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10 Best Vitamin C Serums in Malaysia 2022 | Best of Beauty 2022

From all of the many skincare, vitamin C serums are very effective agent to brighten the face skin, reverse ageing skin, protect from free radicals, and even diminish acne scars and even out your skin tone. It works as an antioxidant that promotes healthier skin, prevents inflammation and helps produce collagens. However, you also still have to choose a formulated serums that are suitable for your skin. With an extensive variety of vitamin C serums available in the market, which then is the best vitamin C serum in Malaysia? In our Best of Beauty series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Vitamin C Serums in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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This article was last updated on 28 January 2022

Table of contents 

10 Best Vitamin C Serums in Malaysia

1. Dermalogica Biolumin-c Serum

Dermalogica Biolumin-c Serum

For youthful-looking skin

Combining advanced biotechnology with the blend of vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, the Dermalogica Biolumin-c Serum stands out from the crowd as the one promises youthful-looking skin. Its texture falls between watery and viscous (it’s runny but in a sticky way), and you’ll be stunned by how your skin becomes—it feels smoother, hydrated, brighter, and plump! Free from fragrance, colours, and parabens, this high-performance serum works for any type of skin, even if you have sensitive skin. 

As your body can’t produce vitamin C itself, this serum helps to deliver more into your skin. Other than vitamin C, it also contains thoughtful ingredients like lactic acid that acts as an exfoliant (to reduce unbalanced pigmentation), Sophora Japonica Flower Extract, and Chia Seed for skin-restoring. As this serum does it all, you can eventually cut down some steps in your skincare routine (but please don’t skip SPF).

Why buy this:
  • Promises youthful-looking skin
  • Free from fragrance, colours, and parabens
  • Contains exfoliant and skin-restoring agents
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2. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Super mild serum

Super light like a feather, the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum melts into your skin in no time and tackles issues like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and aging signs. As the environment becomes polluted day by day, your skin may become prone to damages like wrinkles and fine lines, which are a big no — but thanks to its vitamin E, ferulic, and konjac root, this serum wards off the problems. In addition, the hyaluronic acid and glycerine extracts, its top-tier ingredients, are responsible for hydrating your skin so your face won’t be dried out at the end of the day.

Why buy this:
  • Mild serum
  • Tackles uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and aging signs
  • Protects from environmental pollution
  • Hydrates
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3. Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster

Pure and fresh vitamin C

The Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster keeps the vitamin C fresh by isolating it inside the sealed chamber, which you can activate by pressing the inner bulb twice until the vitamin C powder is released and ready to make you look and feel amazing. It boosts the vitamin C through its 10% dose (which is high enough to be effective), and it eventually brightens, evens out skin tone, and re-textures your skin in just a week. Use alone or mix 2 drops with your favourite Clinique moisturizer, it’s your call.

Why buy this:
  • Give a refreshing feeling
  • Pure 10% vitamin C
  • Brightens, evens out skin tone, and re-textures
  • Fast-acting
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4. Timeless 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum

Timeless 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum

20% dose of vitamin C

Unlike the typical serums that use droppers, this Timeless 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum is packed with a pump, meaning it won’t touch your face so this product stays hygienic at all times. It contains a 20% dose of vitamin C, which super high but low enough to avoid irritation. With that saying, this serum is a great pick if you need something extra to solve the ageing signs in your early 30s.

Watery feels

It’s a kind of something you love putting on your face—it’s watery and not sticky like glue so it’s easy to spread. After it penetrates, it immediately does its work to lighten your brown spots, freckles, and post-acne marks. Also, beyond all those goodnesses, your skin will be kept away from oxidation, replenished, and strengthen out, thanks to ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol.

Why buy this:
  • Tackles premature ageing
  • Watery feels
  • Lightens brown spots, freckles, and post-acne marks
  • Replenishes and strengthens the skin barrier
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5. Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment

Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment


2-week treatment for dull skin

The Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment promises to achieve the optimal result within two weeks. Comes in a compact size, it contains antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C that helps to improve skin brightness, pigmentation, and skin tone. On top of that, its vitamin C power is also mixed with hyaluronic acid that keeps skin smooth, supple, and hydrated. We also like that it has natural daisy flower extract to illuminate and rosehip to nourishes the skin. Pleasing to the eyes, apply this serum twice a day to see 71% improvement on skin radiance within only 2 weeks. 

Why buy this:
  • Promises two-week result
  • Good for dull skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Contains hyaluronic acid to keep the skin smooth, supple, and hydrated
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6. EUCERIN Hyaluron Filler Vitamin C Booster

EUCERIN Hyaluron Filler Vitamin C Booster

For an instant glowing look

If you’re one of those fellas with sensitive skin, you’re gonna love this EUCERIN Hyaluron Filler Vitamin C Booster — it’s formulated with high-tolerability for the skin that’s prone to blemishes, dry patches, breakouts, or redness. Containing 10% pure L-ascorbic acid (a.k.a vitamin C) with hyaluronic acid, this serum both moisturizes and gives instant plump results so it can be your go-to before big events like a party. It also doubles as an anti-inflammatory to help in calming and soothing your irritation.

Packed with a ‘pointy’ end, it’s a big yes! The way it dispenses to the just-right amount, there won’t be any wasted substance and mess. It’s non-greasy, sits well underneath your make-up, and gives a stunning glowy look (customers even say that they need less foundation as this serum disguised their pores very well). It works best with another antioxidant like vitamin E oil, and the EUCERIN Elasticity + Filler Facial Oil can be a good start.

Why buy this:
  • Best for an instant plump result
  • High-tolerability
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Dispenses accurately and mess-free
  • Disguised pores well
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7. Elizabeth Arden Serum

Elizabeth Arden Serum Malaysia

For radiance renewal and skin ageing

The Elizabeth Arden Serum may look extensive at first, but take one capsule or two (even five), you’ll get a great travelling companion right at your fingertips. Besides glorying its size, this serum also claims to visibly brighten and even out skin tone after just one use. Free from fragrance, even people with sensitive skin can give it a go.

The main ingredient (vitamin C, of course), when combined with vitamin E, works wonderfully in protecting the skin against environmental aggressors, which are the culprit of premature aging. While the clary sage soothes the skin damage, the ceramide helps to lock-in moisture and prolongs the glow of your skin. Supporting the natural collagen, it’s ideal for long-term investment.

Why buy this:
  • Most travel-friendly
  • Fast-acting
  • Brightens and evens out skin tone
  • Protects against environmental aggressors
  • An ideal long-term investment
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8. The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

Water-free stable supplement

Providing 30% pure L-ascorbic acid with no water substance, The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension keeps its top ingredients stable and provide better skin exposure to the vitamin C. This serum promises a wide array of benefits, some of them are fighting the ageing sign and protect skin from free radicals. 

If you’re new to vitamin C, especially due to its high dose, you may feel a tingling (non-irritating) sensation at the first 1-2 weeks, but once your skin is used to it, you’ll eventually be fine. It’s most suitable to be applied in the PM when your skin isn’t exposed to the sun, but if you prefer to add it into your AM routine, don’t forget your SPF. It’s a white thick-kind of serum so just apply thin dots and you’re ready for the next regimen.

Why buy this:
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Fights aging signs
  • Protects against free radicals
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9. LANBENA Vitamin C Whitening

LANBENA Vitamin C Whitening

Reducing dark spots

With its clear tube and orange fluid, you’ll agree that the LANBENA Vitamin C Whitening has a fresh view to the eyes. It contains efficient brightening properties that even work perfectly as a DIY facial mask, lotion, or DIY facial mist. As nutrients are the key to healthy skin, this serum helps to provide more and reduces the oxidative reaction as a bonus, thanks to the ascorbic acid.

If you’re not happy with your freckles, this orange fluid thoroughly tackles the problem, while at the same time, preventing them to come back twice. It also repairs the skin damage like peeling due to long-term improper treatment and moisturizing it. Regardless of the low price, this serum is a perfect combo for healthier, brighter skin.

Why buy this:
  • Contains efficient brightening properties
  • Provides nutrients and educes oxidative reaction
  • Prevents the reappearance of the dark spots
  • Repairs skin damage
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10. SOMEBYMI Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum

SOMEBYMI Galactomyces

Most popular

Containing 75% Galactomyces, which is a potent anti-aging ingredient, the SOMEBYMI Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum becomes popular for its ability to give clear and luminously glowing skin like celebrities – it’s sold out for 2.3k items on Shopee! Although its vitamin C is relatively low (it’s only 3%), it works well with other 10 vitamins and you’ll be amazed at how firmer and younger your face becomes. It’s recommended for people with textured and dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines, dry patches, and blotches, and if you have a super sensitive-type of skin, it’s safe for you as well.

Why buy this:
  • Most popular
  • Gives the clear and luminously glowing skin like celebrities
  • For a firmer and younger look
  • Tackles dull skin, ageing signs, dry patches, and blotches
  • Suitable for any skin type, even the very sensitive one
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Which is the best brand for vitamin C serums in Malaysia?

Providing vitamin C serums free from harsh chemicals and proven formula, Dermalogica is one of the best brands for Vitamin C Serums in Malaysia.

Where to buy a vitamin C serum in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a vitamin C serum in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for baby and nursing products. It is also a great place to compare the price of vitamin C serums in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Vitamin C Serums in Malaysia will help you to buy the best vitamin C serum in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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