Best Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas
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3 Best Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas | Best of Lifestyle 2021

Christmas is fast approaching and that means that is time to spend some hard-earned cash for the people that we love. Now, we know how some people are difficult to find gifts for, especially for our friends and family that are health-conscious. But not to worry, we have got you covered with a list of wellness gifts for your health-conscious loved one! In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 3 Best Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle needs and budget. 

This article was last updated on 15 December 2021.

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3 Best Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas

1. Benefit One Massage Chair

Benefit One Massage Chair Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas

The ultimate wellness gift for Christmas

Health-conscious or not, we all deserve to relax in the Benefit One Massage Chair. Imagine all your worries and tensions in your body being lifted as you relax in a state of weightlessness via a zero-gravity recline experience! Not only that, this massage chair lets you have a compression massage on your thighs, calves, and palms right at the comfort of your home. Compression massage allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles so that you can have better circulation. At the same time, helps with damaged muscles repair, inflammation relief, and back stiffness improvement. We also love how this chair boasts a lumbar heating feature to help you get rid of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Furthermore, this massage chair is equipped with Urban Reserve’s patented state-of-the-art AcuPoint Palm Massage for the ultimate stress relief. The palm massagers are cleverly hidden on the sides of the massage chairs so you won’t even see them. 

Surrounding audio for optimum relaxation

To take your relaxation to the next level, the Benefit One Massage Chair offers surrounding sound as well. Simply connect your massage chair to the Bluetooth of your phone and be transported into your happy place as you listen to your favourite music. Close your eyes, immerse yourself with music, and unwind!

Small footprint

Aside from its relaxation features, what’s great about this massage chair is that it has a small footprint. Even if you live in a cramped apartment, you can fit this chair with ease. Also, upon reclining, you will never have to worry about bumping into anything. Thanks to its Zero Wall Technology, you can push the chair within two inches of the wall. That way, you get more space in your room, along with the peace of mind that you won’t hurt your head when you recline.

Why buy this: 
  • Easy set-up
  • Space-saving
  • Affordable massage chair with heating function and acupoint massage
  • Available in 3 colours
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2. Ottoman Foot, Calf and Back Massager

Ottoman Foot Calf and Back Massager Best Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas

Value for money all-in-one massager

Massage chairs can be awfully expensive to some, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to give your health-conscious friend, you may consider Urban Reserve’s Ottoman Foot, Calf and Back Massager. For less than half the price of the full-body massager, you will still be able to experience complete relaxation. Also, since it is much smaller, you can take it anywhere you want. If you prefer to get a massage while enjoying the outdoor breeze, no one will be stopping you.

This ottoman massager offers a total of five massage modes for your legs, and you can still adjust the intensity to suit your preference. A harder or softer massage? It is up to you! Additionally, we like how the massager offers a heating function. So if you are feeling cold inside your room, you can just warm up with the massager’s integrated foot warmer. 

When you are not using the massage function, the Ottoman is also a chic and beautiful Ottoman stool that looks right at home in your living room as part of your furniture.

Wireless back massager

If you want to extend the massage to your back, you can do so. Simply detach the upper part of the ottoman since it doubles as a wireless back massager and place it on your back. The back massager provides users with bidirectional massages, relieving back tension and improving blood circulation.

Why buy this: 
  • Contemporary design
  • Ottoman stool
  • With a warm heating function
  • Multifunctional 
  • Available in two versatile colours
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3. Acuity Eye Care

Acuity Eye Care

Most affordable

Another great wellness gift for the health-conscious this Christmas is Urban Reserve’s Acuity Eye Care. It is easy on the pockets, at the same time, extremely helpful to your loved ones who are always glued to their phones and laptops. This eye massager comprises 17 individual multi-frequency massaging nodes that target acupressure points around the eyes, ensuring that every hint of tiredness will be gone. From dark circles to eye bags, relax and let the massager do all the work! 

If you want to relax further, connect the massager via Bluetooth on your phone and listen to your favourite classical tunes as your eyes are being massaged. 

Why buy this:
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Affordable
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We hope that our guide on the 3 Best Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious for Christmas will help you to buy the best wellness gift for your health-conscious loved one. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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