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7 Best Oppo Phones in Singapore | Best of Tech 2020

Previously rounding up the best mobile phones in Singapore, Huawei phones, and Xiaomi phones, it is now time to do the same for Oppo, an up-and-coming brand. It seems almost certain that China is increasingly dominating the mobile phone market with these popular brands, and our coverage would not be complete without Oppo phones. For those of you who watch The Voice and the latest singing competition 天赐的声音 from China would be familiar with Oppo as the powerhouse sponsor. Its rising popularity is extending from China to many other parts of the world. You will recognise Oppo phones for their distinct, stylish design, packed with useful and innovative features such as pop-up cameras. Looking for the best Oppo phone in Singapore? In our Best of Tech series, we introduce the 7 Best Oppo Phones in Singapore, sharing various recommendations for different budgets.

This article was last updated on 8 June 2020.

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1. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

best Oppo phone singapore Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

Oppo’s flagship

Release date: June 2019
Weight: 210g
Dimensions: 162 x 77.2 x 9.3mm
OS: Android 9
Screen size: 6.6-inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2340
CPU: Snapdragon 855
Storage: 128/256GB
Battery: 4,065mAh
Rear camera: 48MP, 13MP, 8MP
Front camera: 16MP

As its name suggests, the headliner of the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is their 10x hybrid zoom and is one of the best smartphones you can get your hands on right now. The camera is a tri-lens setup with a 48MP ultra-clear main camera, 13MP telephoto lens, and 8MP wide-angle. Altogether it brings you a full bandwidth of 16 to 160mm, a focal length 10x that of the ultra-wide-angle lens. Its dual OIS image stabilisation will also deliver clear photos even when fully zoomed in on a handheld operation. Ultra Night Mode 2.0 and noise reduction technology will also help you achieve better low-lighting photos. To add, the innovative shark-fin pop-up selfie camera ensures that the attractive 6.6-inch AMOLED display is uninterrupted.

Equipped with the cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 12GB RAM, the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, currently the best Oppo phone in Singapore, effortlessly satisfies your need for high speed. With up to 256GB storage and a 4,065mAh battery, the Oppo smartphone supports streaming and media downloads like no other. The Reno 10X zoom also employs 3 cooling technologies to ensure that your device stays cool. Protect your phone with the Oppo Kevlar Protective Black Case.

The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is also available in 8GB + 256GB.

Why buy this phone:
  • Impressive camera feature with 10x hybrid zoom and shark-fin pop-up selfie camera
  • Sleek design and Hidden fingerprint unlock
  • Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Massive 12GM RAM and 256GB storage
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2. Oppo Reno 3 Pro

Oppo phones singapore Reno 3 Pro

Release date: 2 March 2020
Weight: 170g
Dimensions:160.2 x 73.3 x 7.9 mm
OS: Android 10
Screen size: 6.4-inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2400
CPU: MediaTek Helio P95
Storage: 128GB
Battery: 4,025mAh
Rear camera: 64MP + 13MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front camera: 44MP + 2MP

The Oppo Reno 3 Pro is Oppo’s best mid-range phone that packs a great number of mid-tier to premium features that can stand up to some of the flagship phones. First up, it has a total of 6 cameras split between front and back. On the rear camera, you will find its quad-camera system features a 64MP f/1.8 primary shooter,+ 13MP telephoto + 8MP Ultra-wide lens + 2MP, and a mono lens that allows for higher contrast, more artistic shots. The front gives you a 44MP primary selfie shooter accompanied by a 2MP depth shooter. Secondly, despite having a tall 6.4″ super AMOLED display, the phone is lightweight (170 grams) and has a beautiful, stylish form that feels great in-hand.

While not as powerful as the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom which has a 12GB RAM, the 8GB RAM in the Oppo Reno 3 Pro and Helio P95 processor will still meet your needs for gaming, streaming, and multitasking. TechRadar credits it for its stylish looks, comfy form, and competent camera. While it does come with its downsides, it does make a pretty good everyday phone with a 4,025mAh battery that will well last you over a day on normal usage.

You can also check out the Oppo Reno 3 here. The price differs by about $S250, and you can find the major differences here.

Why buy this phone:
  • Powered by Hello P95 processor
  • 8 RAM and 128GB storage space
  • Lightweight and beautiful form
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3. Oppo Find X2 Pro

best oppo phones singapore Oppo Find X2 Pro

Release date: 6 March 2020
Weight: 217g
Dimensions: 165.2 x 74.4 x 8.8 mm
OS: Android 10 Colour OS7.1
Screen size: 6.7-inch
Resolution: 3168X1440 (3K QHD+)
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
Storage: 512GB
Battery: 4,260mAh with Fast Charging 65W
Rear camera: 48MP + 48MP + 13MP
Front camera: 32MP

While it does come at a high price tag, the OPPO Find X2 Pro comes with some of the best specifications you can find for mobile phones. Taking the risk of sounding like a mouthful, it has 120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen, True Billion Colour Display with an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, O1 Ultra Vision Engine, an Ultra Vision Camera System, 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge and is powered by a Snapdragon™ 865 with Dual-mode 5G.

OPPO Find X2 Pro has a simple, tangible design that features smoothed curves to fit perfectly and elegantly in your hand. You can opt between a black ceramic design or and orange leather, both of which are stylish, modern, and tasteful. Capturing video footage now gets more exciting with its motion compensation technology, which allows you to bring videos at 30fps or lower up to 60 or 120fps. Water and Dust resistant, you can be assured that this will withstand against daily spills but also survive your outdoor adventures and travels. It also comes with AI adaptive eye protection to determine the optimal colour temperature and brightness for your surroundings to ensure eye comfort when in use.

Why buy this phone:
  • Packed with many premium features
  • QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen and dual stereo speakers deliver top-notch viewing and streaming quality
  • Great camera with slow-motion video capability
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4. Oppo R17 Pro Smartphone

R17 Pro Smartphone

Seize the night with the Oppo R17 Pro. This sophisticated smartphone allows you to make memories at any time of the day and night with its topnotch camera features. The phone is able to bring out the beauty of the night with its F1.5/F2.4 smart aperture cameras. Even the littlest details cannot be hidden by the night. If it’s amazing at night, you know it’s better during the day!

The shape of the R17 Pro smartphone is one-of-a-kind, and was inspired by how a water drop looks before it falls. It sports a 6.4” display size with Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

The R17 also offers a battery capacity of 3700mAh as well as fast charging, allowing it to last all the time, on the go. Moreover, the smartphone offers an optical fingerprint as well as an under-display fingerprint sensor. With an internal memory of 128GB and 6GB RAM, there are no limits with this device!

Why buy this phone:
  • Unique water drop screen and shape
  • Large display size
  • Amazing night camera quality
  • Large internal memory
  • Fast charging
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 5. Oppo Reno 3

Reno 3

Release date: 17 March 2020
Weight: 170g
Dimensions: 160.2 x 73.3 x 7.9 mm
OS: Android 10
Screen size: 6.4-inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2400
CPU: Mediatek MT6779 Helio P90
Storage: 128GB
Battery: 4,025mAh
Rear camera: 48MP + 13MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front camera: 44MP + 2MP

While we have featured the Oppo Reno 3 Pro above, the Oppo Reno 3 is also a great pick and comes about $250 cheaper. The main difference is the camera of 48MP (vs 64MP on the Pro) and the processor (Mediatek MT6779 Helio P90 vs MediaTek Helio P95). If you have a lower budget, it is definitely worth a consideration, as it is a jump in improvement from previous Oppo models. Furthermore, it is also lightweight and comes with a stunning 6.4″ AMOLED display along with in-display fingerprint scanner. Sold in three colours, Auroral Blue, Midnight Black, and Sky White.

Why buy this Oppo phone in Singapore:
  • $250 cheaper than the Oppo Reno 3 Pro yet with most functionalities of the Pro model
  • 6.4″ AMOLED display
  • Sold in three colours, Auroral Blue, Midnight Black, and Sky White
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6. Oppo Reno 2Z

Oppo phones singapore Reno 2Z

It seems like all Oppo smartphones are committed towards top camera quality as the Reno 2Z device also offers a 48MP Quad camera and an ultra-steady video feature. The Reno 2Z is also quite similar to the Reno 2, except that the 2Z is cheaper and does not offer some top features like the hybrid zoom. Since they belong to the same series, it also features the alluring twilight mist iridescent finishes.

The display size is the same as the Reno 2, as well as the battery capacity and flash charge feature. It also offers ultra-dark mode as well as an ultra-wide-angle feature, the all-new portrait lens, AI beauty mode, ultra-steady video and many more camera specifications. The camera quality gives you the ability to keep shots of all your favourite memories, whether during the day or at night.

The Reno 2Z uses the Helio P90 SoC Processor which is known for its processing efficiency and works with a RAM of 8GB and storage of 128GB. All in all, we recommend the Reno 2Z for those on a tighter budget.

Why buy this Oppo phone in Singapore:
  • Impressive camera specifications including dark mode
  • Decent battery life with flash charge
  • Alluring display size
  • Powerful processor and RAM of 8GB
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7. Oppo A31

Oppo phone singapore A31

The last on the list is a new release from Oppo, one of the cheapest Oppo phones in Singapore with an alluring price tag. The price might make it seem like an entry-level smartphone, but the display size, waterdrop screen and amazing features show otherwise. Powered by a 2.3GHz octa-core processor and a strong battery capacity of 4230mAh to back it up, this device also gives you a 3-card slot for dual SIM and a micro SD card. Its beauty is assured with a 6.5-inch water-drop eye protection screen, a new design from Oppo.  Oppo never disappoints with its camera quality, as it offers a 12MP triple rear camera macro lens that captures the littlest details.

With a RAM of 4GB and storage of 128GB, you can purchase this for an affordable price. The device comes in three aesthetically striking colours, Fantasy White, Lake Green and Mystery Black, all inspired by nature to give you your very own shine.

Why buy this Oppo phone in Singapore:
  • One of the most affordable Oppo phones in Singapore
  • Powerful processor and impressive battery life
  • Water-drop screen
  • Topnotch camera quality
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If you want to truly enjoy your Oppo smartphone, consider purchasing the Oppo Enco Free True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for a complete sound experience. Also, check out the Oppo VOOC 10,000mAh Flash Charge Power Bank for more juice.

Where to buy an Oppo phone in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy Oppo phones in Singapore from stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for electronics and appliances. They have an official Oppo store as well.  It is also a great place to compare prices.


I hope that our guide on the 7 Best Oppo Phones in Singapore has helped you to buy the best Oppo phone in Singapore based on your budget and needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Stay tuned for more guides on other electronics!

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