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10 Best Dryers in Malaysia to Dry Your Clothes Faster | Best of Home 2022

The invention of a dryer is pretty incredible, with a good dryer capable of drying your wet clothes quickly in simply 20 minutes. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Nevertheless, likewise to buying a fridge in Malaysia, choosing the best dryer in Malaysia isn’t exactly straightforward given the many brands and models in the market. Furthermore, there are different kinds of dryers – washer dryers, steam dryers, dual inverter heat pump dryers, and many more. Which should you choose considering the differences? In this Best of Home series, we have curated 10 Best Dryers in Malaysia to help you choose the one suitable for you and your family. 

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This article was last updated on 06 January 2022 

Table of contents 

10 Best Dryers in Malaysia

1. Bosch WTA74201SG Dryer 7.0kg Vented Sensor

Bosch WTA74201SG 7 Kg Vented Tumble Dryer malaysia
Best mid-range dryer with innovative features

The Bosch WTA74201SG dryer is one of the impressive mid-range dryers in Malaysia. For a mid-range price, you get pretty exceptional features. You can get your clothes dry in 40 minutes while still keep them without creases thanks to its Sensitive Drying System. Furthermore, you can also adjust the degree of dryness you want with AutoDry, and the machine will stop once your clothes meet the desired degree of dryness. 

For automatic drying, its Duo-Tronic Sensor helps to automatically monitor the moisture levels and temperature differences to avoid overheating. Thanks to its AntiVibration Design, it is highly stable and extremely quiet.

Why buy this:

  • Midrange price with a premium quality
  • AutoDry feature to adjust the degree of dryness you want
  • AntiVibration Design to keep it stable and quiet
  • Rapid dry within only 40 minutes
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2. Toshiba 7KG SenseDry Tumble Dryer Machine TD-H80SEM

Toshiba 7KG SenseDry Tumble Dryer malaysia Machine TD-H80SEM
20 minutes quick-dry function

Equipped with SENSEDRY™ technology, the Toshiba dryer helps keep your electricity spending low, with the machine automatically stopping once your clothes meet the optimal level of dryness. Not to worry about creasing as well. Its anti-crease functionality prevents laundry from being wrinkled via periodic drum rotations. In addition, you can use the Quick-Dry function to dry your clothes in an outstanding 20 minutes. 

Why buy this:

  • SENSEDRY™ technology helps keep electricity spending low
  • Quick-dry function in only 20 minutes
  • Anti-Crease function
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3. Electrolux 8kg UltimateCare™ 500 Venting Dryer EDV805JQWA

Electrolux 8kg UltimateCare™ 500 Venting EDV805JQWA dryers malaysia
Best at maintaining clothes quality

One of the best dryers in Malaysia for maintaining the quality of your clothes, the Electrolux EDV805JQWA provides superior colour care while protecting fabric quality with no over-drying. Tested and certified by UL, drying your clothes in Electrolux dryers provides up to 80% better colour care after 52 cycles when compared to sun drying. Moreover, its Smart Sensor helps to customise drying time for precise care of your clothes’ fabric quality.

With alternate clockwise and anticlockwise drum movements utilised to dry your clothes, this results in 32% fewer wrinkles compared to line drying. Buying this dryer comes with 2 years general warranty and 10 years motor warranty, enough to guarantee its durability.

Why buy this:

  • Clockwise and anticlockwise drum movements provide less wrinkles
  • Superior colour care
  • Smart Sensor protects fabric quality
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4. Midea MD-7388 7.0KG Dryer with Safe Thermostat Heater

Midea MD-7388 7.0KG Dryer malaysia with Safe Thermostat Heater
Good budget option

At a really reasonable price, the Midea MD-7388 is an excellent venting dryer that offers multiple drying programs according to your clothes fabric. It uses a safe thermostat heater to dry your clothes efficiently without damaging the fabric. While you can turn on the crease guard option to avoid wrinkles, the machine also uses a temperature sensor to prevent overheating. Thanks to its child lock function, you need not worry about your kids opening the dryer.

Why buy this:

  • Great budget option with 7kg capacity 
  • Temperature sensor automatically maintains optimal heating 
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5. LG 9kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ Dryer TD-H9066WS 



LG 9kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ Dryers malaysia TD-H9066WS
Dryer with Dual Inverter Heat Pump

With advanced inverter technology with its Dual Inverter Heat Pump™, the LG TD-H9066WS is one of the best dryers in Malaysia. There are many benefits of a heat pump dryer compared to other heating dryers, one being a higher level of energy efficiency and shorter time for drying. Another significant advantage is that a heat pump dryer works in a closed-loop system, which means you can place it anywhere in your home without the need to get close to a ventilator for an external air duct. 

Other notable highlights include the freedom to arrange the circulation speed and also choose between Energy Mode or Time Mode. You can save a lot more energy spending with the Energy Mode, and if you need a quick-drying, select the Time Mode for a speedy turnaround. Enjoy hassle-free when it comes to cleaning as it is equipped with Auto Cleaning technology. Best yet, its Allergy Care reduces 99.9% of live house dust mites that causes allergy or respiratory issues.

For additional smart dryer technology, you can even connect it to a mobile app where you can use it as a remote control, downloading a new update cycle and smart diagnosis. New drying programs that you can download ranges from gym clothes, blanket, lingerie, and more.

Why buy this:

  • Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ provides dual saving on energy and time
  • Eco Hybrid technology provides an option of Energy Mode and Time Mode
  • Auto Cleaning Condenser for a hassle-free cleaning
  • Smart app: remote control, downloading the new update cycle, and smart diagnosis
  • Allergy Care to reduce 99.9% of dust mites
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6. Deerma R10 Clothes Dryer Heating (Double Layer)



Deerma R10 Clothes Heating (Double Layer)
Most affordable dryer

With the drying capacity of 10kg, Deerma R10 is one of the best budget dryers in Malaysia. It utilizes a hot air blower to dry your clothes quickly. A digital panel is also provided for you to adjust the drying process accordingly. Basic functionality, but still does the job well.

Why buy this:

  • Very affordable price
  • Utilizes a hot air blower to dry clothes
  • Fewer wrinkles for easy ironing
  • Digital panel for easy control
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7. Beko 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer BKO-DCY7202XW3

Beko 7kg Condenser Tumble BKO-DCY7202XW3
Dryer with 15 different programs

The Beko 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer is one of the most popular dryers in Malaysia thanks to its 15 programs feature. With it, you can use it for multiple fabrics and needs from Daily, Syntethic Iron Dry, Synthetic Cupboard Dry, Cotton Iron Dry, Cotton Cupboard Dry, Cotton Cupboard Dry+, Cotton Extra Dry, Refresh, 40’, 20’, 10’, Delicates, Sportswear, Shirts, And Jeans. Keeping the machine at the best condition is easy as it has a filter cleaning indicator that tells you when to clean and service it. 

Why buy this:

    • 15 different programs versatile enough to fulfil various needs
    • Filter cleaning indicator to remind you when to clean and service it
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8. Samsung 7kg / 5kg Dryer Combo with Eco Bubble, 7kg Washer WD70J5410AW/SP 

Samsung 7kg 5kg Combo with Eco Bubble, 7kg Washer WD70J5410AWSP
Best Washer Dryer Combo

At this price, the popular Samsung WD70J5410AW is one of the best washer dryers in Malaysia. We love having a washer dryer as it helps to save space efficiently. For us, we don’t use the dryer function as much as we prefer to hang dry our clothes, but when there is a need to quickly dry clothes, you certainly can count on a washer dryer to do the job well! The Samsung WD70J5410AW utilises Air Wash technology that uses heated air to effectively clean your clothes, removing dirt and odour, as well as cleaning hard stains with an extra Bubble Soak feature. 

Why buy this:

  • Best value for a washer dryer combo
  • Efficiently saves space
  • Eco Bubble technology combined with Air Wash Technology and Bubble Soak
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9. Haier HDY-D60 6kg Tumble Dryer with Sensor Dry

Haier HDY-D60 6kg Tumble Dryer with Sensor Dry
Best affordable dryer in Malaysia

Simple yet efficient, the Haier HDY-D60 is an excellent choice for a budget dryer that comes with great quality. You can choose one of its 7 cycle programs to cater to various fabrics and laundry care. Moreover, it is also equipped with automatic sensor technology to detect and optimize the optimal heat and time settings. One of the cheapest dryers in Malaysia, this is definitely a great deal!

Why buy this:

  • Great deal at a low price
  • 7 cycle programs for various laundry needs
  • Sensor dry technology to detect optimal heat and time settings
  • Simple knob button control
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10. LG Dryer TD-C8066WS 8kg True Steam and Sensor Dry



LG TD-C8066WS 8kg True Steam and Sensor Dry TDC8066 dryer Malaysia
Best steam dryer in Malaysia

Utilising True Steam™ technology combined with Two-Way Tumbling, the LG steam dryer dries your clothes while effectively removing allergens and dust, simultaneously reducing wrinkles. On top off that, there are other exciting features such as Smart Diganosis™, multiple cycle programs for different fabrics, and Sensor Dry for automatic monitoring of temperature and moisture for excellent drying performance.

Why buy this:

  • True Steam™ technology removes allergens and reduces wrinkles.
  • Smart Diagnosis™ can assist to diagnose up to 28 technical problems
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Where to buy a dryer in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy dryers in Malaysia from retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada is my go-to for shopping electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare prices. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Dryers in Malaysia will help you to buy the best dryer in Malaysia for your home. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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