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    8 Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts in the Bahamas | Best of Travel 2022

    All-inclusive vacations are often the greatest option while visiting the Bahamas, especially for families. Luxury all-inclusive resorts make budgeting much simpler while letting you unwind and making you actually feel like you’re on vacation. There are several breathtaking white sand beaches there, as well as a ton of family-friendly activities. The Caribbean’s gorgeous waters are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts to explore everything that the oceans have to offer. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll be delighted to know that the Caribbean is home to a wide range of marine life, including tropical fish and turtles. With an extensive variety of all-inclusive family resorts, which then is the…

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    10 Best Hawaiian Resorts for Families | Best of Travel 2022

    Whether you like to plan your holidays yourself or reserve vacation packages directly with one of the state’s numerous all-inclusive hotels or resorts, there are countless options for enjoyable family vacations in the Aloha State. Hawaii brings to mind pictures of hula dancing, regionally inspired cuisine, clear waters, live music, and exciting cultural events that give visitors a sense of the state’s history and culture. The tropical climate and breathtaking natural beauty give tourists the impression that they are in another world entirely, so it is unsurprising why Hawaii has come to be associated with paradise. With an extensive variety of Hawaiian resorts, which then is the best Hawaiian resort…

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    Top 10 Incredible Experiences for Your Hawaii Honeymoon | Best of Travel 2022

    Starting your journey as a married couple can be pretty overwhelming indeed. That is why every couple deserves to jump start this new phase in their lives with the best getaway possible. On that note, Hawaii is one of the most fantastic, romantic, and serene places in the world, making it the perfect destination for newlywed couples. But with an extensive variety of incredible things to do in Hawaii, which then is the top activity for you to do in Hawaii? In our Best of Travel series, we introduce the Top 10 Incredible Experiences for your Hawaii Honeymoon, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. Table of…

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    10 Best Sentosa Staycations in Singapore | Best of Travel 2022

    With more Singaporeans hesitant to go abroad due to an increase of COVID-19 cases throughout the world, hotels in the city-state are preparing to lure tourists to staycation instead. We all wish we could go out to that far destination. But what if you could have a vacation without leaving the country? A staycation is the closest thing to have to vacation while we wait for leisure travel to begin. Staycations allow you to avoid the hassles of flight ticket purchasing and last-minute packing. They make you feel as if you’re in a different location and time. With an extensive variety of Sentosa staycations in the market, which then is…

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    10 Best Staycations in Singapore | Best of Travel 2022

    The desire for a vacation is evident, especially when non-essential travel is still heavily restricted across the world. Staycations are indeed on the upswing in Singapore, which is unsurprising. While Singaporeans used to travel to far-flung exotic locations, they are now confined to considerably tighter confines on their sunny small island. Single-night staycations were all the rage during the onset of the epidemic, as Singaporeans sought a brief opportunity to get away from their homes. So, with the extended lockdowns and work-from-home restrictions in place for this year, a growing number of Singaporeans appear to be yearning for a lengthier break from the daily grind. With an extensive variety of…

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    Hotel NuVe Heritage – Boutique comforts in the Historic Heart of Singapore

    At the heart of culturally-vibrant Singapore, a stone’s throw away from Bugis Street and shopping malls like Bugis Junction and Raffles City, you will find Hotel NuVe Heritage, Singapore a boutique hotel nestled amid a row of old colonial shophouses. This boutique hideout in Purvis Street is a short walking distance to the train station and makes a good base to explore the lion city. Read on to discover the modern comforts, warm hospitality, delightful activities and enjoyable amenities that you can enjoy in one of Singapore’s secret tourist gems for both locals and visitors. Boutique Hotel Singapore – 5 Reasons to have a Couple Staycation at Hotel NuVe Heritage,…

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    Step into a Classy 19th-Century New York City at Manhattan in Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel

    Engagement party, hen’s night, stag do, or even just date night out for two, there’s no denying one of the best spots be at on the weekend is in Manhattan. Not the city though, we’re talking about the award-winning bar on the second floor of Regent Singapore. Like the hotel it is housed in, the Manhattan has been around for quite a while, it is a grand old dame that, like fine wine, only gets better over time. Over the years, they have revamped their beverage programme and food offerings and stepping further and further away from the stereotypical hotel bar. Even by regular bar standards, this is no ordinary…

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    10 Reasons why The Scarlet Singapore is your Perfect Staycation Spot this Christmas Season

    As much as the idea of travel alone excites us, traveling during holidays leave us with higher fares and even more planning to do, when all we really want to do is relax and enjoy. This is when staycations come in real handy, for it offers you a quick getaway and a unique experience without having to escape the country. This Christmas season, we shine the spotlight on unique staycation venues we have right here in Singapore. Presenting to you in this issue, The Scarlet Singapore. Tucked in the historic heart of Singapore, The Scarlet Singapore offers couples a truly unique experience with its opulent, eclectic interiors and personalized service. The property…