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Step Up Your Home’s Interior Charm: A Guide to the Best Home Painting Services in Singapore (2024)

When it comes to fixing up our homes, we sometimes overlook the importance of picking the right paint. But choosing good quality paint can really change how your home looks and how long it stays looking good. Great paint not only makes your walls look nice but also helps them withstand things like humidity, moisture, and dirt without getting damaged. For the best results, think about hiring the best painting services to make sure your home gets a professional and perfect paint job.

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As we mentioned in our “5 Things to Know for House Painting” guide, the type and colour of paint can influence the style and atmosphere of your home. So, choosing the right paint is more than just a simple task—it requires expertise and experience for a job well done.

After doing some research, we’ve put together a list of the Best Home Painting Services in Singapore. These services have proven themselves to be experts in the field, making them trustworthy choices for your home improvement needs!

Best Home Painting Services in Singapore

1. Reliable Painting

Reliable Painting - Best Home Painting Services in Singapore (2024 Edition)

Transforming spaces with 10 years of excellence

With an impressive 10-year legacy, Reliable Painting has become a trusted name, synonymous with both quality and affordability. Their expertise spans a wide spectrum, catering to diverse needs such as HDB and condo painting, Landed houses, commercial spaces, and an array of comprehensive solutions for various painting and renovation requirements. Beyond painting, their portfolio includes a wide array of renovation offerings, from floor polishing, hacking, and water-proofing to professional house cleaning. This holistic approach positions Reliable Painting as a one-stop solution, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for clients. The best part? All these services are available at reasonable prices too! 

Moreover, Reliable Painting is dedicated to delivering services that are not only swift and efficient but also of the highest quality, using authentic Paint. They use products from Nippon, Gush, Jotun, Dulux ICI and other brands and their workforce has more than 10 years of experience on average in painting services. This ensures that they can provide a versatile, high-quality solution tailored to a broad customer base. Whether it is HDBs, condos, or private and commercial properties, they guarantee that their clients receive nothing but the best in the industry.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

What distinguishes Reliable Painting is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Having successfully completed thousands of projects, many clients have not only entrusted their homes and businesses to them but have also become repeat customers. This speaks volumes about the superior quality and craftsmanship consistently brought to every project. It does not matter whether you want to transform a residential space into an elegant haven or give a professional facelift to a commercial property, as Reliable Painting’s experienced (and reliable!) painters work diligently to turn any vision into reality. Read through the reviews by their satisfied clients to know more.

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2. A&J Painting

Image Source: A&J Painting – Best Home Painting Services in Singapore

In 2007, Alvin started A&J Painting because his happy clients loved the amazing paintwork he did for them. A&J Painting is like a one-stop shop for all your painting and home renovation needs. They don’t just paint; they also do things like fixing aircon systems, handling electrical work, polishing floors, varnishing parquet, polishing marble, taking apart built-in furniture, doing carpentry, fixing plumbing, putting up wallpaper, creating wall partitions, installing false ceilings, removing tiles, and other handyman jobs. Basically, they can help with almost everything you need for your home makeover.

A&J Painting always gets great reviews because they consistently provide excellent service. They use professional painters to make sure the job is top-notch. They even offer a free site visit to give you a fair and honest quote. Unlike some other companies, they won’t surprise you with hidden costs – they include free plastering, protection, and furniture moving. Plus, they keep you in the loop with daily updates, so you know what’s happening.

What we love about A&J Painting services:
  • A one-stop solution for diverse home services, from painting to aircon fixes and electrical work
  • Maintains high standards through professional painters and quality workmanship
  • Provides honest quotes with a free site visit, eliminating hidden costs 
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3. Nippon Paint

best painting services
Best Home Painting Services Singapore

Effortless planning process, stunning results

When looking for painting services in Singapore, Nippon Paint is one of the most trusted vendors you will find. Ever since they painted our new home, it is hard to imagine not going with them again if I ever need another paint job. On top of being one of the top quality paint brands in Singapore, they also provide professional painting services for your home.

The Nippon Paint team made the entire painting process extremely easy and smooth sailing for us. They first came to do a complimentary site inspection at our home, where they recommended paint colours based on the home interior style we were going for. In less than a week after confirmation, the paint job was completed perfectly. We did not have to worry at all, or even go down during the paint job to oversee anything. That said, we went down for a peek once (we could not help but be excited about our first home), and we found them particularly meticulous when it comes to protecting the floors (we can expect them to do the same for our furniture too).

Instead of constructing a built-in feature wall, we opted for their Momento Effects paint to create a beautiful granite wall for our living room and a marbled wall for our bedroom. The wall is a beautiful “showcase” piece in our home, and our guests are absolutely mindblown by it. We highly recommend this option – it is impactful in design, yet does not take up an inch of space. It is also more affordable than building expensive carpentry or tiling your walls. It also lasts longer compared to wallpaper.

painting services
Best Home Painting Services Singapore
Complimentary upgrades

When you opt for Nippon Paint, you get complimentary upgrades to anti-mould paint for your wet areas (like the kitchen or toilets) and their Weatherbond Algae Guard for exterior paint (for landed properties) until the end of April 2021. It is very important to get better quality paint for these areas as they will stand up better to the moisture, and last longer before you need another paint job.

To ensure quality in their work, Nippon Paint offers you a 12-month warranty on your paint job. And knowing that home renovation is a hefty investment, they offer homeowners a 0% interest-free 12-month instalment for payment.

What we love about Nippon Paint:
  • Nippon Paint streamlines painting with a swift and expertly guided process
  • Complimentary upgrades for durability, including anti-mould paint and Weatherbond Algae Guard
  • Nippon Paint offers a 12-month warranty and a 0% interest-free 12-month payment plan
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4. 5 Star Painting 

5 star
Image Source: 5 Star Painting – Best Painting Service in Singapore

For more than 30 years, 5 Star Painting has been painting homes, bringing colour and life to over 5,000 houses. They’ve earned a great reputation, with positive reviews on sites like Money Smart and Best in Singapore, showing they’re a reliable choice for home painting.

What makes 5 Star Painting special is their commitment to offering affordable paint services for all homes in Singapore. They’re really good at painting HDBs, condos, and apartments – they get what each place needs.

Here’s the best part: 5 Star Painting isn’t just about quality; they also keep things budget-friendly. They have three packages – Basic, Enhanced, and Premium – all using top-notch Nippon Paint. So, you get to choose what suits your home and your budget. 

What we love about 5 Star Painting services:
  • Over 30 years of industry experience, having painted 5,000+ homes
  • Rare combination of affordable prices and reliable, high-quality service
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5. Painter Cube

painter cube
Image Source: Painter Cube – Best Painting Service in Singapore

Also recommended on The Best Singapore, Painter Cube offers you home painting services for both interior and exterior walls. They offer a variety of reliable paints from brands like Nippon Paint, ICI Dulux, and Jotun paint. Choose from their four packages – Economical, Standard, Premium and Super Premium. You can check out their portfolio here and prices here. They also do wall repairs and wood painting if needed.

What we love about Painter Cube:
  • Beyond painting, they also handle wall repairs and wood painting for a complete home improvement solution.
  • They offer a variety of reliable paints from reputable brands
Check out Painter Cube >

6. Raffles Paint

raffles paint
Image Source: Raffles Paint Facebook – Best Painting Services in Singapore

Raffles Paint is not your average painting service in Singapore – they make their own eco-friendly paint called R.One. It’s super easy to clean, fights off mold, and is safe for you. You can buy it online hassle-free.

Yes, it’s a bit pricier than other paints, but it’s totally worth it for the quality and safety. People love it, just check out the great reviews on Facebook.

What’s also amazing is they give you a whopping 2-year warranty. So, if your paint starts peeling or changing color, they’ve got you covered.

What we love about Raffles Paint painting services:
  • Crafts its own eco-friendly R.One paint, known for durability and anti-fungal properties
  •  Ensures safe and high-quality paint, backed by positive customer reviews
  • Assurance against peeling or discoloration with its 2-year warranty policy
Check out Raffles Paint >

7. Venue Painting

venue painting
Image Source: Venue Painting – Best Home Painting Services in Singapore

For over 15 years, Venue Painting has been providing paint services in Singapore to homes and commercial properties. Their range of painting services in Singapore includes colour consulting, exterior painting, momento painting and more. On top of home painting, they also provide interior designing, renovation, and reinstatement works. This provides you a convenient one-stop solution for your home renovation needs, from carpentry, electrical, lighting, flooring to plumbing works. Check out their portfolio here.

What we love about Venue Painting:
  • Boasts over 15 years of expertise in residential and commercial painting services in Singapore
  • Also covers interior design, renovation, and reinstatement, including carpentry, electrical, lighting, flooring, and plumbing services
Check out Venue Painting >

8. PS Painting

ps painting
Image Source: PS Painting – Best Home Painting Service in Singapore

PS Painting has accumulated over 20 years of valuable experience in the painting industry. Their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service shines through in every project. Homeowners can rely on PS Painting for affordable rates without compromising quality. Their reliable service consistently meets deadlines, making them a top choice for anyone seeking professional painting services in Singapore. 

What we love about PS Painting:
  • Boasts over 20 years of industry experience
  • They offer affordable rates and reliable service
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FAQs: Best Painting Services in Singapore

1. What factors should I consider when choosing a home painting service in Singapore?

When choosing a painting company, look into their reputation and customer reviews to see if people are happy with their work. Check if their painters have the right experience and skills for your project. Ask about the kind of paint and materials they use, aiming for good quality. Lastly, make sure they give you a clear and detailed price breakdown so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

2. How much does it cost to paint my home in Singapore? 

The cost of getting your home painted in Singapore depends on how many rooms you have (for HDB) or the size (for condos). It also varies based on the type of paint you pick. Here are the average prices for a basic paint job in Singapore. Usually, a standard paint job takes 1-3 days to finish.

Type of homeCost
3-room HDB flat$600 – $1,300
4-room HDB flat$700 – $1,500
5-room HDB flat$800 – $1,800
Condo below 1,000 sq ft$900 – $1,300
Condo 1,200 – 1,500 sq ft$1,100 – $1,600
Condo 1,500 – 1,800 sq ft$1,300 – $1,700
Condo > 1,800 sq ft$1,500

3. Do I need to be present during the painting process?

It’s not a must, but it’s helpful to be there when the painting project begins and ends. Talk to the painters about when you’re available and your preferences for a better understanding.

4. How far in advance should I schedule a home painting service?

The timing for scheduling can change depending on the season and how busy the service is. It’s a good idea to book as early as you can, especially during busy times, to make sure you get the time slot you want.

5. Can the painting service accommodate special requests, such as textured finishes or custom designs?

Absolutely, most services are flexible with special requests. Just talk to the painting service about your specific preferences to make sure they can meet your needs.


In wrapping up our search for the best painting services in Singapore, it’s clear that these services do more than just paint walls—they’re all about making your home look and feel great. These experts go the extra mile, not only in protecting your walls from things like humidity but also in making sure your home looks fantastic. Whether you’re planning a big renovation or just want to spruce up your living spaces, the 9 Best Home Painting Services in Singapore that we’ve highlighted are the ones you can trust. If you found this guide helpful, feel free to share it with friends or family who might be planning a home improvement project

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