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    30 Best Honeymoon Destinations

    Starting a new chapter of life as lifelong partners, a honeymoon getaway is the perfect celebration of your budding love and new life. Whether you want to go on touring a historic city, adventuring in the desert, or lounge your days beachside and enjoy margaritas under the sun, TWV has your back with this list of 30 Best Honeymoon Destinations. 30 Best Honeymoon Destination Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. They come at no extra cost to you, but if you purchase through our site, we get a small commission or bonus which keeps our site running and allow us to continue creating free content for you. That…

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    The Ultimate Switzerland Honeymoon Guide 2019

    Switzerland is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Romantic old towns, snow-capped ski slopes, scenic train and bus journeys, chocolates and cheese, hiking in picturesque mountains, anywhere you go or look you’ll see something to fall in love with. A wonderful cultural honeymoon getaway for couples looking to do a little bit of everything in just one country. We’ve rounded up The Ultimate Switzerland Honeymoon Guide 2019 for you and we hope you find the perfect snow-capped or the fairytale romance you are looking for! Table Of Contents: Best time to visit Switzerland 7 best places for your Switzerland honeymoon with hotel recommendations Frequently asked questions about…

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    12 Places to Buy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in Manila, the Philippines

    Wedding rings and engagement rings symbolise the loving marriage and eternal love between a couple. One way to sweep your future bride off her feet is to make it extra special when you propose – with the perfect engagement ring of her dreams. As for the wedding rings, we recommend designs that are classic and timeless, given that you will be wearing them for a long time. If you are planning to get down on one knee and pop the question anytime soon, or if you are about to tie the knot, check out our list of the 12 Places to Buy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in Manila, the…

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    Where to Buy Lights & Ceiling Fans? Here are 8 Lighting Shops in Singapore for your Home Reno

    “Lights are important in creating the mood and ambience you seek for your home. In this issue, we bring you our top lighting shops in Singapore.” Lighting may not often come to mind when you think of home renovation and decor. But it is, in fact, one of the most vital elements in creating the ambience for your home. Whether you are looking to create a space that is stylish or cosy, the lights you pick can make a world of difference. To make your lights shopping easier, we’ve shortlisted 7 popular lighting shops in Singapore where you can be spoilt for choice. This article is updated on 8 January…

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    Top 10 Most Romantic Kuala Lumpur Hotels for your Honeymoon

    The place where ancient meets contemporary, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect destination to experience Malaysia’s culture and modern allure. This wonderful mix of both worlds offer historical mosques and temples as well as skyscrapers covered with modern-day glitz and glamour. Its natural beauty, futuristic towers, and bustling nightlife make it a great setting for your honeymoon. In this issue, we want to share with you our updated list of the Top 10 Most Romantic Kuala Lumpur Hotels where you can stay and be pampered with luxury as you explore and let Malaysia’s capital city enchant you. [This article was first published on 8 Jun 2017 and last updated on 8…

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    9 Best Things to Do for a Scenic and Laidback Honeymoon in Uluwatu Bali

    Uluwatu Bali is a breathtaking gem on Bali’s Bukit peninsula. It boasts of the arresting silhouette of the clifftop temple against the background of the fiery sunset sky. The 5-star luxury of the scenic villas overlooking the majestic waves of the Indian Ocean make up for a laidback honeymoon stay. It is not to say, however, that you can’t get some adrenaline rush here. The limestone region features a cliff-fringed coastline and hidden beaches where you can experience a traditional fire performance called the Kecak Dance as well as world-class surf breaks for adrenaline junkies and adventurous couples. In this issue, we list down 9 of the things you can…

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    9 Tile Shops in Singapore for your Home Renovation

    Wall and floor tiles are a great way to add beauty and style to every room of your home. With tiles alone, you can turn a portion of your wall or floor into an art or statement piece. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and of course, the right materials from the right tile shop that match your desired theme. In this issue, we showcase the top 9 tile shops in Singapore to buy modern, elegant wall and floor tiles to spruce up your living spaces. This article was last updated on 8 Jan 2020. Read our popular home guides here: Your Complete Guide to Buying a…

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    The Ultimate Maldives Honeymoon Guide 2020

    When the word honeymoon comes to mind, there is one place perfect to spend your first days as lifelong partners – Maldives. With its overwater bungalows, blooming marine life, and pristine clear waters, a Maldives honeymoon is true paradise. Having been to the Maldives for our own honeymoon, and returning a couple of times after, we have learnt a fair bit about creating your very own Maldives honeymoon based on different budgets and styles. From luxurious private resort islands to hotels on the local island, Maafushi, our Maldives honeymoon experiences were simply unforgettable. Here’s us sharing our Ultimate Maldives Honeymoon Guide, and we hope all this research will help with…

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    Your Complete Guide to Home Renovation in Singapore + Saving Tips

    Congratulations on your new home, that’s another milestone unlocked! As much as owning a new home is exciting, we understand that the home renovation process can be daunting, especially for first-timers. In this guide, we will share the essential steps of home renovation and everything you need to know about making your dream home a reality. From finding your interior style to budgeting, furnishing, extra little tips from our own personal experiences and more, we got you covered. This article was last updated on 8 Jan 2020. 10 Steps to Complete a Successful Home Renovation Feel free to click on any of the following steps to jump to the ones…

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    7 Best Things to Do for Light and Carefree Honeymoon in Canggu Bali

    Canggu Bali lies behind the busy cities of Kuta and Seminyak; the hipster haven that ignites creative expression and carefree demeanour. This quaint little town is a former fishing village that is now popular among surfers, young travellers, and digital nomads. It also offers picturesque views and invigorating ambience perfect for light and rejuvenating yoga sessions or just a laid-back honeymoon stay. Canggu is buzzing with Balinese culture and art that will enchant you all throughout your venture. In this issue, we present to you the 7 best things to do in Canggu Bali that will keep your heart and soul flutter with love and curiosity. Where to Stay in…

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    The Ultimate New Zealand South Island Itinerary: Epic 2-Week Road Trip

    Boasting majestic snowcapped mountains, spectacular fjords, and killer views on some of the world’s best hikes, the South Island of New Zealand is a paradise for travellers. Couple that with adrenaline-pumping activities in Queenstown, the world-renowned Milford Sound, and probably the most scenic of road trips, there is simply too much to do in New Zealand! We just had to do up a New Zealand South Island itinerary on our website after our epic 2-week trip, after getting loads of messages from our friends asking for our itinerary. Considering the amount of research done on our end, I hope this takes a load off for your travel planning to the…

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    2020 Dryer Buying Guide: How to Buy a Dryer for your New Home

    For busy working adults, finding time to dry your clothes on a clothesline in the sun seems almost impossible. And it just seems sad to spend your weekends, well, doing laundry. A dryer is convenient and a huge time saver. The biggest advantage is that you can do your laundry at any time of the day, even when it is raining cats and dogs outside. Clothes dried in the dryer also require less pressing, which means ironing gets easier. That being said, clothes dryers do take up quite a bit of power. And like buying a washing machine, TV or fridge, buying the right dryer can be quite daunting. So…

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    8 Noteworthy Wedding Venues in Singapore You Must Know (2019/20 Edition)

    Every wedding depicts different love stories that make each celebration unique on its own. One of the most important consideration is your wedding venue. Choosing the right wedding venue can be tricky, all factors considered. Can the venue cater to your desired wedding theme? Is the space sufficient to make your guests comfortable? Be it an upscale wedding suitable for huge families, or a chic, intimate reception, we curated a list of wedding venues that we believe can help turn your wedding preferences into a happy reality. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post. This article was last updated on…

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    8 Noteworthy Wedding Venues in Singapore You Must Know (2019/20 Edition)

    Every wedding depicts different love stories that make each celebration unique on its own. With all ideas in mind on how you want your wedding to be, your wedding venue will put together all these details into one perfect ceremony. But choosing the right one for you can be tricky, all factors considered – Can the place cater to your desired wedding theme? Is the space enough to make your guests comfortable? Whether you have a long list of wedding guests or you fancy an intimate reception, we curated a list of wedding venues that we believe can help you turn your wedding preferences into a happy reality. Before we…