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10 Popular Paediatricians in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

While raising our babies, looking after their health is a top priority which is why we look to a paediatrician for their expertise. Paediatricians are doctors that specialise in taking care of children’s health and are regularly visited to keep on top of our babies’ overall health. However, selecting a paediatrician can be challenging since you have to find one who meets your and your little one’s needs. With several paediatricians and paediatrician clinics on the island, who then is the best paediatrician in Singapore? In our Best of Baby series, we introduce the 10 Popular Paediatricians in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on both your budget and lifestyle needs.

This article was last updated on 10 January 2023.

Table of Contents:
  • Popular Paediatricians in Singapore
    1. Dr Ong Ian (Thomson Paediatric Centre)
    2. Dr Anita Menon (Dr Anita’s Kids Clinic)
    3. Dr Dave Ong (Kids Clinic)
    4. Dr Christina Ong (Singapore O&G Ltd.)
    5. Dr Belinda Murugasu-Koh (Belinda’s Clinic for Children)
    6. Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital)
    7. Dr Natalie Epton (SBCC Baby & Child Clinic)
    8. Dr Ooi Pei Ling (International Child & Adolescent Clinic)
    9. Dr Sivasankaran (Kinder Clinic Pte Ltd.)
    10. Dr Chiang Wen Chin (Chiang Children’s Allergy & Asthma Clinic)
  • FAQs

Popular Paediatricians in Singapore

1. Dr Ong Ian

Popular Paediatricians Singapore
Source: Thomson Paediatric Centre

Known as one of the best paediatric doctors in Singapore, Dr Ong Ian is a paediatrician that you must really consider for your baby. Being a mother of 2, she exudes both a warm and loving presence when your child comes for a check-up or consultation. Regarding her background, she is a graduate of the Royal Free and University College London Medical School. Following her graduation, she trained and practised in London for 5 years. Afterwards, she returned to Singapore for postgraduate education, training, and certification. Dr Ong Ian is known for treating general paediatric conditions, paediatric intensive care, and neonatology as well as providing advice on infant nutrition and feeding.

Check out Dr Ong Ian >
Address: 80 Marine Parade Road, #05-13 Parkway Parade Medical Centre, Singapore 449269
Tel.: +65 6258 3353
Contact form

2. Dr Anita Menon

Popular Paediatricians Singapore
Source: Dr Anita’s Kids Clinic

Founder of Dr Anita’s Kids Clinic, you can be sure that Dr Anita Menon can help you keep your baby’s health in the best possible state. Having completed both her studies and training as a paediatrician in Ireland and the UK, she has extensive knowledge of paediatric services as well as various treatment methods. These services include everything from newborn examinations to school entry/sports medical examinations in addition to vaccination services. Additionally, Dr Anita speaks Mandarin and several other Chinese dialects aside from English to better accommodate her clients. Furthermore, she can provide medications and nutrition advice to keep your growing baby healthy as can be.

Check out Dr Anita Menon >
Address: 691 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459057
Tel.: +65 6636 3460 | +65 6636 1825
Contact form

3. Dr Dave Ong

Popular Paediatricians Singapore
Source: Kids Clinic

A graduate of the National University of Singapore, Dr Dave Ong is a recognised doctor for his skills and knowledge in paediatric medicine. After receiving multiple awards during his studies, Dr Dave Ong completed his post-graduate training at the National University Health System and received the proper accreditations. Currently working at Kids Clinic, he provides an array of paediatric and neonatal services such as vaccinations, allergy treatments, and newborn screening to name a few. In addition to being a talented doctor, Dr Dave Ong also has excellent communication skills and bedside manners. Because of this, he has received numerous compliments from patients and staff alike. 

Check out Dr Dave Ong >
Address: Kids Clinic @ Punggol, 681 Punggol Drive, Oasis Terraces #03-11, Singapore 820681
Tel.: +65 6817 8885
Facebook | Instagram

4. Dr Christina Ong

Popular Paediatricians Singapore
Source: Singapore O&G Ltd.

Having over 20 years of experience in paediatric medicine, Dr Christina Ong is truly well equipped to keep your baby healthy. Following her service as a paediatrician in the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, she relocated to Singapore to work at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Through her years of service, she has become adept at dealing with general paediatric conditions such as newborn screenings and acute childhood infections for example. Furthermore, Dr Christina is a specialist in treating children with gastrointestinal problems. Some of these problems include food allergies, Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD), and liver diseases, to name a few.

Check out Dr Christina Ong >
Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road #07-53, Singapore 329563
Tel.: +65 6253 2253
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Facebook | Instagram

5. Dr Belinda Murugasu-Koh

Head of the aptly named Belinda’s Clinic for Children, Dr Belinda Murugasu-Koh offers her personal approach to her young patients. Through her caring and approachable personality, she has amassed a following of loyal clients both young and old. While her specialisation in paediatric medicine is impressive, she also speaks several languages to cater to her patients more effectively. Dr Belinda speaks English, Mandarin, Bahasa, Hokkien, and Cantonese.

Check out Dr Belinda Murugasu-Koh >
Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth #15-17, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Tel.: +65 6734 5833

6. Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam

Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam Popular Paediatricians Singapore
Source: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

At Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam is the doctor to visit for serious medical and surgical needs. While technically not a paediatrician, he operates as an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon who has worked very well with children. After gaining his medical degree at the University of Oxford, he trained and obtained experience in his speciality after serving for several years in the UK and Australia. Afterwards, Dr Jeeve continued his practice in the public sector of Singapore. In addition to being an ENT surgeon, he is also well-trained in advanced neck and head surgery methods.

Check out Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam >
Address: 6A Napier Road #03-41/42, Gleneagles Annexe Block, Singapore 258500
Tel.: +65 6251 6332

7. Dr Natalie Epton

Dr Natalie Epton
Source: SBCC Baby & Child Clinic

When it comes to the most trusted paediatricians in Singapore, Dr Natalie Epton is one of the names you would often hear. Presently employed at the SBCC Baby & Child Clinic, she practised as a paediatrician and neonatologist. Her special interests and specialities include neonatal intensive care, early childhood development, and childhood nutrition. Furthermore, she has received several awards as recognition for her research in both regional and international conferences. Adding her qualifications with her experience as a mother of three, Dr Natalie has been described to be an extremely approachable and effective doctor to her patients.

Check out Dr Natalie Epton >
Address: 38 Irrawaddy Road #05-46/47, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 329563
Tel.: +65 6255 5017

8. Dr Ooi Pei Ling

Dr Ooi Pei Ling
Source: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Known for her speciality in general paediatric conditions, Dr Ooi Pei Ling is one of the best paediatricians when it comes to treating common childhood health problems. She also has a subspecialty in paediatric rheumatology which includes illnesses and conditions such as arthritis and chronic pains. Some of the other conditions she has experienced treating are recurring fevers, autoimmune diseases, auto-inflammatory syndromes, and many more. Additionally, she speaks English, Malay, and Mandarin to accommodate a wide range of clients.

Check out Dr Ooi Pei Ling >
Address: 6A Napier Road #02-43, Gleneagles Annexe Block, Singapore 258500
Tel.: +65 6471 1077

9. Dr Sivasankaran

Dr Sivasankaran
Source: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Working at the Kinder Clinic Pte Ltd., Dr Sivasankaran is a practising paediatrician as well as a neonatologist. Affectionately called Dr Siva by his patients, he is well-loved and trusted by his little patients as well as their parents. What we also like about his treatment methods is that he does not over-prescribe medications for your little one. While popular with patients, he is also supported by several other paediatricians should you need a second opinion.

Check out Dr Sivasankaran >
Address: 290 Orchard Road #07-02/03, Paragon, Singapore 238859
Tel.: +65 6732 4718

10. Dr Chiang Wen Chin

Dr Chiang Wen Chin
Source: Chiang Children’s Allergy & Asthma Clinic

For parents that want a paediatrician that specialises in allergy treatments, then Dr Chiang Wen Chin is your best option. Both recognised and accredited as a paediatrician, she is known for treating general illnesses experienced during early to late childhood. Additionally, Dr Chiang has a subspecialty in the treatment of food and drug allergies, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. She also has experience with cases of immunodeficiency and immunotherapy.

Check out Dr Chiang Wen Chin >
Address: #17-12 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510
Tel.: +65 6734 5676


What do I look for when choosing a paediatrician in Singapore?

When looking for the right paediatrician for your little one, some of the most important things to consider are their experience, approachability, and, of course, certification in paediatrics. Ideally, you should also choose a paediatrician based on your parents’ and OB-GYN’s recommendation.

Do I need to find a paediatrician before my baby is born?

Because finding a paediatrician is an important task as well as a big decision, finding one should be done before the due date. We recommend finding a paediatrician around 2 to 3 months before your baby is born. This also gives you the time to get acquainted with the doctor and be confident with their advice.

How regularly should I be visiting my child’s paediatrician?

After birth, a visit to the doctor should be scheduled within 3 to 5 days of your baby being born. Afterwards, an appointment should be made for 1 month after birth followed by an appointment at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 30 months from birth. These regular appointments will help keep track of your baby’s health and development as well as find any underlying problems.

We hope that our guide on the 10 Popular Paediatricians in Singapore has helped you to find the best paediatrician in Singapore for your little one’s health needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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