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8 Best Hair Salons in Singapore | Best of Beauty 2023

I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but, I’m sure most women would say there are days when they feel like they’re not beautiful or attractive enough. Yes, feeling not-so-great is inevitable. We all go through that phase from time to time. There are many reasons why this sudden drop in our confidence level happens from time to time.

Even so, how you cope up with those negative emotions can make a huge difference. Instead of succumbing to those feeling not-so-beautiful moments, this is even the time we should feel a bit more motivated to put the effort into our beauty care regimen.

Of course, eating healthy, exercising, sleeping enough, and thinking positive thoughts are non-negotiables. But it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself every once in a while, for a day of pampering and unwinding in a top-notch salon near you. Want that perm? Go get it. Want that ultimate keratin treatment? Why not! Great hair days never fail to uplift one’s spirit. You’ll not only look good but feel great after. Below are some of the top recommendations in Singapore.

This article was last updated on 11 January 2023.

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1. Hair Studio Flamingo

While it is tucked among a row of swanky shophouses in the urban jungle, Hair Studio Flamingo boasts a relaxing interior that seems like a world away from the bustling city. The nature-themed salon is filled with green accents popping here and there. The sight of well-cared indoor plants takes customers to a calming retreat.

Combine that with the natural light that comes from the sunshine streaming through the roof-top window. Then, you’ll easily feel like you have a day of pampering in some tropical escape, when in fact, you’re just in a hair salon!

But the best part of the experience isn’t about the look and feel of the Hair Studio Flamingo. It is the topnotch range of services from gorgeous cuts to impeccable hair treatments. The expert hairstylists don’t just go along with the latest trends in the hair styling business.

They make their service as personalized as possible by identifying your face shape and hair quality. Also, they do a little chitchat about your personality. Then, basing on these factors, they propose a hairstyle that’s not just easy to maintain but will bring out the best version of your unique beauty and personality.

Check out Hair Salon Flamingo >
Address: 7 Neil Road Singapore 088807
55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-55 Singapore 160055
Tel: 87262116 (Tanjong Pagar)
83326617 (Tiong Bahru)
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2. Leekaja Beauty Salon

Leekaja, a popular hair salon in South Korea, was first established in 1972. Since then, the consistent first-rate service of the salon has kept drawing in loyal customers. As a result, they have expanded into over 200 salons all over the world. The great news is that it found its way to Singapore, too. The company’s first flagship store in the country is located at Mandarin Gallery, Orchard.

Their website provides a detailed description of all the services they offer. An interesting one is the Cinderella Treatment. As described, it is not just an ordinary keratin treatment. It is special in a way that it uses natural ingredients with moisturizing properties that provide a healing effect to the damaged hair strands. After which, keratin is infused into your locks, providing a soothing, refreshing feel. On top of that, your hair gets a shiny, healthy glow. It’s definitely a must-try.

But wait. That’s just an introduction. You’ll be delighted to try their other wide range of services such as the different kinds of perm they do. And oh, don’t be afraid to get that haircut of your dreams from time to time!

Check out Leekaja Beauty Salon >
Address: 333A Orchard Rd. #03-13 Mandarin Gallery 238897
Tel: (+65) 8133 0818
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3. Picasso Hair Studio

Considered as one of the cutting-edge salons in Singapore, Picasso Hair Studio proudly houses some of the award-winning hairdressers in the country. Guess what is that one thing they have in common? Passion for hairdressing? Of course, that’s a given.

But this is combined with their seemingly overflowing source of creative juices. With several years in the hair care industry, they keep creating new styles that will perfectly suit each of their customers’ beauty, personality and lifestyle. Hairdressing is an art. And it’s easy to say they like enjoying their trade but at the same time, taking it seriously. They provide their customers a unique and highly personal experience with every visit.

While they claim to specialize in perms and creative coloring, they offer other excellent services, too, including basic haircuts, styling and rebonding.

Check out Picasso Hair Studio >
Address: 146 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068909 (Tg Pagar)662 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188798 (Bugis)Tel: +65 62240221 (Tg Pagar)
+ 65 62910691 (Bugis)
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4. Vintage Studio

Don’t try to judge by its name. Vintage Studio is not just for the old souls, nor does it offer vintage hairstyles alone. In fact, looking at their gallery that proudly displays some of their masterpieces in the hairstyling game, you can easily tell how updated they are in the modern hair trends. From funky haircuts to stylish perms and holographic hair—now, you judge whether its vintage they love to sport every time.

The awards they’ve garnered over the years serve as a proof of how they love perfecting their trade. On top of that, some of the friendliest hairstyling experts make up their powerhouse. And so, you’ll find it easy to communicate your needs and wants with them. They pay attention to these details carefully. Then, all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and get excited over the wonderful transformation that will take place in a few minutes, an hour or so!

Check out Vintage Studio >
Address: 313 Orchard Road, #04-21

Singapore 238895

Tel: 6735 8123
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5. Art-Noise

Located at Holland Village, Art-Noise is the first Japanese hair salon in the West area of Singapore which was first opened on September 2014. Fast forward five years and eight months later, Art-Noise still continues rendering superior quality salon experience to its loyal customers.

It’s easy to see how they do it. They never stopped learning. They keep on discovering and developing a new range of hair salon services and products that will satisfy their customers. And even the existing ones get some careful scrutiny from time to time with an aim to innovate further.

The team behind Art Noise dedicates their time and effort on studying the best hairstyles and treatments that would match the climate of Singapore and the general hair characteristics of people living here. What people love about this company is that it pays attention to their customers’ feedback. Then, based on this, they come up with their own range of hair care products. From hair straightening to perming to relaxing head spas, you’ll surely love a day of primping here.

Check out Art-Noise >
Address: 38A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277694
Tel: +65-6463-3651
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6. Blow + Bar

Now, this is literally where strong career women celebrate fun weekends after five long days of grinding. Have you ever wished there’s a one-stop place that combines two things that you love doing? Don’t look elsewhere, it’s right here at Blow + Bar.

This unique salon concept combines the love of most women for hair care and some quality catching up with friends over some good drinks. Yup, Blow + Bar is a hair salon that serves quality drinks, too. The inside of the salon itself has lights, design and fixture details reminiscent of a classy bar with nice music, typically the go-to place for girls’ night out.

Blow + Bar, as they claim it, is known for their signature Sunkissed Color, Creative Makeovers, Brazilian Blowouts and unique drinks. Customers always go home not just looking great but feeling great as well. That’s especially the case when they go for a hair pampering day with some friends, instead of spending that time alone. Some alone times would sound great, though.

Unique concept. Excellent range of services and products. No doubt, it’s an award-winning salon in Singapore.

Check out Blow + Bar >
Address: 7 Rodyk Street
The Watermark Condominium #01-32 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238215
Tel: +65 62387338
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7. The Fluxus House

For the love of hair care and art, The Fluxus House isn’t just your typical hair salon. It’s more like a hair salon and art gallery in one. That’s because their passion for art has motivated them to support local artists and promising art students in the country by collaborating with them. Sharing a space right in their salon is the way they see how a fruitful collaboration can become a reality.

Inspired by the concept of art and creativity which leads us to the essence of joyful discoveries and new possibilities, the mission statement of The Fluxus House is to let their customers experience the joy of discovering “the new me”.

So, as you walk into the salon, dare to be different. Dare to break free from your usual self, and embrace the possibility of getting a fresh, unique look. It’s about time you try! And oh, girls, wouldn’t it be nice to surprise our significant other with a flattering makeover? Make them say, “Honey, you’re breathtaking!”

Check out The Fluxus House >
Address: 23 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088332
Tel: 92307657
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8. TONI&GUY Singapore

Founded in London 50 years ago, TONI&GUY remains to be one of the strongest hair care brands out there with over 430 expansions in several countries across the globe. These, of course, include Singapore. The country itself houses several branches in major urban districts.

Considered as hair care leaders, TONI&GUY focuses on finding innovative ways to deliver their hair care services bearing in mind the crucial aspects of creativity and individuality. While they take inspiration from the London Fashion Week, they commit to provide unique hairstyling that’s highly personalized depending on the customer’s looks, needs and lifestyle. But here’s the general rule of thumb they follow: It has to be visually impactful. Perfect.

Check out TONI&GUY Singapore >
Address: 170 East Coast Road Singapore 428876
Tel: +65 6345 0208
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Salon in Singapore:

There are a few things you can consider so you can make sure you’re choosing the best hair salon that can provide your needs and fulfill your expectations.

What is it that needs to be done?

Do you need to get a new haircut? Would you like to try a new hair color? Are you so eager to get rid of that frizzy, dry hair problems once and for all? Before visiting a hair salon, define what it is about your hair that bothers you. You can clearly communicate this to your chosen hairstylist. At times, too, you might want to avail multiple hair care services. Make sure the salon offers these services before walking in.

How much is your budget?

At most of the salons mentioned on the list above, typical pricing of haircut starts at $50. If you plan to avail a combination of other services such as coloring and hair treatments, expect to pay somewhere between $300 to $400 or more.

Who’s coming with you?

Are you going to get a hair makeover just for yourself or are you bringing along some friends, your hubby or your kids? Whoever it is who wants to get a day of pampering with you, consider your company’s preferences, too. Also, some salons offer services exclusively for men or women. If you’re going there with your significant other, make sure they offer hair care services tailored for both men and women. Same thing applies if you want some hair care services done for your kid.

Which would best give you the utmost relaxation you need?

Is it the Hair Studio Flamingo that takes you to a sort of nature escape in the middle of the bustling city? Does the girls’ night out theme of Blow + Bar seem enticing to you? Or are you an art lover who wants to hang out at The Fluxus House? Choose the one that best fits your personality or your current mood.

I hope that this article has helped you to find the best hair salons in Singapore for your constant great hair days. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.