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10 Best Nail Polish in Singapore for Fabulous Nails

Dressing up for any event is never complete without primping up those nails. Yes, we pay attention to small details like them. Painting them some fresh, vibrant and shiny color from time to time gives that extra boost of confidence. It just feels a little fancier than the normal look.

However, we can’t visit nail salons all the time for costly manicure services. Can you still have professional-looking freshly polished nails even without the splurge? Of course! You can always choose the DIY way right at the comfort of your living room couch. You can consider it as part of your occasional beauty care habits.

To do this, you need a complete nailcare kit that includes a collection of high-quality nail lacquers. You might be wondering, though, how can you do your nail polish like a pro? There are some tips you can follow. First, before applying it, make sure to apply a base coat to protect your nails. And once you’re done applying your nail polish, finish it off with a  top coat to make your nail color last long. OPI has a unique start to finish formula that can multitask as a base coat and top coat.

Also, if you’re struggling with brittle nails that break easily, try to apply a nail strengthener. Make sure to use a gentle nail polish remover, too. After removing your polish, apply some cuticle care to nourish your nails.

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1. O.P.I NLI43 – NL – Black Cherry Chutney

OPI is one of the most well-known nail polish brands. And it’s not hard to see why. Their range of colors is very extensive. Also, they feature some of the most unique shades for every personality. The formula quality is pigmented and rich, so you only need to apply minimal layers. If you want your nails to dry faster, apply on the OPI fast dry top coat.

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2. NCLA The French Manicure Lacquer Starter Kit 

The classic elegance of French manicure never gets old. It’s still the go-to option for most of us who want to maintain a fresh and subtle yet stylish nail look. To do your French manicure, you would need two shades of color: one for the entire nail and one for the tip. Usually, we’d go for the signature white for the tip—what made it known as the popular French tip that we love.

And if you’re in the mood for that, why don’t you give the NCLA French Manicure Lacquer Starter Kit a try? It comes with two classic chic colors: the rose sheer for the perfect base and the signature white for the tip. NCLA’s line of nail lacquers are all vegan-friendly. They’re never tested on animals. And that’s one of the best things we love about this brand.

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3. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel Set – Gel Diamond Top Coat + Double Down + Wild Card

We know you’re tired of those nail lacquers chipping off easily in just two to three days after application. Homemakers, especially, do a lot of chores around the house. Washing the dishes, tackling the laundry, cleaning and other tasks that expose our nails to moisture can cause the nail polish to chip off easily. And nobody wants that because that would mean spending extra time to retouch the polish or remove it altogether to apply a new one.

To solve that once and for all, Revlon designed a Colorstay nail lacquer set consisting of the Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel and the Gel Diamond Top Coat. This nail polish set promises salon-like color and shine quality that you can wear to keep your nails glam for a long time. And it’s relatively cheaper than paying for a nail salon manicure service. While designed to last long, they’re easy to remove whenever you wish to.

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4. NCLA So Gelly – Bianca Kit

Gel manicures look like regular nail polish, but what’s the difference? If you haven’t tried that, you may be wondering why one would pay for a special service like this when it’s only looking like your regular manicure. Why do some pay extra for that? Well, the answer lies on its benefits. They last longer than the regular nail polish and they don’t chip off easily even when your hands frequently work on chores at home.

This kind of manicure uses a gel-based polish. But that’s not all. To cure and lock it into the nails, you also need to use a UV or LED light. What’s great about the NCLA So Gelly Bianca Kit is that it mimics the gel-like finish, quality and durability of a gel manicure.

But, you don’t need a UV or LED lamp for that. While it lasts longer than typical nail polishes, it’s easy to remove whenever you decide to do so. NCLA’s lacquers, including this set, is 100% vegan. And so, we love their products for their sustainability and environment-friendliness.

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5. NCLA Hollywood Glam Set

Are you feeling a bit extra girly today? Why not try one of the glittery duo in the NCLA Hollywood Glam Set? It comes with the silver holographic glitter and the gold glitter polish. While the glam set literally screams loud for attention, the polish itself is mild and free from harsh chemicals that are potentially damaging to your nails. Instagram-worthy nails? Bring it on with this glitzy glam duo!

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6. Butter London Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer

The Butter London Patent Shine Nail Lacquer is a 10-in-1 nail polish formula that provides a gel-like finish and quality. Packed with nail-friendly ingredients that help promote shinier, stronger and healthier nails, you’ll love wearing any of its shades for up to 10 days without chipping off or fading.

Another product you can try from Butter London is the gorgeous Peel-off glitter nail lacquer. Check out the Glazen Peel-Off Glitter Lacquer that’s perfect for parties and a perk me up for your nails!

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7. NCLA What’s Your Sign? Nail Lacquer

NCLA’s What’s Your Sign collection features interesting shades for every style and personality. Perfect for anyone who wish to pick the best color that represents herself and her preferences.

Check out another interesting collection from NCLA’s nail polish line—the box of cool.

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8. Ciate London Gelology Nail Polish

This vegan and gluten-free top coat features an ideal formula that includes the combination of adhesive polymer, exclusive gloss agent and pigment-rich formulation. All these three works together to prevent chipping and make the polish long-lasting for up to 10 days. They also help maintain not just the longevity of the polish itself, but the quality of gloss and vividness of the color.

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9. Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish (Limited Edition) 5ml

While this limited edition features a quick-dry formula, it doesn’t compromise on durability and luster. It’s ideal for anyone who is always on the rush but choose the DIY way for her manicure. So, no matter how busy life gets, you can always have a quick mani to keep your nails chic and fab. Grab a collection of this limited edition that features a wide range of shades including elegant nudes, timeless reds, a pop of unique colors and more!

You may also want to check out the regular colors of  SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Hit Nail Polish 5ml.

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10. Nails Inc. NailPure ’10-Free’ Nail Polish 14ml

What does the ’10-Free’ on the label mean? It simply means that the NailPure nail polish is one of the purest manicures available in the market, being free from potentially harmful ingredients. For example, its formula doesn’t contain parabens and harsh chemicals. The ingredients used are vegan and Halal friendly. This range of long-lasting nail lacquers maintain a high-quality glossy finish. And they come in vibrant chic shades!

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I hope that our guide on the 10 Best Nail Polish in Singapore has helped you to find the nail polish collection that best suits your personality, style, needs and lifestyle. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!