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12 Best Garment Steamers in Singapore to Remove Creases | Best of Home 2022

A garment steamer is a great innovation for quick and effective steaming without the hassle of ironing boards and heavy handling. Like steam irons, it has a heat-generating water tank that produces steam to instantly smoothen out wrinkles on even the most delicate of fabrics. What differentiates it versus steam irons is its stand-up rod that holds up your clothes that allows you carefully and conveniently steam through every surface and corner. It typically comes with additional accessories made for specific kinds of fabric. Some come with a brush for thicker clothes, a steam bonnet for delicate clothes, and protective gloves for added safety. If you are looking to get the best garment steamer in Singapore, definitely check out our list below. In this Best of Home series, we introduce the 12 Best Garment Steamers in Singapore, sharing the advanced features, compatible fabrics and the best ways to use them.

This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

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This article was last updated on 6 January 2022.

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Best Garment Steamers in Singapore

1. EuropAce EGS 516W Garment Steamer

europace garment steamer singapore

Powerful and value-for-money garment steamer

If you are looking for the ideal garment steamer for your personal or even commercial use, be sure to check out the EuropAce EGS 516W Garment Steamer. Aside from its principal function of removing wrinkles and creases on your clothes efficiently, you can also use it to eliminate odour, bed bugs, and even dust mites!

Impressive steaming performance

We have personally tried using the EuropAce EGS 516W Garment Steamer, and find it to be very efficient. It features 35 to 43 minutes of continuous steam time; useful for steaming even your linens and beddings. Furthermore, this innovative model’s ‘ready steam start up’ only takes a mere 45 seconds. We also love its 360-degree swivelable hanger designed for your convenience to remove creases in your garments easily.

Meanwhile, its durable and high-impact housing and wheels make it incredibly easy to use for mobility. It also has a 1.4-litre water tank capacity which is secured at the base of the steamer to provide sufficient water for multiple steamings. You can also make use of its telescopic aluminum bar for compact storage. With so many features at an affordable price point, this is probably one of the most value for money garment steamers in Singapore.

Why buy this:
  • Powerful and value for money garment steamer
  • 360-degree swivelable hanger
  • Eliminates odours, bed bugs, and dust mites
  • Continuous steam time 43min (1500W); 35 mins (1800W)
  • Water tank capacity: 1.4L
  • Ready steam start up: 45 seconds
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2. Grunn Garment Steamer GIS-68

Grunn garment steamer

Suitable for all kinds of fabrics

If you want a garment steamer that you can use for various types of fabrics, you might want to opt for the Grunn Garment Steamer. Whether it’s jeans, curtains, or bedsheets, this fan works well in steaming. It is also convenient to use as it automatically cuts the power when the water runs out.

Another thing that’s great about this garment steamer is that it heats up in only just 45 seconds and provides 40 minutes of a continuous stream. Furthermore, it takes up minimal space so you don’t have to worry about putting it away after use.

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3. Tefal Expert Precision Garment Steamer [IT9500]

Tefal Expert Precision best Garment Steamer singapore

Great value for money

Tefal has always been a reliable brand for all things household, and their garment steamer is no exception. Its large metal head rests atop a unique vertical double pole system with a convenient clothes hanger and is attached to smooth moving wheels. The vertical support system was designed with safety and easy one-handed usage in mind. It also guarantees long periods of optimal usage with its massive 3.2-litre water tank.

Concentrated or diffused steam output

Moreover, it has top-quality steaming and anti-bacterial capabilities for all kinds of garments (clothing, bedroom, upholstery, you name it!), plus a choice between concentrated or diffused steam to precisely tackle all areas and levels of creasing. All it takes is a quick 45-second startup time and you have everything you need in a trusty everyday garment steamer.

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4. Tefal IXEO All in One Iron & Steamer Solution [QT1020]

Tefal IXEO All in One iron best garment steamers singapore

Best all-in-one garment steamer

One of the ultimate garment steamers in Singapore, the Tefal IXEO features an outstanding all-in-one iron and steamer solution for incredibly easy and convenient ironing. It includes the advanced features of the Tefal Expert Precision and a unique built-in three-position SmartBoard with a lightweight iron head. It is an ergonomic experience that allows you to manoeuvre the board depending on how the garment is best steamed. Be it flat like an iron, slanted, or upright like a steamer, any way works efficiently.

Efficient wrinkle removal

Equipped with steam iron heated soleplate technology combined with its Turbo Steam Technology, the Tefal IXEO produces up to 5-bar pump pressure. This results in high-efficiency wrinkle removal for all kinds of garments while still guaranteeing utmost care and minimal effort.

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5. Electrolux ErgoSteam Garment Steamer [EGS2103]

Electrolux ErgoSteam best garment steamers singapore

Great for delicate fabrics

The Electrolux ErgoSteam is a great choice for people whose wardrobes are filled with delicate clothing and fragile fabrics. It was designed to powerfully yet safely emit steam, with a soleplate equipped with 9 large steam holes and a control system with 3 steam settings depending on the garment. Moreover, a variety of safety accessories is included such as a scald proof glove and clamps to secure clothes in place.

For a cheaper more basic model, you can opt for the Electrolux EGS2003 – EasyLine Garment Steamer.

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6. Panasonic Garment Steamer [NI-GSE040PSH]

panasonic garment steamer singapore

Stylish and easy to use

The Panasonic Garment Steamer has earned a reputation online as one of the easiest and cutest (yes, you heard that right!) garment steamers in Singapore with its baby pink colour. Its no-frills, sleek exterior is easy on the eyes and even easier on the hands. Its lightweight allows for easy cleaning, and straight-to-the-point settings for a fast startup. More than just steaming your wrinkled blouses, its baby pink design also adds points for lovely home decor. Display it in a corner and it will fit right in! If pink is not your style, don’t worry, it also comes in blue.

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7. Aerogaz 2.8L Garment Steamer [AZ-208GS]

Aerogaz cheap garment steamers singapore

One of the cheapest garment steamers in Singapore

If you are on a strict budget, the Aerogaz Garment Steamer is one of the cheapest garment steamers in Singapore. Although it is by far the cheapest on this list, you do not need to worry about poor steaming capabilities. In fact, it costs as much as your ordinary iron but is more effective in terms of removing stubborn wrinkles. It provides a 2.8-litre tank that promises 80-minutes of continuous steam, more than enough to finish loads of laundry. Cleaning is also made easy with a drain plug that you simply empty out after use. It may not be as powerful as more expensive garment steamers in Singapore, but it definitely does the job enough for you to get your money’s worth.

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8. Tefal Steam Brush Access Steam [DT8100]

Tefal Steam Brush Access

Best for on-the-go steaming

The Tefal Steam Brush Access Steam is an ideal appliance for quick, on-the-go steaming needs. Featuring one of the quickest startup times at 40 seconds and being a lightweight ultra-fast steamer, this is especially perfect for last-minute steaming of wrinkled outfits before heading out. Whether your clothes are made of heavy or delicate fabrics, this handy steamer delivers excellent results thanks to its cast aluminium heated soleplate and accompanying accessories.

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9. Philips Steam & Go Handheld Garment Steamer Series

Philips Steam & Go garment steamers singapore

Handy compact steamer

Another handy and lightweight steamer perfect for everyday use is the Philips Steam & Go Handheld Garment Steamer. Equipped with a SmartFlow heated plate, the device reaches an optimal temperature that is suitable for all kinds of garments, from thin garments to coats and sweaters. Without needing a special vertical pole or an ironing board, this steamer is safe to use both vertically or horizontally against any surface at home. Like most on this list, it also comes with a brush accessory ideal for thicker fabrics to remove deep-seated dirt and lint. It is a great device to have for last-minute outfit preps.

If you want a cheaper option, check out the Philips Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer – GC350/46, which costs almost half the price.

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10. Philips ComfortTouch Garment Steamer [GC552]

Philips ComfortTouch

The popular choice

One of the most popular garment steamers on Shopee is the Philips ComfortTouch Garment Steamer and definitely for many good reasons. For one, it has a FlexHead with 3 steam settings for flexible steaming on even the tightest corners in any kind of fabric. For thicker materials, it comes with a fabric brush that penetrates deep into layers for smooth anti-wrinkle results. Apart from just steaming, it also boasts of removing odours and killing 99.9% of bacteria in clothes. Not only are your clothes clean, but it also saves you from frequent washing that could shorten your clothes’ lifespan. Its extra-long Style Board has a unique Hang & Lock feature that keeps your clothes securely attached to the hanger as you steam away. With its Easy Rinse descaling, you can enjoy years of easy and effective steaming without damaging the appliance.

The more premium version is the ComfortTouch Plus GC559 with a power of 2000 W and an additional feature of 5 steam settings. Other great options to consider are the Philips EasyTough Plus Garment steamer in Gold or the Easy Touch GC518.

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11. PowerPac Comfort Touch [PPIN619] 

PowerPac Comfort Touch

No-frills garment steamer

One of the cheapest garment steamers in Singapore, the PowerPac Comfort Touch Garment Steamer offers one-of-a-kind features that make it worthy to be on this list. It is one of the easiest garment steamers to handle with its 360-degree hanger that you can conveniently swivel around as you steam different parts of your garment. Apart from that, it also has a telescopic aluminium bar that adjusts up to 64 inches high, so there is no hassle of steaming long dresses or short tops. At the end of your steaming session, its patented drain plug technology comes in handy for you to easily flush out water and unwanted limescale. It also has a slim and compact design making it easy to store away.

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12. Xiaomi Deerma Portable Travel Garment Steamer

xiaomi deerma portable travel

Good for travels

If you are the kind of traveller who loves dressing up in beautiful outfits to match the equally beautiful scenery, then this Xiaomi Deerma Portable Travel Garment Steamer is a must-pack in your luggage. Its foldable handle design is lightweight and comes in a free travel box so that it easily fits into any bag without taking up much space and baggage weight. With its aluminium alloy plate, rest assured of powerful and evenly distributed steam that removes even the deepest of creases. And because we know you have got a full itinerary ahead of you, it requires only 10 seconds to heat up and work its magic. It is specially designed for you to iron at multiple angles until your clothes are smooth and seamless, ready for a full day of sightseeing and picture taking.

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Where to buy a garment steamer in Singapore?

You can purchase garment steamers online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for shopping for electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare prices.


That’s our guide on the Best 12 Garment Steamer in Singapore! I hope that this guide has helped you to find the best garment steamer in Singapore for your home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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