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8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire (2022)

Confinement nanny service is very beneficial to help you manage your workload during post-pregnancy period while you focus on recovery and breastfeeding your baby. Especially if you are a new mom, you can learn a lot from the confinement lady who has abundant experience in terms of taking good care of babies. Word of mouth works well, but if you want further recommendations for a good confinement lady in Singapore, read on to find out more. In this issue, we have curated a list of the 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire. 

This article was last updated on 1 February 2022.

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8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore

1. Confinement Angels

confinement angles nanny singapore

Confinement Angels is one of the most popular confinement nannies in Singapore. Boasting an extensive clientele of celebrities and influencers, they feature in-house training with the highest standard in Singapore. All their confinement nannies are equipped with extensive knowledge on childcare and best practices.

Promising you to have peace of mind during your postnatal period, the confinement lady will help to prepare confinement herbal tonics, cook delicious confinement food, prepare the confinement bath, provide breastfeeding assistance, and also assist in domestic chores.

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2. NannySOS

Nanny SOS confinement nanny Singapore (1)

Established in 2011, NannySOS is a nanny confinement care in Singapore that offers experienced nannies and babysitters. Their service includes preparing confinement baths for the mum, washing clothes, cooking dinner to the family, with the extension to do other household chores, all with attentive care and full dedication.

Their nannies are guaranteed to speak good English and Chinese, all with an average of 5 years experiences. If you want a confinement nanny in Singapore that knows how to care the right way, be sure to check them out.

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3. STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited

star confinement agency

With a staggering 4.8 stars on Google review, Start Confinement Nanny has the most reviews for confinement nannies in Singapore. They provide modern confinement service with nannies equipped with more than 5 years of experience in baby care. You can expect them to know a lot on how to take care of your newborn from feeding, changing diapers, as well as teaching you essential baby-care skills such as breastfeeding.

You can hire them for 24-hour care to help to manage things in your home. It’s not only their attentive care that you’re going to miss once they leave, but also the sumptuous food! You’ll be pleased to know that the confinement ladies from Star Confinement Nanny are armed with excellent cooking knowledge.

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4. Caregiver Asia

the outcall spa pre and post natal massage singapore

If you are looking for a popular, well-received confinement nanny in Singapore, check out Caregiver Asia which has more than 35,000 likes on Facebook. What’s impressive is that they have over 150 confinement nannies for you to choose from, all with more than 4 years of experience. Caregiver Asia is known for its quality services, with outstanding training and education in preparing their confinement ladies. Thus, their confinement nannies know best when it comes to baby-care as well as helping and teaching new moms.

Their confinement nanny service includes three confinement meals a day, and to assist you in breastfeeding and prepare a special confinement bath for you. A good confinement lady in Singapore can even assist you with some simple housekeeping such as sweeping, mopping, and doing laundry. Rest assured, with a MOM licensed agency, the entire process will be hassle-free.

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5. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

PEM confinement nanny agency

Established since 1987, PEM Confinement Nanny Agency has a ton of experience in the field of nanny confinement. They are the largest in Singapore, with experience in serving more than 15,000 moms and babies. You’ll be pleased to know that they are a 6 time winner of Parents World’s Best of the Best Pregnancy Products/Services award. Furthermore, their in-house training is one of the best in Singapore, with experts helping to educate the nannies properly to better take care of mums and babies. On top of that, their services include assisting you with breastfeeding, taking care of the baby with hygienic practices, as well as confinement diet planning.

Check out PEM Confinement Nanny Agency>

6. New Life Confinement Nanny

newlife confinement nanny

New Life Confinement Nanny may be new in the business, but their service and attentive care are top-notch. The unique offering they have is that you can see each nanny’s profile page with information such as the special skill they possess, as well as their confinement dishes. This allows you to select a confinement lady who can cook the type of dishes you prefer, which is actually an important yet understated factor. They go above and beyond the usual mum and baby care, serving confinement herbs package, postnatal massage, and lactation consulting and massage.

Check out New Life Confinement Nanny >

7. Thomson Parentcraft Centre

thompson medical parerntcraft

When it comes to baby-care knowledge, rest assured the hospital knows it best. Thomson Parentcraft is the service offered by Thomson Medical Centre to help moms to handle their postnatal period well. With professional guidance and extensive subject matter knowledge, their confinement nannies will not only make sure you and your baby are taken care well but also ensure good recovery with professional nutrition confinement planning. They also use traditional Chinese medicine to help moms recover quickly.

You can choose between full-time or part-time service, providing more flexibility on the support you need during your postnatal period.

Check out Thompson Parentcraft Center >

8. TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency

TSM Maid Agency

TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency provides attentive care for mums and babies. They provide capable foreign domestic workers from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar. Not to worry, as the confinement ladies have all been educated well before they are ready to take care of both mum and baby. Check out their reviews here. Their extensive care also includes confinement herbal, consultation from pre to the postnatal period, and postnatal massages to help mums with their recovery.

Check out TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency >

Why you should hire confinement nanny?

9 months of pregnancy is a long tiring and energy-consuming period for you as a mom. And after giving birth, you’ll have two main things to take care of: your baby and your recovery. Aside from that, many other household chores are required to be done. Especially if this is your first pregnancy, you will have truckloads to learn. Do note that the postnatal period can be stressful if you do not handle it right.

Benefits of hiring from a confinement nanny service company

With the above considerations, hiring a confinement lady in Singapore is key for added help. Most confinement nanny service companies in Singapore provide extensive and professional training to the confinement ladies. They will help you to cope in this important period by ensuring your baby is well taken care of, helping you to recover speedily with nutritious meals, as well as helping out with the household chores. Most importantly, they also will happily assist and teach you the right baby-care knowledge as well as breastfeeding skill.

Importance of Me Time

Another essential thing that most mums do not realise is that they need some “Me Time” after giving birth. This is necessary to help you recover mentally and cope with the stress. With a confinement lady, you can set some time aside after breastfeeding your baby. Take a warm bath or a special postnatal massage to help you recover quickly. By giving yourself some time to relax, you will be better able to take care of your baby with a fresh and relaxed mind.

For these reasons, we highly recommend hiring a confinement lady in Singapore.


We hope that this 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire has helped you to find the best confinement lady in Singapore to assist you. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 

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