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Bathing in Luxury: Best Water Heaters in Singapore 2023

Water heaters are indispensable appliances in modern homes, delivering the comfort of hot water for various daily tasks. Whether it’s a refreshing shower or washing dishes, these devices play a pivotal role in enhancing our daily routines. With options like tankless, traditional tank-type, and heat pump water heaters, users can choose based on their preferences, energy efficiency goals, and space considerations. As technology advances, the focus on energy-efficient and eco-friendly water heating solutions continues to grow, offering both economic savings and reduced environmental impact. With an extensive variety of water heaters available in the market, which then is the best water heater in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest Best Water Heaters in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Best Water Heater in Singapore

1. A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Water Heater

water heating system
Product Image Source: AOS Bath – Best Water Heater in Singapore

Singapore’s first digital water heater: Energy-efficient, enjoyable showers

Having a storage water heater is a lifesaver. It means having hot water supplied to multiple bathrooms at high water pressure. However, storage heaters of the past are high-consumption guzzlers as they heat water to 70°C. Users have no option to reduce this.

Enter Singapore’s first-ever digital water heater, the A. O. Smith Generation 6 (Gen 6). The Gen 6 is a digital heater that comes with its own control panel. This panel allows you to program your heater according to your family’s needs. You can even reduce the heater thermostat at the touch of a button to save energy! The recommended setting for Singapore is 50°C.

Now you can do your part and change your habits. Lower your thermostat and save up to 10% energy while enjoying your shower. Saving energy is important in Singapore, where electric tariffs and costs are on the rise.

Multiple back-to-back morning rush showers? No problem.

Despite its smaller size, the A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Heater can also supply 2 times more hot water than a regular electric heater (Gen 1). This is due to its patented MAX Heating technology.

The smallest Gen 6 tank is only 40 liters and fits well in a BTO bathroom, but don’t be fooled by its size. The digital heater produces enough hot water to allow your family to take 4 back-to-back showers. This is perfect for accommodating your morning rush hour.

Speed Heat: Get hot water almost instantly

Another thing we love about the A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Heater is how it allows us to heat water almost instantly.  At the touch of a button, you can get hot water from a 100% cold tank in just 2 minutes! Currently, there are no storage water heaters with this amazing speed heating ability. In the past, storage heaters needed at least 20 minutes to heat up. We are incredibly impressed with this new technology.

Did I mention you could set a timer? The A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Heater even comes with its own built-in timer. Get your warm water ready for you when you step into your bathroom as early as 6AM. You never have to worry about forgetting to switch off the heater when leaving home. The timer automatically shifts your heater into energy-saving mode for you.

A reliable 150-year brand, the #1 Water Heater in the USA

Having the A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Heater makes life so much easier for us. After all, it comes from the largest water heater manufacturer in the world. For 150 years now, A. O. Smith has outperformed industry durability with their famous patented Blue Diamond tanks.  Those patents are why they have a reputation for lasting well over 10 years.

In Singapore where water is really clean, the longest-lasting AOS heater ran an impressive 28 years with zero issues. This is a true testament to their leadership in technological innovation. Though A. O. Smith heaters are on the pricier side, their technologies are well worth every penny.

What we love about A.O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Heater:
  • Longest onsite 3-year full warranty
  • Digital control panel for convenient and eco-friendly use
  • Compact 40L capacity
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2. Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters

best water heaters
Product Image Source: Rheem – Best Water Heater Singapore

Designed to improve the quality of your shower

Are you someone who enjoys the relaxing experience of a hot and soothing shower? Be it for chilly mornings or after a long, tiring day, a hot shower definitely feels like a huge relief as it helps to flush out the toxins that get trapped in your skin all day and also alleviates the muscle tension in your body. With Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters’ extensive range of features, you can elevate the quality of your showers.

bathroom aesthetic
Photography: Rheem

Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are fitted with an exclusive RheemFoam™ insulation, a high-density and top-grade polyurethane foam that provides 16% more heat retention. This means that water remains hot for a longer amount of time in the inner tank, leading to reduced heating cycles. They are also equipped with the RheemHot+™ Diffuser which regulates the incoming flow of water into the tank so that heating is optimised, resulting in 45% more hot water for your hot showers. With less waiting time and more hot water, your showers will be much more enjoyable, be it on a rushed morning or on a tiring night after a busy day.

Safe for the entire family

While taking hot showers is a relaxing and comfortable experience, there may be the fear of scalding especially if you have children or elderlies at home. With Rheem, you can enjoy your warm showers and baths with peace of mind. The Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are equipped with a RheemSafety feature that automatically stops the heating process once the temperature of the water reaches a predefined temperature. This way, you and your loved ones can shower in ultimate comfort without having to worry about anyone getting scalded by hot water!

family bathroom
Photography: Rheem
Built to last 

Naturally, when buying home appliances, you would want to invest in something that is durable and reliable. Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters do not disappoint in this aspect. They are built with a RheemHD+™ sacrificial anode rod that is placed inside the water heater tank. The sacrificial anode rod allows aggressive water to attack the anode rod before the walls of the inner tank, so if corrosion were to happen, it would occur on the anode first. This is a good thing because anode rods are much easier to replace as opposed to a leaking tank!

Moreover, the inner walls of Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are coated with a RheemGlas™ virtuous enamel glass lining coating to provide added protection against corrosion. With both the sacrificial anode rod and durable glass lining coating in place, you and your family can enjoy years of relaxing, rejuvenating, and revitalising warm showers.

A perfect fit for Singapore homes

On top of all these innovative and advanced features, these storage water heaters look sleek, stylish and sophisticated, making them perfect for many homes in Singapore. Apart from their minimalist aesthetic, they are also small and compact, which allows them to fit even in the tightest ceiling spaces. Ultimately, it is undeniable that Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are a great blend of functionality and aesthetics.

What we love about Rheem water heaters:
  • Sleek and sophisticated curved design with glossy and matte finishing
  • Outfitted with a RheemHot™ Diffuser for hotter and longer showers
  • RheemGlas™ virtuous glass lining coating on an inner tank for added protection against corrosion
  • Better heat retention and shorter heating cycles with RheemFoam™
  • Equipped with RheemHD+™ sacrificial anode rod that provides additional protection against corrosion in the inner tank
  • Outfitted with a durable and long-lasting Incoloy heating element for faster heating time

On the other hand, if you are looking for something even more compact to fit your home, you may want to consider Rheem’s Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters. Innovative and futuristically designed, these instant water heaters have a replaceable stainless-steel heating chamber and a replaceable Incoloy heating element that makes maintenance and repairs fuss-free.

With the Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters, you can also enjoy instantaneous hot water for your showers. Its temperature accuracy technology ensures that you can enjoy your showers without any fluctuations in temperature and with its inbuilt safety software, you can enjoy your showers without the fear of overheating or scalding occurring. On top of these essential features, Rheem’s Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters comes with shower heads that have different spray options, allowing you to enjoy a variety of options, guaranteeing you the best hot shower experience.

What we love about Rheem water heaters:
  • High-performing and durable water heaters for an instantaneous hot water experience
  • Equipped with a built-in smart safety software to prevent overheating and scalding
  • Equipped with a dynamic heating system to enjoy hot showers without temperature fluctuations
  • Offers different shower head spray options to cater to varying preferences
  • Futuristic, minimalist and timeless aesthetic design fit for modern homes
  • Outfitted with a replaceable stainless-steel heating chamber that is more resistant to rust and can withstand hard water, making it more durable and long-lasting
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3. Rubine P10 Shower Heater 

water boiler
Product Image Source: Rubine – Best Water Heaters in Singapore

Elevates your daily shower routine with minimal energy consumption

The Rubine P10 Rain Shower Instant Heater represents a pinnacle of innovation and style in the world of water heaters. Collaborating for the second time with a Swiss company, Rubine has spared no effort to create a product that is nothing short of perfect, both in function and design. In a market filled with conventional models, the P10 stands out with its trendy, eye-catching, and elegant style. Plus, its integrated shower heating system, offering both rain and hand shower options with a 180-degree swivel, transforms your daily shower routine into a luxurious indulgence.

Beyond the good looks, the Rubine P10 boasts best-in-class features like the Air Jet 360, a sensational Swiss technology that expertly blends air and water to improve the shower spray force and coverage. What’s more, the P10 incorporates an inverter DC pump for maximum efficiency, offering both cost savings and environmental friendliness. No more worries about low-pressure water or excessive noise – it ensures a quiet, energy-saving operation. And to take energy conservation a step further, this exceptional water heater slash shower even offers a unique combo function, enabling two individuals to savour a refreshing shower simultaneously.

Promises a worry-free shower experience

In addition to its remarkable features, the Rubine P10 Shower Heater prioritises your safety and peace of mind. It incorporates comprehensive built-in protection mechanisms, safeguarding you and your family against electricity leakage, thermal issues, and high pressure. For instance, it comes with a Fibre-Reinforced Tank, which not only boasts energy efficiency but also exhibits resistance to bursting, guarantees hygienic water storage, and effectively prevents the buildup of limescale. This water heater is also classified as ELSD (Earth Leakage Safety Device), providing an extra layer of protection by swiftly shutting down the device in case of electricity leakage – a particularly reassuring feature for households with children.

For added peace of mind, the Rubine P10 Shower Heater comes with a generous 5-year warranty for its inner tank and heating element, offering assurance of its durability and reliability.

What we love about this shower heater from Rubine:
  • Integrated shower heating system
  • Built-in DC inverter booster pump for low energy consumption
  • Air Jet 360 Technology to enhance the shower’s spray force and coverage
  • Equipped with various safety features for peace of mind
  • 5-year warranty on the inner tank and heating element
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4. Ariston Andris LUX30

water heater in Singapore
Product Image Source: Ariston – Best Water Heaters Singapore

The Ariston Andris LUX30 is a compact yet powerful electric storage water heater that is well-regarded for its efficiency and advanced features. With a storage capacity of 30 liters, it offers an ample supply of hot water suitable for small to medium-sized households. The Andris LUX30 is known for its sleek and space-saving design, making it a seamless fit in modern bathrooms. What sets it apart is its user-friendly interface, which allows for precise temperature control, energy-saving modes, and even a “shower ready” indicator for added convenience. Ariston’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the Andris LUX30, making it a popular choice among those seeking reliable and efficient hot water solutions.

What we love about Ariston LUX30:
  • Combination of Italian elegance and efficiency
  • Made with super-ecologic insulation materials
  • Shell technology promises intuitive design and enduring performance
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5. Panasonic 

tankless heater
Product Image Source: Panasonic – Best Water Heater in Singapore

Redefines showering experience

The Panasonic DH-3NS1SS epitomizes the pinnacle of shower technology, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge features to redefine the showering experience. Engineered with precision in Japan, this state-of-the-art shower system boasts an advanced temperature control mechanism, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for a shower that is not only luxurious but also inherently safe. The 3-way shower collector allows users to effortlessly switch between different shower modes, providing a customizable and spa-like experience. Adding to the convenience, the one-push on/off switch enhances the user interface, making the shower operation even more intuitive.

Moreover, the Ag+ crystal antibacterial shower head promotes optimal hygiene by effectively inhibiting bacterial growth. With a meticulous approach to safety, the DH-3NS1SS addresses nine key safety points, including anti-scald protection and slip resistance, demonstrating Panasonic’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing the well-being and comfort of its users.

What we love about this Panasonic water heater:
  • The shower system is engineered with precision in Japan
  • Incorporates an advanced temperature control mechanism
  • The shower head is equipped with Ag+ crystal antibacterial technology
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6. Champs

water heaters Singapore
Product Image Source: Domaco – Best Water Heater Singapore

Efficiency and durability unveiled

The Champs A15 Storage Heater stands out with its streamlined design, emphasizing simplicity for both installation and maintenance, all while optimizing space efficiency. Boasting a resilient 2kW stainless steel element, this heater prioritizes durability and longevity in its heating capabilities. Its energy-saving features, including high-density polyurethane foam insulation, minimize heat loss, and a unique ability to retain warmth even after power cessation adds to its overall energy efficiency. The precise temperature selector ensures users have effortless control over water temperature, enhancing the overall user experience.

The tank’s enamel coating, combined with a heavy-duty anode, not only resists corrosion but also extends the heater’s lifespan. The safety system is robust, featuring a pressure relief valve to prevent backflow and dry heating, along with a thermal safety device that cuts power if temperatures reach unsafe levels. Additionally, the tank undergoes rigorous testing, demonstrating resilience by withstanding pressures up to twice its rated capacity.

What we love about Domaco Champs:
  • Emphasizes simplicity for easy installation and maintenance
  • 2kW stainless steel element for durability and longevity
  • Enamel coating for corrosion resistance
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7. Joven

Product Image Source: Joven – Best Water Heaters in Singapore

Ensuring safety and reliability

The SL30 with Rainshower incorporates robust safety features to ensure a secure and reliable user experience. A built-in surge protector shields the device from abrupt voltage spikes, safeguarding it against potential damage caused by power surges. The inclusion of a thermostat with a safety cut-out mechanism prevents overheating, mitigating the risk of fires or harm to the appliance and its surroundings. The auto-flow sensor switch actively monitors water flow, automatically shutting off the rain shower if irregularities or insufficient flow are detected, promoting safe operation.

Additionally, the splash-proof casing with an IP25 rating protects against water splashes, minimizing the risk of electrical shock or damage due to water exposure. Together, these safety features underscore the commitment to user safety in the design and functionality of the SL30 with Rainshower, ensuring peace of mind for users in various usage scenarios.

What we love about Joven SL30:
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Thermostat with safety cut-out
  • Auto-flow sensor switch
  • Splash-proof casing (IP25)
Check out Joven >

8. Ferroli

best water heater
Product Image Source: Ferroli – Best Water Heaters Singapore

Efficiency and excellence

Ferroli’s GS 20 IE BIP TG (I) gas water heater stands out as a reliable and efficient model designed for town gas applications. Boasting a robust heat input of 40 kW and an impressive hot water output of 20 L/min, it ensures an ample supply for up to four usage points. Its digital wired remote control allows users easy and efficient operation. Furthermore, the hydraulic-type pulse ignition system guarantees a reliable start every time. The forced exhaust system not only enhances safety but also contributes to overall efficiency.

For proper installation, a looped return water pipe is required, with a maximum hot water loop distance of 80 meters and a pump head not exceeding 6 meters. The built-in pump model is particularly recommended for installations where hot water points are situated more than 10 meters away from the heater.

Electrical compliance and safety

Additionally, compliance with specifications for a weatherproof external earthed 230V/50Hz, 13A power point within 1.5 meters of the water heater is essential, ensuring adherence to authorities’ standards. It is emphasized that, for electrical safety reasons, the earth wire should not be connected to the gas supply line. In sum, Ferroli maintains its reputation for delivering quality and high-performance solutions in the realm of water heating.

What we love about Ferroli GS 20:
  • Reliable performance
  • Efficient operation
  • Reliable ignition system
  • Quality and high performance
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FAQs: Best Water Heaters in Singapore

What types of water heaters are commonly used in households?

In households, the most common types of water heaters include tankless (on-demand) water heaters, storage tank water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and solar water heaters.

How do tankless water heaters differ from traditional storage tank water heaters?

Tankless water heaters heat water directly as it flows through the unit, providing hot water on demand without the need for a storage tank. Traditional storage tank water heaters store and continuously heat a large volume of water.

What factors should I consider when selecting a water heater for my home?

Consider factors such as the size of your household, energy efficiency, fuel type (electric, gas, solar), available space, and your budget. Additionally, evaluate the heater’s recovery rate and first-hour rating for optimal performance.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my water heater?

To enhance energy efficiency, consider insulating your water heater tank, setting the thermostat to an energy-saving temperature, and installing energy-efficient models. Regular maintenance, like flushing the tank and checking for leaks, can also contribute to efficiency.

Are there any safety precautions I should take with my water heater?

Yes, it’s essential to set the water heater thermostat to a safe temperature to prevent scalding. Regularly check for leaks and ensure proper ventilation for gas-powered heaters. If you notice any issues, it’s advisable to contact a professional for repairs.

How long can I expect my water heater to last, and when should I consider replacement?

The lifespan of a water heater varies, but on average, it can last between 8 to 12 years. Signs that your water heater may need replacement include a decline in performance, increased energy bills, or visible corrosion. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your water heater.


In conclusion, navigating the realm of water heaters in Singapore involves careful consideration of factors such as household size, energy efficiency, and available space. With a variety of options ranging from tankless to storage tank, electric to solar, consumers have the flexibility to choose a solution that aligns with both their preferences and environmental considerations. As Singaporeans strive for modernity and sustainability in their homes, the demand for efficient and eco-friendly water heating solutions is on the rise. We hope that our guide on the Best Water Heaters in Singapore will help you buy the best one for your home.

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