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10 Best Broadband Plans in Australia | Best of Tech 2023

With vaccination rates going up and Covid cases going down, life seems to go back to normal, or should we say, ‘new normal’. Schools reopen. Workers report to their physical offices once again. During the pandemic, we were forced to stay at home, and a lot of our activities relied heavily on a fast internet connection. But even if we are already entering a new phase, one thing isn’t going to change for sure: households still need a fast and reliable internet connection. Well, it goes without saying everything’s done on the worldwide web now, and it remains the most convenient option around, even if people and businesses can meet face-to-face already. That said, with so many options to choose from, which are the best broadband plans in Australia? This article summarises a handy list of quality recommendations for every lifestyle, budget, and need.

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1. Spintel

Best Broadband Plans Australia Spintel

Spintel, one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, has seem to bag every award that there is for top-notch internet service providers. The long list of accolades includes the Mozo Experts Choice 2021 for the Fast NBN 100 and Standard Plus (NBN 50), Best Value NBN Broadband Plan Money Magazine Winner 2023, and Finde Awards 2020 Finalist for Best Budget NBN.

Their unlimited data plans start at $59.95 per month with a typical evening speed of 24mbps. Heavy users like game streamers might likely opt for faster plans, and the good news is that they can choose between the 50mbps and 100mbps plans that Spintel offers as well.

Want to save up on your mobile plan? You can save up to $3 when you avail their special bundle with the NBN plan of your choice.

Check out Spintel > 
Address: SpinTel, PO Box Q1106
Queen Victoria Building, Sydney
NSW 2000
Tel: 1300 303 375
Contact form

2. Tangerine

Best Broadband Plans Australia Tangerine

Stop worrying if you’re a big family of heavy data users. Tangerine’s definitely got your backs. No matter your family’s size, they have an NBN plan that’s going to suit your browsing habits at an incredibly affordable monthly rate. Their most popular plan is the XL Speed Boost which allows users to enjoy an average of 50mbps typical evening speed. Its monthly rate is priced at $44.90 only! Other companies’ 25mbps plans are even priced higher than that.

While 50mbps is already perfect for most households, you might still be looking for some lightning speed, and if that’s the case, you can go opt for the XXL Speed Boost which offers a typical evening speed of 92mbps for only $74.90 per month. And if you wish Zoom meetings would almost feel like a face-to-face encounter, then you’ll love the XXXL Speed Boost with a whopping 205mbps typical evening speed!

With all these amazing plans, Tangerine surely deserves its roster of recognitions including the NBN Provider of the Year in the Mozo Experts Choice 2021, Whistle Out 2021’s Annual Winner for the Internet Provider of the Year, and more!

Check out Tangerine > 
Address: Tangerine Telecom Pty Ltd, Level 6, 132-136 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
Tel: 1800 211 112
Contact form

3. Exetel

Best Broadband Plans Australia Exetel

Serving more than 240,000 individual clients and 12,000 businesses all over Australia, Exetel is one of the largest internet service providers in the country. And to cater to the varying needs of their continuously growing clientele, it’s right here where you can find a wide range of options for your desired NBN plan. There’s literally a perfect option for almost everyone whether for individuals, couples without kids, and big families.

For light users, there’s the Basic NBN plan with a typical evening speed of 12mbps (price starts at $49.95 per month), and the Everyday NBN with an average speed of 25mbps (price starts at $54.95 per month). Meanwhile, small families may opt for the Extra-value NBN which has a typical evening speed of 50mbps ($54.95 per month for the first six months). That’s an outstanding speed already for doing data-intensive activities such as social media browsing, video conferencing, and even streaming videos on the web.

But wait, there are even more options for big households and heavy data users ranging from a typical evening speed of 100mbps to 245mbps. If you’re on the hunt for crazy internet speeds, then, this company is going to delight you for sure.

Check out Exetel > 
Tel: 13 39 38
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4. Dodo

Best Broadband Plan Australia Dodo

Need to have a new NBN plan installed? Dodo allows you to process your application right at the comfort of your home, and it only takes three minutes! But what’s even harder to ignore is their free internet for three months deal when you also switch your electricity plan with them! Three months without internet bill means huge savings already, and who doesn’t want that?

While their NBN plans do not include the lightning speed quality of 200+mbps options, they do have an NBN plan with a typical evening speed of 92mbps which makes streaming videos in HD a breeze. For light to moderate users, you can pick a plan from 15mbps to 50mbps.

Check out Dodo > 
Address: Dodo Services Pty Ltd – Melb, VIC, Australia 3000
Tel: 02 8375 3629
Contact form

5. MyRepublic

Best Broadband Plan Australia MyRepublic

If you think a 200+mbps NBN plan is the fastest internet speed you can get in Australia, MyRepublic definitely disproves the claim. Their amazing offer? You won’t believe their NBN Home Ultra-Fast Plan boasts a typical evening speed of 350mbps! Buffering? What’s that word? You’ll never remember it again once you subscribe to this plan. Also, the great news is that you’ll be able to save up to $10 per month for the first six months for all their NBN plans.

For users who don’t really need that ultra-fast speed and are looking for more affordable alternatives, you can choose between the NBN Standard Plus Plan (50mbps at $59 per month for the first six months) and the NBN Home Fast Plan (93mbps at $69 per month for the first six months).

Check out MyRepublic > 
Tel: 1300 130 888
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6. Internode

Best Broadband Plan Australia Internode

While Internode doesn’t offer internet speeds of over 200mbps, and the speediest they can offer is a typical evening speed of 90mbps, this ISP holds several recognitions under its name for its remarkable service. For the years 2012 to 2014, and 2019, they’ve received the Roy Morgan Research Internet Service Provider of the Year award.

What customers love about Internode isn’t just the NBN plans’ outstanding performance, no matter the average typical evening speed, whether 25mbps, 50mbps, or 90mbps. The company is also well-praised for their prompt and friendly customer service.

Check out Internode > 
Tel: 136633
Contact form

7. Kogan


Kogan doesn’t impose lock-in contracts but if you do like their service, they’ve got an auto-renewal contract feature in their NBN plans for your convenience. And if it’s your first time to subscribe to their service, you can simply order, set-up and connect your NBN connection with online services, and that’s it—your home internet is up and running.

Flexible plans are available for all types of data users. There’s the Bronze plan with a typical evening speed of 25mbps for individual light users and the Silver plan with 50mbps typical evening speed for small households. Meanwhile, medium to big-sized households and heavy data users may opt for the Gold plan with 90mbps typical evening speed, Platinum plan with an average of 200mbps, or the Diamond plan with an average evening speed of 250mbps.

Check out Kogan > 
Tel: 1300 010 400
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8. Pennytel


Don’t you just love it when you find something that perfectly suits your current lifestyle and gives you just exactly what you need? Pennytel shares the same thought, and that’s exactly what they promise their customers. No bill shocks for unnecessary add-ons nor lock-in contracts, in this ISP, you’ll find flexible plans that will cater to your current situation, budget, and need. From individual light internet users to those whose lifestyle rely on heavy data consumption on multiple devices—there’s a right plan just for you. Choose among the Small Casual (12mbps), Medium Casual (25mbps), Large Casual (50mbps), and Extra Large Casual (100mbps) plans.

Check out Pennytel > 
Tel: 1300 232 888
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9. TPG


Rated as Australia’s number one Provider for Outstanding NBN Value by Canstar Blue, their award-winning NBN50 plan has bagged the Best NBN Plan title in the Finder Awards 2021. This only means one thing: The plan is a best-selling option among households and businesses around the country, and the reason behind their success is the stellar service they strive to maintain on a constant basis.

But that doesn’t mean their other plans are aren’t equally remarkable. Depending on your household situation and browsing habits, either the NBN12 (12mbps typical evening speed) or the NBN100 (90mbps typical evening speed) might be the best pick for you.

Check out TPG > 
Address: Level 1, 177 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Tel: 13 14 23

Contact form

10. iiNet


Experiencing connection glitches right in the middle of an important task online is the last thing you’ll dare imagine. But when the inevitable does happen, you’ll want your ISP to be one call away. And that’s what customers find standout about iiNet. Their 24/7 customer service makes it easy and convenient for subscribers to contact their friendly and reliable support team for any queries or issues that need to be quickly resolved.

The NBN plans, on the other hand, are super flexible. Depending on your circumstances, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade free of charge. Available plans include the NBN25 (25mbps at $69.99 per month, NBN50 (50mbps at $74.99 per month), and NBN100 (90mbps at $89.99 per month).

Check out iiNet > 
Tel: 13 19 17
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We hope that this article has helped you to pick the perfect broadband plan in Australia, that is most suitable for your home, lifestyle, and browsing habits. Please share this with your family and friends who are looking for great broadband options as well!

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