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    Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Japan

    “While mountains and forests cover a vast area of its land, most Japanese live an urban lifestyle, fostering the development of modern culture. At the same time, this island nation is also known the world over for centuries-old practices like tea ceremony and kabuki. Japan’s dichotomous existence makes it such an interesting place to be in. In this issue, we share to you the top 10 pre-wedding photoshoot locations that are nothing short of magical.” Japan – a land where modernity and history live in synchrony. You have Tokyo, a seat of technological advancement often featured in big screen hits as a dazzling, fast-paced metropolis. On the other hand, there…

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    Mr & Mrs Smith Reveals Astonishing Secrets of Singapore Honeymooners

    Prepare for some top secrets to be revealed. To celebrate the launch of the new cosmic-themed On the moon honeymoon hub, travel club Mr & Mrs Smith conducted a survey on 500 Singaporeans who have been on a honeymoon. The results were astonishing.  Which honeymoon destination is trending? Hint. Mr & Mrs Smith identified five trending long-haul destinations from around the world, and given the choice to honeymoon again this year, the survey said: ★ An overwhelming 73 per cent would head to Japan!★ 22 per cent would choose Argentina ★ 4 per cent would want to explore India ★ 3 per cent would opt for Sri Lanka ★ Just 0.8 per cent…

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    A Guide for an Adventurous Weekend Honeymoon Getaway to Bintan

    You had decided to get married and now it is time to plan for your honeymoon. Are you seeking an ideal locale for spending time together without emptying your shared savings? Only an hour ferry ride away from our shores, Bintan Island is a wanderlust-worthy destination for many Singaporeans looking for a quick and affordable vacation. A weekend getaway to Bintan Island is a good choice for newlyweds, couples, or friends to unwind after a long week and to escape from the bustle of Singapore. 1. Getting from Singapore to Bintan *Note: Indonesia time (GMT +7) is one hour behind Singapore time (GMT +8) , meaning when Singapore is 2pm,…