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11 Shops for Guo Da Li in Singapore

Guo Da Li, also known as betrothal gifts, is a traditional Chinese custom where families of soon-to-be-married couples formally meet. It is usually held two to four weeks before the wedding day where the groom’s family pays a visit to the bride’s family and offer presents to them. Aside from being a sign of appreciation and respect for the family of the bride for raising such a refined lady, giving Guo Da Li was also considered to bring good fortune to the couple. To help you find the perfect Guo Da Li set in a stress-free and easy way, here are the 11 Shops for Guo Da Li in Singapore.

This article was first published on 25 January 2017, and last updated on 28 February 2020.

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11 Shops for Guo Da Li in Singapore

1. ShuangXiLe

Guo Da Li - Shuang Xi Le

Established in 2009, ShuangXiLe aims to preserve traditional Chinese wedding customs. Known for providing a hassle-free shopping experience to their clients, ShuangXiLe offers a wide range of both traditional and modern wedding custom products like betrothal, dowry, return gifts, bed setting, etc. Read our experience in ShuangXiLe here.

Website: https://www.shuangxile.com/
Address: #03-39 Square 2 (above Novena MRT), 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506
Contact: +65 6397 2018
Email: [email protected]
Facebook | Instagram

2. Tiong Poh

Guo Da Li - Tiang Poh

Tiong Poh offers the perfect solution for couples’ wedding preparations dilemma, providing a variety of options for Guo Da Li. You can choose items from decorations, foods, clothing, and other special gifts for your future-in-laws. Just head down to Hong Lim Complex and you will find all you need for your Guo Da Li.

Address: 531 Upper Cross Street #02-58 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531
Contact: +65 6533 1407
Email: [email protected]

3. Tiao Xiang Wedding N Gift

Guo Da Li - Tiao Xiang Wedding N Gift

Tiao Xiang Wedding N Gifts is known for reliable services for their clients when looking for Guo Da Li items in Singapore. They have a variety of collections for betrothal gifts and dowry that are perfect for your wedding.

Address: Blk 335 Smith St #01-77 Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335
Contact: +65 6224 8848

4. Minah Departmental

Guo Da Li - Minah Departmental
Photo Credits: Time Out

Founded over 40 years ago, Minah Departmental is a quaint shop in Upper Bukit Timah Road. This is a must-visit place for couples who are looking for Chinese wedding supplies. Upon visiting this shop, you can find beautiful items such as red umbrellas, traditional decorations, embroidered bridal bed sheets, and dragon and phoenix candles. Trust us, Minah Departmental can surely help you all of your Guo Da Li needs. The wise owners of the shop are also willing to share their knowledge with you about the ceremony and symbol of the ritual.

Website: http://www.minah.com.sg/
Address: #01-19 Beauty World Centre 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 588177
Contact: +65 6468 5870
Email: [email protected]

5. Jia Jia Wedding

Guo Da Li - Jia Jia Wedding
Photo Credits: Walking towards Bliss

Jia Jia Wedding is another recommended shop in Singapore for Guo Da Li or betrothal packages. Chinatown Complex offers a couple of shops for Guo Da Li, so feel free to check them all out.

Address: Blk 335 Smith Street #01-226, Chinatown Complex, Singapore, 050335

6. Fu Yuan Wedding Shop

Guo Da Li - Fu Yuan Wedding Shop
Photo Credits: Miss Ene and the Boy

One place you should visit if you are looking for traditional Chinese wedding products for Guo Da Li or dowry is Fu Yuan Wedding Shop. Easily found beside Chinatown OG shopping centre, Fu Yuan Wedding Shop offers a wide variety of items that are perfect for your ceremony at an affordable price.

Address: 32 New Market Road Food Centre, #02-1158 Singapore 050032
Contact: +65 9620 8406

7. Cheok Keuw Bridal

Guo Da Li - Cheok Keuw Bridal
Photo Credits: Unique SG Wedding

Cheok Keuw Bridal is known for their classical touch to the traditional Chinese wedding business. Providing excellent services for the past 50 years, Cheok Keuw Bridal ensures that they will meet your every need for your Guo Da Li ceremony.

Website: https://cheok-keuw-co.business.site/
Address: 506 Jurong West Street 51, Singapore 640506
Contact: +65 6566 0311
Email: [email protected]

8. My Chinese Wedding Shop

Guo Da Li - My Chinese Wedding Shop
Photo Credits: My Chinese Wedding Shop

My Chinese Wedding Shop has been making the traditional Guo Da Li ceremony an easy, fuss-free task for couples. Aside from a wide variety of products, they also provide helpful guidelines on betrothal packages and the ceremony. Check out their range on their website if you do not have much time to go around browsing.

Website: https://www.mychineseweddingshop.com.sg/
Address: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre Unit #02-35, Singapore 588179
Contact: +65 8183 2023
Email: [email protected]

9. The Chinese Wedding Shop

Guo Da Li - The Chinese Wedding Shop
Photo Credits: Singapore Brides

In recent years, The Chinese Wedding Shop has become one of the most trusted brands in Singapore when it comes to Guo Da Li. They offer vast knowledge and exceptional services for their clients. Do note that the Chinese Wedding Shop is also a one-stop shop for all the wedding essentials you need. From betrothal, dowry, and items for the party, you have a ton of choices here.

Website: https://www.mychineseweddingshop.com.sg/
Address: AMK Central | Jurong East Central | Jurong West Central | Bedok Central | Marine Parade Central
Contact: +65 6455 9863 (AMK Central)
Email: [email protected]

10. Le Knot

Guo Da Li - Le Knot
Photo Credits: Singapore Brides

If you are having a hard time finding items for your Guo Da Li, we highly recommend Le Knot. Offering one-stop services for the various items required for traditional Chinese marriage ceremonies, Le Knot also provides customised Guo Da Li packages tailored for the different Chinese dialect groups in Singapore.

Website: http://www.leknot.com.sg/
Address: 810 Geylang Road, City Plaza #05-09A S409286
Contact: +65 6844 5803
Email: [email protected]
Facebook | Instagram

11. Sweetest Moments

Photo via Sweetest Moments
Photo via Sweetest Moments

As we get more innovative with our weddings, why not add a little something special to your Guo Da Li? If your future in-laws have a sweet tooth, there is no way they will be able to resist these yummy treats by Sweetest Moments. Add a dash of elegance to your Guo Da Li gifts with their alluring array of sweet treats, wrapped up in beautiful packaging. Each package comes with a complimentary wedding card, and you can even personalize it by adding your wedding photo and details! Bring sweetness to your traditional Chinese wedding ceremony with their Guo Da Li packages here.

Website: https://sweetestmoments.com.sg/
Address: 28 Tai Seng Street #03-01, Sakae Building, Singapore 534106
Contact: +65 6286 2553
Email: [email protected]
Facebook | Instagram


We hope that our list of 11 Shops to for Guo Da Li in Singapore will help you to find a suitable shop for your Guo Da Li betrothal gifts that will amaze your in-laws. Please do help to share this list with your friends should they need help for Guo Da Li in Singapore as well!

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Before you go, do not forget to download our free e-guide below. It shares 8 hacks that you can use to save up to $18,700 on your wedding! 

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