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7 Best Waffle Makers in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

As the age-old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For something quick and easy to make yet still delicious and enjoyable to eat, waffles are one of the best breakfast choices. That is why it is a good waffle maker is a must in every kitchen. The best waffle makers are capable of whipping up the perfect golden-brown waffle in just a few minutes and make cleaning up a breeze. Even better, some also double as a sandwich maker or a convenient heating devices for meats. But with so many available waffle makers in Singapore, finding the best one won’t be as easy as pancakes. So, we’ve listed down the 7 Best Waffle Makers in Singapore to help you find the next worthy investment for your breakfast needs.

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This article was last updated on 5 January 2023.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Waffle Makers in Singapore
    1. Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker
    2. Happycall Waffle Maker
    3. Cornell 2 Slice Waffle Maker CWM-2308
    4. Takada Heart-shaped Waffle Maker TK-L12
    5. Bear Electric Cake Waffles Maker DGJ-A06E1
    6. Rommelsbacher WA 1000/E Waffle Maker
    7. Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Waffle Makers in Singapore

1. Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker


The Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker makes waffles just as fun to cook as it is to eat. With its easy-t0-use feature, all you need to do is pour your favourite batter into the spout and you’ll get the best foolproof Belgian waffle. This brand presents a compact and more practical spin on waffle makers with its vertical design. This creates smaller footprints regardless of your counter space situation. With Cuisinart, you’ll have more room for plates, coffee, and other breakfast necessities!

Why buy this:
  • Vertical design for easy pouring and storing
  • Non-stick grill plates
  • Wide-mouth pour slot
  • Easy to clean and store
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2. Happycall Waffle Maker


Best multi-purpose waffle maker

If you prefer a multi-purpose tool, then Happycall Waffle Maker is on top of the list. When you’ve had your fill with waffles, it can also serve as a great sandwich maker or even heat your store-bought chicken nuggets. Now you can make a complete set of breakfast without the hassle of cleaning too many kitchen tools and appliances!

Moreover, Happycall’s trademarked ceramic and titanium coating assures you that burnt bits are quickly cleaned off. It also has an overflow channel where excess batter goes to avoid spilling. So, you don’t need to worry about making a mess when making waffles with this. Thanks to its handy and low-maintenance design, you can cook waffles with ease.

Why buy this:
  • Simple and handy design
  • Non-stick plates
  • Easy to clean
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3. Cornell 2 Slice Waffle Maker CWM-2308


The Cornell 2 Slice Waffle Maker is another great choice for your morning plate of delicious waffles. Although it is bulkier compared to other compact and advanced breakfast makers, this tool is still good because timeless aesthetic waffle makers are hard to beat.

Since it has a traditional waffle maker appearance, it’s proven to be easy and safe to use as it securely rests on your tabletop without needing to carry it around. Simply lift the cover and pour your mix to create your crisp-cut waffles. Moreover, it comes with a non-stick coating plate for easy serving, as well as a safety lock clip that’ll ensure minimal accidents when in use.

Why buy this:
  • Classic design
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Safety lock-clip for no spillage
  • Non-stick plates
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4. Takada Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker TK-L12

Takada Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker TK-L12
Takada TK-L12 – Waffle Makers Singapore

Be it a family brunch or for a birthday party, Takada Waffle Maker will never disappoint. This waffle maker is able to whip out 2 heart-shaped slices at once, so you’ll have a pretty delectable breakfast to serve your kids in the morning!

Moreover, this Takada Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker is decked in a thick metal exterior that will last for years. So if you’re looking for durable and long-lasting appliances, this is the perfect pick.

Why buy this:
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Makes heart-shaped waffles; perfect for kids breakfast
  • Auto-temperature control feature to prevent overcooking
  • Non-stick plates
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5. Bear Electric Cake Waffles Maker DGJ-A06E1

Bear Electric DGJ-A06E1
Bear DGJ-A06E1 – Best Waffle Makers Singapore

Mix a little fun into your breakfast routine with the Bear Electric Cake Waffles Maker. This pink petite stunner is a toy specially made for your kitchen, opening up into a plate of 8 different cakehole shapes from stars to lollipops. So if you’re looking for an ideal kitchen addition for your family, this is the perfect pick, especially with young kids. With Bear Electric Cake Waffles Maker, you can enjoy your cute waffle cakes in as fast as 3 to 5 minutes, without problems of sticking or uneven heating.

Why buy this:
  • Fun cakehole shapes
  • Quick and even cooking
  • Non-stick plates
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6. Rommelsbacher WA 1000/E Waffle Maker

Rommelsbacher WA 1000E
Rommelsbacher WA 1000/E – Singapore Waffle Maker

Elegant exterior and easy to clean

Make delicious waffles in style with the help of the Rommelsbacher WA 1000/E Waffle Maker. Using 1000 Watts of power, it can cook your waffles fast and evenly. The elegant casing of brushed stainless steel makes it not only stylish and durable but also easy to clean. Additionally, it is made with a heat-insulated handle and baking lights that indicate the status of the waffle maker. Moreover, the dial for tor temperature regulation helps you cook your waffles to your preferred brownness and firmness. 

In addition to intuitive systems, the baking plates have been given a non-stick coating that makes removing waffles and cleaning up easier. These plates have a width of 18 cm and are shaped to form five linked waffle hearts. This way, you can have one whole waffle or make a special breakfast of stacked waffle hearts!  

Why buy this:
  • Cooks waffles fast and to your preference
  • Designed with a heat-insulated handle
  • Uses baking plates with a non-stick coating
  • Plates are shaped to form one large waffle or five waffle hearts
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7. Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker


Durable and cooks waffles quickly

Are you looking for a waffle maker that can help prepare breakfast or snacks faster? Then the Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker will be the right fit for your kitchen. Its durable stainless steel frame with black trimming houses a powerful 1200 W heater that efficiently and quickly cooks waffles. Depending on how brown and crispy you want your waffles, this waffle maker can cook in as fast as 3 to 6 minutes. Additionally, its handle is cool to the touch which is great for checking on and removing waffles from the plate. Once you are done with cooking, this waffle maker can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth or tissues.

Why buy this:
  • Made with a highly durable stainless steel frame
  • Uses a powerful 1200 W heater for cooking waffles
  • Cooks waffles within 3 to 6 minutes
  • Easily to clean using a wet cloth or tissues
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

We sincerely hope that our recommendations on the 7 Best Waffle Makers in Singapore have helped you find the best waffle-making tool for your daily breakfasts. Please share this with your family and friends if you’ve found it useful. Do look forward to more appliance guides that we will be releasing soon!

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