well-known in Singapore is Covernat. Besides its hippy vibe of clothing collection, Covernat also has canvas tote bags that are wide and easy to carry. For example, they have this Fresh Serif Logo Canvas Bag. This canvas tote bag is meticulously knitted to ensure that it is durable enough to carry your personal belongings. Since the material is made with 100% cotton yarn, this canvas tote bag is easy to wash. In addition to that, the Covernat Fresh Serif Logo Canvas Bag can be easily folded and stored in your handbag or backpack. Hence, you can bring them with you and use as an additional storage for your items.

Why buy from Covernat:
  • Made with 100% cotton yarn
  • Strong and easy to wash
  • Easily foldable and compact
Shop Covernat >

6. Applecrumby™

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Applecrumby™ is an in-house brand from e-commerce platform, Applecrumby & Fish. This brand carries baby products such as diapers, wipes, and detergents. In other words, Applecrumby is created to provide a helping hand for parents especially mothers who want to ensure that their babies are always protected. In addition to assisting mothers and fathers wit responsible parenting, Applecrumby designed a canvas tote bag that are useful to store their baby’s essentials. The Applecrumby Canvas Tote Bag functions as a diaper bag or a shopping tote bag. This simple canvas tote bag carries the brand’s official logo, and a rope handle for easy carrying. If you

Why buy from Applecrumby:
  • Trusted brand of parents for their babies’ diaper needs
  • Canvas tote bag perfect for storing diapers or shopping items
  • Easy to carry
Shop Applecrumby >

7. Billabong

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If you love getting yourself some Vitamin Sea, Billabong will always be here to complete your summer. This Australian brand focuses in creating clothing and accessories fit for surfing or swimming. In particular, Billabong has various surf wears designed for beach guys and gals. More important, Billabong even made their own bags to complete your summer vibe. Just like this Canvas Beach Bag.

Billabong’s Canvas Beach Bag is your perfect hot summer girl companion for your next beach escapade. Also, this 12 oz cotton canvas is equipped with shoulder straps. Besides that, this canvas tote bag has an inner small zipper compartment to store small valuables.

Why buy from Billabong:
  • Perfect for beach or summer
  • Made with cotton canvas
  • Easy to carry
Shop Billabong >

8. Weavve

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Shopping at Weavve for their finest bed sheets will always be a great deal for money. Besides buying for cotton and tencel sheets, you can also grab their own Canvas Tote Bag for a hassle-free shopping. This canvas tote bag is made with 100% cotton and embroidered with their own classic logo. Since Weavve’s products are made with exquisite materials, you are also assured that this canvas tote bag is worth purchasing. It is made simple and functional, perfect for everyday use.

Why buy from Weavve:
  • Made with 100% cotton material
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Easy to carry
Shop Weavve >

We hope that our guide on the 8 Best Stores for Tote Bag in Singapore has helped you to buy the best tote bag in Singapore for your daily on-the-go needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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