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Extraordinarily Meaningful, Love-Inspired Illustrations for your Wedding Stationery by Miraculove

[Advertorial] Every love story is unique and special, personalized by heartfelt memories and defining moments shared between the bride and groom to be. For your wedding, it is a blessing to share your love story with your guests and loved ones as you both embark towards a big milestone in your lives. miraculove 4Miraculove is a love story illustrator, whose passion lies in translating your love stories into creative concepts which are then brought to life through befitting, hand-illustrated aesthetics. Their wedding stationery is not just beautiful on the outside but meaningful from the inside, intricately weaved with your personal style and story. miraculove 3 Having the opportunity to have Miraculove design my wedding stationery, signages, photo inlay prints and more was a truly remarkable experience. When first introduced to Miraculove, I was blown away by their outstanding artwork. Each work of art created encompassed overwhelming talent and creativity. From the intricate detailing, you can tell that the team behind Miraculove put in a lot of time, effort and love into their creations. miraculove 2 I was ecstatic to chance upon such brilliant work in the wedding stationery industry and was excited to have them as our wedding stationery designer!

My Favourites by Miraculove

Exclusive and Unique Wedding Branding

miraculove 28miraculove 26
miraculove 27miraculove 29

You are throwing the biggest celebration of your lives! Your wedding milestone deserves to be special, memorable and uniquely yours. Miraculove with their storytelling expertise excels in creating stand-out wedding branding to elevate your wedding and make it truly unforgettable. A wedding brand is much more than a logo. It encompasses a feeling, personality, values and the love story that you both join together to create. Elements such as your monogram, fonts, colour schemes, textures are what Miraculove will conceptualize and incorporate into a comprehensive range of wedding stationery such as invitations, signages, mad libs, table placards, menus, seating charts and more…  

miraculove 22miraculove 12

miraculove 13 Your wedding brand not only serves as a distinct feature of yours, but also helps to unify all the elements to form a holistic picture. Without a brand, your wedding might end up looking piecemeal. If you’d like to personalize your wedding stationery further by adding in an illustration that represents you and your partner, Miraculove would be sure to impress you with their vivacious character designs

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 9.34.27 PM12294659_932251113526370_6763293222263605972_nScreen Shot 2016-04-09 at 9.35.48 PM

Emotive Illustrations & Designs

miraculove 18miraculove 19

Miraculove stands out from the plenty of wedding designers in the industry with their emotive illustrations and designs that tie in charmingly with your wedding theme. miraculove 8miraculove 14miraculove 11miraculove 10 For my beach wedding theme, Yunnie asked if we had any favourite sea animal and we both happen to love sharks (and whales)! Yunnie did up an exquisite blue watercolour design incorporating the sea, waves and animals. The designs were refreshing, calming and classy, exactly what we had hoped to achieve. Not only are they beautiful to the eye, Miraculove’s designs will bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart.

Miraculove 51
Our beautiful welcome poster!
Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

An Innovative One-Stop for all your Wedding Illustration & Stationery Needs

miraculove 34 Apart from creating fully bespoke wedding stationery, Miraculove offers flexibility to brides with tight timelines by providing extensive in-house collections of ready designs that can be agilely tailored to your wedding details. These designs are inspired by broad love themes, you’re bound to find one that resonates with you and your story!

miraculove 23miraculove 24

My experience with Miraculove was pleasantly smooth. From start to finish, I only needed to heed Miraculove’s timeline and advice for planning and revisions. Their team took care of the rest. Miraculove also worked with our photobooth vendor, Busybody to take care of the photo inlays and specifications. I hardly needed to step in and everything was seamlessly completed. Miraculove 50 (1) Yunnie even personally delivered the prints to us to ensure our wedding stationery reached us in a timely manner! They were beautifully wrapped, with thoughtful choice of materials reminding me of Miraculove’s authentic brand character! The professional and heartwarming service they offered us was impeccable, and made working with them a breeze.

Miraculove 50 (2)
A sweet heartwarming note :)

On top of the great service, Miraculove has very innovative designing ideas! Yunnie gave me plenty of ideas on how to design my signages in such a way that I could use them for house decorations for the new place! Check out their Tree Slice Guest Book which would make for a perfect home display piece after the wedding! miraculove 20miraculove 17miraculove 21 These mad libs and cards for your guests to fill in keeps things fun and light-hearted at your wedding! You get to keep them as lovely keepsakes after. miraculove 32miraculove 33

A Dedicated & Passionate Team

10620192_920206674730814_4103937292246992967_omiraculove 38 Despite our multiple requests and changes, Yunnie remained very kind, patient and accommodating to us throughout. My wedding was a relatively challenging project to take up due to the very tight timeline, but knowing we were a huge fan of their work, Yunnie agreed to take it up.

miraculove 37miraculove 35

Miraculove was very dedicated to making my wedding a success. Despite the rush, they churned out beautiful work, gave us plenty design choices to choose from and they always provided revisions very quickly. They were very efficient – I think it might have been several sleepless nights for Yunnie and Li Min! Throughout my journey with them, Yunnie was always positive, energetic and passionate. She is a real inspiration and I am thankful to have gotten this precious opportunity to have them as a part of my wedding.   miraculove 39 Have Miraculove work miracles for your wedding. Using their hand-crafted, emotive illustrations and storytelling mastery, have them bring your love story to life in a beautiful, meaningful and unique-yours fashion. TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to Miraculove.

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