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10 Best Portable Speakers in Singapore | Best of Tech 2023

Speakers are a great addition to any home, with its ability to turn the simplest gathering into a full-fledged party or an indoor movie night into a full cinematic experience. Especially so with Bluetooth speakers which provide much convenience. Now with portable speakers gaining popularity, we can take the fun wherever we go. While most portable speakers are miniature in size and offer limited features, brands have been working tirelessly to innovate and incorporate advanced technologies into these compact designs. With an extensive variety to choose from, which then is the best portable speaker in Singapore? In this Best of Tech series, we give you a rundown of the 10 Best Portable Speakers in Singapore that are sure to impress with their powerhouse audio and modern-day features.

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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10 Best Portable Speakers in Singapore

1. Sonos Move


Sonos Move best portable speakers singapore

Best overall

Our pick for the best overall portable speaker in Singapore, the Sonos Move features two built-in drivers that deliver a full range of top-quality audio with impressively deep bass sounds. Combine that with its Trueplay tuning for a sound that automatically adjusts to wherever you are, and you are assured of powerful, clear-cut audio for both indoor and outdoor setups. User experience is just as advanced, with easy connection to Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2, as well as multiple options to control via voice-activated Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or the Sonos app.

Shock-resistant case

The jaw-dropping features do not end there! It is created with a shock-resistant case to withstand accidental drops and extreme conditions like humidity, rain, snow, dust, salt, and UV from the sun. According to TechRadar, this portable speaker is so sophisticated beyond its size that it can even act as your home wireless speaker. Furthermore, this smart speaker can be easily integrated with other Sonos speakers for a great home sound system.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • Two full-range speakers for full and rich audio
  • Trueplay tuning to adjust sounds to your environment
  • Connects to Bluetooth and Apple Airplay 2
  • Control with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the Sonos app
  • Shock-resistant case to withstand drops and extreme weather conditions
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2. Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ portable speakers singapore

Best for 360-degree sound

Reviewed by many tech junkies and online blogs as the best portable speaker for an immersive surround sound experience, the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ boasts off a 360-degree soundscape for rich and deep audio that radiates from walls and through rooms. It is great for an at-home party or movie marathon, with up to 16 hours of play-time and easy Bluetooth pairing that can easily switch between different devices from the Bose Connect app.

Sleek modern design

Apart from its excellent audio capabilities, its ultra-modern design is an instant show-stopper as well. Clad in metallic silver or sleek black, its case is made with seamless aluminium that is water-resistant and hardwearing. It also comes with a flexible fabric strap and easy-to-understand controls, making it easy to bring around to house parties while doubling as a nice room accent as well.

You can also consider getting the Bose SoundLink Mini II at a slightly cheaper price for a relatively similar surround sound experience.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • 360-degree soundscape for a surround sound experience
  • 16+ hours of playtime
  • Connects to Bluetooth and easily switches between devices
  • Control with Siri, Google, or the Bose Connect app
  • Sleek and durable design that is water-resistant
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3. JBL CLIP 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

jbl clip 3 portable speakers singapore

Waterproof portable speaker

Known for its value for money electronics, JBL features speakers that are less hefty yet still producing breathtaking quality. Case in hand – the Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker. You can enjoy 10 hours of playtime with seamless streaming from your phone, tablet, or any device with Bluetooth. On top of being a typical speaker, it also doubles as a phone so you can take calls as clear as day with a simple click of a button.

What I particularly love about it is how it was smartly designed to include a metal carabiner (a hook or shackle) to attach to your bag, belt, or keychain to make it easier and safer for trips. Furthermore, it has an extra durable rubber housing and fabric material so it stays protected against clumsy water spills or minor falls.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • 10 hours of playtime
  • Connects to your phone, tablet, or any device with Bluetooth
  • Take calls with its noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone
  • Durable casing and material to protect against water spills and minor falls
  • Comes with a built-in metal hook for easy and safe handling
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4. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Best for outdoor parties or activities

If the original Ultimate Ears Wonderboom impressed you, wait till you get your hands on the new Wonderboom 2 model. One of the best portable speakers in Singapore for the outdoors, underneath its simple and tiny exterior is a 13-hour party booming its way into your homes with powerful 360-degree sounds. Its new Outdoor Boost feature specially tunes music perfect for outside partying. There’s no need to party with caution either, as the Wonderboom 2 is dust-proof, water-proof, drop-proof, and floats with you while you splash around all day long.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • 360-degree with 13 hours of playtime
  • With an Outdoor Boost feature that fine-tunes sound for outside listening
  • Dust-proof, water-proof, and drop-proof
  • Connects to Bluetooth
  • Capable of pairing with another Wonderboom 2 speaker for double the boom
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5. Harman Kardon Onyx Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Harman Kardon portable speakers singapore

Compact and functional

The Harman Kardon Onyx Mini has everything you’re looking for in a classic Bluetooth portable speaker in Singapore. Packaged in the brand’s iconic contemporary style with a handy compact casing, its elegant circular design comes in a gorgeous white or violet colour. Not only will it serve as a great statement in modern styled homes, but it will also fill your space with clear in-depth sounds for up to 10 hours straight. To elevate your listening experience, it easily connects to any speaker compatible with Wireless Dual Sound. You can also use it as a speakerphone to make calls with its noise and echo-cancelling technology.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • Excellent audio capabilities with 10-hour playtime
  • Connects to Bluetooth
  • Speakerphone with noise and echo-cancelling technology
  • A unique design that is modern and elegant
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6. Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion+

Best for sophisticated, high-resolution audio

Particular about high-resolution audio for an enjoyable sound trip wherever you go? The Anker Soundcore Motion+ will definitely not disappoint. Like all Anker devices, it is engineered to have nothing less than sophisticated, top-quality audio technology.  As seen through its heavy-duty waterproof exterior, it is equipped with two high-frequency tweeters, neodymium woofers and passive radiators that simply put, deliver an all-around powerful and deeply rich sound. Additionally, its powerhouse combination of Hi-Res Audio and Qualcomm aptX makes sure that true-to-life sound is reflected through wireless Bluetooth streaming. The result is 12 hours of exceptional playtime.

Although it is already very affordable for its features, there is an even cheaper model with 10-hour playtime for those with tighter budgets – the Anker Soundcore Motion Q 360° Bluetooth Mini Speaker.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • Full-range speakers, tweeters and woofers for a powerful, deeply rich audio
  • Sophisticated technology like Hi-Res Audio and Qualcomm aptX for true-to-life sounds
  • Connects to Bluetooth
  • 12-hour playtime
  • Waterproof exterior
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7. Logitech X300 Portable Mobile Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Logitech X300

Portable speaker customised for your phone

With so many of us using our smartphones as our main source of entertainment, you’ll be happy to discover a Bluetooth speaker that can turn your phone into a full-on cinematic experience. The Logitech X300 was designed with a unique upright angle to magnify a wide spectrum of sounds from low to high frequencies. Just simply connect to your phone or tablet via wireless Bluetooth and enjoy 5 hours of binge-watching from as much as 30 feet away. Although it has a relatively short playtime compared to other portable speakers in Singapore, you can conveniently charge as you watch.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • A cinematic experience from your phone
  • Unique upright angle for a wide spectrum of sounds
  • Connects to Bluetooth from phone or tablet
  • Ability to transfer phone calls to speakerphone
  • 5-hour playtime with an option to charge while using it
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8. X-mini XOUNDBAR Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

X-mini XOUNDBAR portable speaker singapore

Budget-friendly portable speakers

The cheapest portable speaker in Singapore, X-Mini XOUNDBAR is great for those working around a tight budget. Inside this portable, lightweight speaker is a stereo setup that promises clean and clear audio for 5 hours straight. Once you have connected to your Bluetooth device, you can enjoy uninterrupted music from rooms away. It may not have advanced features like voice-prompted controls and multi-platform compatibility, but it does the job and delivers all the must-haves of a classic speaker.

It also comes in a round version, check out the X-mini CLICK 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • Clean and clear audio with a 5-hour playtime
  • Connects to Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight
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9. Klipsch Heritage Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Klipsch Heritage Groove

Best for acoustic audio

The Klipsch Heritage Groove is as much as a stylish collector’s item as it is an exceptional audio powerhouse. Before discovering its audio capabilities, one may immediately get drawn to its retro design, a cross between mid-century and modern styles. Even its control panel is made of real wood veneer decked with tactile switches and knobs. More than simply adding to its vintage aesthetic, they actually aid in delivering amazing acoustic and dynamic sounds for a lifelike audio experience. Other features to be appreciated are hands-free calling and 8-hour playtime.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • Mid-century yet modern design
  • Decked with switches and knobs to achieve detailed acoustic sounds
  • Detailed and dynamic sounds for a lifelike audio experience
  • Connects to Bluetooth
  • 8-hour playtime
  • One microphone for hands-free calling
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10. Huawei Mini Speaker CM510 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Huawei Mini CM510 portable speaker singapore


We end the list with the affordable Huawei Mini Speaker CM510, a powerful speaker housed in a pocket-size case. It offers good value for money with its cheap price tag, promising strong and crisp sounds through Bluetooth streaming, long battery life for hours of fun music, and a built-in microphone for making calls. It is also water-proof and dust-proof, so there is no need to worry about taking it around to vacations and gatherings. Overall, it is a trusty model that is light on the wallet without sacrificing the basic features for a solid sound trip.

Why buy this portable speaker:
  • Pocket-sized but powerful
  • Connects to Bluetooth
  • Water-proof and dust-proof
  • Built-in microphone for calls
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Where to buy a portable speaker in Singapore?

You can purchase a portable speaker in Singapore online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to for shopping electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare the prices of portable speakers in Singapore.


That’s our guide on the 10 Best Portable Speakers in Singapore! I hope that this guide has helped you to find the best portable speaker in Singapore. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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